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How To Get Rid Of Ants In My Lawn

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Great Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Grass Naturally

How to Get Rid of Ant Piles on My Lawn

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You just want to be able to enjoy spending time out in your yard as much as you can. If you have found that your yard is full of ants and various ant colonies, then that might be a big problem that will keep you from having your fun.

Its hard to lay out in the sun in your backyard if you have ants crawling all over the place and many people get quite bothered by having ants so near their homes.

Its also true that having a large ant infestation in your yard could lead to issues such as the ants coming into your home. When this problem gets out of hand, it could wind up being a bigger nuisance and it makes sense to try to take care of things. Is there a way for you to get rid of ants in grass naturally, though?

Keep reading to learn about several options that you have to get rid of the ants in your yard. Once you learn about this information, it should be a lot simpler to take action and get rid of the ants that have been bothering you.

Youll just have to choose the best method that will work for your situation once youre aware of your options.

Understand How Ants Live

Whether you’re dealing with ants indoors or out, it’s best to eliminate the ant nest versus simply repelling ants. Each ant colony can contain hundreds or thousands of members. Left alone, ant colonies multiply, and a small problem can become a nightmare pretty quickly.

Outdoors, it’s easy to spot an anthill in the lawn or on the pavement. The part of the anthill you see is just the tip of the ant colony iceberg. Colonies often extend 2′ to 3′ beneath the surface mound and another 2′ to 4′ around it. Indoors, it’s not easy to spot the nest, because ants tend to hide beneath floors, in walls or between cabinets.

Each ant colony includes at least one queen and worker ants. The colony survives as long as the queen lives. Whatever tactic you embrace to get rid of ants, aim to kill the queen. If your treatment fails and the queen lives, the colony can splinter and migrate, forming new colonies. If you only repel ants, they may exit one area, but will likely turn up somewhere else.

What About Cinnamon Ant Control

Cinnamon treats all kinds of pests and I have done a complete report on its antifungal properties and discovered most people dont buy the real cinnamon. You can read more here: Cinnamon Does it Stop Damping Off in Seedlings?

Dr. Wizzie Brown, an entomologist at Texas AgriLife Extension has also tested cinnamon on fire ants and found no effect.

Cinnamon essential oil was tested and found to not only repel ants, but to also kill them, which may have led some gardeners to assume cinnamon works. This kind of incorrect use of scientific results is common. The research only looked at essential oils, a very concentrated form of cinnamon and all of this work was done in the lab. No field tests were done. This research, although interesting, tells us nothing about how cinnamon powder works in the field.

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Tip # 0: Using Borax Powder And Sugar:

The results of using borax powder are as like as cornflower. It will work with more or less 24 hours. Below the recipe is for your application to your plants in the lawn and the garden. The recipe is:

  • Sugar: 1 tablespoon
  • Water: as required Mix the above ingredients in a pot and make the paste. Now, use it to the way where the ants present. The ants will eat and take this paste to their colony. All the ants will die after eating the dough. In this way, you will get relief from the pain of the ants.If you cannot see the ants on your lawn, but you realize that they are inside the soil or tub. What will you do then? Yes, you can apply the below tip to die them instantly.
  • How To Get Rid Of Red Ants

    Follow these tips to get rid of ants in your vegetable ...

    Fire ants, also known as red ants, are aggressive when provoked and are harmful to children and pets, as they sting. Fire ants are typically nuisances outside, building their nests in your lawns and gardens, but they can also infest a home. It is important to be extremely cautious and wear gloves while dealing with red ants, as they will attack anyone who gets close to their nests. Here are some tips to eliminate these pests from your lawn:

    • Locate the colony and fence it off to avoid family and pets from accessing this area.

    • For best results, use insecticides and baits to treat the colony. Insecticides that dissolve in water provide the quickest results. Ensure you wear gloves to protect yourself against burns and follow the directions.

    If you see red ants inside your home, your best source for removing the problem is to contact a licensed pest control company.

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    What Do Ants Eat

    What do ants eat? Ants are scavengers and will eat almost anything. They will consume anything sweet like nectar, sugar, honey. But will even eat meat and plant vegetation so can destroy your loved plants or vegetables. They consume moisture, usually from their food or from due on the leaves of plants.

    Use Citrus As A Deterrent

    Ants dont like citrus fruit, so this is an easy way to encourage them to move elsewhere. Place either orange or lemon peel around your lawn and youll disrupt the nest. Squeezing lemon juice works well too.

    You can also buy an organic ant repellent called Orange Guard, which works on the same principle. It contains a substance called d-Limonene which is basically extract of orange. Spray it around your lawn and the citrus fragrance will drive away the ants.

