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How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions In The Lawn

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How To Kill Dandelionswithout Chemicals

EASILY Remove DANDELIONS From Your Lawn For Good!

There are lots of more eco-friendly options to choose from, too. Boiling water, vinegar, salt, and even cornmeal can be used as natural weed killers. recommends the following method: Fill a watering can and moisten the area around each dandelion well to loosen the soil. Dig as deep as you can with a weeding tool, then gently pull the plant and as much of the root out of the ground as you are able. Then, carefully apply the herbicide of your choice at the bottom of the hole, to kill any remaining taproot.

Once your lawn is a beautiful green carpet of dandelion-free happinessand it will be, I have faith in you!spread out a blanket, fix yourself a picnic, and drink a toast to summer.

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Can You Eat Dandelions

Again, the answer is yes! Dandelions have long been used for food, the flowers fermented for wine and various parts harvested for medicinal purposes.

Dandelions have low toxicity and are likely safe for most people to eat, says Holmes. Yellow dandelion flower petals and greens can be eaten cooked or raw and serve as an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K.

They also contain vitamin E, folate and small amounts of other B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They are a rich source of beta-carotene and polyphenolic compounds, both of which have strong antioxidant abilities that can prevent aging and certain diseases.

Holmes adds dandelions can cause allergic reactions in some and may interact negatively with certain medications, particularly diuretics and antibiotics. Check with your doctor before ingesting. And never eat plants that have been treated with chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

How Do I Clear My Yard Full Of Weeds

How to Get Rid of a Lawn Full of Weeds In the fall, seed your lawn and aerate if necessary. Give your turf one last short mow and fertilization treatment before winter. Come spring, start fresh with pre-emergent and hand pick any lingering weeds. Mow your lawn regularly in spring and summer, being careful not to remove more than a third of grass at a time.

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Hand Digging For Dandelion Removal

The most effective, but also the most time consuming, method for dandelion control is hand digging them. Hand digging should be done in the spring, right when the first dandelion seedlings appear. Special dandelion pullers or similar tools can be bought to help with hand digging.

When hand digging as a way of how to kill dandelions, it is important to remember that you must remove the entire taproot of the dandelion. Dandelion taproots can run deep.

Because dandelion taproots grow deep, it is unlikely that you will kill every dandelion in your yard during the first round of hand digging. Every few weeks, hand dig any dandelions that re-emerge from their taproots.

Use Chemical Herbicides To Eliminate Dandelions

How to Get Rid of Dandelions

Chemical herbicides are super effective when it comes to removing any sort of weed, not only dandelions. There are two main types that you can use selective and non-selective. The first one will affect only broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions and chickweed, leaving your grass and flowers unharmed. The other herbicide is non-selective and will basically demolish any type of green life that it comes in contact with. You can use this one in flower beds, driveways, and walkways. Keep in mind it will take a few weeks for the weed killer to work.

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Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Dandelions

Wondering why it is so hard to get rid of Dandelions? Its not your imagination dandelions are one of the toughest weeds to eradicate. A dandelions anatomy makes it a strong opponent that is tough to destroy. By hugging the ground as they grow, they effortlessly dodge your mower blades.

With or without cross-fertilization from another flower, dandelions produce a large number of seeds. The parachute-like seed shape allows them to travel easily in even the faintest breeze, thereby increasing the weeds territory. A single flower head can contain anywhere from 50 to 170 seeds, and a single plant can yield more than 5,000 seeds per year!

Moreover, Dandelions have deep, powerful taproots that are usually 618 inches long, but they can grow to be feet long in optimal conditions. It has been growing by the time you see the dandelions beautiful golden blossoms. Also, Dandelions can live for 10 to 13 years if left alone. They thrive in moist soil and full sun, but once established, they can even thrive in dry and shaded environments.

Wondering how to fix a dandelion infested lawn? Well then sit back, relax, and read how do you get rid of a dandelion infestation.

How To Remove Dandelions With A Herbicide

Chemical control should be a final resort because it can damage your soil. If youre hoping to kill the dandelions in your lawn, use a selective broadleaf herbicide this will ensure you dont kill your grass! Spray it directly onto the leaves, following the instructions on the bottle or packet especially regarding pet and child safety.

Herbicides work best before the plant has flowered, after which it develops a stronger resistance to chemical killers.

Youll need 1-3 applications of your weed killer, which should contain:

  • 2,4-D
  • Dicamba, or
  • Fluroxpyr

If the plants have already flowered, mow the lawn first and then spot apply the chemicals to the remainder of the plant. Respray any leaves that grow back within two weeks. You may need a third application in autumn if the leaves begin to grow back.

