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What’s The Best Time Of Day To Water Your Lawn

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When Is The Best Time To Water Your Lawn In Cooler Weather

Proper Lawn Watering Schedule // Summer Lawn Irrigation

While longtime residents know that there are very definitively four seasons in the south, theyre not quite as distinct as the traditional seasons we learn about in school.

This is especially true where lawns are concerned. Generally speaking, we have a hot growing season and a cooler mostly dormant season.

Which begs the question: whats the best time to water grass in the fall and winter?

Yes and no.

Why the complicated answer? Most of the time the answer is yes , but in some situations, its a no.

How so?

Heres the thing. Most people in the south probably wont need to water their lawns over the cooler parts of the year. Even in low-rain areas, theres usually enough water to support the roots. During this time of year, thats really all you need.

However, if you experience a long period without rain and feel the need to give your lawn a little H2O pick-me-up, you should follow the advice abovewater in the early morning. Youll want to do this for all the reasons already mentioned. Even though the sun isnt as strong in cooler weather, it still helps to evaporate the water.

Top 5 Tips For Watering Your Lawn

Watering your lawn is one of the most important parts of caring for your lawn. Not watering enough leads to a range of different lawn problems and can ultimately lead to your lawns demise. On the other hand, watering too much can have adverse effects on your lawn as well.

So here are the top 5 tips we recommend in keeping your lawn well hydrated and drought tolerant, so it performs at its best.

  • Use sprinklers and soaker hoses for a more consistent spread of water to your area. Try not to hand water with a hose as this will only lead to inconsistencies in your watering.
  • Water your lawn in the morning and in the evening. You are best watering when its not the heat of the day. You also dont want to water at night, as this can cause fungal issues in your lawn.
  • Water for longer time periods, less frequently. Watering your lawn 2-3 times a week for an hour each time is much better than watering your lawn 6 times a week for only 15 minutes. You want to train your lawn to be more drought tolerant. Frequent short waterings will only cause your lawn to become thirstier and less drought tolerant.
  • Different lawn types require different amounts of water, so take this into consideration when choosing a new lawn.
  • It is also important to abide by any water restrictions in your area. By ensuring you select a drought tolerant lawn and follow these simple steps it will be a lot more manageable for your lawn to cope during these restrictions.

    How Often To Water A Lawn

    How many times should you water the lawn in a week? The frequency of watering will depend on the stage of your lawn and the type of grass you have on it. Here are the general rules for how often to water the lawn.

    • A newly planted lawn

    The goal with a newly planted lawn is to keep the top ½-2 of topsoil moist. Ten minutes of watering every morning and evening should do the trick. Be careful not to soak the soil provide just enough water to make it a bit sticky and still slightly crumbly.

    • Warm-season grasses

    Generally, warm-season grasses, like Zoysia and Bermuda grass, have deeper root systems and need to be watered less frequently but with more water during each session of watering. They grow best in summer and slow down as fall approaches. They should not be watered more than twice a week.

    • Cool-season grasses

    Grasses like rye, fescue, and bluegrass, are dormant in summer, but grow during the fall season. They have shallower roots systems that draw moisture and nutrients from the top 2 3 inches of the soil. They should be watered three times a week.

    Finally, the general rule for watering different soils is that clay soils need water once a week and sandy soils need water three times a week. If you follow these guidelines water your plant at the right time of the day and in the right amount you should soon have a lawn that makes others go green with envy.

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    Best Time Of Day To Fertilize Lawn With Liquid Fertilizer

    If you want to be able to apply fertilizer to damp grass, you will need to go with a liquid fertilizer like those made by Simple Lawn Solutions . Make sure to read the product instructions before application, but you should be able to use it following light rain.

    In some cases, the moisture in the grass will actually help the liquid fertilizer disperse more effectively through your lawn. You still shouldnt apply this fertilizer after heavy rains, however. This is especially true if you have a soil type, such as clay, that takes a long time to drain.

    The fertilizer could end up staying on the surface of your lawn for too long. Damage can even result from this.

    When I apply liquid fertilizer I like to apply it, allow it to sit on the leaves of the grass for a bit, then follow with a light watering to wash it off the leaves and down into the soil.

    Best Time To Water Grass In Hot Weather

    What Is The Best Time Of Day To Water The Lawn? ~ Bless My ...

    Your clue about when to water grass is in that phrase above: during the hottest part of the day. Its not all day that you need to avoid, but just the hottest parts of the day.

    Think about when its warmest where you live. For most of us, that means late morning, the middle of the day and during the afternoon and early evening before the sun sets.

