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How To Level Lawn Without Killing Grass

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Where To Get Your Top Dressing

Want a flat lawn? level yard with topsoil. How to level your lawn with topsoil

Bags of top dressing mixtures are readily available from turf farms, lawn care centres and nurseries and provide all the relevant handling and application information.

TIP: Work out the size of your lawn before you buy as a general guide a 2kg bag will be enough to top dress a square metre of lawn.

For more tips and a great summary of the things weve outlined in this article, check out this video from Lawn Solutions Australia:

Sweeping Under The Carpet

It can only be used in a small patch of uneven land with healthy grass. As the name suggests its a method where you are putting out the grass by cutting around it and leveling the ground with soil. Then put the grass back in the same place.

Cut the patch of grass on the uneven area, make sure to dont do so in a straight manner, do cause much damage to the roots.

Pour the area with topsoil, make sure it does not contain any debris.

Slightly water the area.

Put back the patch of grass, water it, and remember to check on it from time to time. It will need extra care to keep the grass healthy, because of the strain it received from being plugged out of the ground.

Using a good spade can help you a lot in doing this procedure, we recommend using a Fiskars 46 Inch Steel Spade. It is ideal for edging, cutting a trench, slicing through thick turf, or digging.

It has a D handle which offers secure two-handed control when digging. An even greater thing is, it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you want a spade Fiskars Spade will be the way to go. to check the price of Fiskars 46 Inch Steel Spade on

Growing Grass Under A Shade Tree

Q: We live in an area with lots of trees, so my problem is moss growing in the lawn. When we tear it out, it always comes back. How do I get rid of it for good?

Mike Leibensperger, Jim Thorpe, Pa.

A: Roger Cook replies: How much do you love your trees? Your yard is telling you that there’s too much shade for grass to compete successfully against moss. If you really want a lawn there, either cut down some trees or prune them aggressively to let in more light.

Also, test your soil. Moss loves acid soil, so you may need to add lime to “sweeten” it. That will encourage grass and discourage moss.

Here’s another approach, if you can live with less lawn: In those areas where the moss is thickest, plant a shade garden, using shrubs, perennials, and ground covers that tolerate the existing conditions. In that setting, your moss might actually be a nice ground cover. You could also add some large rocks and maybe even a bench where you could sit and cool off after mowing the healthy part of your lawn.

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What Happens If You Put Dirt Over Grass

Lawns usually take up a large portion of our land and for good reason. If you look at new construction homes with and without lawns, you will find that houses that have a lawn have much higher construction costs compared to those without.

However, at the same time, you will also find that the selling price of houses with a lawn is much higher than of those without. The aesthetic appeal added by a lawn with fresh grass is much more and comes at a fraction of the cost. However, if your lawn is too big and you want to build something on it, you might be wondering how to get rid of the grass in a given space. What would happen if you put dirt over grass?

Adding dirt over grass to build on it is never a good idea. However, if you are looking to simply level the place or repair a lawn, you can get away with dumping new soil on top and preparing it for sod/seed. There are a few intricacies to keep in mind when doing so which we will discuss in detail here.

How To Level A Lawn Step

Need some advice (Dethatch? Aerate? Both?)

The way you approach lawn levelling will largely depend on the cause behind your uneven turf and on what issues you have and need to deal with bumps, animal mounds, shallow dips or deep depressions. On that note, determining and eliminating the reasons behind the imperfect look of your grassed area is really where you should start, in order to level out your lawn once and for all.

So, repair irrigation system leaks, place ant repellents and other deterrents that will keep pests and wild animals at bay, first. Then, get some topdressing material and the right garden levelling tools, and follow the below-described tips that are applicable to your particular situation.

Depending on how badly your turfed area suffers from dips and bumps, youll need to use some of the following gardening tools.

Lawn levelling equipment:

  • Turf cutter

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How To Level Your Yard Without Killing The Grass

As much as you make your yard even during the first seeding, it develops some uneven spots over time. This could be due to ground settling and erosion of the soil on your lawn. It is important to have an even and smooth lawn without any depressions. This is because it provides a more usable surface where you can walk on. Also, it makes different activities more enjoyable and safer for pets, kids and adults. Also, you can easily maintain an even lawn. It is easier and faster to mow a leveled lawn and the process results into a high quality cut. Below are the main ways of leveling your yard without killing the grass.

