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How Much Does Basic Lawn Care Cost

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When Is The Best Time To Do Tree Trimming

EASIEST Way To Price Lawn Mowing For Beginners (Also The Fastest)

Fall is the time to cut back any unruly limbs or branches that have become unsightly, or are simply growing in a manner that could cause injury. Special consideration should be given to branches that could possibly fall and injure someone when there is a snowfall, or during any high winds from winter storms.

When hiring an arborist, look for certifications like ISA Certified Arborist, TDA Commercial Pesticide Applicators License, and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified and membership to the American Society of Consulting Arborists or Commercial Arborists.

House Method Rating & Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. Thats why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each lawn company/service according to our methodology.

Our research team dug deep into the fine print of contracts, combed through more than one hundred customer reviews, and thoroughly investigated all of each lawn care services services, costs, and products. Weve done the homework for you by researching nearly all of the lawn care companies on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

We developed a formula to objectively determine the best lawn care companies and give each a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

More Lawn Care Resources

Does Your Company Use A Gas Mower

Fluctuating gas prices will have an affect on the cost of your lawn mowing and trimming services if your service provider uses a gas mower. Some companies will reflect those prices in their cost per service each time, while other companies may update their pricing yearly. For example, a company may increase prices by $5-$10 after a year if gas prices have continued to climb, but they won’t change their prices on a week-by-week basis.

Some companies use only electrical mowers and trimmers, so fluctuations in gas prices don’t affect them. Their equipment runs from pre-charged batteries or through extension cords plugged into your electrical outlets.

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Whats Included In The Price Of Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn care companies like to provide discounts on one-off services by bundling common lawn care services into a single package. These mowing packages often include mowing, edging, weeding, and leaf removal services.

Depending on what a lawn needs, its easy for homeowners to add on other services, such as watering and fertilization.

Remember that its common to provide discounts for committing to a long-term lawn care contract. Loyalty rewards are always appreciated in this hotly contested business.

Lawn Care Prices Per Hour

Edward Tufte forum: Megan Jaegerman

Most professionals offer hourly rates on lawn care maintenance, particularly when a job is complicated or requires more than one worker. You can expect to pay from $45 to $85 per hour for these services, depending on the additional maintenance tasks required. It is important to note that this price is per person per hour. If multiple workers are used, the price per hour increases, but the overall cost will not because the time required is lower overall. Companies often price their work by the hour because of the effort required to complete multiple services during the appointment. The simple job of mowing a lawn is easier to price by the acre or square foot because of the relative simplicity of the job versus a lawn care appointment that requires additional tasks like weed removal and pest control.

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Extraneous Factors Affecting Start

When you begin a lawn care service company, its great to look over the equipment list and understand those initial and ongoing expenses. But where do you intend to store your equipment?

A small start-up lawn service may be able to use a small garage to store the equipment. Perhaps you have a garage at home that you intend to use for your machines until your business gets off its feet and can afford to rent a commercial unit.

If you are planning on renting a commercial property from the beginning, the start-up costs could be extremely high comparatively. It would be especially true if you need to renovate the property to make it initially viable for your business model.

Weekly Lawn Care Cost

Weekly grass maintenance averages from $3,380 to $7,020 per year, depending on the size of your lawn and the maintenance items involved. Your maintenance company may bill you yearly each time you renew the contract, or they may have weekly or monthly payment options available. Most often, contracts include leaf removal, mowing, fertilizing, and aeration. Homeowners may ask for extra services for which the lawn maintenance company may charge extra. Added services include stump removal and landscape edging.

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Lawn Care Service Prices

Lawn care professionals provide many different service outside of just mowing. Depending on where you live, and how long its been since your yard has been maintained, some additional services may be needed. Let’s take a look at some common lawn services and their prices:

  • Lawn Mowing: Average cost $25 – $50
  • Tree Trimming: Average cost $250 – $500
  • Lawn Aeration: Average cost $80 – $175
  • Lawn Weeding: Average cost $20 – $40 /hour
  • Lawn Winterization: Average cost $350
  • Lawn Fertilizing: Average cost $40 – $60 /application
  • Lawn Seeding: Average cost for professional $700
  • Leaf Removal: Average cost $50 – $80
  • Landscaping: Average cost between $3,000 and $15,950

Getting Your Lawn Overseeded

How to Price Lawn Care Services – How Much to Charge

Overseeding your lawn via a professional usually cost around $1,200, which you saw in my lawn care pricing chart.

Overseeding can boost the health and appearance of your lawn by encouraging the grass to continue growing even when older and problematic patches die.

When you hire a company to overseed your lawn, you can specify that a disease-resistant or drought-resistant grass seed be used. This will be helpful for you if you live in a harsh climate.

