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How Much To Aerate And Seed Lawn

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Unit Costs: How Pros Price

How to aerate and seed tall fescue grass turf basic 101

Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

Does Aerating Lawn Help Drainage

If your lawn is poorly drained, all is not lost. Solving turf drainage problems can be done in a few simple steps. The first step to improving your lawn’s drainage is to ventilate it. The best ventilation is the perforated rod aerator, which actually pulls the rods out of the ground rather than pushing them deeper into the ground.

When is the best time to aerate your lawn

What Is Lawn Aeration

Over time, your soil naturally becomes compacted. Hot sun, hard rain, and months of mowing can lead to a layer of thatchorganic matter made up of dead grass and roots that collect at the base of the living grass on your lawn, making it difficult for oxygen, water, and other nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. Aeration is the process of breaking up thatch and creating pores to loosen up your soilimproving the health of your grass and allowing roots to grow deeper and stronger.

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Grass Seeding Cost By Method

Many different methods can be used to plant grass seeds in your yard. The one you choose depends on the size of your lawn, your budget, and your preferred timeline for your project, among other things. Depending on which method you choose, you can expect to pay between $680 and $7,840 per acre of seed planted. Lets take a closer look at the most common methods.

Grass Seeding Method
$3,920 – $7,840

The Benefits Of Aeration

Watering After an Aeration &  Seeding: How Often, How Long ...

Both core and liquid aeration create pores in the soil that allow more air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper, which promotes healthy root growth. Additionally, aeration can help your grass thrive by:

  • Helping to prevent the buildup of harmful elements and toxins in the soil and root system.
  • Protecting plants from diseases and pathogens that are caused by poor aeration.
  • Increasing the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil that promote plant health.
  • Preventing fertilizer and pesticides from running off due to soil compaction.
  • Making seeding more effective, allowing for better seed-to-soil contact and better germination & growth.

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Aeration And Overseeding Cost

The average cost to aerate and overseed a lawn is $160 to $425 for 10,000 square feet, depending on the grass type. Seeding immediately after aerating is ideal because aeration opens the soil, creating a healthy environment for new grass seeds to take root.

Aeration, overseeding, and fertilizing costs


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Average Cost Of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is an efficient method of seeding a lawn. On average, hydroseeding prices range $2,000 and $4,000 per acre. That makes the hydroseeding cost per sq.ft. between $0.06 to $0.20. This spray-on grass seed price includes soil prep, materials, and installation.

This differs from traditional seeding in a few ways, starting with the fact that it is quicker and easier. However, it is often more expensive. The process involves combining fertilizer, seed, mulch, soil amendments, and water and using a high-pressure machine to apply it to the soil.

This causes seeds to germinate very quickly and stops erosion, weed growth, and dust pollution. The binding agents in the hydroseed mixture allow the grass to touch moisture in the mulch constantly. Binders and fiber in the mixture prevent the seeds from being washed away.

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Dichondra Ground Cover Seeds

The average cost to plant Dichondra ranges from $18 to $25 per pound. This type of ground cover grows very close to the ground and is best suited for mild to warm climates. With that being said, it can stay healthy in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Dichondra grows very quickly and doesnt need to be mowed. However, it is good to use fertilizers and insecticides because Dichondra attracts common beetles and cutworms.

Cost To Seed Acre Of Grass

How To Core Aerate Your Lawn – Fall Lawn Renovation and Overseeding Project Step 3

On average, it will cost between $875 and $1,600 to plant grass seed on a fourth of an acre of land. A yard this size is 10,890 sq.ft. The overall cost to plant grass seeds in a yard this size depends on a few factors, such as if the area is ready to receive the seed, the overall state of your yard, the dimensions of the space, and the type of grass youre planting.

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Corsican Mint Ground Cover

If you plan to plant Corsican mint, expect to pay between $10 and $21 per pound. This is one of the simplest ground covers to plant and maintain. It creates a flat bedding of bright green leaves that look and smell great. This ground cover may freeze in colder temperatures but naturally regrows once the cold weather breaks. You have to water Corsican mint regularly, though it doesnt require as much as natural grass.

When Is The Best Time To Have Aeration Overseeding And Power Seeding Performed

Late August through fall is the prime time to perform aeration, overseeding, and power seeding services in Kentucky and Indiana. The cooler nighttime temperatures and increased moisture will help your soil better absorb the nutrients pushed through by aeration and the new seeds distributed by overseeding.

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How To Aerate And Overseed Your Yard

Aerating your own yard is one of the easiest and most rewarding DIY landscaping projects a homeowner can take on in the spring or fall! In fact, spending 2-4 hours in your yard this weekend, will give you the reward of a beautiful lawn for months and years to come!

