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How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Lawn

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Orange Peels Are Also Deadly To Ants

How to kill Lawn Pest plus how to get rid of Fire Ants

Dont throw away those orange peels once you have uncovered your oranges. These orange peels contain organic compounds that are toxic to the fungi that ants love to feed on. If they cant find the fungi in your garden, they will look elsewhere.

Therefore, every time you eat oranges gather their peels and spread them out in your yard. Place more of them in the areas where there are lots of ants mingling around. If you find an ant nest, cover it with orange peels.

How To Win Back Your Yard: Fire Ant 2

Heres how:;

  • Kill the queen and her colony by applying a dust or granular product like;Ortho® Orthene® Fire Ant Killer1;to the mound, following package directions. Use wherever and whenever you see a mound of any size.*;
  • Apply a broadcast treatment like;Ortho® Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules;over the entire lawn. This will help kill any fire ants hiding in the grass, plus continue to control new fire ant mounds.
  • What Are Fire Ants

    Fire ant closeup / Pixabay /. Pexels

    The red imported fire ant is an invasive species from South America which stowed away on a cargo ship and entered the U.S. in the 1930s.

    These invasive pests have made their way across the Southern U.S., including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

    Fire ants are so aggressive and such a nuisance that the USDA has designated;quarantined areas to help control their spread.

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    Fire Ants Keeping You From Enjoying Your Lawn Bite Back With These Suggestions From Dan Gill

    In a recent column on child safety in the garden, I mentioned getting rid of fire ant mounds in play areas. As a result, Ive gotten a few questions on controlling fire ants, which can inflict painful stings and create unsightly mounds in our landscapes. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that will eradicate them from a yard permanently. You will have to control fire ants, as needed, from year to year.

    A variety of products and methods can be used against fire ants. The product chosen is often determined by the situation and the preferences of the individual doing the treatment. When using an insecticide, always read the label very carefully before you purchase it.

    Ant Treatment For Lawns Instructions

    How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

    Small colonies of ants may not be detrimental for the health of your lawn or garden but they are an indication of the potential threat in the near future due to their rapid growth of colonies and exquisite mound-building capability all over the fields or lawns. Most of the ant species may not use grass or other plants as a food source but the established colonies of ants can significantly damage the root system of plants and can cause serious issues if not controlled earlier.;

    Each ant colony may contain one or more queens and the survival of a queen depicts the survival of a whole colony. Therefore, multiple well-managed treatments of insecticide are required to completely wipe out the ant infestation from your lawn. Now lets see how you can save your lawn!

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    When To Drench A Fire Ant Colony

    Drenching is a great option when you need to quickly eliminate individual colonies. For this method you will need a;concentrated fire ant insecticide, a dowel or broom handle, a;hand pump sprayer;and a 5-gallon bucket. Read the product label of the fire ant killer product you are using for usage rates and the recommended personal protection equipment.

    Liquid Drench Method:

    • In the hand sprayer, mix 1 gallon of fire ant insecticide solution according to the product label.;
    • Spray around the mound in a circle 6 to 10 feet in diameter to kill off any foragers. Allow application to dry.
    • Mix another 1 to 2 gallons of solution in a 5-gallon bucket.
    • Use dowel or broom handle to poke a hole down through the top of the mound.

    Granules Drench Method:

    • Apply granular insecticide three feet out around the mound according to the product label.
    • Add the recommended amount of fire ant granules over top of the mound according to the product label.
    • Pour water on and around the mound to soak in the granules according to the product label.

    Effective fire ant treatments give you the edge you need to take back control of your yard. Visit The Home Depot website to find the fire ant bait;and insecticide you need to get rid of fire ants.

    Spray Foundation Perimeter And All Entry Points With Ant Treatment

    If you want to know how to get rid of ants for good, theres more to it than just killing the active colony. You also need to be able to prevent other ants from getting into your home in the future. The best way to accomplish this is to spray your foundation with a pesticide spray thoroughly with Home Defense Insect killer from Ortho.

    Ants often enter through holes or cracks in your foundation, and thoroughly spraying it will keep them from accessing your house in the first place. You should also apply the spray to doorways and windows to form a barrier against ants in these locations. Make sure you use this spray when the surfaces are completely dry.

    Applying it before a rainstorm will keep it from sticking and drying properly, thereby limiting its effectiveness, so be sure you apply in dry conditions at least 24 hours before a rain.

    Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3 on a Quarterly Schedule To keep Ants out of your Home Permanently.

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    Are Fire Ants Dangerous

    Yes. Warns Ed Spicer of Pest Strategies,When you approach and disturb them, theyll bite you and then sting you with their abdomen. Their stings are painful and can sometimes feel like that part of your body is on fire .

