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How To Get Ants Out Of Your Lawn

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How To Identify Lawn Ants In Your Yard

  • You may see red, yellow, brown or black ants.
  • Inspect your property. They live in colonies or nests located in the soil in your yard or alongside the foundation of your house.
  • There may be spots in your lawn that look like hay rather than grass.
  • The soil may be disturbed or there may be small mounds.
Lawn Ants can be various colors. These are black ants. Lawn Ant Hills – You can see the grass is sparse and the soil is disheveled. More Lawn Ant Hills – You can see the grass is yellowed and haylike in areas.

Quick Lawn Ant Diagnosis

One hot dry August day, a long time lawn customer was upset. In some areas her grass began to look like hay. She thought one of my lawn mowers had a gas leak and this was the cause of her lawn problem. I quickly reassured her that I would never use a lawn mower with a gas leak on her lawn.

After further examination, I noticed her neighbors on both sides had the same problem. I explained that it appeared to be the early stages of lawn ants. She relied on my expertise and allowed me to apply an insecticide to the problem areas.

As I was cutting her lawn the following week, I noticed that both of her neighbors had ant hills all over their yards. My customer came out to greet me and thank me. If I didn’t make a quick diagnosis the previous week, her lawn may have looked just like her neighbor’s lawns.

Get Your Timing Right

The best time to book a funnel ant treatment is during the cooler months. We dont recommend applying it when its the height of summer as the product will evaporate too quickly and wont have time to bind to the soil. The best time to perform the treatment is during mid to late afternoon while the affected area is shaded.

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Diatomaceous Earth Can Also Kill Ants But Is Harmless To Grass

Diatomaceous earth is a substance that looks like talcum powder. It is an insecticide that is made of diatoms, an algae species that are commonly found in open water. The insect repellent made from this substance are sourced from these water plants, therefore they are natural and harmless to grass and other plants.

Diatomaceous earth is basically composed of minerals. It contains calcium, iron, silicon, sodium, magnesium and some trace minerals. Therefore it can fertilize the ground aside from exterminating the ants.

Get some diatomaceous earth and dust or spread it out on the grass. Sprinkle a generous amount of it in areas that are infested with ants. Place it around plants so that they wont be invaded by ants.

When ants ingest diatomaceous earth, they will be dehydrated and will soon die. The sharp particles of this substance will cut through their waxy layers and penetrate their body. Once inside, this substance will absorb their body moisture which will then lead to their slow death.

But dont just buy any diatomaceous earth. Be sure that what you are using is the Food Grade type. The other type is harmful to grass because it is composed of different chemicals.

Cornmeal & Boric Acid

How to Get Rid of Ants in Grass Naturally

Contrary to popular belief, cornmeal does not kill ants, by exploding them or otherwise. Ants are pretty keen on cornmeal, Spicer says, so spreading too much of it around might worsen your infestation.

You can, however, weaponize cornmeal in your fight against ants by mixing it with boric acid, a cousin to Borax thats available online and at home improvement stores. Mix nine parts cornmeal with one part boric acid, adding a generous helping of soybean oil or peanut butter to create a paste. Place the homemade bait near gaps and crevices, anywhere ants are on the march.

Like borax , any bait containing boric acid should be kept away from kids and animals.

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Lawn And Yard

If you have ants in your lawn, you should get rid of them fast before they cause damage to your grass, and even any plants and flowers you may have. Here’s what you need to do!

By Jack Billings

A well-kept lawn is a thing of beauty, and its the reason we all spend a few hours each week caring for it. Raking up leaves, treating it with weed killer, and of course, mowing the grass to perfection.

This time spent is why it is soul-destroying when you realize ants have invaded and decided to take up residence in your prized patch of turf.

Ants can cause significant damage to your lawn if left untreated, reversing years of tender loving grass care. And not only that, but they can also create problems in other areas of your yard.

So, if youre here to get the lowdown on how to get rid of ants in your lawn or yard, youre in the right place.

We are going to explain everything you need to know about ants. From the signs that theyve invaded, to what type of ants are likely to have taken up residence.

Then we will cover the types of products you can use to eradicate them and stop them from coming back.

So, put the kettle on, sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Note: You should check out our accompanying guide to the best ant killers for lawns, to find the best products to solve your yard ant problems!

What You’ll Learn

Natural & Home Made Methods Vs Artificial Methods

Killing ants in your lawn can either be done via natural & homemade methods or artificial methods. If you want to eliminate the ants in your home, you first need to target the source. In this case, the nest. There are several ways to destroy ant nests this includes natural methods or using specific chemicals to kill these ants.