Solarizing To Kill Your Grass

For larger areas, one of the best ways to kill unwanted grass is to cook it. Focusing the sun on areas of the sod at its highest heat level will cook the roots and effectively kill it. You can use an old window or black plastic to hone the sun and heat in on the area. The optimal time for solarization is summer when the sun is at its hottest.

Cut the grass to a short length and then cover the area with plastic or glass. Black plastic works best but you can also use clear plastic. Hold the plastic down with rocks, soil staples, boards or whatever you have handy. It can take a few weeks to a month to kill the roots completely. Then remove the covering and turn over or remove the dead sod.

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Finding The Right Dirt Type

It is important that the dirt or topsoil you are adding matches the texture and type of what you already have in place otherwise you risk not only shocking your plant but also introducing patches into your lawn. One dirt type might be more fertile than the other while the other might be coarser and limit grass growth.

Dirt and topsoil often contain rocks and debris not to mention insect larvae and weed seeds. Since dirt or topsoil isnt regulated, you have to check the dirt you are adding on your own accord. We recommend using 4/10 cubic yard of topsoil per 1,000 sq. feet to repair your yard.

How To Remove Lawn Bumps And Level Raised Lawn Areas

How to Kill my Lawn and Start Over – 4 Easy Steps

Use the cutout method described above to lift the grass and then rake out the excess soil.

Fold the grass back down into place, and water/fertilise to encourage growth.

We dont recommend using lawn rollers as they arent effective at levelling the lawn and will compact the surface and the soil underneath.

If youve ever seen large, heavy lawn rollers parked up next to bowing or cricket greens, its because these sports require a hard surface they arent used to level the surface.

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What Are Weeds Anyway

They get a lot of hate, but the reality is that weeds are simply another type of grass or plant that is growing undesirably and is different than the intended, surrounding vegetation.

For example, you wouldnt want to have Kentucky Bluegrass growing in your backyard of Tall Fescue as its going to give off a different look and texture than the rest of the surrounding lawn. Not only do these weeds look bad, but they deprive the main type of lawn of the nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and flourish

How To Level Your Bumpy Lawn

Right then, youre almost ready to get out there and make your stand against your craterous lawn. Theres just one final stepassessing the severity of the blemishes. The level of deformation will determine what methods, tools, and materials youll need to use.

If youre only dealing with a few bumps, depressions, and gentle unevenness, all youll need is an affordable spreading tool , some topdressing, and some grass seed.

On the other hand, if your lawn looks like youve been keeping a pride of lions in your yard, you may be faced with a complete regrade.

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How To Regrade Your Lawn

The first guideline in grading is that the land should slope away from your home. Every ten feet, it should drop by at least two or three inches. The maximum inclination for a lawn should not exceed 12 inches per four feet of length . If the drop is more than a foot, youll need to consider constructing a little retaining wall or laying down a ground cover or decorative grass over the slope. The following are the primary stages:

  • Place stakes in the ground to establish a slope line for the yard to drain appropriately. Transit is a more accurate approach to measuring your yards slope than a level. This is my favorite method. May rent them for little money from your local equipment rental shop. To obtain measurements, youll need two individuals to measure.
  • Once youve figured out the slope, begin removing the topsoil from the problem areas. To alter the soil, scrape away high areas and fill in low ones. Grading may require some larger equipment if your yard is big. This sort of equipment may be hired or leased it depends on your budget.
  • Tamp the soil surface and scatter 2 inches of topsoil over it. It will minimize dampness issues between the two layers of dirt.
  • Finally, spread the rest of your soil, which should be at least another four inches thick
  • Once youve completed grading, can lay sod or grass seed. The grade should match the existing fixtures in terms of height . Sod will result in an inch lower finished grade than seeds.
  • Can Soil Be Added To New Grass To Raise The Ground Level

    Repairing my yard after tree removal

    I repaired a small area about 3′ x 4′ with some new grass seed and soil about a month ago. It’s coming in nicely now. It was a hole created by one of the town’s vehicles picking up debris last year from a storm.

    It appears that I did not use enough soil to fill up the hole and it’s about 2″ shorter than the surrounding lawn. I should have used more and also I think it settled a bit. When my heavy mower goes over it, the existing lawn gets scalped as it dips down in the hole. I’m going to use my trim mower around it for now but I need a permanent fix.

    The question is, can I add more soil slowly, little by little and raise the level? If so, just plain soil or some kind of mix to make it adapt without killing the new grass?