    If you try to water your lawn during these times, most of it absolutely will be evaporated before your grass and plants can soak it in and benefit from it. You will end up with thirsty roots that arent getting the moisture they need, especially during when the temperatures are consistently high and there is less rainfall.

    The options mentioned above are not the only times of the day though. Whats missing? Early morning.

    Set your sprinklers to water relatively early in the morning. The water will then have time to soak into the ground. At that time, your plants roots will have time to drink their fill.

    Then, by the time your sprinklers are done, the sun will be stronger. Any leftover moisture will be baked away rather than sitting there on your lawn, encouraging disease.

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    Best Time To Water The Lawn In Tennessee And Mississippi

    The timing of when you water is a critical factor. Though a lot of homeowners come home and decide to water after work, this can be problematic, particularly if night temperatures are over 65 degrees.

    Thats because sunlight isnt available to allow for the lawn to naturally dry up excessive moisture as it would throughout the day. The combination of moisture and heat can lead to fungal growth overnight.

    Turf disease develops from an interaction between a susceptible plant, a disease-producing organism and an environment favorable for the disease-causing organism to grow. This is known as the turf disease triangle.

    However, watering in the middle of the day, when the sun is its strongest, can also be problematic. Too much water will evaporate before allowing the roots to take in what they need.

    Because of all that, the ideal time to water the lawn is early in the morning just at sunrise or immediately beforehand. Your lawn roots will get a nice soaking before allowing the sun to naturally evaporate any excessive moisture off of leaf blandse before nightfall.

    Let The Rain Do Your Work For You

    Nothing looks more wasteful than running your sprinklers while its raining. If your sprinkler system is on a timer, install a rain sensor that automatically turns the water off when it rains. If possible, also avoid watering if rain is expected later in the day or during the next day. Your grass should be fine, even if it looks stressed.

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    What Time Of Day Should I Water

    The best time to water your lawn after the sun is up but before 10 a.m. Its cooler at this time of day and winds are calmer, allowing the grassroots to absorb water before it evaporates.

    We realize that not everyone is home in the morning to water. You can remedy this by consulting with your local PA landscape construction company, or just water when you get home from work.

    If you have to water in the evening, aim for between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., which during the summer will allow the grass to dry before dark. The later you water, the greater the risk of disease.

    Best Time Of Day To Water Grass

    How to Water Your Lawn – Deep Cycle Watering

    by greenacres | Jul 2, 2018 | Blog

    How you water your grass is important, but when you water your lawn is also a critical factor in how healthy your grass is. For a green, lush lawn, you should learn the best time to water grass and give your lawn the amount of water it needs during those times. Heres what you need to know.

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    Ignoring Your Grass Needs

    Taking a lawns age into consideration is important. A fully-grown lawn can handle a more powerful spray, whereas newly seeded lawns need a gentler touch. If you only have a small area of newly planted seeds, a Stationary Square Sprinkler works well for gentle spot-watering, while an Adjustable Length Wind-Resistant Rectangular Sprinkler can cover a bigger area.

    For a sprinkler that will grow along with the grass, try the Circular Sprinkler Spike with on/off switch. The diffuser pin allows for a customized force of spray, from a steady shower for new grass to a more powerful stream for mature lawns.

    Making Lawn Care Easy With A Sprinkler System

    Another thing to think about besides the time of day to water your grass is what kind of irrigation system to use. A sprinkler system is one of the most commonly used and effective ways to water the grass automatically. You can set a sprinkler system on a timer and depending on how you set up the sprinklers, you can get full coverage across your entire lawn. Set your sprinklers to water for 20 minutes three times per week and watch your lawn to gauge improvement. If a portion of the lawn isnt responding to water, you may have another problem like disease or fungus.

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    Misconception #: The Best Time To Water My Lawn Is After The Sun Sets

    While weve heard a lot of people in the Lehigh Valley or Buxmont, PA area say its best to water at night, the reverse is actually true.

    The ideal time to water your lawn is just after the sun rises. At this time of day, its still cool and the water wont evaporate quicklybut it still gives the grass blades plenty of time to dry before the sun sets.

    Wet, dark conditions create an ideal breeding ground for causing lawn disease that can damage your turf, so watering the lawn in the evening should be avoided.

    If you cant find the time to water your lawn in the early morning, even with automated timers, then try to do it early enough during the day to allow grass blades to dry by nightfall. Mid-day watering wont hurt your lawn but you may need to do it longer as youll lose moisture to evaporation.