Using home remedies has its drawbacks, and sometimes itsslower. On the other hand, chemicals are effective but may end up destroyingyour lawn. But in the interest of being comprehensive, Ill cover both methodsof killing ants in your lawn.

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When In Doubt Call A Professional Ant Exterminator

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of ants in your lawn is to call a professional ant control expert. Depending on the type of ants living in your backyard, the exterminator may use one or several methods of ant extermination, choosing the most effective and least damaging treatment options. By calling an expert, you can minimize damage to your lawn, remove ant mounds in record time, and enjoy your lawn all summer long. Call Antworks today for an ant extermination quote!

Borax Based Ant Killers

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants in Your Yard – 2 Easy Options

Borax and boric acid products were traditionally used as cleaning aids and as a cutting agent in many household products.

They are also useful in the war against ants, and they are now the base for many pesticides. Borax, a naturally occurring chemical compound, is incredibly toxic to bugs, plants, and fungi.

Effective against many ant species, it comes in powder form mixed with other ant attractant additives. This helps to mask it as a food source and encourage ants to ingest it.

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Now Go Where The Ants Are And Pour The Mixture Into Their Nest

How to get rid of ants in yard without killing grass. Put the rinds in a food processor with the boiling liquid to make a sludge that you can use to water your garden plants. How to get rid of clover in your yard without killing the grass. Killing ants in your lawn with chemicals.

Mix half a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher soap and one quart of water with three tablespoons of cayenne pepper sauce. You can, however, kill the ants without. The first step is to kill the ants.

Some people recommend killing ants by pouring boiling water into their nests, but this can damage your lawn so it’s not what we recommend. Pull it out by hand. Mix a solution using equal parts vinegar to water.

Most ants eat the larvae of lawn pests that they find amongst the roots of the grass. You need to make the whole yard undesirable to effectively remove ants from your yard. The cayenne sauce has capsicum in it.

Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use this against the ants. You should apply this method 2/4 times in a month and you get rid. The only thing i’ve done is dig up the area and use ant spray to kill the blighters off my lawn is pretty bumpy now, with the old nest mounds counting up.

Also, the ant problem is as bad as ever, new nest keep coming up. Use cayenne pepper to get rid of ants from your garden. Here are some methods to get rid of ants in grass naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants Fire Ants Ant Bites Fire Ant Bites

10 Tips To Get Rid Of Ants In The Lawn

Pin On Diy

Pin On Garden

What Is An Effective Way To Get Ants Out

Ant colonies can extend many feet underground in a labyrinth of tunnels. Generally, all that is visible to you is an ant hill.

Disturbing the colony will make them move. The problem is that they may build another colony close to the one they abandoned. You need to make the whole yard undesirable to effectively remove ants from your yard.

Ants navigate areas by leaving chemical trails to and from food sources and the nest. Eliminate the trails, and you eliminate the ants.

Homeowners destroy ant trails in several ways. These include:

An Ants Trail

  • Pouring soapy water on them.
  • Spraying the area with a solution of cayenne pepper and water.
  • Spraying a solution of lemon water around the area.
  • Sprinkling powdered chalk on the trail or drawing chalk lines across it.

These are all remedies that are harmless to the environment, pets, and children.

Amazing Ants

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Pipe Tobacco Ant Mound Remover

Pipe tobacco has been proven to get rid of ants outdoors quite well. The best way to eliminate ants in yard and garden is by soaking pipe tobacco in water overnight to make tea. Strain out the tobacco, making sure to wear gloves during the process.

Pour the liquid into each ant mound until soaked. Fill holes with glue or baby powder to prevent ants from escaping. Sprinkle any trails with baby powder.

Chemical Controls For Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House Fast

Theres a good few pesticides on the market that claim to get rid of an ant infestation. If you want to go down the chemical route, I would urge you to research products carefully. Consider other life forms you dont want to be contaminating water courses with anything that might upset the eco system, neither do you want to harm beneficial insects or any creatures that might make a meal of the dead ants. If your lawn is used by pets or people, please be extra vigilant about your choice of chemical control. It goes without saying that you should follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter. Wear the protective gear, measure chemicals out carefully and dont be tempted to alter the recommended dosage.

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Great Question Daniel Funnel Ants In Lawn Or Grass Can Become Quite A Nuisance Especially As Theyre Destructive In Nature As Well Causing An Unsightly Mess In Your Yard Heres Our Advice

If your lawn is suddenly littered with hundreds or thousands of small cone-shaped dirt mounds, its a likely sign that your grass might be infested with funnel ants. It usually happens after theres been rain because the insects dig up the soil to allow their nests to dry out.

Funnel ants are widespread across Australia, however they are more prominent within Queensland due to the tropical climate and frequent rainfall. Funnel ants can become a terrible annoyance for home owners as they can ruin yards, so theyre definitely a pest youll want to get rid of as soon as possible.

