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How To Kill Lawn And Start Over

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Be Realistic About The Work Involved

How To Kill A Lawn and Start Over – Lawn Renovation Step 1

It takes quite a bit of money, time, and sweat equity to kill a lawn so that you can begin anew.

You should also be aware that certain methods can negatively impact the environment, so keep this in mind when making your decisions and be mindful about how you proceed.

Make sure to find out whether your homeowners association or local environmental agency has any rules with regard to this process.

Also its wise to check-in with your neighbors. Im a big believer that following proper lawn care etiquette and being respectful of the people you live near is worth the time and energy.

You will need to strike a balance between all the competing factors and requirements. This wont be a perfect process, and you cant make everyone happy, but making the effort to do things the right way and to be respectful of your neighbors and the environment is worth doing.

Be aware that you can use a variety of methods when killing a lawn and starting over, and that you use different approaches on different parts of your lawn, depending on your needs and preferences.

Homeowners who have an underground irrigation system should know where all their pipe and sprinkler heads are on the lawn, in order to try to prevent damage during the digging and tilling processes.

You Want A Lawn Just Not A Water

You still want a green, lush lawn for your kids to play on, your dogs to nap on, and for that all-important curb appeal, but you are over it when it comes to the maintenance and irrigation requirements. Plus, it getsbrown spots, needs to be reseeded, and just takes a lot of effort to keep it looking healthy and inviting. So, when you are ready to replace it with low-maintenance synthetic turf, you are going to need to find out how to kill grass so you can make the switch.

Will Grass Grow Back After Roundup

Seven Days. Roundup is most effective if you allow the glyphosate herbicide enough time to penetrate the weeds thoroughly. This allows the glyphosate in Roundup to reach the roots and kill the plant completely. If you use Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Sure Shot Foam, wait for seven days before reseeding your lawn.

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Identify The Weeds You Have

In order to make a successful game plan, youll need to know just what kind of weeds youre dealing with. Weed treatments are designed to target specific weeds, so what may work on your broadleaf weeds may leave your grass-like weeds A-OK.

Weeds come in multiple categories, either broadleaf, grass-like, or grassy.


  • Common types: Clover, ground ivy, dandelions, chickweed


  • Appearance: Similar to grass, with hollow leaves in a triangular or tube shape
  • Common types: Nutsedge, wild garlic, wild onion


  • Appearance: Resembles grass, grows one leaf at a time
  • Common types: Foxtail, annual bluegrass, quackgrass, crabgrass

Weeds can be broken down further into categories based on their life cycleannual, biennial, or perennial.

  • Annual: Produces seeds during one season only
  • Biennial: Produces seeds during two back-to-back seasons
  • Perennial: Produces seeds over many seasons

You Have Too Many Weeds

How to Kill my Lawn and Start Over

Sometimes a lawn is just full of weeds.

You may have so many thats its totally out of control.

Of course, its also going to depend on the type of weeds you have.

I commonly see people misidentifying weeds, but its absolutely crucial that you identify them correctly if youre using this as a reason to start over.

Some weeds are pretty easy to control with selective herbicides which will kill the weeds, but wont hurt your turf grass.

With a proper lawn maintenance program, you can manage a lot of the common weeds and get the problem under control without killing off the whole area.

On the other hand, if you have a ton of grassy type weeds and perennials that are just going to keep coming back year after year, you may be better off call it quits.

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Why Do Lawns Have Rototills

Whether you are installing a new lawn or trying to rejuvenate an old one, a rototiller can help you level the ground as it turns over the soil. Or, you can directly till the existing grass into the soil, but this may not remove the long roots of persistent weeds. Water the soil if the ground is dry.

What Should I Do After Seeding

The first few months after lawn renovation are the most important. During the first two to three months, your seeds will begin to germinate, and you must pay attention to them to ensure growth.

After seeding, you need to water the seeds judiciously and at the correct intervals, mainly because the weather may not always be on your side. It would help if you also mowed .

Fertilization is essential for proper maintenance and to facilitate growth. This process must be done based on a soil test. Aerate the lawn to expose the seeds to sunlight, water and reduce competition from weeds.

Finally, protect your entire lawn from foot traffic for the first month. Seeds are easily injured and can be significantly affected when stepped on.

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Should I Till Or Aerate

Aerating is similar to tilling except it takes place once the crops have already begun to grow. This ensures that the soil gets oxygen, while also pulling up weeds. The best time to aerate is in the spring or early in the autumn. Aerating should always take place when theres not too much moisture in the soil.

Prepare The Soil For Grass

How to Kill my Lawn and Start Over – 4 Easy Steps

Perform a soil test to determine what soil amendments are needed before planting. Fill in any low spots and make sure the yard has a 1 to 2 percent slope away from your house or other buildings, advises the University of Maryland Extension. Remove any rocks, weeds and roots and break up large clumps of soil.

