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Will Lawn Fertilizer Kill Weeds

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When Should You Fertilize

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The best time to fertilize is in the early spring, especially if the fertilizer youre using is also a weed preventer. If you use a weed preventer during the spring season, instead of right before it, then it will probably be too late for it to actually prevent weeds from popping up.

Before you fertilize though, its a good idea to conduct a soil test. Soil tests reveal what nutrients your yard and garden are missing so you can make an informed fertilizer purchasing decision to address those deficiencies.

How Long To Stay Off Lawn After Weed And Feed

You should be good to use your lawn again after 24-72 hours. This give the fertilizer time to work its way into the soil. See the paragraphs below for when to water after application.

As always, we would recommend that you read the manufacturers directions included on the packaging. .

You should also not carry out aerating after weed & feed application, as it can possibly damage any new emerging grass seedlings.

Excessive Use Of Herbicides Which Is Not Eco

This means every time you use a weed n feed product to fertilize your lawn, you will be adding significant quantities of herbicide to a large section of your lawn that does not require it. This excessive use of herbicides is not environment-friendly because the herbicide chemicals will not be absorbed and can, therefore, affect those who use your lawn and nearby water sources.

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Treat Those Weeds First

If you want to improve your lawns appearance, then you will need a weed control product and fertilizer. However, you need to apply these products in a specific order. The first course of action should be to use a safe herbicide to get rid of those weeds. Not only are weeds unsightly, but they can steal nutrients and water from your grass. The roots of the weeds will also compete for space in the first few inches of your soil, and they can effectively choke the grass and plant roots. As you can tell, it is vital to get rid of those weeds in your first step.

For those bare spots in your yard, you will want to till those spaces to help bring any weed seeds to the surface. A preemergent herbicide can be applied to the soil. Before you start adding fertilizer to your grass, you should wait at least a week. This period will give your grass a chance to absorb the weed control product. After a week, you can reseed your lawn with the appropriate grass species. In many cases, those palm-sized bare spots will fill in naturally. If there are still weeds poking through after a herbicide application, you might want to choose a glyphosate product to prevent further weeds in your yard.

Fertilizer Types: Organic And Synthetic

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Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are normally slow-release, gradually producing results since they have no artificial ingredients to speed up the release. They are made with natural ingredients like kelp, alfalfa, seaweed, and blood meal.

If youre worried about fertilizer safety, then organic fertilizers are an excellent choice since they are gentler than synthetic fertilizers, and therefore much better for households with children and pets. They are also way more eco-friendly than synthetic fertilizers because they dont release harmful chemicals into water runoff.

Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers tend to be the most popular fertilizer options, especially in the weed and feed fertilizer industry. They work quickly, are easy to apply, and are inexpensive. They even are able to provide an exact ratio of nutrients so you know specifically how theyll impact your lawn.

However, they are way less safe than organic fertilizers, especially if you have children and pets, so you have to be much more careful with them. Also, many of them are environmentally hazardous.

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How Long Does It Take For Weeds To Die

Weeds are more quickly controlled when growing conditions are great. If the weather gets really hot, very cold, or extremely dry, weed control results will be slowed down more than typical.

Generally speaking, we tell customers that if they dont see weeds starting to yellow and die within 2 weeks to give us a call so that we can come back and make sure theyre taken care of. We think its important to stay on top of weed control for our clients as we know how much they value this service so we always ask to be kept in the loop if they feel something isnt right.

Transforming a weedy lawn can take a good amount of time, specifically if the grass is thin and if you have some tougher varieties of weeds. We often tell new clients that although youll see great progress along the way, it can take 3-4 visits until there are drastic changes and to be patient. A year down the line, youll forget how your thick, lush lawn ever looked that bad!

How To Prevent Fertilizer Burn In Grass

To keep fertilizer burn from being a problem in your lawn, consider:

  • Use Organic Fertilizer: Use organic fertilizers and well composted amendments. Organic fertilizers must be broken down by soil microbes according to natures timeline, which significantly reduces the chances of burning your lawn.
  • Follow Fertilizer Instructions: Always apply fertilizer exactly according to package instructions. Different fertilizers come in different strengths, and its important not to over apply them to your lawn.
  • Reduce Lawn Stress: If the grass in your lawn is in poor condition, fertilize it very lightly to ease it back to health. Resist the urge to feed heavily, since weak grass is easily burned by chemical fertilizers. Dont fertilize lawns that are severely stressed by drought, heat, or disease it wont be absorbed and can cause further damage.

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What Is A Lawn Pesticide

Pesticides include herbicides to kill weeds and insecticides such as those sprayed to manage cockroaches and other pests. Pound for pound, children receive much higher exposures to these chemicals than adults do, just through normal daily activity, Landrigan says. Another common herbicide is glyphosate.

