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How To Maintain Your Lawn Year Round

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Reasons Why You Need To Care For Your Lawn Year

ColourGuard – Keep your grass green all year round!

Lawn care habits make all the difference between having a healthy, attractive looking turf and having one thats brown, patchy, and downright ugly. Like everything, the results are based on the amount of effort thats invested in it. The key to having a vibrant lawn is taking care of it throughout the year, not just in the spring and summer months. Here, we outline the main reasons why its important to care for your lawn year-round and specifically, what you should be doing in winter to have a nice-looking landscape in the spring.

Invest In Pest Control

Early summer is the perfect time to handle pest and weed control tasks. The most common grass pests are grubs, the small larvae that eventually become Japanese beetles. Left unchecked, grubs can create bare patches in your lawn by consuming the grass roots underneath.

The best time to take control of grubs is in late spring or early summer, right before or just after grubs hatch. Most garden stores sell easy-to-apply insecticides formulated to kill grubs at their source.

Spring Lawn Care Advice: April

As spring continues the weather is more likely to be consistently warmer. Be aware that the odd frost can still fall so dont cut the grass too short and avoid walking on the lawn if there has been a frost. You will probably find that you will be mowing the lawn more frequently now too. April is the time to apply a fertiliser to your lawn to encourage growth particularly if youve been treating a moss problem which can leave your lawn looking bare. If you do have some bare patches, now is the time to sow some grass seed. Being rigorous with lawn care during the spring will yield great results in the summer. Here is our selection of spreaders which will help you spread seed, fertiliser or herbicides quickly and efficiently.

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Spring Into Action In April

Now its time to pick up the mower if you havent alread,y as well as running the scarifier over the lawn. You want to make sure the grass is growing fully before scarifying though, otherwise you may do more damage than good.

If you feel you need to offer a bit more TLC, now is the time to overseed any bare patches.

Careful here though because if you do overseed, you will limit your options for using weed and feed later in the year. NEVER use weed and feed on newly sown grass seed.

Hopefully you had your mower blades sharpened in Feb or you have bought a new blade. If not, be sure to do this before mowing the lawn.

Take your time when scarifying try not to speed scarify heres why.

Raking Leaves For Fall

Ultimate Year

There are lots of lawn cleaning and maintenance to plan on as the fall comes around. With winter just around the corner, you want to plan for colder temperatures and potential snow for your lawn.

The fall is the last time to fertilize your lawn and other plants before the winter season. Its also a good time to aerate your lawn which helps it breathe as the ground freezes.

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Bahco P75 Lawn Edging Shears


perfect precision on edges

Strimmers are the quick way of cutting grass edges, but if those edges are adjacent to precious plants then youll want the precision of doing it by hand with shears.

Edging shears, such as these from Bahco, come with long handles, meaning you dont have to kneel in order to snip.

The coated steel cutting head not only prevents rusting but also minimises friction between the blades, focusing the energy on the cut for a much more efficient action.

A special collar near the base of the long handles helps prevent the shears from jarring during use and soft grips at the other end make the job more comfortable.

These shears are sharp and springy and make light work of what would otherwise be one of the more awkward lawn care duties.

adding colour to your garden

Lawns dont have to be grass alone a few carefully chosen bulbs, such as crocus or daffodils, will provide a smattering of spring colour before the grass starts growing again in earnest.

To avoid making a mess of your lawn by digging unruly holes in it when planting the bulbs in Autumn, its advisable to invest in a specific tool for the job, such as this long handled bulb planter from Fiskars.

To use, thrust the cone into the turf by standing on the two-sided stepping board. The cones sharp tines will cut and lift out a small portion of turf and soil, allowing you to pop your bulb into the resulting hole.

Summer Lawn Care Advice: June

It is likely that your lawn will need to be mowed twice a week in June. During the summer it is important to keep on top of lawn care, this will help keep the grass looking healthy and green. Continue to apply weed killers and fertiliser to the lawn if and when necessary. Raking your lawn will help control some weed growth.

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Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m2


keeping lawns ideally watered

To look their best, lawns like a regular supply of water, and the easiest way to satisfy their thirst is to install a water sprinkler.

This sprinkler from Hozelock attaches to your hose and has a metal spike for shoving into the lawn.

Five jets propel the water at full power, or you can switch to a gentler pace for more delicate plants and new lawns. You can set them to cover a full or part circle up to 20m in diameter.

