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How To Repair Lawn Furniture

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How To Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric

How to fix ripped patio furniture

Theres nothing like relaxing with your feet up in your yard. Outdoor furniture allows for relaxing or throwing a party. The options are infinite.

Outdoor furniture can last forever. Patio chairs are made of metal in most cases. So, the frame always holds up for ages. It takes a lot to take one of these frames down.

But the fabric is never as lucky as the frame. Some fabric doesnt take much to rip. Lets not forget about rot from being out in different weather conditions. Oh, and general wear and tear on the fabric.

The good news is that you dont have to go out and buy all new outdoor furniture. Because we will teach you how to repair outdoor furniture fabric. You can repair or replace the fabric and its not as hard as you think.

Urban Dining Deck With Privacy Hedges And Wicker Dining Chairs

Limit your exposure to nosy neighbors by getting creative with privacy provisions. Shrubs in planters are a smart solution that architect Carolyn Trevor used in this lovely dining deck. The formal evergreen topiary softens the edges and creates a pleasing backdrop whilst affording some privacy for the occupants. Its an efficient way of enclosing the deck and also providing a natural balustrade without losing entertainment space. The architectural quality of the planting is also greatly enhanced when lit up at night, she says.

Adam Butler Design By: Trevor Lahiff Architects

Screened Porch With Durable Sectional

Sectional sofas come in many materials, but woven resin options are much more modern in appearance and are remarkably durable. The sectional used in this porch came in many different modular components that offer a plethora of configurations.

How to maintain it: These materials often dont require intense maintenance: if theyre dirty, spray them down with a hose. More stubborn muck may require a scrub-down with a simple soapy water mix. Protect your plastic and resin outdoor furniture from cold-induced brittleness, which can cause cracking and instability, by storing them in winter.

How to fix it: If you spy suspicious spots on your plastic or resin outdoor furniture, you can use store-bought mold remediation solutions, or you can make your own. Harriet Jones, cleaning supervisor for Go Cleaners London, recommends a mix of warm water a gallon or so with a 1/4-cup of household bleach to banish the musty blight. Wearing gloves, scrub down the pieces with a soft-bristled brush. Leave the bleach mix on the chairs for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the severity of the staining, then rinse clean and dry with a cloth.

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Sewing Seams And Tears

If the tear is along a seam, or if the cover can be unzipped for better access to the damage, you may be able to sew it by hand. Choose a sturdy upholstery thread and a curved upholstery needle, stitching a seam closed by running the needle back and forth through the fabric on either side of the hole. For a large hole, use pins to hold parts of the hole together first. If the cushion cover feels plastic-like, fishing line may be used to sew the hole closed. If the hole is elsewhere along the cushion cover, remove the cover if possible, or open it so you can access the underside of the fabric. Stitch it closed by looping the needle over and under the sides of the hole, making loops with the thread as you work your way along the tear.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Slings For Patio Chairs

How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair

So, youve decided that your patio chairs need a refresh with some durable new slings. How do you go about doing this? You can buy one of the robust fabrics we mentioned above and make your own, or you can make life easier and order a replacement sling.

Theres a great choice of online stores that sell standard size replacement slings. Some sites let you search by model of chair, or you can measure your sling chair for a bespoke replacement. Well look at the best way to get the right size sling in a moment.

American Slings is an online store that sells all sorts of chair parts, including slings. Theres a choice of fabrics and colors, and you can order up to four free samples to help you decide.

Slingfabslets you order five swatches, and they have some great prints to choose from. Slingmastersis another online sling replacement site, and is a family business thats been repairing yard furniture for almost 40 years.

So, there are a lot of specialist sling retailers out there, and theres a great choice of fabrics. If you prefer to use a local store, take a look on or similar, and see if theres anyone in your area that deals with chair repairs.

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What Is The Best Fabric For Sling Chairs

Do your sling chairs look in need of some TLC? If the seats are torn, damaged, stained or faded, the good news is that its easy to replace the fabric, and you dont have to get rid of the whole chair. But what sort of material do you need?

Sling patio chairs take quite a hit during the summer. They are exposed to UV, sunscreen grease, crumbs and stains from al fresco meals, and if youre lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, chlorine.

In poorer weather, theres rain, wind, fallen leaves and even snow to deal with. And of course, like any yard furniture, theres always going to be mess from bird poop, various critters, and pets.

So, you need a robust fabric that can resist water, fading, and hopefully stains. Phifertex® and Sunbrella® are two popular brands that make robust fabric for sling chairs.

