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How To Kill Yellow Wood Sorrel In Lawn

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Spray A Selective Weedkiller Concentrate Over The Whole Lawn

Weed of the Week #887 – Yellow Woodsorrel (Air Date 4/5/15)

If youve got a lot of Sorrel in your lawn along with other weeds, spot spraying is useless.

Instead, use a selective weedkiller concentrate. Again, Weedol Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate is the best choice.

This is designed to be diluted in water and sprayed over the lawn with a knapsack sprayer or watering can.

Make sure you read the instructions can dilute it accurately though. If you make the solution too weak, itll have no chance of killing Sorrel. On the other hand, you might be tempted to make a strong dose but if you do this, you risk killing the grass.

How To Kill Oxalis

Just because it’s a common weed doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

A member of the wood sorrel family, oxalis is a weed commonly found in lawns. This weed can actually be confused with clover when it’s not in flower. Here’s how you tell them apart: Clover has rounded leaflets in sets of 3, whereas oxalis has heart-shaped leaflets in sets of 3.

There are two types of oxalis: common yellow woodsorrel , which has light green leaves, and creeping woodsorrel , which has reddish, hairy leaves and spreads by way of its creeping stems.

Herbicide Control In Winter Wheat

No field studies have been conducted in Ontario. Wood-sorrel is generally not considered a prominent weed in Ontario cereal crops. The majority of herbicides used in winter wheat are applied post-emergent. Chemical control is generally most effective in situations where soil-applied residual herbicides can be used . Therefore, effective control in soybean will minimize the potential for infestations in winter wheat.

A study conducted in Morocco found that clopyralid , bromoxynil , tribenuron-methyl , MCPA, 2,4-D and dichlorprop/2,4-D did not provide effective control of buttercup oxalis .


Marshall, G. 1987. A review of the biology and control of selected species in the genus of Oxalis:O. stricta L., O. latifolia H.B.K. and O. pes-caprae L. Crop Protection. Vol. 6, No. 6. pp 355-364.

Tanji, A. 1994. The effects of herbicides on buttercup oxalis . Al Awamia. No.86. pp 83-100.

What has been your experience?

We want your feedback. Let us know what you have experienced with these or other products, as well as any other effective management strategies.

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Natural Oxalis Weed Killer Techniques

According to Bob Vila, you can complete some oxalis weed killer strategies with a few everyday household items. Sprinkling cornmeal in your garden will help keep seeds from germinating, but make sure to try this only after your desired plants are established. Vinegar is a natural herbicide that can be applied with a spray bottle, pump sprayer or brush, but make sure to keep it away from plants you want to stay in your garden, as it cannot differentiate between weed and beloved perennial. Apply vinegar in the morning on a day with little-to-no wind, so you don’t contaminate other plants.

If you don’t have many plants, pick the weeds by hand or use a spade to dig them up before they flower or form seed. Make sure to remove all the portions of the plant, including its roots and rhizomes. You can do this easily when the soil is moist. Afterward, don’t put the plants in compost bins with seeds.

How To Fight Back Against Creeping Oxalis

Wildflower: Yellow Wood

What a Creep!

Creeping Oxalis has small light green heart shaped leaves, very similar in appearance to clover.

How to fight back against Creeping Oxalis

Scientific name: Oxalis corniculata

Creeping Oxalis has small light green heart shaped leaves, very similar in appearance to clover. The flowers are small, about 3-4mm in diameter and bright yellow in colour containing five petals. Creeping Oxalis, as its name suggests, quickly runs along the surface of the soil and produces roots from the leaf as it goes and creeps under and through your lawn. When seed pods mature they dry out and explode, causing the seed to spread. It is a very invasive and nasty weed, so it is important to take action against it as soon as possible.


Creeping Oxalis is difficult to remove as crowns break off leaving roots for re-growth. You can hand remove small plants or dig out sections where you need to if they arent particularly large. If there is a substantial spread of Creeping Oxalis through your lawn, you will get better results by spraying your lawn with a selective herbicide.