Till the lawn 4 to 6 inches deep with lime and fertilizer. The amounts needed are determined by the results of your soil test. Add 1 to 2 inches of organic material such as compost. This not only adds nutrients to the soil, it also helps to remove compactions so that the soil will drain better, creating a better environment for your grass.

Finally, smooth out the lawn with a rake and use a water roller to firm the soil. This step ensures a level soil bed without compacting the soil.

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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Seed My Lawn

If youre frustrated about an ugly lawn and its the end of Summer or early Fall, there is good news. Fall is the ideal time to renovate your lawn. Fall provides some advantages over a Spring seeding. In Fall, you dont need to worry about the timing of your seeding efforts in coordination with pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control. Another advantage is the temperatures are cooling off and wont be reaching the blasting heat of summer for a half a year or more. This means less stress for your new grass plants.

You Have The Financial Means To Do It

Whichever way you look at it, doing a lawn renovation is expensive, especially if youre hiring out a company or renting equipment.

I some cases you may need to rent a skid steer which can cost around $200 per day to rent.

You then need to pay for someone to take away the old material. Dumpster costs can add quite a bit to the cost too.

Be prepared for miscellaneous costs. If you havent done this before, youre probably going to make a mistake so youll want to give yourself some room for extra costs you havent considered.

Finally, you have to factor in the cost of your new sod or seed.

While sod can be expensive, I much prefer it over seed, especially when renovating lawn. Its probably more expensive than using seed initially, but it will likely save you money down the road and youll start out with a higher quality turf early on.

Also, after tearing out the turf, the ground is going to be completely exposed. When you put down a layer of sod, it blocks out the sunlight which can help prevent other weeds coming up. The turf mat also contains some soil which contain useful microbes too.

Sod usually costs a little over $1 per sq. ft, although it can vary between companies and the grass type youre putting down.

A lot of seed bags will contain a ton of weeds to which may be the problem that youre trying to address in the first place.

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How Long After Killing Grass Can I Reseed

It is normal to be worried about how long you need to wait to reseed after killing grass especially after using a weed killer. The duration for which you should wait is dependent on the type of weed killer used and the type of plants you intend to plant in your lawn afterward.

Sometimes, you only have to wait a day however, some other weed killers may require you to wait up to four months.

If you intend to replant and restore your lawn, you need to be careful of the kind of weed killer you use. Some weed killers are capable of damaging the soil for years and others for life. To avoid situations such as this, avoid weed killers that contain chemicals such as triclopyr and imazapic.

How Do You Stop Grass From Growing In The Garden

KILL your lawn to make it BETTER?!

Grasses may increase the beauty of your lawn, but over grasses can also destroy the beautiful view. You can easily get rid of this unwanted grass. Also, by applying some simple techniques, you can stop grass from growing. Lets see what can help you to prevent growing the grass.

  • Using herbicides can help you to stop growing the grass on the lawn. It will reduce the moisture of the soil, and you can easily get rid of the grass.
  • When you use the chemical spray, it will quickly kill the grass and other plants.
  • Salt is another ingredient that naturally kills the grass from growing in the garden.
  • If you want to stop growing grasses on the lawn or any yard, you can apply the salt and hot water mixture on the ground.
  • Pouring the hot water like boiling water will also kill the roots and stop the grass from growing.
  • You can also use the vinegar as this is one of the cheapest ingredients that helps to stop growing grass.

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Choosing The Correct Option

In order to tell what measures are best for your lawn, the best approach is to find a professional lawn care service with experienced, certified individuals. These pros can walk you through all the considerations of each method.

Find a company that can perform a wide array of options so they sincerely direct you to what is best for your lawn. Otherwise, they may direct you to performing the services theyre most comfortable with. Some lawn care companies arent even capable of an aggressive approach, and unfortunately will only direct you to the services they offer.

Find a full-service lawn and landscape company that can perform whatever method is best. Also be sure to get the best out of your investment when seeding. You spent the money on this project, so make sure you get the most bang for your seeding bucks. Listen to their advise

If youd like to learn more about how we can help transform your ugly lawn, please dont hesitate to contact us.

How To Kill A Lawn With Roundup

21 September, 2017

Sometimes, between disease and neglect, a lawn can get in such bad shape, total renovation is the only solution. Or you might not like the variety of grass growing in your lawn and want to remove it. Using Roundup to kill the existing lawn will assure its death right down to the roots. It will also save you from having to do some backbreaking work digging it out alive. Roundup contains glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide that will kill the grass as well as anything accidentally sprayed.

Consider the new variety of grass you will be using in your lawn renovation. Schedule the herbicide spraying at the appropriate planting time of the replacement grass. Warm-season grasses typically are planted spring through summer and cool-season grasses during the early season of fall.