Phifertex® has an attractive waffle design, and comes impregnated with Microban, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Is super-durable, fade-resistant, and easy to clean with soapy water.

Phifertex® fabrics are Greenguard certified, meaning that they emit very low or negligible levels of volatile organic compounds.

Sunbrella is also fade and mold-resistant. In addition, it is protected against chlorine, so is a great choice for your poolside chairs. It has a softer appearance than Phifertex, because it has acrylic woven in among the PVC fabric strands. This arguably looks more luxe, but may not last as long.

How To Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric With A Staple Gun

  • Pliers
  • Staple gun

1. First, you have to measure the dimensions of the area youre replacing. Always measure twice for a more accurate measurement. Add three or four inches for wrapping around any edges.

2. Trace the dimensions and shapes with the marker on the old newspaper. Cut out the pattern.

3. Place your new fabric on the ground upside down. Lay the pattern you created on the old newspaper. Make sure you smooth the fabric and old newspaper out.

4. Use a pencil to trace the newspaper on the fabric. If you didnt add extra inches in step one, nows your last chance to add them.

5. Now, you can cut your pattern out of the fabric with a pair of fabric scissors.

6. Its time to remove the old damaged fabric. Place the patio chair upside down as best as you can.

7. Take the flathead screwdriver to loosen and pull the staples up. And use the pliers to finish pulling them out of the fabric and chair.

8. Place the fabric so its upside down but underneath the front of the patio chair. Wrap the fabric tightly around the chair. While youre doing this, you dont want it to wrinkle up.

9. Use the staple gun and staple the excess fabric on the back or bottom of the chair. As you staple, leave about two inches between each staple. There you have it furniture with a new quality outdoor fabric.

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Home Design Editor Ben Kendrick Chooses His Favourite Garden Furniture

To repair a chair leg on which wicker wrapping has come loose, cut a length of wicker caning and soak it in water for about 30 minutes. Why replace your rusted metal outdoor furniture when you can refresh it instead? Whether it’s a wobbly chair or table, a st. Read reviews and buy the best patio furniture sets from top companies including better homes and gardens, walker edison, belvedere and more. Why buy individually when you can get it all at once? Many furniture repairs are so easy that a homeowner can easily accomplish them with a few inexpensive tools and supplies. Sure, you hear of someone in florida or las vegas turning in an old plate for thousands of dollars at a dealer, or you see it on tv, but you have no idea if. Looking for stylish garden and patio furniture? Everyone has a piece of furniture around the house that could use some tlc. Since the 1800s, this plant has produced popular, sturdy material for furniture. These are our top choices, inlcuding ikea we earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. It’s also a time most of us chose to renew your garden furniture. Summer is the time to eat outside, spend time in the backyard with friends and family and enjoy the best of the weather.

How Do You Measure A Fabric Patio Sling Chair

DIY Patio Chair Repair

If youre buying your replacement sling online, its important to order the right size.

Some websites will give the option of ordering by model, but most ask for the chair measurement. Whats the most reliable way of measuring your sling chair? Grab that tape measure, and heres what you need to know:

  • Unless your chair is already in pieces, always measure the sling while its still attached to the chair. This is because older slings can stretch and sag, but if you measure them when theyre on the chair, youll get the size you need
  • Most sling chairs have a rail on each side with an opening, which is where the sling slides in. Find the top bolt for both rails, and measure between these. This gives you the top width measurement
  • Repeat at the bottom of the chair, measuring again between the two slide rails. This gives you the bottom width measurement. Never assume that tip and bottom are the same
  • Next, measure the length of the chair by measuring from the top rail to the bottom rail, following the contours of the chair. This is the length measurement
  • If your chair has separate pieces for the back and the seat, measure each one in turn, as above. You should end up with six measurements in total
  • Its the same process for swivel chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans and loveseats
  • If you have an older style chair where the sling fits between rods at the top and bottom, you may need to contact the store to discuss
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    Important Steps Of Mesh Patio Chair Repair

    The Southern Companys process of mesh patio chair restoration includes several steps that ensure a long-lasting repair and beautiful results.

    Did you know The Southern Company provides on-site pickup and delivery to the mid-Atlantic region? Find out if your state is in our service area!

    First Steps

    Before restoring a chair, a careful and deliberate inspection is conducted in order to determine all the necessary repairs. This includes examining welds, bolts, rivets, the frame, and fabric in order to spot damages and wear. Once its time to begin the repair process, the furniture is disassembled by removing the sling and any damaged bolts and rivets.

    Frame Repair

    Once the initial steps are completed, the frame repair can begin.