A selective herbicide such as Lawn Solutions Australia All Purpose Weed Control will help to eradicate these weeds in all lawn types including kikuyu and couch and are safe to use on most varieties of buffalo except the ST varieties.

Check out the Lawn Solutions Australia lawn care page for more helpful tips and advice here.

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Oxalis Prevention And Lawn Maintenance

Placing mulch around landscape beds will prevent oxalis seeds from germinating, as will limiting light to the plant’s seedbed. You can also keep oxalis to a minimum by maintaining a healthy lawn to create less space for it to grow. Make sure to test the soil to get accurate fertilizer and lime recommendations and combine these with mowing height and frequency requirements to keep your lawn thick.

According to Scotts, watering your lawn the right way is also critical. Deep and infrequent watering helps grass win the battle over weeds by encouraging more profound root growth. Watering too little or too frequently can cause shallow root growth, resulting in a thin lawn or bare spots. If you live in an area where rain is frequent, you don’t need sprinklers to achieve the 1 inch of water per week that most lawns need.


How To Get Rid Of Oxalis In Your Lawn

Do you know what oxalis is? If youve ever seen a plant that looks like clover and has pink or yellow flowers, thats probably oxalis. If you have a lawn, chances are at some point you will encounter it. Oxalis can be pretty to look at and even provide some food for wildlife, but it isnt good news for your yard or garden. If left untreated, it can spread rapidly and threaten the health of your grass.

The oxalis weed is a common invasive weed that can often make its way into your lawn, but there are effective ways of getting rid of it. In this blog post youll find out how to get rid of oxalis and what products work best for your home lawn or garden. Find out more about this pesky weed below!

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Herbicide Control In Soybeans

Pre-emergent applications are generally more effective than post-emergent applications. Full rates of Lorox, FirstRate and Broadstrike Dual Magnum provide adequate control of common yellow wood-sorrel . Pursuit is ineffective when applied either pre or post-emergent.

Table 1.

Wood-sorrel control in soybean using various pre-emergent herbicides.

Active Ingredient

Table 2.

Wood-sorrel control in soybean using various post-emergent herbicides.

Active Ingredient
Numerous Products Exist99

Dr. Clarence Swanton, University of Guelph.

Number of Trials: Tables 1 and 2 are based on a summary of 1 field trial in no-till soybean.

Herbicide Rates: Rates used in this trial are listed in OMAF Publication 75 – Guide to Weed Control.

Weed Stage: For information in Table 1, common yellow wood-sorrel had not emerged yet. For information in Table 2, common yellow wood-sorrel was at the 3rd to 6th trifoliate stage.

What has been your experience?

We want your feedback. Let us know what you have experienced with these or other products, as well as any other effective management strategies.

Chemical Treatment In Lawns

Weed of the Week #1038 Yellow Woodsorrel (Air Date 2-25-18)

Herbicides should be used as a last resort because of the potential risks to people, animals, and the environment. Be aware of these lawn herbicide precautions first.

If you chose this option, spot treat weeds with a liquid, selective, postemergent, broadleaf weed killer applied when weeds are actively growing. Look for a product with one or more of the following active ingredients: 2, 4-D, MCPP , Dicamba* or Triclopyr.*Do not spray herbicides containing dicamba over the root zone of trees and shrubs. Roots can absorb the product possibly causing plant damage. Refer to the product label for precautions.

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What Kills Yellow Wood Sorrel

wood sorrelkill

. Then, how do you treat yellow wood sorrel?

When you want to treat warm-season turfgrass such as St. Augustine grass, Buffalo grass or Bermuda grass, use a post-emergent herbicide containing the active ingredient fluroxypyr. Follow instructions carefully if you apply it to your lawn.

Subsequently, question is, is yellow wood sorrel a good ground cover? Oxalis , also known as sorrel or shamrock, can be an effective ground cover plant for both sunny and shady areas in the garden. While oxalis has a reputation for being weedy or invasive, there are hundreds of different types of oxalis that are actually quite well-behaved, easy-care plants.