    Native fire ants are slightly less hostile than imported fire ants. Although rarely lethal, native and imported fire ants will swarm out of the nest in a matter of seconds if threatened. The sting, an injection of a toxic venom into the skin, has been known to trigger serious allergic reactions in some people.

    If you are stung by a swarm of fire ants and experience the following symptoms, seek medical help immediately:

    • Difficulty breathing;
    • Nausea;
    • Dizziness.

    Drifting Ant Alert:During floods, thousands of fire ants are capable of clumping together to form a living raft to carry them to dry ground. Should you accidentally bump into one of these floating firestorms, you could be in for a world of hurt.

    Ant Hills In The Lawn: How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills In The Lawn

    How to Get Rid of Fire Ants in Your Yard – 2 Easy Options

    Ant hills or ant mounds in your lawn are the indications of an established ant colony. They are comprised of decomposed material, clay, sand, and tiny rock particles. It looks like a simple dome-like aggregate of soil and decomposed material. However, it can go up to several feet deeper and wider under the soil surface and form a complex labyrinth that provides a safe shelter to ants.;

    Underneath the soil, there are well-crafted chambers and tunnels for workers and queen. The mound also used as an insulator against extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. The colony of ants can grow up to thousands and millions if not disturbed. Simply, leveling the ant hill will not help to get rid get of the problem.;There is a simple way that can kill most of the ants inside of the ant hill, try doing the following:

    • The first step is to locate the anthills. You can place ant baits in order to track the ants back to the anthills. After locating ant hills, the easiest way to get rid of them is the application of boiling water directly over the mounds at the entry points of ants.;
    • Pour hot water to completely drench the ant mound. You can add liquid soap in the steaming hot water to increase its effectiveness.

    If you want to know more about ant hills and the ways to get rid of them, click on the following link: How to Get Rid of Ant Hills: A Complete Guide.

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    Liquid Mound Drench Application

    • Mix 1 gallon of insecticide solution according to the product label in the hand pump sprayer.
    • Apply spray around the mound in a 6-10 ft circle to control foragers. Allow application to dry before moving onto next step.
    • Mix 1-2 gallons of insecticide solution according to the product label in the 5-gallon bucket.
    • Moving quickly, use dowel or broom handle to poke a hole down through the apex of the mound.
    • Pour solution slowly from bucket into hole in the mound. Be careful not to use too much solution or pour too quickly as this could cause the product to runoff to other areas. Move away from the treated area as soon as possible.

    Diatomaceous Earth Can Also Kill Ants But Is Harmless To Grass

    Diatomaceous earth is a substance that looks like talcum powder. It is an insecticide that is made of diatoms, an algae species that are commonly found in open water. The insect repellent made from this substance are sourced from these water plants, therefore they are natural and harmless to grass and other plants.

    Diatomaceous earth is basically composed of minerals. It contains calcium, iron, silicon, sodium, magnesium and some trace minerals. Therefore it can fertilize the ground aside from exterminating the ants.

    Get some diatomaceous earth and dust or spread it out on the grass. Sprinkle a generous amount of it in areas that are infested with ants. Place it around plants so that they wont be invaded by ants.

    When ants ingest diatomaceous earth, they will be dehydrated and will soon die. The sharp particles of this substance will cut through their waxy layers and penetrate their body. Once inside, this substance will absorb their body moisture which will then lead to their slow death.

    But dont just buy any diatomaceous earth. Be sure that what you are using is the Food Grade type. The other type is harmful to grass because it is composed of different chemicals.

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    The Best Natural Ant Killer

    The best ant killer is the one that works for you. People have had more success with repelling ants than killing them.

    Products that have worked include:

    • Spices, such as cinnamon and cloves.
    • Citrus oils and peels.
    • Corn meal sprinkled around the nest.
    • Powders, like baking powder, that suffocate ants.

    Sometimes the best remedy is a combination or solution of several ingredients.

    Results vary according to:

    • Objects in and around your yard,
    • The kind of ants you have,
    • How extensive the ant colony is.

    Natural and home remedies are usually inexpensive and nontoxic; however, not all of them will work in every situation. You may need to experiment.

    The Ants Are Damaging The Building

    How to Get Rid of Ants: 3 Easy Steps To Success

    Wood-dwelling ants do not consume wood as termites do, but they may inflict significant damage during an outbreak. Carpenter ants and other wood-dwelling ants prefer hollow areas and keep digging wooden structures as they expand their colony. If you see any infestation symptoms that threaten your building, consult a specialist.

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    How To Prevent Fire Ants In Your Yard

    In order to prevent fire ants from settling in your yard, you need to eliminate their food source, water supply, and place to live. Maintain good sanitation and keep fire ants at bay by doing the following:

    • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed
    • Keep mulch and straw raked neatly away from your home
    • Remove ripe fruit from trees and collect any fallen fruit off the ground

    Keeping these areas of your yard clean will help keep fire ants away!