    SandblastingIn order to strip the frame of its old finish, our technicians sandblast it to remove paint, oils, and debris, preparing the frame for a new finish. We have a variety of over 25 paint colors to choose from so youre bound to find the perfect one for your desired look.

    Apply the finish and powder coatAfter administering the new finish, we create a high-quality powder coat to apply. The coat contains resin and additives that are melted together and finely ground into a smooth powder. This coat is applied electrostatically and increases the durability of the piece and adds a gorgeous, like-new shine.

    Sling Repair

    After the frame repair and restoration, a new sling is created and installed.

    Always Use Outdoor Fabric

    You might want to use thinner fabric because its cheaper. But they cant hold up to the weather elements and theyre easy to damage.

    Outdoor fabric is more heavy-duty. They can take some pressure and stress. Plus, they make outdoor fabrics have weather-proofing treatments.

    That way they dont get ruined or rot from wet weather conditions or rot from mildew. Theyre also treated to be fade-resistant from the sun beaming down on it for hours.

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    Insert The New Strip Into The Weave

    To insert a new strip, you will need a resin epoxy. Take a small paintbrush and paint the empty space of the pattern.

    If you are using a quick set epoxy, you dont need to do this step.

    To insert the new resin strip, start from the back of the furniture. Insert the new strip in the open space by following the original pattern.

    Take a pair of needle-nose pliers. In the end, you will need to weave the end of the strip on the backside of the furniture.

    Do I Need Professional Mesh Patio Chair Repair

    How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair

    Posted by John McCrudden& filed under Blog, Patio Furniture Sling Replacement.

    Mesh patio chairs are comfortable and stylish pieces that make any outdoor space feel cozy and inviting. Now that summer has come to a close, its time to pack up the patio furniture and get it ready for storage. An important step of storing your furniture for the fall and winter is having repairs done on the pieces that may need mending after a long season of use. If you think you might be in need of mesh patio chair repair, this guide will explain the process the professionals at The Southern Company use to return patio chairs to their former glory.

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    We’ve Found The Best Patio Furniture Sets To Fill Your Porch Backyard And Patio

    Why buy individually when you can get it all at once? It’s also a time most of us chose to renew your garden furniture. Dressing up your outdoor space with the best patio furniture is a nice way to expand your home for part. You can learn more about. Make old furniture look like new with sanding, staining or new upholstery.

    Summer Is The Time To Eat Outside Spend Time In The Backyard With Friends And Family And Enjoy The Best Of The Weather

    Every item on this page was curated by an elle decor editor. In addition to traditional fabrics, microfiber is a co. These are our top choices, inlcuding ikea we earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Linen, cotton and chenille are traditional fabrics that are durable and work well for upholstery. Why buy individually when you can get it all at once?

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    Gather The Required Tools

    First, you need to gather the tools to fix the plastic wicker furniture. You will need scissors, manicure scissors are best for detail, or a box cutter to cut the damaged strips.

    Get an acrylic resin to glue the strips, preferable a quick-set plastic epoxy with a precision applicator tip.

    To replace sections of the plastic rattan furniture, you will need to new plastic rattan wicker.

    Try to match your furnitures color or you will have to do a touchup with matching paint.

    Then, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers.

    For the finishing touch, you will need a paintbrush and a similar colored paint. Spray paint will also do the job to match your color or redo the color of your furniture.

    How To Repair Your Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

    DIY – Fix Your Old Outdoor Furniture
    • Written by Carol S. on Dec 29, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Although resin wicker outdoor furniture is built to resist most weather conditions, it can still suffer accidents at the hands of people and pets. Sitting in a chair incorrectly can put a strain on parts not meant to handle the weight, and standing on them can potentially loosen pieces. Additionally, if you have a teething or nervous chewing dog, there is no limit to the amount of damage they can do. However, all is not lost. Here are some tips on how you can repair damage to your resin wicker.

    Step 1 – Determine the Full Extent of Damage

    Check the piece of wicker furniture over carefully to see if the frame is damaged as well as the wicker weaving. If there is no frame damage, proceed to the next step. If the frame is bent or scratched, straighten it back into place and repaint any damage with an outdoor metallic paint that matches the original color.

    In the event that there is rust where the old paint was scratched away, it is important that you remove it first with a wire brush, and then sand the area before you add a new topcoat.

    Step 2 – Clean the Chair

    Step 3 – Use a Resin Epoxy to Re-glue the Loose Wicker Strips

    Step 4 – Buy New Resin Strips and Reweave Them

    Step 5 – Paint if Necessary

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