People also ask, how do you kill yellow oxalis?

Spray the oxalis with a homemade non-toxic weed killer. Fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar and add one or two squirts of dish soap. Gently shake, then spray the mixture directly on the base of the oxalis clusters.

Is yellow wood sorrel edible?

Edible PartsWood sorrel is an incredible thirst quencher and is refreshing to eat. The leaves, flowers, and immature green seed pods are all edible having a mild sour flavour that some say resemble lemons. Wood sorrel can be added to salads, used in soups, sauces and it can also be used as a seasoning.

How To Prevent Sorrel From Growing In Your Lawn

The best way to prevent Sorrels from growing in your lawn is to make the conditions for grass growth the best you can. When the grass in your lawn is healthy and dense the less room there is for weed seeds to reach the soil and germinate.

Creating a really healthy, dense lawn with lots of lush green grass isnt difficult. It just takes some basic knowledge and the commitment to apply it.

The following lawn care practices will prevent Sorrel or any other weed from growing in your lawn.

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How To Prevent Yellow Wood Sorrel Weed

An organic gardener must be diligent when trying to prevent or eliminate yellow wood sorrel weed. It is a difficult and time-consuming task, and in some cases, organic solutions may need to give way to discriminating use of chemical methods.

For an organic gardener, the key here is diligencemaking sure that yellow wood sorrel is not allowed to set seed. The plants should be dug out or pulled as soon as you see them, getting as much of the root as possible.

Yellow wood sorrel weed thrives in open, fertile soil, which is why it can such a problem in lawns and garden beds, where the soil is so favorable to growth. To prevent wood sorrel from popping up in lawns, make sure that you maintain thick, healthy turf. Seed or sod any bare spots, because that is where wood sorrel weed will eventually pop up. Mulch garden beds with a two- to three-inch layer of organic mulch to prevent the weed from making a home amongst your perennials or vegetables. Without sunlight, the weed seeds cannot germinate.

Oxalis Corniculata Var Atropurpurea Syn O Repensother Names: Sleeping Beauty Yellow Wood Sorrel Procumbent Yellow Sorrel Family: Oxalidaceae

25+ Yellow Wood

This is a perennial can be very invasive, quickly covering the surface as the creeping stems take root at nodes. It produces many seed which are dispersed by explosive pods and they re-infest the area after attempts at removal. It was probably introduced as an ornamental plant. The origin is not known, but it is related to Least Yellow Sorrel which comes from Tasmania and New ZealandThe leaves are divided into three rounded leaflets which have short petioles. The picture is of the purple variety which is the most common plant found in the garden where it can be a persistent pest, but there are green forms as well. In shaded positions there can be a greenish tinge to the purple form, as seen here

The leaves contain vitamin C and oxalic acid which gives them the tangy taste of other members of the Genera, but must not be consumed in large quantities due to the binding of Calcium making it unavailable, leading to deficiency. A refreshing drink can be prepared by infusing the leaves in hot water for 10 minutes. The raw leaves or flowers can be used in salads or cooked with other leaves – cooking reduces the toxic effects. It can exacerbate conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, gout and kidney stones so sufferers should avoid.

As a medicinal herb it has anthelmintic , astringent and styptic properties. The leaf juice eases wasp and other alkaline stings, and has an antibacterial action.

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How To Get Rid Of Oxalis Weeds

21 September, 2017

Oxalis is one name for members of the Oxalidaceae family, commonly called woodsorrel, sorrel or shamrock. These small herbaceous plants spread quickly, and resemble clover, but are more tender and lighter in color. There are several varieties native to Europe and the United States, including creeping woodsorrel and common yellow sorrel, along with other, more regional, varieties. They are often planted as attractive groundcover, and are not always easy to eradicate, as they form underground mats with bulbs and roots.