I have an article with detailed recommendations about the best seed to use for overseeding if youd like to learn more.

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Popular Lawn Care Services & Costs

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Landscaper Insurance

Prices you will pay for lawn services will vary based on your yard size, the location of property, current health of the yard, and if it’s a residential or commercial property. Climate also makes a big difference, especially in wet climates. This will dramatically increase your yearly cost because the rate of growth of your grass.

Typically, a lawn care service provider will provide a quote based on the square feet of the yard and if there are any obstacles. This means you can get a fairly accurate lawn care quote just from a phone call or instantly here on HomeGuide.

Easy Prescriptions Easy Style

If you need corrective glasses and dont have insurance, the cost can really add up. If you need safety glasses, too, youll have another expense.

Stoggles are the solution for safety eyewear that can even transition to everyday wear. We offer in-house prescription fulfillment to keep costs down and make our eyewear affordable and accessible to more people.

The best part? Stoggles only look like designer eyewear. Youll get all the protection you need in your own customized prescription without the need to mortgage your home or pawn your car title. Plus, you can use FSA or HSA to purchase affordable RX Stoggles! Stoggles are a win-win for your eyes and your wallet.

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Lawn Mowing Cost By Frequency

It is extremely common for homeowners to sign up for a contract or agree to regular visits from their lawn care company. Mowing grass regularly is easier and healthier for the lawn than mowing it randomly once or twice a season. Some lawn care companies may also offer discounts for customers who agree to set up a contract with a weekly, monthly, or once-a-year schedule. Weekly mowing is helpful during the peak growing season. Although lawn care specialists generally recommend weekly mowing, homeowners with grass that is not a tropical variety may choose a monthly contract without any negative impact on their yard. The lawn care professional will recommend a service frequency that is best for the grass type.

Some homeowners may even switch contract types midyear to account for the summer growing season versus the winter dormant season. A homeowner may choose a yearly contract for a task like yearly grass edging around the property. Sometimes, a homeowner may also choose a single visit rather than a contract, for an average cost between $75 and $200. Homeowners who will soon list their homes for sale may want a single visit to make sure the home is clean and presentable for potential buyers. A homeowner may occasionally choose a one-time visit after a storm or weather event when an extra mow and grass removal is warranted.

Frequency of Visits
$2,100 – $3,600

Lawn Care Costs Per Acre

How To Start Up Lawn Care Business

Lawn care prices per acre run from $200 to $400. Like with mowing, large properties are often priced by the acre for services like seeding, weed control, fertilization, and aeration, with many companies performing more than one of these services at a time. Maintenance costs range widely due to the variety of services that may be needed and the bigger and more extensive equipment requirements for large properties. Trimming a 100-foot tree on a 5-acre property may require a boom truck, but a 20-foot tree in a small yard may require a simple rope saw. Some services, like seeding and aeration, are performed and billed separately from mowing. If you have several acres, costs will be higher.

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Organic Tick Control Program

In the instances where an Organic Tick Control Program is necessary, we can provide a program to help protect you, your family and pets from ticks and the diseases that they carry. Our Organic Tick Control Program uses cedar oil, a natural essential oil that acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of the tick. The peppermint bio-solvent eats through the insects exo-skeleton and eradicates it eliminating the egg and larvae. The fatty soap acts as a sticker to the insect. For every insect your see, there are many more in egg and larvae stage. The cedar oil and ethyl lactate destroys the egg and larvae stage, breaking the egg layer cycle and eliminating the next generation of insect. This is a non-toxic product. Yards can be used within 15 minutes of spraying to allow drying time.

Compare Lawn Care Companies

Finding the ideal lawn care company for your needs can be confusing and challenging, especially given how many options you have. The table below shows a side-by-side view of the most popular lawn care companies to help you decide which is right for you.

4/5 3.8/5

Want to see which of these companies is best to tackle your lawn care? Check out these company comparisons for more information:

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Recommended Lawn Care Service

If you are interested in receiving professional lawn aeration treatment, we suggest looking into TruGreen. Not only can this company provide lawn aeration services, but it offers comprehensive lawn care plans. TruGreen is one of the most popular lawn care services in the United States, servicing every state except for Alaska and Hawaii.

The provider offers five annual plans with different levels of lawn care. In addition, the company allows you to customize your lawn care with everything from fertilization to overseeding to pest control and more. In addition to a plan, TruGreens aeration service costs around $259 for a 5,000 square-foot lawn, according to quotes we received while secret- shopping.