The water-powered motor is designed to provide even coverage and can cope with lower water pressures .

Despite their thirst, grass is one of the toughest plants around and can survive the kind of droughts that kill off many less hardy species.

So if theres a water ban in force then dont worry about having to switch the hose off set up your sprinkler when allowed and your lawn will soon bounce back to life.

Service The Lawn Mower

Do these things now to keep your lawn looking green and lush year round

Spring also means its time to get out the lawn mower and give it a once over. Start it up stubborn start-ups are a sign that it might be due for a tune-up. Give your mower a tune-up once a year. In three easy steps, you can get your mower back in tip-top shape. If your lawnmower needs more than a tune-up, then consider getting a new one.

Among the key tune-up tasks is sharpening the mower blade. A regular sharpening will ensure the blade severs, rather than tears, the grass plants, leading to a nice green lawn rather than one with ragged brown tips.

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How Do You Care For Your Lawn All Year Round

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Like any living organism, you need to care for your lawn twelve months out of the year for it to stay healthy and to avoid long-term problems. There are proven steps you can take to maximize the vitality of your unique lawn, and you dont have to go it alone there are experts who can help you!

Ways To Maintain A Beautiful Lawn

To look lush and green, lawns require regular maintenance. Here are some simple tips to help keep your lawn looking great all summer.

  • In a cold climate, plant grasses that form deep-rooted clumps, such as tall fescue, as they can withstand periods with low rainfall.
  • When establishing a lawn, water well to ensure the grass puts down a strong root system. Once it is growing well, it can be left to survive on minimal water.
  • Cutting the grass too short weakens it, slows the growth, makes it less drought-tolerant and more susceptible to attack by various pests and diseases. Try to keep your grass about three centimetres high.
  • Don’t mow during very hot or very wet weather.
  • Take the catcher off the mower, or use a mulching mower, in order to leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The clippings break down, returning nutrients to the grass.
  • Hold off fertilizing lawns until good rains fall. Lawns that are fertilized regularly require more water to support lush growth.
  • For an economical lawn food, use chicken manure pellets. Apply in spring or autumn when the lawn is growing, after rain. Water in well.
  • To even up the surface of your lawn, use river sand as an economical top dressing. Spread the sand with a lawn leveller so the grass is still visible. Water well.
  • Aerate the grass to reduce weeds, help prevent compaction and improve drainage and water penetration. Use a garden fork or rent a power aerator from an equipment rental company.
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    Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization

    The key to achieving a beautiful lawn lies in properly educating yourself. Your lawn needs the correct nutrients in order to survive . You need to know what your lawn needs and how often. This will vary depending upon the area in which you live and the grass you have. Additionally, diseases, insects, environmental and weather conditions, and inconsistent moisture levels in the soil can all jeopardize the overall health of your lawn. One of the best ways to combat these potential problems is to provide your lawn with the right nutrients. Thanks to lawn fertilization, providing those nutrients for lawn growth is made possible. Benefits of lawn fertilization include:

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    The good news is that once youve invested in a good quality lawnmower and / or strimmer you can get the rest of the items on a budget, although spending a little more can often significantly increase the performance of many garden tools.

    To give you an idea of what you might need weve put together a list of lawn tools to consider, along with a few things that will help keep the grass in top condition, picking out a star purchase for each category. Soon youll be mowing, trimming, raking and feeding your way to grass glory.

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    Have A Weed Killing Fiesta

    Not a single person on the planet likes weeds. From dandelions to crabgrass, they nothing but eyesores and ruin all the great work you have put into your lawn maintenance. Weeds arent just a springtime issue, as there are so many varieties that each have different seasons. Normal store-bought weed killers can make the problems worse, killing plants that you want alive while leaving terrible odors.

    Weed-A-Way has developed an anti-weed application that is mineral-based so it doesnt hurt the environment. Its called FIESTA. It predominately uses iron in its formula, so there is no horrible smell thats dangerous to breathe in. Within one day, the results will be clear as the weeds die and people and pets can safely walk on the grass. A week later youll be able to see the strangled lawn begin to thrive.