Killing oxalis is best done with targeted herbicides like Oxalis-X or Weed-B-Gon if these are unavailable, general herbicides like Roundup, Ally and Escort also work. Mix them according to the manufacturers instructions.

Add dish detergent to the herbicide for more stickiness and thorough application to the small plants. A few tablespoons of detergent for a gallon of herbicide mixture is enough.

  • Oxalis is one name for members of the Oxalidaceae family, commonly called woodsorrel, sorrel or shamrock.
  • They are often planted as attractive groundcover, and are not always easy to eradicate, as they form underground mats with bulbs and roots.

Spray the herbicide mixture onto the plants just before they flower, before new bulbs have formed. This may be from late fall to early summer, depending on the climate and oxalis variety. Repeat a few days or weeks later if needed.


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Identifying Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow wood sorrel is quite commonly mistaken for clover because its clover-like compound three-petaled leaves. Yellow wood sorrel actually is closer to the traditional shamrock shape, with heart-shaped leaves that have a crease down the center. When in full bloom, common yellow oxalis produces a yellow flower with 5 petals. Wood sorrel is found in dense patches on open areas of lawns and gardens and has a complex root system that makes it difficult to get rid of sorrel simply by pulling the weeds.

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How To Identify Oxalis

The most important part about removing any plant from your property is identifying it correctly so you know what products will effectively kill the plant without causing damage to surrounding plants or grasses.

The Wood Sorrel versions of Oxalis are often confused for clover or some other type of grass because they has three or four heat-shaped leaves and grows low to the ground, like shamrocks or clovers.

In addition to its green leaves and bushy appearance, Oxalis usually has flowers as well. With Common wood sorrel, the flowers can be white with pink or yellow shading, and with yellow wood sorrel and pink wood sorrel the flowers are a vibrant yellow or pink color, respectively. Each flower has five petals and are usually no more than 1 or 2 inches wide.

Sorrel Weeds: Toxic Weed Or Herb

Identifying and controlling yellow woodsorrel

Stems can grow up to 2 feet tall and bear arrowhead shaped leaves. Female and male flowers bloom on separate plants with male flowers being yellow-orange and female flowers are reddish with three-angle fruits.

The leaves of this bitter plant, when eaten in large quantities, can cause death amongst livestock but are considered safe for human consumption when eaten raw or boiled. For this reason, many people actually choose to grow sorrel weeds in their herb garden. However, it is a good idea to know about getting rid of sorrel in areas where livestock will be present.

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Weed Control For Oxalis In Your Lawn

When Oxalis does start growing in your lawn it is important to have a lawn care service spray post-emergent weed control throughout the year. One or two treatments may be enough to get decent control on dandelions and others but Oxalis takes repeated efforts, with 3-5 treatments from spring through fall.

Likewise, there are numerous types of post-emergent weed controls that claim on their label to control Oxalis. However, some are better than others, and some can only be purchased by a professional lawn care company to apply to your lawn. Throughout the year, we change our broadleaf weed control material to best manage certain weeds such as Oxalis.

We also add a surfactant that helps the liquid weed control material to evenly coat the leaves and stick without beading off. Our lawn care experts use a variety of spray equipment based on the size of the property. These machines are calibrated correctly to deliver fine droplets of weed control onto Oxalis and other weeds for even coverage and maximum control.

4.6/5wood sorrelexplained here

When you want to treat warm-season turfgrass such as St. Augustine grass, Buffalo grass or Bermuda grass, use a post-emergent herbicide containing the active ingredient fluroxypyr. Follow instructions carefully if you apply it to your lawn.

Likewise, people ask, how do you control oxalis?

Is wood sorrel invasive?

How To Remove Common Sorrel And Sheeps Sorrel From Your Lawn

There are two main types of Sorrel that is found in British lawns

  • Common Sorrel, and
  • Sheeps Sorrel

Theyre a relative of the dock and in grassland are loved by foraging animals. In lawns, however, they can cause major problems especially Sheeps Sorrel.

That said, you can remove Sorrel with the right approach and a little patience.

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