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How To Kill Yellow Wood Sorrel In Lawn

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Why Does The Time Of Year Affect Weed Killers

Weed of the Week #1038 Yellow Woodsorrel (Air Date 2-25-18)

Spring is the best time of year for applying weed killer. This is because you can catch weeds in their pre-growth state, before theyve had the opportunity to sprout fully. Spring has the advantages of being both warm and wet.

Herbicides in weed killers require absorption from the soil to activate. This absorption can only take place if the soil is moist from the rain. Spring being a typically rainy season ensures that the soil is wet enough to soak up the herbicide, which is then taken up by the plant root.

Without any rain, the herbicide solution will sit on the soil, rather than being absorbed by the plant.

Fall is the second-best season because weed killers thrive on the sudden change in weather. Spraying weed killer in October means that weeds will struggle to survive the winter.

However, not all weed killers contain herbicide, and can therefore be used at all times of year. For example, Foamstream is a herbicide-free weed killer. This means its not affected by the levels of moisture in the soil.

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How To Treat Yellow Wood Sorrel:

For treating Yellow Wood Sorrel, the most effective solution is a non-selective weed treatment containing Glyphosate. Chemicals should only be spot applied by a professional to sorrel weeds, so no turf damage occurs. Did You Know: Yellow Wood Sorrel, when ingested in large quantities, can be toxic to pets, such as cats and dogs.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow wood sorrel often plagues lawns and garden beds. There are two ways to get rid of itphysically and chemically.

For many gardeners, the battle with wood sorrel is an expected struggle. In garden beds, the only organic approach is to dig out the weedsroots and allcarefully. This task can be difficult because the roots are tiny, and the smallest piece left behind will resprout into new weeds. You might even need to dig up nearby plants to sift through the soil and remove the offending wood sorrel root.

Glyphosate will kill the entire plant, roots, and all it is the most effective chemical solution. Other narrow-spectrum weed killers won’t affect wood sorrel.

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Herbicide Control In Field Corn

Pre-Emergent Control

One field experiment has shown that atrazine, Marksman and Converge all provide good control of common yellow wood-sorrel .

Table 1.

Wood-sorrel control in corn using various pre-emergent herbicides.

Active Ingredient

Dr. Peter Sikkema, Ridgetown College, University of Guelph.

Number of Trials: Table 1 based on a summary of 1 field trial in corn.

Herbicide Rates: Rates used in this trial are listed in OMAF Publication 75 – Guide to Weed Control.

Weed Stage: Pre-emergent treatments. Wood-sorrel had not yet emerged at the time of application.

What has been your experience?

We want your feedback. Let us know what you have experienced with these or other products, as well as any other effective management strategies.

Oxalis Corniculata Var Atropurpurea Syn O Repensother Names: Sleeping Beauty Yellow Wood Sorrel Procumbent Yellow Sorrel Family: Oxalidaceae

Yellow Woodsorrel

This is a perennial can be very invasive, quickly covering the surface as the creeping stems take root at nodes. It produces many seed which are dispersed by explosive pods and they re-infest the area after attempts at removal. It was probably introduced as an ornamental plant. The origin is not known, but it is related to Least Yellow Sorrel which comes from Tasmania and New ZealandThe leaves are divided into three rounded leaflets which have short petioles. The picture is of the purple variety which is the most common plant found in the garden where it can be a persistent pest, but there are green forms as well. In shaded positions there can be a greenish tinge to the purple form, as seen here

The leaves contain vitamin C and oxalic acid which gives them the tangy taste of other members of the Genera, but must not be consumed in large quantities due to the binding of Calcium making it unavailable, leading to deficiency. A refreshing drink can be prepared by infusing the leaves in hot water for 10 minutes. The raw leaves or flowers can be used in salads or cooked with other leaves cooking reduces the toxic effects. It can exacerbate conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, gout and kidney stones so sufferers should avoid.

As a medicinal herb it has anthelmintic , astringent and styptic properties. The leaf juice eases wasp and other alkaline stings, and has an antibacterial action.

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Treating Wood Sorrel In Garden Beds

In garden beds, the only organic approach is to carefully dig out the weeds, roots and all. This is a difficult task because the roots are tiny and the smallest piece left behind will resprout into new weeds. And you may need to dig up ornamental plants briefly in order to sift through the soil and remove the offending wood sorrel root. For many gardeners, the battle with wood sorrel is one they simply resign themselves to as an expected struggle.

Glyphosate will kill the entire plant, roots and all, so it is the most effective chemical solution. Other narrow-spectrum weed killers donât touch wood sorrel.

Ready To Get The Best Lawn On The Block

Now you know the best time to perform essential lawn care and landscape maintenance tasks for your Texas lawn. Are you game to dive in and start working in the yard? Or, maybe youd rather pick and choose which lawn care tasks to tackle and leave the rest to the pros. We dont blame you if want to partner with a lawn care service that is equipped to manage all of your lawn care so you can just enjoy the outdoors without all the work.

