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How Keep Geese Off Lawn

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Smart Ways To Stop Geese From Pooping In The Yard

How to keep Geese from landing on property … really works!

Geese droppings are beneficial to lawns. Lets be honest. Their droppings boast a considerable amount of nitrogen, which the grasses need to thrive.

But lets face it the droppings from geese are quite prodigious. One goose releases 2 to 4 pounds of waste daily. Now, imagine what would happen when a ton of these birds stop by your lawn. Theyll undoubtedly render it unusable.

Geeses poop is toxic to humans and even other animals. The poop boasts diverse parasites, including E.coli, which affects humans. So, no property owner would like to have such a bird around. Dont forget that theres a high chance that geese would poop when they come around.

Now, the question is how to prevent geese from passing their droppings in your yard. If youre looking for a solution to this problem, keep reading.

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  • What Attracts Geese To Your Yard

    Its difficult solving a problem when you originally dont know the cause of the problem. Youre halfway to solving a problem when you know the cause of the problem.

    The first crucial question is, what keeps attracting geese to your yard? Is it how tidied up the lawn is? What are you doing thats fueling these birds constant visit to your yard? Lets find out.

    Is There Such A Thing As A Friendly Goose

    Geese are typically friendly during the first two weeks of their lives. However, they become less familiar at around ten weeks old when they become territorial because it is mating season. To get rid of geese, you will need to remove the gooses food source.

    Geese typically eat grasses and grains, so this should be done by changing your lawn to a less grassy type of lawn or removing all possible food sources.

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    Scare Them With Strobe Light

    To deter Canadian geese, you can also use goose deterrent light. There are mainly two types of Canada goose repellents available in this category.

    One of them is sound-activated, so it will keep geese away by scaring them whenever they come close to the device. The other option would be to leave a strobe light on for the duration of a whole night.

    While it might seem like a nuisance if you place the goose deterrent light next to your home, if youre creative enough to cover the sides so that the light doesnt get into your house through your windows, it will get the job done properly.

    As is the case with any other goose deterrent products, there is a considerable disadvantage to using this method, too, and it consists of the fact that it will attract a variety of bugs, such as mosquitoes and others.

    Fortunately, some strobe lights currently available for sale are customizable, which means that you can set the amount of time they work for and the intervals at which they do it.

    That will at least prevent your porch from getting flooded with an insect population for which youll have to find other repellents in the future.

    Place Dori Poles On Your Dock

    How to Keep Geese Off the Lawn  The Lawn Mower Guru

    These poles can easily discourage ducks and geese from stepping their feet on your dock.

    This is because they dont like being under the shadow of a pennant and it drives them crazy.

    Dori poles with flowing pennants are the perfect scare tactic because the pennants cast an extremely big shadow on the dock and the ducks will not want to be under them.

    Do remember that these only work effectively if your property doesnt have too much wind.

    The more wind there is, the more ineffective the pennant will be.

    A slight breeze is the perfect amount of wind needed to scare these birds away.

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    Don’t Give Them Shelter

    Geese feel safe from predators where there are open sight lines, so they can see predators coming, and where they can easily escape onto open water.

    • Use dense tall plantings along shorelines to make a barrier between the food and the water.
    • Add variety to landscaping with clumps of taller plantings where predators could hide.
    • Locate ball fields and other grassy expanses as far from open water as possible.
    • Maintain or establish stands of trees between water and grass so geese can’t fly through.

    Intimidate With Goose Distress Calls

    A bird noise maker is another type of device that can help you deter Canadian geese or any other species, for that matter.

    There is the option of you picking a model that actually emits a goose distress call, but you can also opt for one that emits ultrasounds.

    Sonic repellents are particularly effective when it comes to displacing geese from a particular area, even though this method only works if you have the device on all the time.

    Although they are a temporary solution, most sonic repellents get the job done.

    The best geese repellent in this category is usually equipped with a solar panel so that it can work with little to no effort on your behalf.

    Moreover, a timer is necessary as it allows the unit to make the distress call every once in a while so that it scares geese away. Such a geese repellent is usually marketed as having an operating range.

    Keep in mind that every model has a specific one , so pick the right one for the size of the area you want to be covered.

    The sound typically lasts for approximately two minutes and it is repeated every ten minutes or more.

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    Bird Blinder Repellent Pinwheels Garden Pinwheels To Scare Geese Off Lawn

    Moving shiny objects reflect light and scare birds away with constant blinking. The Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheels package contains eight items made of mylar tape. This set is perfect for small yards. Arrange the pinwheels in an open area free from bushes and trees for direct sunlight. In the wind, they shine brightly and rustle slightly, irritating geese vision and hearing.