When To Apply Weed & Feed

How to Fix an Ugly Lawn – Killing Lawn Weeds

Pre-emergent herbicides can be applied at any time of day because they form a soil barrier to stop weeds from sprouting. Post-emergent weed & feed, however, is different.

When using post-emergent herbicides, check the instructions on the bottle or box. These products contain what are known as systemic or non-systemic herbicides.

Non-systemic herbicides cause damage to plant tissues, and therefore they may be applied at any time of day. However, systemic herbicides must enter the plants via the roots when the plant is undergoing active growth. Application of systemic herbicides depends largely on the growth region because plants even weeds grow differently in different regions.

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Finding Soil Deficiencies With A Soil Test

Soil tests not only determine which of the primary nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, your soil is missing. They also determine if there are any deficiencies in oxygen, carbon, calcium, magnesium, boron, cobalt, iron, manganese, and other secondary nutrients.

You can purchase a soil test to run for yourself at home or you can take a sample of your soil to a cooperative extension testing office if there is one in your area. Either way, youll be able to find out what you need.

If youre interested in doing a soil test, check out the video below for more guidance!

Weed And Feed Considerations

The lawn improvement marketplace is full of convenient weed and feed products. However, these mixtures do not kill established weeds rather they use preemergent herbicides to impede weed germination. If you have an established weed problem, avoid the weed and feed mixtures and use the spot spray strategy. Overall, using herbicides and fertilizers separately allows you to control their application closely for the best lawn care.


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Does Fertilizer Kill Weeds

Standard fertilizer does not kill weeds. It provides nutrients to the soil that can be taken up by any plant growing in your yard, including weeds. However, if you kill weeds before you fertilize your lawn, your grass will grow thicker and healthier, discouraging new weeds from invading. Additionally, by adding nitrogen to the soil via fertilizer, you make soil conditions less inviting to many types of weeds. If you want to kill weeds and fertilize your lawn at the same time, you can use a Weed and Feed fertilizer.

Why Do People Want A Weed Free Lawn

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There are two main reasons why people want to see green grass and not much else on their turf. The first is an emotion reason: they look bad. People dont want yellow heads sticking everywhere from dandelions, painful shrubs growing up from thistles, bunchy short plants growing like clover, and invasive purple eyesores like creeping bellflower spouting up everywhere. Weeds are essentially like acne natural yet unwanted.

The second reason to go weed free is that weeds are invasive by nature they want to grow as much at possible at the expense of other plants around it. Its a dawg eat dawg world when it comes to lawn weeds. Whenever a drop of water, nutrient, or beam of sunlight comes down its a big competition for who gets it. Your grass roots are going head to head with the roots of weeds. If you let nature do its course, unfortunately the weeds will win. They are a yearly problem for millions of homeowners everywhere. Weeds also reproduce much more rapidly than your lawn. A single dandelion can produce up to 200 seeds, which is potential for 200 more dandelions. Your grass cannot thrive so long as weeds are there stealing nutrients from your turf.The only way to have flourishing grass is to minimize the potential for weeds and do it without harming your lawn.

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How To Kill Broadleaf Weeds

Persistent broadleaf weeds, such as plantain and dandelions, transform lush, smooth lawns into coarse, uneven turf. “Weed & feed” lawn products provide a simple, effective way to rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds and fertilize your grass at the same time. By understanding weed & feed basics, you can put an end to broadleaf weeds and promote dense, vigorous, weed-resistant turf.

What Is Weed & Feed

Weed & feed is a term universally applied to lawn chemicals that both kill weeds and promote a healthy lawn. In general, it kills ugly weeds while helping your grass better absorb water and nutrients to improve its growth.

But as your grass begins to grow, it can start choking out unwanted weeds meaning that you can phase out this chemical product slowly over time. But if you start to see growth decline or weeds take over your lawn, re-introduce weed & feed into your regular lawn care routine.

There are two types of herbicides generally used in weed & feed, which one you use depends on the current weed situation youre facing.

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How Long Does Weed Killer Work

While certain weeds are easy to control and can be knocked back with just one treatment, other weeds are a bit more persistent and may require multiple treatments. While we wish we could say that once we treat weeds, theyll never return, thats simply not the case.

Some of the more aggressive weeds, particularly grassy weeds do continue to return and require ongoing treatment. Fortunately, when youre on a comprehensive lawn care program, the goal is to stay ahead of these weeds and to use pre-emergent as effectively as possible. Then, we only have to spot-treat the breakthrough that pops up with post-emergent, selective materials.