  • Sometimes, between disease and neglect, a lawn can get in such bad shape, total renovation is the only solution.
  • Or you might not like the variety of grass growing in your lawn and want to remove it.

Select the appropriate Roundup product that will work best for your particular situation. Roundup suggests using Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Ready-to-use, Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus, or Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate. They all are designed for killing lawn grasses and will not affect the soil long-term.

Pets and humans can walk on the lawn safely after the Roundup fully dries on the grass in approximately two hours.

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Anyone Nuke A Lawn And Start Over

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:56 pm

So my lawn sucks, and I’m sick of fighting with it. The grass is thick, course, I’m not even sure its grass and not weeds, there are bare spots all over that refuse to grow grass or when it does grow it it dies the second you stop babying it, and I’m sick of fighting it. So I’m going to nuke it and start fresh. Anyone gone through the process? Is Ground Clear or a sod cutter a better way to cut up the old lawn? Sod or seed? Treatments to add to the soil before planting? DIY or pay to have it done?

Tribus: my own private hellRegistered: Dec 16, 1999

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:02 pm

We just covered it with black plastic to kill everything, then roto-tilled it all under. Grass is too expensive to grow in the summer so we did a big tomato garden in the front of the house. Looks better than the dead lawn and we get lots of tomatoes to eat.

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:34 pm
Kestrel wrote:I have the same issue but haven’t looked into it. Especially in my case considering I’d have to rip up, redesign, and replace an irrigation system which will likely add a lot to the cost.I was considering adding in a sprinkler system, I figure if your are going to do it, that would be the time.

Killing The Lawn And Starting Over

How To Kill Lawn And Start Over – Lawn Renovation Part 1

I am in Ft worth, Texas.Last year I had a great looking lawn of St Aug. I went on vacation for 2 weeks, and my helpful neighbors didn’t water much and I had a HUGE dead patch. Well, I watered and it never came back, treated for grubs, then added Scotts Winterizer in the fall. Now I have the worst looking lawn i have ever had.

You can see in the first pic, my neighbors lawn is on the left. While still brown, you can see healthy St aug. mine, not so much…

My wife wants Bermuda, so I was thinking of killing whats left with Round Up and then tilling the entire lawn. If I do this, how long do I have to wait until I can till, and how long after that to seed? We are going to seed with rye to start, then Bermuda in a few weeks when it is warmer.


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Create A Healthy Lawn By Starting Over

Lets get this straight right from the get-go: A healthy lawn doesnt get taken over by weeds. So if it looks like youre raising weeds instead of grass, thats a sign of a more serious problem. And that may mean killing off the grass and starting over. Its a big reseeding lawn project thatll take several weekends and may cost you up to 25¢ per sq. ft. for equipment rentals, soil conditioners and seed. If youre willing to spend more, you can lay sodinstead of planting seed, but dont skip the soil testing and remediation steps. Heres how to balance your soils pH level properly.

Are you ready for a fresh start? Just follow our guide for how to plant grass seed on an existing lawn and youll be the happiest gnomeowner on your block.

How Do I Fix Roundup On My Lawn

If you unknowingly damaged your lawn with an herbicide like Roundup, youll have to do some physical renovation to the lawn. Youll want to go ahead and remove the dead areas of lawn before more weeds move in to take its place. Then re-sod the patches or re-seed the areas, depending on the type of grass in your lawn.

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Solarizing Your Lawn Before Starting Over

Solarizing your lawn is a good way for homeowners to kill grass and weeds without using harmful chemicals and without the heavy labor of removing living grass/sod.

Essentially you use the heat of the suns rays to cook the plants, weed seeds and more in the upper layers of your soil.

There are different approaches you can use, but laying plastic over your lawn is probably the most popular method.

Summer is the best time of the year to solarize your lawn, and fall is the best time of year to plant a new lawn in most parts of the country.

This works really well solarize in August, plant your new lawn in September, enjoy a brand new green lawn in the spring.

How to Solarize Your Lawn

  • Start by mowing your lawn very short on the lowest setting of your mower. Bag the clippings if you can.
  • Water your lawn heavily. You want to get the soil saturated at least 1 foot deep.
  • Cover the lawn with clear plastic . I recommend you extend the plastic about a foot beyond the edge of the lawn areas you plan to solarize . If you need more than one sheet of plastic, overlap the seems for the same reason.
  • Use wood planks, rocks, brickes, etc. to anchor the plastic and keep it from blowing around the neighborhood.
  • Double check that your in-ground lawn sprinklers are off .
  • Answer questions from your neighbors for the next 6 weeks.
  • Remove the plastic. Note that plastic without UV inhibitor will probably just fall apart as you remove it, so plan for that.
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