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    Getting Rid Of A Single Goose

    How to keep geese from signing a lease in your yard

    Taking care of one stray goose is a fairly simple matter. The old fashioned way is to simply catch it by the neck with your hand . Then use your other arm and wrap it around its body and place the goose close to the side of your body. But theres an easier way.

    Geese, like most birds, will become more docile when blinded. You can make a simple homemade net by making a loop out of wire and attaching it to a broom handle. Add a pillowcase to the hoop, and you have an instant net to snag your invader from a safe distance.

    If you feel a little more brave , you can still catch a goose using the single most important item known to Man a towel. Providing youre a hoopy frood, you can simply take your towel and gently approach the goose.

    It will rear up, flap its wings, and honk if its about to attack, so dont panic and take your time. Once close enough, toss your towel over its head and you can safely usher it somewhere that isnt your home.

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    Dogs Are Great For Bird Control

    Hiring herding dogs to visit your property is a convenient and effective bird control method. Geese view dogs as predators when the geese realize that your yard is inhabited by predators, theyll move to another location and learn to avoid your yard. Go Geese Go will visit your site twice per day from mid-February through October so the geese are frequently chased off by the dogs and not allowed to live and breed there. Our dogs dont touch or hurt the birds, making this goose control method a humane one. We also dont transport the birds off of your land, they simply decide to go somewhere else.

    Visual And Audio Goose Deterrents

    Golf course, sports fields, are lake front properties are particularly difficult to control and require solutions that can quickly and effortlessly cover vast open areas. The first deterrents you should look into are visual and audio deterrents. Bird B Gone carries a multitude of visual deterrents but the coyote decoy ranks above all for goose control. Acting as a natural predator to geese, moving the coyote decoy periodically will make the surrounding environment uncomfortable for the flock.

    Pairing visual deterrents with an effective Audio deterrent will quickly increase the probability of pushing the flock away from the targeted areas. Audio deterrents use a combination of prerecorded goose calls and predator bird calls to drive them away. Not only are these sound units available in plugin models but solar powered units are available to help stop geese in wide open areas.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Visual & Audio deterrents cover large open areas
    • Economical and cost effective
    • Coyote Decoy should be moved periodically

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    Easy Homemade Goose Repellants

    • Using Balloons: Blow up many balloons, tie them to the top of your fence, or string them across your yard. Geese tend to avoid bright colors, so try using balloons in bright red, orange, or yellow. Theyll be scared away by the simple sight of them.
    • Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper: Birds dont like the taste of cayenne pepper and will avoid it at all costs, so sprinkle some on the grass in your yard to keep them from staying.
    • Using Plastic Shopping bags: If you live near a store, go shopping. Buy lots of plastic bags. Then, tie the bags to your trees and fence with string or fishing line. This will spook the birds off your yard.
    • Using CDs: Pick up some old CDs at a garage sale and use their shiny side to deter geese. Attach them to your yard with a fishing line or string to keep the birds away.

    Why Do Geese Migrate

    How to Keep Geese Off Your Lawn

    Geese spend the majority of their days grazing. When the weather starts to get too cold for grass, the geese will take flight and migrate south to where theres more food. Once the winter ends, the gangs will return to their homeland to nest.

    You can thus tell the season simply by hearing a gang of Canadian geese fly overhead and noting their direction, even if you cant feel a change in the weather.

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    Frighten The Geese With Loud Noise

    Is it possible to frighten geese with a loud noise? Yes, its possible. Geese enjoy spending time in quiet places. It allows them to hear when theres a predator approaching them. Noise such as clanging sound, air horn, or from a human scares them too.

    So, if you cant get a device to produce a clanging sound or air horn, use your mouth to create the sound. The aim is to scare the birds away. So, whenever you find them around, make a loud noise. If youre able to repeat this several times, the geese will get a hint that you dont want them around and start complying.

    If youre not going to be around, inform your family member to keep scaring the geese away. And please, let them know that the intention isnt to kill the birds but scare them away.

    Natural Goose Repellent Options For You

    For those seeking solutions, we have geese control products that you can start putting to use right away. Our liquid goose repellent has worked wonders for countless people who find themselves wondering how to keep geese away.

    Flight Control® Plus works by conditioning the birds to stay off of your grass without hurting them or your lawn in the process. Once the product is applied to your lawn and the geese start consuming it, they quickly learn that it is not something they enjoy. Soon enough, they relocate to a new spot, leaving your property alone for good.