    If d-Limonene comes into contact with the ants themselves, however, it will cause them to suffocate. Theres no need to do that spraying around the nest will encourage them to relocate.

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    Tip # 0: Using Cinnamon Powder:

    Cinnamon powder is good for the ants! You can see the effect immediately after Sprinkling cinnamon powder.

    If you can see the ants are on the plants or walking to the path in the lawn and you would like to die of all the ants at a time, you have to follow the following tips to get the best results. The ants will die within more or less 24 hours.

    Coffee And Cayenne Pepper

    How can I get rid of a red ant nest in my lawn?

    I loved this option because it was using something that I normally throw away. I took used coffee grounds and saved them for about a week and a half. If you dont drink coffee or want to speed up the process, you could ask a friend or neighbor to give their used coffee grounds.

    I put the used grounds in an airtight container and put them in the refrigerator so they would not get moldy. I have seen grounds get moldy after only a few days of being out at room temperature. Every day after the coffee grounds cooled, I put them into a container. I also added a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper. This is the part you want to be careful with so you dont have a pet licking it up. This is also a reason to complete the process at night after your pet will no longer be in the yard.

    After mixing the coffee and cayenne for about a week, I mixed it with water. I made the consistency runny enough so it would go down into the colony. I also used some chili flakes, thinking that would add some kick. I tried this one time but then realized I was either not pouring enough in or it was just not effective, so I moved to another option.

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    Get Rid Of Ant Food Sources

    Another integral facet of getting ants in your home under control is sanitation. An ant problem does not mean that your home is filthy. Sanitation in pest control terms simply refers to ensuring there is no available food or water for pests . Ant control efforts will be ineffective if the dripping honey jar is not cleaned up from the back of the pantry. Food spills or crumbs that are left will be a constant draw and frustrate your best intentions on killing ants. Dont forget to thoroughly clean the caked-on food from your small appliances such as your blender or stand mixture. These appliances often host sweet treats that ants will exploit. Also, limit food consumption to one room of the house. A Halloween candy bucket filled with Jolly Rancher wrappers will surely draw ants to your childs hiding place!

    How To Get Rid Of Small Ants

    The most common complaint a pest control company receives is a call for those generic tiny black ants. There are many species of ants, and a handful of them are considered pests. Each species of ant has unique physical and behavioral characteristics. We have outlined in this article the distinctions between most of the major pest ant species. In a severe infestation, knowing the exact species, their foraging behavior, where they nest, and how and when they reproduce strengthens the efficacy of the control efforts. If you can not tell the difference between a pharaoh ant and an odorous house ant, or a big headed ant and an Argentine ant, you can often get rid of a minor infestation without an exact identification.

    If you can not identify an ant down to the species, collect samples and keep notes of your extermination efforts. This way, if you call a professional, they can positively identify the ant and know what has already been done.

    The first step in getting rid of any species of small black ant is performing a thorough inspection. Follow the ant trails to the tree or bush outdoors that houses the ant nest. As you follow the ant trails, keep an eye out for broken windows or space under a door. Notice any leaking faucets or water accumulation indoors or out that may be allowing these small black ants to be comfortable on your property. Remedy any physical condition such as unsealed windows and leaking faucets promptly.

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    Will Boiling Water Kill Ants

    Many people claim that pouring boiling water onto an ant nest will kill them. The truth is that ant nests can go very deep in the ground, as much as 6 ft for fire ants. At the first disturbance to a nest, the queen is moved lower in the nest. Unless the boiling water reaches her, and kills her, the nest will survive.

    Here is what the experts say about using boiling water on fire ants, 1-2 gallons of very hot to boiling water will kill FRESH fire ant mounds 60% of the time. Be careful not to cook plants! The University of Florida says, Scalding water has been used on mounds with an elimination success rate of 20%-60%. Slowly pour at least 3 gallons onto the mound, being careful to avoid getting burned. A mound may need several treatments to reach and kill the queen and brood. Hot water may injure plants near the mound.

    It works some of the time, on new nests, but you need to use a lot of water.

    As ant nests get older, they get larger and deeper, and then boiling water becomes less effective and its only an option when the nest is not near plants.

    Canola Oil Can Be Used As Ant Repellant

    Ants In Garden Bed: How To Get Rid Of Them

    You can also use the canola oil you use in cooking for ant extermination. Get one and a half tablespoons of canola oil, one half teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and one quart of water. Use a whisk and mix these ingredients in a bowl. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

    Spray this mixture in areas in your garden that have high concentrations of ants. Try to find their nest and pour a generous amount of this mixture into it to drown out the whole colony. The oil and soap mixture will penetrate the ants exoskeletons which will suffocate and incapacitate them.