    If all else fails I can start over again in the fall, but I would rather not. With my work schedule it’s hard to keep it watered everyday while the seeds are sprouting. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Use Chemical Measures As A Last Resort

    If your lawn feels completely overrun by weeds and nothing seems to be working, then you may wish to turn to herbicides as a very last resort. Such chemicals are no good for wildlife garden ideas, but can do the job quickly and effectively if used correctly. They usually fall into two categories pre-emergent and post-emergent .

    Pick your weed killer very carefully, making sure to select one that is suitable for lawns. Some will kill every plant they make contact with, including your grass.

    ‘Selective’ herbicides will only target specific weeds, so are worth looking out for. There are also triple-action lawn treatments available, that aim to feed your lawn whilst killing moss and targeting weeds. Whichever you choose, application instructions vary so make sure you’re certain on the correct approach for your chosen product before you begin, by reading the label thoroughly.

    What Type Of Top Dressing Is Best For Leveling Lawns

    The most popular lawn leveling top dressings include sand and a sand-soil combination. Pure sand is the fastest and most straightforward solution for leveling purposes. Sand has excellent structure and leveling qualities, aids drainage, and can adhere to clay in the soil. Too much sand might leave your grass dry and thirsty because water will slip right through it.

    May purchase sand-soil mixes in many forms, or you can create your own. A standard combination is 30 percent soil or organic compost and 70% sand. The compost/soil adds nutrients and beneficial germs to the lawn, lacking in the sand alone.

    Your existing soil will determine the most acceptable top dressing for your application . If you need to over-seed part of your lawn, use a soil mix to enable seed germination. Sand is often the best option if youre just concerned with leveling.

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    How To Kill Grass Naturally By Sheet Composting

    One of the best natural ways to kill grass is with lasagna gardening or sheet composting. Mow or weed-wack the area and then cover with cardboard or several layers of newspaper . Water to moisten it well and top with a thick layer of compost and several inches of bark mulch.

    Over time, the paper layer will smother and kill the grass, while the mulch and compost will help break down the paper, adding nutrients to the soil. Soon the bed will be a rich loamy soil bed ready to plant. Keep in mind this can take several months for a finished bed, but it will be weed free and ready to accept your new plants.

    The War Against Weeds

    Uneven Lawn Leveling | Don’t Do It This Way

    Nontoxic Weed Killers

    Q: Could you please recommend a weed killer that is safe to use where children and pets play?

    Sara, Iowa City, Iowa

    A: Roger Cook replies: I can’t recommend a specific product, but I do have some suggestions for you so you don’t have to use a large amount of weed killer. Remember that the stronger your lawn is, the fewer weeds you’ll have to deal with in the first place. Fertilizing properly, adding lime to control acidity, mowing to the correct height, and watering and aerating regularly will all promote a stronger lawn. Pruning or removing trees to promote more sunlight is also important.

    If you are going to use a weed control, talk to your local garden center. Find someone knowledgeable about weed control chemicals and have him or her go over the label with you. With a granular formula, the whole yard is covered. To cut down on the amount of weed killer you will need, consider a liquid instead. You can put it into a small sprayer and walk the yard with it, spraying only the areas that need it. Whether you use a granular or liquid formula, always wear protective clothing and rubber boots when you do the application, carefully follow the directions on the container, and keep children and pets off the treated area for 48 hours.

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    Why Knowing How To Level A Bumpy Lawn Is Important

    Besides making your lawn more attractive, evening it out makes it a safe space for any activity, whether its your kids throwing a ball and running around, or you working in the garden on the weekend. An unexpected depression in your lawn can make for a nasty fall!

    A level lawn is also a healthier lawn! It means you wont have pools of water that cause grass to rot or make your grass vulnerable to diseases, and everyday yard maintenance like mowing your lawn is made so much easier.

    How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass

    The lawn looks beautiful and green because of grass, various plants, and trees. Nature is a wonderful gift for humankind. The importance and value of nature are very high and can never be neglected. But some weeds and unwanted grass need to be removed to avoid damage to other plants and the lawn or the garden. The main question of discussion over here is how to get rid of crabgrass without killing the grass. Lets find the appropriate answer to this question.

    Nature truly defines the definition of beauty. The green grasses add beauty to the appearance of the lawn or the garden, adding freshness to the environment and peace of mind. The presence of crabgrass and other unwanted plants or weeds can be harmful or may become the reason behind ruining the lawn. Hence, their removal from the lawn is the most important thing. But how do you do that without killing the beautiful grass of your garden? Lets find out!

  • 3 Conclusion | How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Without Killing Grass
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