Enough Talk How Much Will My Lawn Care Cost

Complete Guide: How to Price Lawn Care, Mowing and Landscaping Jobs (IMPORTANT)

I could go on and on about how different company characteristics make a difference, but Im guessing you just want some cold hard numbers by now.. Amirite?!

Johnny New-Homeowner wants the bear minimum program, hes got a smaller Richfield lawn. Hes going to be paying roughly $210/ season for Turf Applications. Will he see an improvement? Absolutely. Will his lawn look the best it could? Most likely not!

Ms. Jesse Newport wants the whole schabang. Fertilawn, I want my lawn to look the BEST it can No problem Ms. Newport. Her yard is a medium sized Bloomington lawn that is very weedy and thin, she also had grub damage last year. Shell be paying $850/ season and be getting 5 applications along with an aeration/overseed, spring grub treatment and organic aeration/soil conditioner. Come next spring, her lawn and soil will make huge improvements.

How about a middle ground customer? Lets say Thommy Newport, Jesses brother, saw her lawn and wants something similar but may not need the whole schabang. Thommy lives in Bloomington as well and has a lawn the same size. Id recommend he goes with our 5 lawn treatments along with an organic aeration/soil conditioner. Hes going to be paying $440/ season. Im NOT going to push him to do a bunch of stuff he doesnt need but AM going to let him know that grubs have been a huge issue around here and that we need to keep an eye on it.

Fertilawn Inc. P: 884- 7331 F: 884-9119

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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost Per Month

Landscapes and Lawns! They definitely add on to the amazing aesthetic of your property. Dont they?

Well, they will keep being that jewel if you keep maintaining it all through. Yes, maintenance is the key for impeccable properly manicured lawns with enhancing features of landscaping. So, this guide is all about the maintenance costs involved to keep the glaze of your lawn all year round.

Uninterrupted service and focused attention to your yard are the 2 primary factors that will ensure the beauty of your curb appeal as keeping the health of your yard as well. Now, to help do so, there are different parameters in which the lawn care cost factors fit in, like the region, labor, and the material cost. Not to forget the yard size and the climatic conditions as well.

The Grounds Guys Advantage

When you hire The Grounds Guys, youre not just getting a grass cutting service. We are a team of experts who care about the health of not just your grass, but your entire property. We take the necessary time to identify the presence of pests or diseases that might be damaging your yard, dead patches in the lawn that need reseeding, or irrigation issues affecting your lawns overall health. While it may be tempting to hire grass cutting service that costs less, youll miss out on the care and attention The Grounds Guys provides.

So, how much does it cost? Give us a call at 505-7850 for a free, no-obligation estimate, and be a step closer to having a healthy, beautiful lawn.

* Actual price may vary due to size of property, location & additional services requested. * Maintenance plan duration varies by location.

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How Much Does Lawn Care Really Cost

There is just something rewarding about doing the job yourself right? Its a sense of accomplishment, achievement and a feeling of satisfaction when you look back on all your hard work. This feeling rings true for just about anything you do building your deck, washing your house, fixing that squeaky door hinge in the basement, or even keeping your grass green all summer long. But how much is the real cost of maintaining your lawn on your own?

The real cost

Taking care of your lawn by yourself is doable but lets look at the total items needed and some of the cost associated. One essential item to keep your yard green is a weed and feed fertilizer mix. These mixes help feed your lawn nutrients that help it grow and will prevent weeds. Yards in cool areas of the country, like Northeast Ohio, require about 3 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square foot a year. With an average yard size of 10,403 square feet in the state of Ohio you would have to apply about 30 pounds of fertilizer. At around 22 dollars for a 15-pound bag you will have to pay at minimum 44 dollars plus around 30 dollars for a spreader.

Time is money

In addition to the actual money cost of putting basic fertilizer on your grass the process is something that takes time and as the old saying goes, time is money. After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is walk your lawn and spread fertilizer. This is time that could be spent relaxing or with family and friends.


Cost Of Weeding Your Lawn

How Much Do Lawn Care Companies Charge Per Hour

Wedding your lawn is also very important maintenance. Removing unwanted and unsightly weeds is a sure way to improve the appearance of your lawn. If you have a regular lawn care professional who does your weekly mowing and trimming, you can ask them to get rid of the weeds on their next visit. There are a couple ways to go about weeding your lawn. You can pull them regularly or you can kill them with chemicals designed for the job for a more permanent solution.

The average cost of weeding is about $12 and $40 per hour, depending on which method you choose and how many weeds you have. Using weed killer is usually the more expensive route and cost closer to the $25 – $40 per hour mark since you are paying for labor and the chemicals.

Many weed killers are environmentally safe and pet friendly, but some are not. Be sure to consult a lawn care professional before making decisions on which path to take.

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