When most people hear the word aerating, they get visions of beastly machines that are going to chop their yards into small chunks that you need to spend days cleaning up. Truth be known, if you just aerate and overseed your lawn two times a year, the work can be as easy as walking behind a machine and a spreader! If it still sounds like aerating your own yard is too much for you, get a free quote from a local landscaper to do it for you!

Why And When You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Grass Seed 101: Everything you Need to Know About Lawn ...
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Aeration is a lawn care practice designed to create openings in lawn turf and the underlying soil structure in order to penetrate the root and thatch layer and allow essential water and air down into the soil where it can better reach the grassroots. The process is usually called “core aeration” after the practice of punching small plugs, or cores, into the lawn. Usually, the practice is done with a motorized machine that can be rented, though there are also hand tools that can be used and which may be practical on very small lawns. Lawn care companies also offer aeration among their repertoire of services.

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Power Raking And Lawn Dethatching Costs

Thatch is a layer of organic material that accumulates between the grass and the top layer of soil. Grass roots grow into the thatch instead of the soil if this layer becomes too thick.

Power raking is an aggressive approach to clearing out thatch when it is half an inch thick. It costs $10 to $20 per 1,000 square feet to power rake.

Dethatchers are less aggressive and are for thatch layers less than half an inch thick. Expect to pay around $175 per hour for dethatching.

What To Cover New Grass Seed With

One important part of planting grass seed in your lawn is making sure the seed stays in place long enough and is moist and warm enough to grow in the soil effectively. To achieve both of these things, your contractor will place a layer of materials over the newly planted seeds and keep it there until the seedlings begin to show. You can choose from a variety of materials, including compost, plastic, mulch, and straw. Depending on which one you choose, you can expect to pay between $10 and $80.

$45 – $80 per bale

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Cost To Seed An Acre Of Grass

In most cases, the cost to seed an acre of grass ranges from $3,500 to $6,400. Most seeds are sold to cover around 5,000 sq.ft. With that being said, an acre of grass is approximately 43,650 sq.ft. In some areas, you may be able to purchase your seeds at a discount for this volume, but the labor costs may be slightly higher because of the area that must be covered.

Straw Over Grass Seed

How Much Seed Is TOO MUCH SEED? Aerating and Overseeding In Heat And Drought

A bale of straw covers about 50 sq.ft. of space and costs between $45 and $80. Straw is a great choice because it keeps the grass seeds in place and moist and warm. All youll need is a thin layer to protect the seeds from high winds, pests, direct sunlight, and more. Straw is very easy to lay over your grass seed. Removal is also easy, making it another great natural choice for your lawn.

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Benefits Of Aerating Lawn

Aerating stimulates root growth and creates a thicker, healthier lawn that is more resistant to drought and extreme temperatures. Soil compaction leads to bare patches and brown grass. Aeration opens the soil, providing better water and nutrient absorption at the roots.

Pros and cons of lawn aeration

  • Makes the lawn more resistant to insects and disease.
  • Core aeration leaves unsightly plugs on the lawn.
  • Aeration machines may hit sprinkler heads or buried irrigation lines.
  • Makes the lawn more vulnerable to weeds if performed at the wrong time of year.
  • Increases dryness if the lawn isn’t watered enough afterward.

Choosing The Wrong Seed

Choosing the correct seed for your lawn is an art form. If you dont have the gift , read my guide on choosing the best grass seed for overseeding.

If you can stretch your budget to a premium grass seed option, youre more likely to get a younger and healthier seed. Shopping at a box store may be convenient, but a lot of that seed has been sitting there for years.

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Aeration And Overseeding Mistakes You Should Avoid

We all want a bright green lawn, but after a harsh summer or winter, your turf is likely a little dull, thin or patchy.

To revitalize your grass, you may consider aerating and overseeding, or creating holes in your soil to plant fresh seedlings. In fact, when done correctly, aerating and overseeding can be extremely beneficial to the wellbeing of your turf. Unfortunately, mistakes can be all too easy to make and could cost time and money, with little return.

Be sure to avoid these seven aeration and overseeding mistakes to get the thick, healthy look you desire:

Diy Lawn Aeration Costs

Iowa Lawn Care Guide: When to Aerate Lawn and Overseed

If you aerate your lawn yourself, you wont have to pay for labor, but you will have to buy or rent an aerator. According to Weed Pro, a handheld core aerator, which you operate manually, typically costs about $25 to $30. Models that attach to the back of a ride-on lawnmower or small tractor may cost around $200 but complete the job more quickly.

