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How To Get More Lawn Customers

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Have Someone Else Get Customers For You

How to get more lawn care customers. Top 5 marketing strategies for a lawn care business

Idea 17: List on various online directories . This way, the listing sites can potentially drive customers to you while youre out mowing lawns. But it can be hard to get noticed on sites with thousands of listings.

Idea 18: Pay for online leads from potential customers. For example, quote-based sites like Service Central and Hi Pages can send you customer jobs to quote on, to save you going out to find jobs to quote on. Sites like these charge for leads, regardless if you win the quote or not . Such sites usually send the quote opportunity to multiple lawn mowing businesses. This option can work well, if you are receiving a regular flow of jobs to quote on, are happy to pay the lead without guarantee of work, and you are winning enough jobs to cover the cost of money spent on leads that did not turn into paying customers.

Idea 19: Approach other lawn mower contractors and ask if they could send their excess work to you, and invite them to keep a commission for referring you the lawnmowing jobs. This system can work well if you partner with lawn mowing providers who are busy and therefore happy to have someone help them. But just bear in mind that most providers will be protective of the customer leads and the customer might never know your own business name in order to refer you to others. This is fine if the work keeps flowing, but not so fine if you have nothing to show for it once you lose that customer.

Run A Google Adwords Ad

You will have to pay to run Google AdWords but it is definitely worth it as this can bring you calls in immediately. You can have this up and running in a morning and it is definitely time well spent.

It is not hard to set up a Google Ad and as long as you keep control of the budget and use the right keywords you will definitely get a few calls coming in. If you would like Google to lead you through this process then you can use the .

If you are patient, you can get a discount. You will need to sign up a couple of weeks before advertising and then do nothing. After your account has sat idle for a couple of weeks, then Google will email you a discount voucher. Its usually something like you spend $90 and get a $90 credit.

If you are going to use Google Adwords, do remember to keep and eye on what the other lawn care operators are doing. See who is spending the most to come up near the top on a regular basis. Pay attention to what they are doing. Start by doing the most common search which is lawn care name of your city here. Example lawn care Hamilton. This will give you and idea of who is doing what.

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Dead Simple Landscape Marketing Ideas To Increase New Lawn Care Customers And Sales

From lawn care flyers to social media landscape advertising, there are dozens of landscaping marketing strategies from simple to more complex that you can use to get landscaping customers.

And you could spend dozens of hours researching them!

But youre busy running your business, so wed like to save you the trouble by collecting the best lawn care marketing ideas here.

Here is a list of 25 proven landscape advertising ideas enjoy!

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Why Does It Become Trendy

As noted above, yard work is not the favorite thing people strive to do after a tiring week. Previously, it was much more challenging to find a lawnmower. Newspapers ads that is everything lawn owners could rely on. But times are changing, and digital technologies run the show. And on-demand mowing app development was just a matter of time.

Where theres demand, theres supply, you know. Today people are ready to pay for making their lawns clean and good-looking. Other people are willing to mow lawns and get money for it. Lawn care apps help connect both parties. So starting a lawn mowing business is far from being a bad idea.

Offer Custom Services By Neighborhood

How to Get More Lawn Care Customers From Today!

Not all neighborhoods are created equal. Take the time to consider each areas specific landscaping needs so you can tailor your direct mail, emails, or ads accordingly.

Plus, people will notice the personalization. Recognizing the unique needs of an individual can help your business stand out from the competition. Tailor your offerings, and you may see more inquiries roll in than if you ran a one-size-fits-all campaign.

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How Do Lawn Mowing Companies Get Customers

  • Establish Trust with Your Clients.The first important thing you need in order to get good lawn care customers is building a relationship with them through networking. It is a worthwhile investment as well.
  • Make sure your social media presence is established
  • Its easy to search online.
  • Maintain a relationship with your existing customers.
  • Tip 2: Manage Your Equipment Spending

    We understand you may want to go out there and buy the best equipment you can find. However, you dont need to get yourself too far in debt before you even have routine customers. If you already have some handy lawn equipment, learn how to make do with that. Having every piece of equipment you can think of isnt that big of a deal your clients are only going to care that the job is getting done theyre not going to size you up based on the equipment youre using.

    As you start bringing in money, put money to the side for equipment breakdowns and yes, new equipment. If you dont set aside a certain portion of the money you make, you might find yourself stuck with broken equipment when you need it the most. Imagine having a lawn mower that wont work when you need to mow a couple of lawns that day that certainly isnt going to be good for your business.