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    Dealing With Ant Mounds

    But that doesnt mean those mounds do nothing to your turf.

    As ants build those mounds, they can smother those warm-season grasses that dont tolerate shade well, Bachman says.

    Those fire ants can make some pretty impressive mounds, he says. Im always amazed driving down the highway.

    You might end up with some spots in your lawn, but for the most part the ant mounds wont kill the grass, he says.

    In his article, Lewis writes that to avoid that mound damage, simply rake away the hill as you notice it.

    You can also hit it with the garden hose and wash it away.

    A Special Case: Fire Ants

    One species, the imported red fire ant, causes the most pest problems of all. Not only do fire ants disrupt turf with mounds, they pack a sting that raises a white pustule and burns badly enough to give the species its name. And yes, fire ants really do sting all at once, or close to it. They like to climb vertical surfaces like, oh, say, your legs. When one senses danger, it emits a pheromone that signals its mates to bite.

    The North Carolina State University Extension explains that fire ant nests can often go undetected until a heavy rainfall causes them to build up a mound to escape groundwater. As the colony grows, the ants will continue to build, especially beside concrete or in sunny areas for the extra warmth.

    To control them, research has shown drenching mounds with a large volume of very hot water can significantly reduce their activity. Unfortunately, satellite mounds near the original can form in just a few days.

    Texas Agrilife Extension Service recommends a two-step approach: A pesticide bait, followed by individual mound treatment.

    Commercial pesticide baits are often made of corn grits and soybean oil, with a low-dose ant poison mixed in. It is low in toxicity for humans but ants carry it back to their mound. Its about 80% effective but takes weeks or months to do its job. Step 2 is hitting the mounds with either a chemical pesticide or boiling water.

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    Using A Solution Of Borax And Sugar

    This is a good solution if you have some ant hills in your lawn and dont have any pets or children roaming around. Mix equal parts of sugar and borax in a shallow container. The lid of a jar is perfect for this. Place the lid next the ant hill.

    The ants will be attracted to the sugar in the mixture and will take it down to the colony. Consequently, the borax will kill the ants in the colony.

    Remember, not to sprinkle the borax directly onto the lawn as it will kill the grass.

    How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills

    How to get rid of ants in your lawn for $2

    Eliminating ants from your yard can pose a problem, especially if you have children or pets, as you may want to avoid using dangerous chemicals. While chemicals are generally more effective, there are natural recipes available to get rid of ant hills:

    • Combine ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap, 1 ½ teaspoons of canola oil and 1 quart of water in a mixing bowl, then transfer solution over to a spray bottle. Spray area with high concentrations of ants and pour solution into the nest, killing ants.

    • Another option is to pour 1 quart of white distilled vinegar into an ant nest, as the acidity kills ants on impact.

    • Spread diatomaceous earth throughout your yard, focusing on areas that have a high concentration of ants and pouring it into the nest. Ensure you wear a dust mask for safety reasons upon application.

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    Natural & Home Made Methods Vs Artificial Methods

    Killing ants in your lawn can either be done via natural & homemade methods or artificial methods. If you want to eliminate the ants in your home, you first need to target the source. In this case, the nest. There are several ways to destroy ant nests this includes natural methods or using specific chemicals to kill these ants.

    Using home remedies has its drawbacks, and sometimes itsslower. On the other hand, chemicals are effective but may end up destroyingyour lawn. But in the interest of being comprehensive, Ill cover both methodsof killing ants in your lawn.

    Soil Drench Powder Granules Baits

    N.C. State offers some advice for how to get rid of ants yourself via soil drench, powder or granules, and baits, and the characteristics of each product type.

    Soil drench:

    • Fast-acting, best applied in high-traffic areas with low tolerance for ant activity
    • Must apply with at least two gallons per mount to reach the queen in the nest
    • Best applied mid-morning when ants are closest to the surface
    • Do not physically disturb the mound before or after application


    • Apply to the top of the mound and follow up with irrigation
    • Make sure irrigation is significant enough for the active ingredient to reach the queen


    • Slow acting, may take three days or up to two weeks
    • Do not place bait stations on top of the mound, but within a two-foot radius around the mound
    • The product must be fresh and kept dry

    Bachman doesnt recommend the home remedy of using instant grits as ant bait and killer. Folks think the ants eat the grits and the grits then expand inside the ant and kill it.

    But worker ants dont eat solid food, he explains. They give the food to other ants still developing inside the nest, who vomit up liquid food that other ants then eat.

    So using instant grits is essentially feeding the ants.

    The insecticides that Bachman recommends using are carbohydrates with the poison attached. That means when those other ants vomit up the food, it contains that insecticide that then kills the ants.

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