If youd prefer to rent equipment, it’s available at most large home improvement stores and equipment rental centers. Rental costs vary by retailer, but tend to run about $60 for a four-hour period or $90 for the entire day. Youll also have to leave a deposit, which is usually refundable as long as the equipment is returned on time and in good condition.

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How Does Aeration Work

Grass develops a dense layer of decaying organic matter at its base called thatch. This thatch is rich in helpful microorganisms. Over time this layer gets compacted and starts to create a barrier to the roots, and less water, air, and nutrients can get to the grass.

We recommend aerating your lawn once a year to encourage stronger root development.

Core aeration is the process of loosening the compacted soil and thatch layer by pulling plugs of soil out, which will allow the grass to get increased resources. These plugs are full of nutrients and will break down and nourish the grass. Aeration is fantastic for yard health:

  • Encourages a healthy root system
  • Increases weed and pest resistance
  • Improves water, air, and nutrient intake
  • Improves heat tolerance

Regular Aeration Vs Core Aeration

There are two types of aeration. In most cases, spike aeration or regular aeration will serve the purpose. Some other times, core aeration may be required.

Weve put the differences between spike aeration and core aeration into the table below.

Spike Aeration vs. Core Aeration

Spike Aeration
Sand, grabble, and other loose materials Regular soil that dampens up with heat and moisture
Functionality Spike aeration touches spots of the lawn on the surface and punches the thatch to loosen up Core aeration completely removes the earth core to break up the thatch and restore soil breathability
Prices $70 to $150 $120 $175, up to $350

Typically, a lawn care company recommends core aeration regardless because it is more efficient and thorough. The effects also last longer than spike aeration.

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When Is The Best Time To Aerate My Yard

The best time to aerate your yard is either in the fall or the spring. The soil has to be kept moist and the grass needs to be freshly cut, which is why these two seasons make the best time for aerating your lawns. The soil is normally wet and is in a better condition to be used by the spikes for cutting down underneath the ground to pull out even bigger plugs.

Cost To Aerate And Overseed A Lawn

Lawn Renovation Fail – How To Repair – Aeration and Seeding

Aerating and overseeding cost about $800 for an average size lawn. The cost to aerate and overseed one acre is $680 to $1,050. Overseeding is the process of scattering grass seed over soil and then waiting for it to germinate. While this description leaves out some details, one important way aeration complements overseeding is that it prepares a seedbed that increases the probability that the grass seeds will germinate. Also, overseeding ensures desirable grass seeds fall into the holes where undesirable weed seeds might migrate.

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Not Following Seeding Rate

When you buy seeds, the packet will tell you the seeding rate. This is a requirement and not a recommendation that helps you understand how much seed your lawn needs.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I usually apply about 1.25 x the recommended overseeding rate because I love a really dense lawn. I also use an online tool to measure my lawn square footage and get the seed quantity correct for my lawn.

But following the manufacturers recommendation will usually give you a good result.

Compost Over Grass Seed

A cubic yard of compost costs between $10 and $35, which will cover approximately 100 sq.ft. of your lawn. When you cover grass seed with compost, you benefit from an extra layer of nutrients that break down and go to the seeds as the compost protects them during this early stage. This ultimately keeps your grass healthier and helps it grow more quickly.

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You Aerate And Overseed During The Wrong Time Of The Year

The proper time to aerate is when new life has the greatest chance to grow in your region. You wouldnt want to aerate and overseed too early, before the last frost hits for example, and kill the seeds. You also wouldnt want to do it during the peak of a hot summer, when the harsh sun and temperature suppress new growth.

For cool-season grasses, common in northern lawns, aerate early fall or spring. Warm-season grasses, common to southern lawns, grow best in the late spring or very early summer. Not sure which applies to you? Here in Pennsylvania, cool air and moist soil in the fall and spring make it the perfect time to lay fresh turf, helping to build greater resistance against disease, insects, and drought.

Cost Of Centipede Grass Seed

What Do You Do After Aerating And Overseeding

Centipede grass costs approximately $0.75 to $0.85 per sq.ft. and $8 to $16 per pound. It is a warm-season grass that is very climate-specific. Due to the strict soil requirements, it mostly thrives in the southeastern region of the United States. Centipede grass is low-maintenance, nutrient-heavy, and heat-tolerant.

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Organic Mulch Over Grass Seed

One cubic yard of organic mulch covers 100 sq.ft. of space and costs between $30 and $100. A fine layer of mulch keeps the newly planted seeds from drying out as they are beginning to grow. Mulch can be made out of various materials, all of which keep your grass seeds healthy and safe. Since it is a natural material, it is also ultimately better for your grass as a whole.

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