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    Build A Landscaping Referral Program

    If you dont already have one in place, a customer referral program is a smart way to facilitate word-of-mouth advertising. Offering an incentivewhether its monetary or non-monetarycan be just the encouragement a happy customer needs to spread the word about your landscape business. The most effective way to motivate is to offer incentives for the referring client and the new prospect.

    Use Free Bulletin Boards

    How To Get More Customers in Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Business | This Really Works

    Another good way of generating local leads that will only really cost you time. The first thing you need to do is design a card which has some pre-cut tear off strips. Then pull off a couple of tabs so it doesnt look new. You may have to keep a spreadsheet with locations and days as some places require you to date anything you post.

    A few of the places you can find these near you are listed below.

    • Supermarkets
    • Community Centers
    • Bars

    The best thing about using this method is that it makes it easy to keep your marketing local.

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    Associations Groups And Networking Events

    Homeowners Associations and similar real estate groups, Building Owners and Managers Associations, Chamber of Commerce meetings and other networking-type events can get you in front of the right people. You might be able to make deals at the events themselves, or at the least will have a reference point when you follow up later on.

    Getting to know government officials can give you a huge leg up when it comes to winning new accounts. Government officials know what big projects are coming up and also have a network of other corporations in the community that will have commercial landscaping needs. Especially if you live in an area with a high amount of commercial properties, you will want to have a network of people who can let you know when a big account might be looking for a new vendor or taking bids.

    Letting Somebody Else Find Customers For You

    Tip 1: Get listed on traditional online directories . These listing sites can help to drive customers to your site, while you are out mowing lawns. However, it can be difficult to get noticed on the directories that have thousands of listings on them.

    Tip 2:Register with expertEasy If youd prefer to mow the lawn and let someone else find your customers, we truely believe this will work for you, expertEasy is a marketplace that specialises in lawn mowing, gardening, landscaping and home improvement. We send customer jobs to you to provide quotes for, and save you having to go out to find jobs on your own to bid on. There are other websites like ours that work a similar way charging for leads. However, usually, those sites send the opportunity for quotes to a greater number of lawn mowing businesses, they charge more per lead and some of them also charge an initial listing fee. We only send jobs to at most three local lawn mowing business, and we have transparent pricing with a satification guarantee.

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    Tips To Increase Customer Retention

    Retaining customers is also important in growing a business. It is cheaper and easier to secure customers by retaining them than using other methods like customer acquisition and lead generation. Customer retention can also lead to more referrals, good reviews, and an improved customer service experience. Here are some tips and tactics to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

    • Provision of high-quality customer service:

    The quality of the service offered to customers in a lawn care business impacts customer retention directly. Better estimate verbiage, speed in delivery, and follow-up are examples of high-quality customer service. They ensure your customers get maximum value for their money, helping you retain patronage. Also, a presentation that includes clean uniforms, equipment, and professionalism plays a huge role in helping you retain your customers. Maintaining optimum levels of professionalism and consistency will leave few reasons for your client to even consider the competition.

    • Surveys and questionnaires

    Preparing a list of questions and sending them out to your customer is a great retention strategy. For greater impact, you can prepare specific questions for each customer. This represents a good upsell opportunity and will make each client feel special, and they will appreciate you taking the time to cater to their needs. Depending on what method the client prefers, you can send out these questions through email, regular mail, or printed questionnaires.

    The Cost Of Starting A Lawn Care Business

    how to get more lawn care customers with Google Adwords

    Even when you know how to start up a lawn mowing business, you might be interested in the final cost of lawn care service development. Its cost will depend on the number of additional features, the user interfaces complexity like animated design, number of platforms, etc.

    If you need a rough estimate, you can look at the info below.

    The average hourly rate at Cadabra Studio is $35-50 per hour. UI/UX design creation may take 70 hours minimum and 150 hours maximum. Thus, the design cost will be $2.4-3.5K and $5.2-7.5K .

    The development process will include the features we listed above, and the total cost of an essential MVP development of the lawn mowing app may be within the $28-35K range.

    However, note again that the estimate is rough, and it is impossible to calculate the cost of your app until you provide us with detailed project requirements.

    So we need to calculate the cost of your Uber for lawn care app development when we have all your requirements and expectations. Our business development managers will provide you with all the required information on cost, timelines, tech stack and answer all your questions. Contact us at any time!

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    Being The Guide For Your Landscaping Customers

    Once you determine your customers problems and begin to develop landscaping marketing materials around that, then you want to show them how you can be their guide in terms of the solution.