    Buy The Best Fire Ant Bait:

    Ortho granular ant bait is designed to spread on lawns and acts as bait or food that the workers simply carry back to the queen, and in the same way, kill the queen and the colony is doomed. Without the queen to lay new eggs, the colony fades away.;

    Orthene also by Ortho is another fire ant bait, works similarly, but is sprinkled directly on the ant mound.

    You can experiment with either of these Ant Baits and attack fire ants where they are most prevalent on your property.

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    Physically Remove The Mounds

    Another method of getting rid of fire ants is by completely removing the mound itself by excavating it with a shovel, which will in turn get rid of the ant colony from your property.

    Start with a 5-gallon plastic bucket and line the interior with a film of baby powder. Then, scoop up the colonysoil and allin the bucket, says Puckett. There are lateral tunnels off of where youve dug and now the ants are irritated.

    Allow a few minutes to let the ants coalesce at the bottom of the pit youve dug, then scoop them outkeep doing this until you dont see worker ants coming out any longer. Its likely that youve collected the brood, the queens, and the workers from the colony.

    From here, you can move the fire ants to a different open location, you can freeze them then reclaim the soil, or you can add boiled water to the bucket.

    How To Apply Fire Ant Killer

    How to Control Fire Ants in the Lawn – NO ANTS IN MY YARD

    Begin by establishing where the ant mound is located and their trail. Find their home and determine which paths they use to get there. Once you have established this trail, you should apply the ant bait granules there and wait for the worker ants to take it back to their colony. If the ants have camped inside your house, you can apply the bait outside to attract the ants outdoors. Alternatively, you can directly apply the ant sprays on their mounds. The gel should also be applied near the mound and their paths to have a better impact.

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    Go Organic With The Diatomaceous Earth Treatment

    Organic Diatomaceous Earth is a way to kill fire ants with the fossilized remains of phytoplankton! This is a safe way to treat fire ant mounds. This powdery substance contains the fossils of diatomic sea creatures from the age of the dinosaurs. How it works is pretty remarkable. In a treated mound, the ants will collect the diatomaceous earth powder on their exoskeletons, which not only dries out the ants, effectively turning them to ant jerky and killing them, but the jagged particles also slice through the tough layers of their exoskeleton.

    Using diatomaceous earth to kill fire ants is generally considered the best method if the health of children, pets, lawns, and the environment is a concern.

    How To Identify Fire Ants & Mounds

    Fire ants are typically active in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Their optimal weather is usually between 72 degrees and 96 degrees. In the southernmost states that have warmer-yearlong weather, these pests can be active year-round. However, they stay underground once temperatures reach 96 degrees. Here in the Atlanta area, fire ants are most common from May-October. You can identify a fire ant mound in two separate ways. The ant mound can either be flat within the turf or dome-shaped, and neither has a center opening at the top.

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    Canola Oil Can Be Used As Ant Repellant

    You can also use the canola oil you use in cooking for ant extermination. Get one and a half tablespoons of canola oil, one half teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and one quart of water. Use a whisk and mix these ingredients in a bowl. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

    Spray this mixture in areas in your garden that have high concentrations of ants. Try to find their nest and pour a generous amount of this mixture into it to drown out the whole colony. The oil and soap mixture will penetrate the ants exoskeletons which will suffocate and incapacitate them.

    Already Sure On The Most Effective Fire Ant Killer

    How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

    I have given you information and recommendations on how to choose an effective fire ant killer, which I hope will help you make an informed choice. If you ask me, I always give my preference to the Syngenta Advion Insecticide. But its up to you to decide which product to buy, and you should take into account your specific circumstances. For example, if you have many pets, you should purchase a pesticide that will not harm them. Also, the situation may be quite different for you if the ants have set camp inside your house.

    Have you ever used any fire ant killer? Was it effective? Can you recommend any other methods that can help get rid of ants? Share your ideas in the comments!

    Nicholas Martin

    I am Nicholas Martin, and I am an entomologist. I combine the insect survey work with the consultation for private pest control agencies. My narrow specializations are both urban pests and agricultural pests. I studied their control over the previous 25 years. More about Nick

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    Soap And Water Will Get Rid Of Ants

    Soap and water are the most common cleaning substances that you can also use to clean out the ants in your beautiful lawn. Be sure to use eco-friendly soap so that your grass will not be adversely affected.

    Just mix the biodegradable soap with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray away. Concentrate the spray on the ant nest and spread some on their trails as well. You can also dump a good amount of this mixture into the nest to drown out the whole colony.

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