    Summer Lawn Care Advice: July

    Like you did in June, you will probably need to mow your lawn once or twice a week. The summer is likely to be in full swing around now. You will notice periods of rapid lawn growth with any good weather. Keep on top of your lawn care routine to ensure that your grass is in peak condition. During these summer months it may even be necessary to water your lawn if the weather has been particularly dry. If your lawn is particularly hard and dry aerate your lawn, by spiking it with a rake or using an aerator, and then water. Additionally, mow your lawn in the evening during hot periods as this reduces the risk of excessive dehydration. At this time of year you may also want to apply a fertiliser to your lawn to encourage strong and healthy growth. Why not have a look at our Summer Lawn Care Tips.

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  • Reseed Thin Areas Of The Lawn

    How To Have Lush Grass All year Round | Richgro

    If some parts of your lawn look great and other areas are patchy, its time to do some reseeding. Lawn spots that are overgrown with weeds may also need reseeding. Start the reseeding process by killing all weeds with a powerful herbicide.

    Then, choose a hardy grass seed variety that thrives in your climate zone. Rake and aerate the soil to prepare it for seeding. Finally, spread the seed with your spreader, fertilize, and water every day until your grass grows to about two inches.

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    Reduce Foot Traffic On The Lawn:

    In the winter, grass has a harder time handling foot traffic because it is not continually regenerating. Walking a familiar line over the lawn can create whats commonly termed a cow path pathways of dirt where little-to-no grass grows.

    In the springtime, these will require extra care to turn back into green grass. If you live in an area where others may track across your lawn, consider stringing a small rope around the perimeter to discourage it.

    Keep Your Yard And Lawn Healthy All Year Round With These Tips For Fall

    Fall is basically here – time for back-to-school activities, pumpkin-flavored everything and the end of summer chores like mowing the lawn, right? While you might be more than ready to press the pause button on the lawn care, if you want a healthy, lush, green lawn next spring, you have a few more weeks of mowing ahead of you.

    Your lawn-care routine should be different this time of year, so here are a few tips to help you prep your lawn for fall and winter.

    Keep on mowing! The end of lawn mowing is in sight- you can stop in mid-October. In the meantime, stick with it. You should lower the blade each time you mow. This helps prevent your lawn from being matted down by snow and ice.

    But water less. Cooler temperatures mean less growth- and less need for water. Give your lawn a good soaking early in the morning once or twice a week. Don’t water at night, as this can encourage growth of both mold and fungus. Watering isn’t an exact science, but you can determine the ideal amount like this: If you see a lot of mushrooms in the yard, it might be too wet. If your footprints leave a mark in the grass, it’s likely too dry.

    Fill in the gaps. If you have bald spots in your sod, fall is the time to do something about it. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until after the last snowfall. Likewise, if your grass looks a bit spotty, this is the time to overseed your lawn. Do this as soon as you can so the grass has more time to grow in before the first big snow.

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    Lawns Need Air To Breathe

    Lawns need oxygen as well as water so its important to keep your lawn aerated. Aeration involves perforating the soil at intervals to alleviate compaction, allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate deep below the surface. The easiest and cheapest method is to push a garden fork into the ground at 15cm intervals over the entire lawn, although for large areas it may be easier to hire a machine to do the hard work so you dont have to. An aerated lawn will also be better at absorbing water rather than letting it run off.

    Some Fun Facts About Lawns:

    Lawn Care Tips: Year Round Maintenance for a Healthy Lawn

    One very famous lawn, known to most as the Centre Court at Wimbledon, is allegedly the most expensive lawn to maintain in the world, and is made up of perennial ryegrass.

    • Lawns are great at producing oxygen, one 7 square metre lawn can produce enough oxygen in a day for the needs of one person.
    • The lawnmower was invented by Edwin Beard Budding in Gloucestershire and was patented in the year 1830.
    • A 70kg man can burn 167 calories in half an hour of lawn mowing with a powered mower.
    • Its estimated that there are 15 million garden lawns in Britain, and we collectively spend a whopping £54 million on lawn fertilisers every yearamazing!

    So now you know a little more about the noble lawn, Im going to show you how to create the perfect lawn for your garden, and how to maintain it year-round.

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    Prepare For Next Years Lawn Care Schedule

    Once the hard work is over for the season, its time to prepare for next year. Make notes about any lawn problems that occurred and begin researching solutions so you can hit the ground running next spring. You can also add scheduled lawn feedings to the calendar on your phone, so you dont forget.

    Winter is also a fantastic time to perform mower maintenance, replace broken tools, and sharpen your mower blade. Before storing your tools for the winter, be sure to empty the fuel tanks to prevent damage from ethanol-based gasoline.

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