Dont add grass clippings to your compost heap after applying weed killer the chemicals remain in your lawn for up to 9 months.

However, continue to mow frequently to stop the remaining dandelions from flowering.

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Get Rid Of Dandelions Without Using Chemicals

Pour boiling water over the dandelion leaves. This will burn the leaves and cause them to turn yellow and curl fairly quickly. The hot water will also burn the roots when it soaks into the soil, and the plant will die with damaged roots and without leaves to absorb nutrients. Its a quick, easy and free solution, and you can apply it any time, even during rainy spells.

Salt is another great dandelion killer but it cant be used in your lawn as it will kill the grass as well. You can use salt to kill dandelions that appear in cracks in your driveway, underneath decks or any other area where grass doesnt grow. Mix a cup of salt with a cup of water and pour it over the dandelion plant. Its best to do this when no rain is forecast for at least two days, so that it wont dilute your natural herbicide.

You can use vinegar in a similar manner to kill the dandelion weed it works as an organic herbicide. Use household white vinegar mixed with equal parts of boiling water, or try pickling vinegar for a more powerful effect. Simply pour over the weeds, although as above, its best to wait for a period without rain. Bright sunny days helps the acid burn the dandelions leaves faster, so opt for a warm, sunny day. You can also use a weed wand or paintbrush to apply the vinegar to the plant, and this will help prevent vinegar from getting on the grass.

Is It Better To Apply A Herbicide Or Uproot Dandelions

How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Lawn Safely

Everything depends on the quantity. If your lawn has only two or three dandelions, you can uproot them without any problem.

But if your lawn invades by hundreds of unwanted yellow flowers, herbicide treatment is required. Remember the herbicide acts on the mature leaf. If you apply the treatment too early, the herbicide will be ineffective.

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How To Get Rid Of Dandelions In A Lawn With Weed Killer

If working by hand wont solve this weed problem, you might want to know how to get rid of dandelions from a lawn with weed killer. If this is the route you take, be aware that herbicides can be harmful to other plants and be mindful of the implications for humans and wildlife.

A weed killer containing 2,4-D or dicamba, for example, can kill dandelions in lawns with one or two applications necessary. Always make sure the weed killer you select is suitable for the type of grass in your lawn, and follow the manufacturers instructions.

Alan Titchmarsh Provides Advice On Removing Weeds In 2016

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While some think dandelions are beautiful, others think theyre a complete nuisance and ruin the look of their flawless lawn. Its difficult to get rid of dandelions without destroying the other plants or soil in your garden, but it is possible. reveals the 4 steps to banishing dandelions.

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How To Get Rid Of Dandelions In Your Lawn

Dandelions are pretty, but they can be unsightly if they spread too far across your lawn. Find out how to prevent them the safe way.

Dandelions are those jolly, yellow-tipped flowers that sprout commonly from UK lawns, paths, and in the wild. And while theyre widely considered a weed, dandelions in your lawn could actually benefit your turf.

However, not everyone wants dandelions popping up on their lawn, and getting rid of them is easier said than done. But dont immediately reach for the weed killer there are ways of dealing with the problem without spraying chemicals.

And thats what this article is about: how to get rid of dandelions in your lawn. But Im also going to cover a range of interesting facts about these jolly little flowers that could benefit your health .

Ready? Lets go!

Most of us know what a dandelion looks like, but do we know what a dandelion IS? While we commonly refer to dandelions as intrusive weeds, theyre actually an edible broadleaf perennial herb. And theyre found in around 60 countries across the globe.

Historically, dandelions were exploited for their medicinal properties . The entire plant offers a range of health benefits, from aiding digestion to improving and strengthening your immune system. 00

Broadleaf Herbicides: Best Way To Kill Dandelions

Spring Yard Tips For TN  Organic Dandelion Removal

When it comes to using a chemical herbicide on weeds, the best dandelion killer spray for lawns is a broadleaf herbicide. Using an herbicide specifically designed for broadleaf weeds allows you to spray areas of your yard without worrying about killing your grass.

Popular name brands like Roundup have a separate product from their weed and grass formulas, which are much more selective in the types of weeds they target than the all-encompassing plant killer of their more traditional herbicides.

The best time to use a broadleaf weed killer on dandelions is in the early fall. At this point in the year, the weeds are storing nutrients and food in their roots and stem to help them survive the winter. Having all those nutrients concentrated in a small area allows the herbicide to efficiently kill the plant by eliminating its food source in a few easy sprays.

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Pull Dandelions With A Weed Puller

Using special dandelion pullers is a natural, selective method that can be quicker than hand-pulling and easier on your back.

  • Use when soil is damp, so taproots come up easily.