Mowing Properly And Regularly

How to Apply Combination Fertilizer and Weed Killer

Your grass should be cut every week during the Spring, and at least every ten days during the summer. Mulching the grass back into the lawn helps spread grass seed and increase turf thickness. Your blades need to be sharpened yearly and never cut the grass more than 1/3 of its total length. Every time your mow your lawn, you also mow the weeds which takes them out of the picture of a couple days, but dont forget that the roots are still alive and well and they will try to grow back.

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There Are Safer More Effective Alternatives

The good news is that you can have a beautiful, healthy lawn without using blanket applications of synthetic lawn care chemicals. Building a healthy, organic lawn is the best way to choke out weeds. Lawns that are maintained properly through regular care , should only need spot treating of limited problem areas. To learn about organic lawn care methods, see our page on Natural Lawn Care.

Consumers should also realize that weed n feed products may kill existing weeds, but do not prevent new weeds from growing. You can prevent new weeds from germinating by applying a pre-emergent herbicide during that first warm spell in spring and in the early fall. One of the best pre-emergents is corn gluten meal, a completely natural substance that also provides the benefits of fertilizing. Corn gluten meal is an organic alternative to weed n feed.

Another effective method of controlling dandelions is pulling them manually. This may seem to be too difficult, but newly designed dandelion forks, which have a curved plate welded to the shaft, are very easy to use for pulling even the most stubborn dandelions. If your lawn is modest in size, a small investment in a dandelion fork will yield good results.

For the health of our families, neighbors and our environment, herbicides use should be a measure of last resort.


They Have Chemicals That Get Indoors

Lawn fertilizers that can kill weeds have got chemicals and granules that can be accidentally carried indoors by yourself, your partner, your children, or pets on your shoes or clothes. Multiple studies have shown that individuals living near parks or lawns that are exposed to weed n feed chemicals, usually have toxic chemical residues on their clothes, their bodies, and in their blood. These chemicals can cause dangerous diseases such as cancer if they persist.

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Natural Weed Killers And Fertilizers

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you might want to use an organic product to protect pets, children, and local wildlife. Many people choose to use a spray instead of pellets to reduce the chance that a person or animal picks up the herbicide or fertilizer and ingests it. In many garden centers, you can find environmentally-friendly products that will treat your lawn and keep your family safe.

Are There Any Chemical Free Ways To Kill Weeds In Lawn

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Theres always the manual way, which is actually the most effective way. There is a great weed grabbing tool that many people use to pull weeds completely out of their lawn, including the weeds root system.

It is especially effective for removing dandelions since dandelions have a long tap root that can be hard to rip out.

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When To Apply Weed And Feed

Knowing when to weed and feed is essential, but before applying the best weed and feed, it is important to identify your type of grass, because some solutions can be applied to all lawn types, and others are designed for certain types of grasses and weeds. If you apply the wrong product to the wrong grass and weeds, then damage to your healthy grass and lawn is inevitable.

Pulling The Weeds By Hand

Either by hand, or with a removal tool, pulling the weed out of the ground by the root and tossing it in your compost bin is an instant remedy. Weeds fight this by purposely breaking at the surface of the ground so that their roots live to grow another day. Using a flathead screwdriver, a ford, or a special tool designed for weed pulling is the best way to remove the entire weed from head to toe. Make sure you wear gloves while doing so as some weeds have prickly surfaces that can really cause a sting. Its important to remember that pulling the weed by the leaves or step will cause it to snap. So long as the roots survive, you can bet that weed will be back in a matter of days. The tools you use must completely remove the weed from the ground so that its gone. For dandelions, do this while the heads are yellow since once they are white, they will spread seeds like crazy upon movement. If your kids are going to blow them into the wind, do it at the local field, not on your lawn!

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Easy Steps To Restore A Lawn Full Of Weeds

Have you ever face the ruined lawn full of ugly weeds, without any possibility to enjoy beautiful, green grass? It is a horrible thing indeed.

I know that using chemicals is the most comfortable way to solve this issue, but it is definitely not the choice you should make. Instead, try to create a lovely new lush lawn full of healthy and vigorous grass. Lets see how.

Common Types Of Lawn Weeds

How to Kill Ugly Grassy Weeds in the Lawn without Killing the Grass

Just to have a bit of background knowledge, it is good to be able to identify the three main weed types, Broadleaf, Grassy and Grass-type.

Broadleaf have big flat leaves that do not look like grass or needles.

One famous broadleaf weed would be a dandelion, but black medic is another broadleaf weed you may encounter as well.

Grassy weeds can be deceiving because of their similar look to actual grass.

They grow in the same manner as grass as well.

Foxtails and crabgrass are two common types of grassy weeds.

Finally there are grass-like weeds which, again, are similar to real grass and grassy weeds as well.

The difference between grass-like and grassy weeds are that grass-like weeds can look more like a tube, and are not flat.

Wild onion and wild garlic are two well known grass-like weeds.

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