    Ready to learn more? We are eager to help you out. Contact us today with any questions, concerns, and inquiries.

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    How To Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard

    Youve worked hard to maintain your landscaping. Unfortunately, nature can upset even the best-laid plans. Even just a small flock of geese can wreak havoc on your tidy lawn and perfect garden.

    If youre wondering how to keep geese out of your yard and take back your turf, then Flight Control® Plus can help you get rid of these nuisance geese for good. Flight Control® Plus is an eco-friendly, humane and 100 percent effective goose repellent.

    Get rid of these unwanted birds once and for all!

    The Term Shoreline Naturalization Isnt Tightly Defined It Can Carry Many Different Meanings

    Canadian Goose Control – how to get rid of Canadian Geese

    For some it is a low maintenance garden. For others it is a manicured garden of unique wildflowers and berry producing plants. And for others it is a combination of stone and plants. All three methods or a combination of them not only helps you with those pesky geese, it also helps prevent erosion by stabilizing the shoreline soil, and acts as a natural filter by absorbing fertilizers, other nutrients and sediments carried down to lake in surface water runoff . It also means that you have less grass to look after. Its a win-win-win situation. Your shoreline is now stabilized, youre having a positive impact on the water quality of your lake no more meadow muffins and you can enjoy that peaceful morning routine again. Maybe now it lasts until your reach the bottom of your mug.

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    Use Sound To Frighten Geese

    Another great way to have your goose problem solved is to use loud noises to scare them away. Air horns, clanging sounds or even just your own voice can quickly scare birds away. Keep in mind, though, that geese will get used to the noise after a while. To prevent them from getting used to the loud sounds, alternate the noise you use each time.

    Chase With A Noisemaker

    To scare and chase these unwelcome guests off of your yard, you can also use a device that makes loud noises geese dont like to scare them away. One way to do this is to use a noisemaker such as a Boom Cannon. The loud noise will startle the birds and cause them to move off your land. You can also install an audio system that plays predator noises to make the area seem unsafe but these have also shown to be ineffective after a short while. Additionally, you can try using a motion-activated sprinkler. Although these birds enjoy swimming, they wont like being sprayed by the sprinkler.

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    Allow Your Grass To Grow Taller

    Allowing your grass to grow 6 inches or taller can help prevent geese from making a home in your yard. Because geese prefer open spaces where they can see predators, tall grasses will make them feel unsafe, therefore making them want to leave. Around ponds, it is recommended to allow your grass to grow up to 20 inches tall. Also, limit the amount of fertilizer you use on your lawn.

    Call In The Professionals

    How to Get Rid of Geese From Your Property (and Keep Them ...

    A last-ditch effort can be to call a professional pest service. Not all of them will handle geese, but there should be plenty of others that will. They use repellents and refined techniques to rid your yard of the geese problem.

    When using a professional pest removal service, everything is taken care of. You get a proven track record of pest removal without having to deal with everything yourself. That peace of mind can be worth the price alone.

    –If you want more backyard tips including recipes, how-tos and more, make sure you

    I have a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. When Im not constructing or remodeling X-Ray Rooms, Cardiovascular Labs, and Pharmacies…Im at home with my wife, two daughters and a dog. Outside of family, I love grilling and barbequing on my Big Green Egg and working on projects around the house.

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    Solutions To Get Rid Of Problem Geese Anywhere

    The success of our geese control product is based around a simple concept: At night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure from predators. Placing a unit into these secure areas makes the geese anxious and they will no longer consider the area safe and will simply move to another suitable habitat within a few days.

    If the geese feel insecure in an area at night, they wont be back during the day, either. Geese, by necessity, have to be efficient. They tend to stay close to their secure areas during daylight hours in order to minimize the distance they travel each day. Away With Geese is effective in deterring the geese, so that they find a different nighttime home far enough away to discourage daily commutes back to your lawn. Simply put, it is how to get rid of geese efficiently and effectively.

    The unit automatically operates at night and produces a solar-powered amber beam of light directed at goose eye-level in a 360° radius. It recharges itself each day and has an effective area of 3.5 acres. All of our products are 100% guaranteed effective, so let us help you say, Away With Geese for good!

    Final Thoughts On How To Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard

    If youre tired of having geese destroy your property and want to learn how to keep geese out of your yard, Flight Control® Plus may be exactly what you are looking for. This goose repellent represents your top solution to get your geese problem solved quickly and keep them away once and for all.

    If youre serious about keeping your property clean and well-maintained and want to learn more about how to keep geese out of your yard, give us a call today at or .

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