  • Position the serrated claws of the dandelion puller over the head of the flower and step down onto the foot platform to drive the tool into the ground. Pull back, letting the claws close around the plant and its taproot. Then pull it out of the ground.

  • Dandelion pullers generally leave a much smaller hole in the ground than hand pulling, so use extra care if you decide to pour herbicide or vinegar into the hole.

  • No need to fill the small hole with soil. The surrounding turfgrass will soon cover the area.

How To Kill Dandelions In Your Lawn With Vinegar

Another method you may want to take when getting rid of weeds is using a dandelion killer like vinegar. The acetic acid found in vinegar is a great way to kill crabgrass naturally, as the younger, less developed annuals are more susceptible to the acid.

However, vinegar also works on perennial weeds like dandelions, especially to stop the spread of weed seeds before extracting the plant roots from the soil. Target plants individually or in groups, as needed.

  • ½ gallon of white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp of dish soap
  • ½ cup of salt

When killing dandelions in your lawn with vinegar, use a spray bottle to soak the flower in vinegar. In most cases, the plant will brown and wither within a day, especially if you choose a particularly hot time of the afternoon to spray them.

Spraying them with vinegar will not kill the plant down to the root but will kill the dandelion flowers and seed heads, making it easier to extract them later.Keep in mind that spraying other plants in the area will also cause them harm.

One of the best ways to use vinegar without killing surrounding grass or plants is by hand-pulling the weeds first, then pouring pure vinegar down into the hole left behind afterward. Doing this will kill the taproot, especially in older plants that have grown too deep down into the soil for you to reach by hand.

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When To Call A Professional

If youve tried all these options to no avail or youre thinking to yourself, These tips are nice, but Ive got waaaaay more dandelions than one person can handle, its time to call in the lawn care professionals.

Or Maybe you will decide those dandelions arent that unsightly for all of the health benefits they offer. Dandelion tea, anyone?

After all, dandelions can be a draw for your lawn.

According to Ken Willis, head of horticulture at the University of Alberta in Canada, dandelions are excellent at attracting pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, moths, and birds.

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Kill Any Root Left Behind

How to kill dandelions in the lawn

If any portion, no matter how small, of the taproot is left living in the soil, the weeds are guaranteed a second act in that spot on your lawn. So you must make sure to kill any piece of the root that may be left in the ground.

Use a selective post-emergent herbicide, organic or chemical, and carefully apply it to any pieces of the root you find in the hole.

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How To Avoid Dandelions In Your Yard

There are a few things you can do to ensure your lawn stays free from dandelions after you have cleared out what was there.

Corn gluten meal can stop seeds from germinating and therefore prevent dandelions from growing. Spreading corn gluten meal over your lawn in the spring, before seedlings germinate, will help stop them taking hold.

Another thing you can do is keep your lawn well fertilized and cared for. The denser and healthier your grass, the less likely dandelions will thrive.

Dont be tempted to mow your lawn within an inch of its life. Keep it about two inches long. This will help prevent dandelion seeds from reaching the soil where they can sprout and take root.

A little left of center is keeping a rabbit.

Rabbits love to nibble on dandelions because they find them very tasty. They can eat both leaves and flowers, which are actually very healthy and nutritious for these furry pets.

Provided they arent treated with any herbicides, these weeds are good for them.

Dandelions: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

Dandelions are beautiful flowers but it somehow annoys the lawn if grown in a bunch. It is also one of the few specials that rapidly disperse seeds over time. This results in the plant growing enormously on the lawn.

Owning a beautiful lawn made entirely of very green grass is a dream for most of us. So, when unwanted plants invite themselves into the garden, the search for effective solutions to get rid of them is essential. Is your lawn overgrown with dandelions? Here are some tips for eliminating them.

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Getting Rid Of Dandelions By Hand

If you are not afraid of garden work, then, this is the method for you. Kill those dandelion weeds with your own bare hands by digging them out from the soil. Keep in mind that one of the reasons why these plants are so hard to get rid of is because of their very long taproot. This means youll have to go quite deep when you start digging. Even if you leave a bit of work behind, dont worry. You can follow up in springtime, or whenever dandelions usually make their yearly appearance. Inspect the area where theyve always popped up before and dig them out again. You will achieve better results if you use a forked-tongue tool.

Now, that you have done your best, digging dandelions for hours and hours, you are probably left with a bunch of holes in your garden. Dont be so fast in sealing them back again. Pour a bit of white vinegar in all of the holes where the dandelions have been. This will destroy any remaining root systems and will make sure that they dont decide to regenerate. The same will happen to all other plant life in your garden, so be careful when applying the acid.

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