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What Kills Yellow Wood Sorrel

wood sorrelkill

. Then, how do you treat yellow wood sorrel?

When you want to treat warm-season turfgrass such as St. Augustine grass, Buffalo grass or Bermuda grass, use a post-emergent herbicide containing the active ingredient fluroxypyr. Follow instructions carefully if you apply it to your lawn.

Subsequently, question is, is yellow wood sorrel a good ground cover? Oxalis , also known as sorrel or shamrock, can be an effective ground cover plant for both sunny and shady areas in the garden. While oxalis has a reputation for being weedy or invasive, there are hundreds of different types of oxalis that are actually quite well-behaved, easy-care plants.

People also ask, how do you kill yellow oxalis?

Spray the oxalis with a homemade non-toxic weed killer. Fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar and add one or two squirts of dish soap. Gently shake, then spray the mixture directly on the base of the oxalis clusters.

Is yellow wood sorrel edible?

Edible PartsWood sorrel is an incredible thirst quencher and is refreshing to eat. The leaves, flowers, and immature green seed pods are all edible having a mild sour flavour that some say resemble lemons. Wood sorrel can be added to salads, used in soups, sauces and it can also be used as a seasoning.

How To Kill Oxalis Naturally

Identifying and controlling Yellow Woodsorrel

Related Articles

Oxalis or yellow woodsorrel is an annual plant with clover-shaped leaves and yellow or pink flowers. More than 800 different varieties of the plant have been identified. It spreads through seeds or via underground tubers.

According to Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, a little oxalis is common in a yard, but too much indicates issues with the lawn. If you mow your grass too short or your lawn is not thick or healthy, oxalis can quickly take control. You can, however, get rid of it fairly easily with a natural oxalis weed killer.

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How To Get Rid Of Oxalis In Your Lawn

Do you know what oxalis is? If youve ever seen a plant that looks like clover and has pink or yellow flowers, thats probably oxalis. If you have a lawn, chances are at some point you will encounter it. Oxalis can be pretty to look at and even provide some food for wildlife, but it isnt good news for your yard or garden. If left untreated, it can spread rapidly and threaten the health of your grass.

The oxalis weed is a common invasive weed that can often make its way into your lawn, but there are effective ways of getting rid of it. In this blog post youll find out how to get rid of oxalis and what products work best for your home lawn or garden. Find out more about this pesky weed below!

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What Are Sourgrass Plants

Plants in the Oxalis genus are similar to clover but an entirely different family. Oxalis grows from little bulbils, while clover is a seeded or rhizomatous plant. Yellow woodsorrel appears like a small variety of clover but has none of the nitrogen fixing capabilities. There are several yellow woodsorrel benefits, though.

Woodsorrel sourgrass is a native North American plant. It is found from the Eastern U.S. into Canada. The plant has a long history as food and medicine to indigenous people. The plant is a perennial weed with three heart-shaped leaflets and produces a five-petaled, yellow flower from spring to fall.

Seeds form in hard little capsules which erupt when ripe andshoot seed up to 12 feet away. Each pod contains 10 seeds. The plantoften colonizes vacant spots in the lawn and can grow up to 12 inches tall. If you just cant live with this plant, either hand pull it or use a pre-emergentherbicide for woodsorrelweed control. Most herbicidesare not useful against this weed.

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Yellow Wood Sorrel Vs Clover

Yellow wood sorrel, or common yellow oxalis, is very commonly mistaken for clover. However, these are two completely different weed species. Yellow wood sorrel has a compound, three-petaled leaf shape, much like clover. However, the leaves of the Oxalis plant are heart-shaped, while clover has oval-shaped leaves with a textured appearance. The easiest, most obvious way to tell these weeds apart are by their flowers: Yellow wood sorrel has a yellow, 5-petaled flower, while white clover or strawberry/red clover has a white or pinkish-red flower that is shaped more like an umbrella or Christmas tree light.

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How To Identify And Remove Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Woodsorrel Weed Killer

Yellow wood sorrel is an invasive species in Kentucky and is considered a weed throughout the rest of the U.S. It looks similar to clover, except that the foliage is curved or folded at the center of each leaf. The leaves fold at night and open again during the day. Its small 1/2-inch five-petalled flowers are bright yellow. It can be hard to tame because it grows year-round in milder climates and many habitats. The plants should be dug out or pulled as soon as you see them, getting as much of the root as possible. It’s native to North America and Eurasia. It is considered toxic if ingested by foraging livestock, particularly in Australia , and is listed by the ASPCA as being toxic to cats and dogs.