    How Many Times A Week Should You Water Your Lawn

    Watering Your Lawn

    You need to water at least once a week for at least an hour, this generally provides 1-1.5 of water to the roots .New Seeding Watering: Seed must be kept moist until established. This will be influenced by the amount of sun, wind and heat you are experiencing in your particular area. It is normal to require 3-4 short waterings per day to maintain a moist seedbed. Use a light stream of water to lessen disturbance of the seedbed.

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    Late Afternoon Or Early Evening Is Best

    The late afternoon or early evening is the best time of day to fertilize your lawn. With that said, you should never fertilize if there is direct hot sunlight on your lawn. This can lead to burning. I recommend that you never apply fertilizer in very hot weather, so waiting until things cool down at the end of the day is usually best.

    The reason why late afternoon or early evening is best for applying fertilizer is because its the time of day at which the lawn is less likely to be moist.

    A lot of people wonder if you should fertilize after a rainfall, or if you need to water in your fertilizer.

    Well, it depends somewhat on the type of lawn fertilizer youre using.

    Best Time To Water Lawn In Hot Weather 2021 Watering Tips

    If you want a healthy lawn then watering is very important in achieving that. Less amount of watering especially during hot weather temperatures is what a well-established lawn needs.

    One fact you should get familiar with is that hot weather conditions can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and that is why we thought it wise to bring you this article on the best time to water the lawn in hot weather. Your grass needs to feel cool when the day is hot.

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    What Time Do You Water Your Grass

    Now that youve learned the best time to water your grass as well as tips you can use to conserve water when caring for your lawn. Some cost more than others, while still others cost nothing at all. Whatever you choose to do, youll be reducing your water usage, helping the environment, and saving some money all while keeping your grass nice and healthy..

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    When Watering Your Lawn Is Not Enough

    Grass Seed: Best Grass Seed (Buying Guide)

    Watering grass is sometimes not enough on its own to create the golf course like image you have in your mind. Wed love to compliment and maximize your watering efforts by treating your lawn.

    We briefly covered watering in our comprehensive Summer lawn checklist blog post a couple of weeks ago. We encourage you to learn more about how to create the lawn and landscape of your dreams. If we can help in any way, we are ready and willing.

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    Watering The Wrong Amount

    While overwatering is a common mistake, it happens to be one of the most detrimental. Unless watering newly planted grass seed, dont water every day.

    Frequent, shallow watering wastes water and money. It also leads to a number of lawn problems, including diseases, insect infestations and damage from heat and cold. On the other hand, watering longer but less frequently, deep watering, produces deep roots that mean lawns can better survive periods of drought. The ideal watering schedule is once or twice per week, for about 25 to 30 minutes each time.

    Taking care of a lawn doesnt have to be an overwhelming, all-consuming task. Once all the tips and tricks are in your back pocket, it will be easy to come up with a routine that results in a gorgeous green lawn.

    Previous Article

    When Is The Best Time To Water Grass In Hot Weather

    last updated on By William Aguinaldo

    Having a lawn brings with it a good amount of responsibility. If not taken care of properly, your house could have a bad and messy outlook. Especially in summer, it is essential to have proper watering during hot days.

    In this article, we will provide some tried and experimented lawn watering tips that might come in handy.

    Many factors contribute to the proper growth of grass. Among them water is one of the most significant ones. However, it is one of the challenging ones too.

    During hot weather, it is crucial to maintain a balance between too much and too less.

    Finding this balance is a tricky business and since this balance differs from weather to weather, it simply adds more to the plate.

    This article will solely focus on the proper watering of grass during the hot weather. In such times, extra watering is required when the grass is comparatively drier, and the soil tends to absorb more water than usual.

    Practically, the best time to water grass in hot weather is when the temperature is low. This is normally in the early morning, when the sun has started to rise. At such times, you can see dew drops on the grass blades.

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    Watering Cool Vs Warm Season Grasses

    You need to care for different grass types in different ways to keep them at their healthiest and hardiest.

    Cool Season Grasses

    These types of grasses, like fescue, rye, and bluegrass, grow actively in the fall. Theyll need about 1-1.5 inches every week until the growing season ends, roughly when the first frost sets in. If you dont water cool season grasses during a drought, they will go dormant but re-green when it starts raining again.

    Warm Season Grasses

    Warm season grasses, including bermuda, St. Augustine, zoysia, and centipede grass, do most of their growing in the summertime. Overall, they require less water than cool season grasses, but even they need extra water in the dead heat.

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