Tip # 0: Using Cinnamon Powder:

Cinnamon powder is good for the ants! You can see the effect immediately after Sprinkling cinnamon powder.

If you can see the ants are on the plants or walking to the path in the lawn and you would like to die of all the ants at a time, you have to follow the following tips to get the best results. The ants will die within more or less 24 hours.

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Cayenne Pepper Sauce Ant Killer

Using a combination of soap and cayenne pepper kills ants on contact. The soap incapacitates and smothers the ants, while the capsicum burns them.

Cayenne Pepper Sauce Ant Killer Recipe

  • ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • 3 tablespoons cayenne pepper sauce
  • 1-quart water

Add the three ingredients to a bowl and whisk. Pour the solution into a spray bottle using a funnel. Spray ants as you see them. Pour the solution into the ants nests directly to kill the entire colony.

Home Made Ant Killers

How To Eliminate Ants From Your Garden

When it comes to killing off a nest, there are numerous home remedies that get recommended on the web. The problem is, they often dont work immediately, dont work at all, or have other side effects.

These include

Pour Boiling Water into an Ants Nest

This is the most widely known way to kill a nest. Simply find as many entrances as you can and pour boiling water into them.

The issue is that this

  • Often takes several attempts
  • This can result in wet, boggy areas in your lawn, and
  • It can scald your grass causing it to turn brown
  • Use Dishwasher Liquid and Olive Oil

    Another common method is to mix washing up liquid with olive oil and water. This penetrates the ants exoskeleton and suffocates it.

    Again though, it can take a while to work and the detergent can bleach the grass, making it paler than the rest of the lawn.

    Put Boric Acid and Sugar on Your Lawn

    The idea behind using Boric Acid and sugar is that you mix it into a paste and put it on certain areas o of your lawn near the nest. The sweet sugar attracts the ants and they take it back to the nest for the colony to feed on. Then the Boric Acid kills the ants.

    The problem with this approach is that it needs to be mixed very precisely. If you dont use enough Boric Acid, you wont kill the ants. Use too much and youll kill the ant that takes it before its reached the nest. Youll also kill the grass.

    Pour White Vinegar Onto a Nest

    Many people recommend pouring a litre of white vinegar onto an ants nest.

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    Calling An Expert For To Remove Ants From Plants And Garden

    Using any of the other two methods mentioned below requires time and is barely effective in clearing your garden of ants while keeping your plants safe.

    The expert option covers the whole extermination process including any analysis, removal and vegetation protection. It cost around $250 on average to remove ants excluding carpenter and fire ants from a 3000 sq. ft. house.

    Experts are trained and have years of experience getting rid of ants. They first analyze the extent of the infestation and type of ant present, so they know the right solution to use. Unlike when you DIY and do trial and error with the solutions or even the less effective household items method, using experts is effective and fast. All these, while ensuring your plants are not damaged since they have better experience and equipment. If you want to get a specialist ant removal agency to handle the extermination of ants in your garden without damaging your plants, call 248-9199

    Tiny Ant Hills All Over Lawn: What Can You Do To Prevent This

    Ants are attracted to your lawn or garden because they are searching for the food source, water, or shelter. If your lawn is well-drained or has good food sources there is a great possibility of getting ant infestations or re-establishment of previous colonies.

    Some ant species are attracted to organic mulches or organic fertilizers that can be a potential food source for ants. Ants are also drawn to specific plants and they help in their flowering and seed dispersal. Small colonies of ants are not a threat to your lawn and their tiny ant hills are somewhat easy to get rid of and prevent from appearing.

    • You can plant ant repellent plants or treat your lawn with insecticides around the borders to eliminate the chances of larger ant infestations.
    • To avoid the re-establishment of ant colonies in your lawn displace the compost piles and trash bins far from your lawn and monitor if there are ant hills in your lawn. Rake the tiny anthills to disrupt the re-colonization of ants and treat them with insecticide spray or hot water.

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    How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Patio

    We are quickly approaching ant season and homeowners oftenface the struggle of ant nests and infestations in the garden. Depending on thelocation of your house, you could end up with a sizeable ant problem if notdealt with properly which can mean ants are visible throughout your garden,particularly on the patio. It is important to understand and execute thefollowing steps correctly to get rid of ants in the garden and prevent themfrom travelling onto your patio or worse, into your home!

    It is important to first identify where the nest is because this what you need to target. If high quantities of ants can be found wandering around your patio, then the nest should be somewhere nearby. Ants tend to form hills when building their nest so this should be relatively straightforward to find. For the next step, you can choose from any of the following options to eliminate your patio ants:

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