Common Names Yellow woodsorrel, common yellow oxalis, upright yellow-sorrel, lemon clover, sourgrass, sheep weed
Botanical Name
10 to 20 inches tall
Soil Type

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Aerate The Soil To Relieve Compaction

If you or your family use the lawn every day the soil underneath can become compacted.

When kids run and tumble on the grass or if you walk on a particular part regularly the soil particles under the grass get pushed together. This squeezes out air and water that grass relies on to grow and prevents any nutrients from being able to penetrate.

It also makes the ground hard so the root zone of the grass cant grow and establish itself.

Again, this results in weak, unhealthy grass that is unable to fight off disease and infestations of weeds and moss.

Aeration is the process of opening up the soil so air, water and nutrients can get to the root zone of the grass.

This is usually done by spiking the lawn or removing cores of turf by hollow-tining .

Its a very simple procedure and spiking is very easy to do. Hollow-tining can be hard work though.

How To Prevent Yellow Wood Sorrel Weed

An organic gardener must be diligent when trying to prevent or eliminate yellow wood sorrel weed. It is a difficult and time-consuming task, and in some cases, organic solutions may need to give way to discriminating use of chemical methods.

For an organic gardener, the key here is diligencemaking sure that yellow wood sorrel is not allowed to set seed. The plants should be dug out or pulled as soon as you see them, getting as much of the root as possible.

Yellow wood sorrel weed thrives in open, fertile soil, which is why it can such a problem in lawns and garden beds, where the soil is so favorable to growth. To prevent wood sorrel from popping up in lawns, make sure that you maintain thick, healthy turf. Seed or sod any bare spots, because that is where wood sorrel weed will eventually pop up. Mulch garden beds with a two- to three-inch layer of organic mulch to prevent the weed from making a home amongst your perennials or vegetables. Without sunlight, the weed seeds cannot germinate.

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Does Oxalis Stricta Produces Seeds

When disturbed, the adult seed capsules burst explosively and can disseminate seeds up to 4 meters distant.

The plants blooms are hermaphroditic and bloom from July to October.

  • Stricta prefers sandy and loamy soils and grows best in dry or damp, alkaline soils. It prefers well-drained soil and may thrive in nutritionally deficient soil.
  • Can I Implement Weed Control On My Own

    YELLOW WOODSORREL | Oxalis Stricta | another plant to know about survival food

    Now that you understand how these products work and what you can expect out of them, you might be wondering whether you can just implement a DIY program. After all, there are weed control products sold at the big box stores.

    While theres certainly nothing stopping you from handling weed control on your own, youre not going to get as good results as you would with a professional program for several key reasons.

    • Product effectiveness: The weed control products sold at the store to homeowners are simply not as good as the professional-grade products used by a licensed technician.
    • Being able to mix products properly: Many times your professional lawn care technician will mix products together in order to give you the best possible combination. Homeowners likely dont know which products to mix nor would they want to be dealing with mixing product at their home. There are also some additives that professionals will use at times for better results. For instance, Master Lawn adds surfactants, which is a wetting agent that helps materials not to bead up and roll off of leaf blades. This enhances results for some weeds.

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    Natural Oxalis Weed Killer Techniques

    According to Bob Vila, you can complete some oxalis weed killer strategies with a few everyday household items. Sprinkling cornmeal in your garden will help keep seeds from germinating, but make sure to try this only after your desired plants are established. Vinegar is a natural herbicide that can be applied with a spray bottle, pump sprayer or brush, but make sure to keep it away from plants you want to stay in your garden, as it cannot differentiate between weed and beloved perennial. Apply vinegar in the morning on a day with little-to-no wind, so you dont contaminate other plants.

    If you dont have many plants, pick the weeds by hand or use a spade to dig them up before they flower or form seed. Make sure to remove all the portions of the plant, including its roots and rhizomes. You can do this easily when the soil is moist. Afterward, dont put the plants in compost bins with seeds.

    How To Prevent Oxalis

    To protect your lawn from oxalis weed invasion, its important to maintain its health. A thin lawn is an invitation to oxalis as well as other weeds to invade. Most lawns that are thick and healthy provide their own defense against weed growth. Grow a thick lawn in order to reduce the risk of an oxalis weed invasion.

    To grow a healthy lawn that can stand up to weeds like oxalis, water deeply, especially when natures sprinklers arent delivering an adequate water supply. Well-fed lawns with fertile soils can also help lawns combat common weeds like oxalis.

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    Why Do I Need Weed Control

    Having a lawn full of lush and healthy grass is every homeownerâs dream. If you want to achieve this kind of turf, keeping weeds out of your lawn is essential. Weed control takes care of removing persistent weeds that compete with your grass for essential nutrients, air, water, and space. Youâll want to enroll in a weed control program because this program not only removes existing weeds from your lawn but also prevents new ones from growing.

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