    This marketing messaging approach illustrates that companies shouldnt be heroes , they should be the guide to the hero. If youre a Star Wars fan, think of it this way, youre Yoda, the customer is Luke Skywalker. This is where you can show off some of your expertise and what sort of value theyd get out of hiring you.

    Utilize Facebook For Lawn Care Leads

    Up until this point, my recommendations are what I would consider the absolute critical ways to get lawn care leads. Social media is where I start to waver in my recommendations. In times when demand is at its peak, Facebook ads can be a viable lawn care lead generation tool. However, in my experience and that of our clients, these ads are typically more costly than a properly-run Google Ad campaign. Proceed with caution and measure your results.Just posting to Facebook or other social media platforms can be useful but I wouldnt hang your hat on its abilities to generate a ton of great leads for your lawn care business. Compare this to items 1-7 above and youll see social media users often dont have the same level of intent as someone who is actually searching online for lawn care services.

    Look at these graphs below. The first shows website visits by traffic source. You can see social media is a relatively small number of visits. This client puts A LOT of time into posting to social media. Then look at the second graph. This shows how many leads actually come from social media. You can see that it doesn’t have the same impact as organic traffic or paid search via Google Ads. It can work, but just make sure you have realistic expectations.

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    Dont Be Afraid To Go Old

    Social media and digital advertising get a ton of attention when it comes to ideas for how to get landscaping customers, but dont hesitate to put older marketing techniques to work. Leverage simple notice-me tactics like door hangers and yard signs. Branded swag, like seed packets, flower pots, or even pens, are great ideas for initiatives like home shows or customer thank-you gifts.

    Target Your Ideal Prospects To Attract 170 New Jobs

    How to Get More Lawn Care Customers (Lawn Care Marketing Strategies)

    If you want to avoid wasting money with your lawn care marketing, you need to discriminate!

    What I mean is

    Mailing landscaping advertising flyers to every single homeowner in your city can get expensive FAST especially if you live in a densely populated area.

    Narrow your focus. Choose your prospects.

    And think about this:

    Say you deliver landscaping flyers all over town.

    Most of your jobs are concentrated in one area, but you get a call from someone on the other side of town who needs someone to mow their lawn.

    Is it worth your time to drive to the opposite end of town for one lawn maintenance job?

    Probably not.

    But your targeting can and probably should go beyond geography.

    You can target only your IDEAL prospects to generate only the highest quality leads !

    For example:

    This Colorado landscaper brought in 170 jobs with a direct mail campaign targeting owners of homes valued at $250,000 or more.

    If you dont know who your ideal prospects are, finding them is easy

    All you have to do is figure out who your best customers are, and market to more people like them!

    Your most profitable clients might be commercial properties. Dont forget them!

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    Develop An Effective Direct Mail Strategy

    Sending postcards can be a great lawn care lead generation strategy. A carefully executed campaign should result in a 1.5 -3.5% return. This means if youre sending 10,000 lawn care postcards, you should be getting 150-350 new lawn care leads. If thats not happening, there is an issue with your list, timing, offer, design, or website landing page.

    Ideas For Future Or How To Achieve More With Your App

    You always need to update your app and provide users with more exciting features. Besides, the app should keep up with modern trends. However, it doesnt mean that all innovative technologies must be integrated into your app right now. One or two technologies may be enough if they are correctly applied.

    • Artificial intelligence. AI remains one of the most popular technologies in recent years. And lawn mowing app can use AI for voice recognition, automated photo classification . Besides, machine learning algorithms can be applied in chatbots to reduce the customer support teams workload.

    • Remember Pokemon Go fever? Many people ran around the city to catch a rare pokemon with their smartphone and app. It is not so popular today, but augmented reality technology still remains. With AR tech, your lawn mowing app can show customers how their lawn will be cleaned, what tools can be used, etc. AR is not used for gaming only anymore.

    • Scalability. If you ever decide to integrate any tech mentioned above , your app must be scalable. That is, it must be flexible enough to add new features faster, and developers wont need to rebuild the whole app.

    • Web app. You also need to consider web application development lawn mowing services is a popular request in Google search engine. You can build a progressive web app that doesnt require installation. So users can order mowing services via the web app. Check more info about the benefits of PWA and how it differs from native apps.

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    Tip : Stay Organised From The Start Before You Get Busy

    When you own a lawn care service, your most important job, of course, would be the actual lawn care. However, even if you only have a couple of customers when you first start your lawn care business, it is important that you record details so that you can create a good habit in the beginning. These days, you should really be somewhat familiar with excel, google sheets, or even specialised software.

    Here’s a pretty entertaining video from Curtis from New Orleans on running his lawn care business, he really breaks things down.

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