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How To Treat Your Lawn In The Summer

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

2017 Spring 11 Seasol Lush Green Lawns How to give your Lawn a Spring:Summer makeover

Wondering how to care for your lawn in the summer? We have all the top tips to keep your lawn lush in the hot summer months.

Keeping your lawn healthy and lush in the summertime takes work, but it isnt impossible. Once you know the basics, its easy to maintain and enjoy. Read on to learn our top summer lawn care tips.

To keep your lawn healthy all year round, This Old House Reviews Team recommends hiring a professional lawn care company like TruGreen. This industry leader offers five different annual plans tailored to different homeowners needs. To get a free quote, call 1-866-817-2287, or fill out this simple form.

When Your Lawn Is Stressed Out Hold Off On Feeding

Stressed-out lawns aren’t growing, so feeding them won’t help much. Instead feed before the hot, dry weather arrives. Once the weather cools down and rain returns, feed again to help your lawn recover quicker. Scotts® TurfBuilder® UltraFeed is an excellent choice for fertilizing lawns that tend to get stressed in the summer. It holds onto nutrients until your lawn needs them, then releases them. Because of this, a single feeding can last up to 6 months.

Need Some Help From The Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn care is incredibly important, but its also incredibly time-consuming. At no time is this more obvious than during a hot summer! If you notice your lawn starting to wilt or see mosquitoes starting to take over your property, give us a call and wed be glad to help. Here at Custom Turf, we know how important your lawn is to you, and we hope these end of summer lawn care tips help your yard thrive!

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Try Not To Walk On Your Lawn

When you walk on a well-watered lawn, the grass blades spring back and stand upright. On a dry lawn, the grass stays beaten down, and the grass itself can be damaged.

To educate you, an early sign of drought and summer stress would be footprints remaining on grass after its been walked on. This is especially obvious in the summer time, when drought stress is at its peak in our area.

Also, heavy foot traffic on wet soil can lead to soil compaction, which keeps air from getting to grass roots. And being in Central Pennsylvania, we have a clay-based soil which is already very compacted.

This is another reason aeration is so important and is our next trick on recovering from summer stress.

How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn

A guide to spring lawn feeding and care

Many people dream of a lush and green lawn to enjoy all summer long. But often this dream is dashed by weeds popping up between the blades of grass. Occasionally, the weeds can get out of control and overtake a yard. Some people worry about treating a weed crisis because they worry they may accidentally ruin their lawns. While a large number of weeds can be discouraging, there are solutions to kill weeds, not grass. Read on to learn how to kill weeds in your lawn without harming your grass.

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Water Deeply And Infrequently

Dry, hot weather can deplete your soil moisture. Moisture stress can lead to wilted grass blades, reduced shoot and root growth, and greater susceptibility to pests and weeds.

To combat this, you should water thoroughly about once or twice a week, so long as your region isnt experiencing any drought conditions that call for water restrictions. The water should reach 46 inches deep. If youre unsure, push a screwdriver into your soil. If you meet a lot of resistance, you need to water more. If it slides in too easily, you need to water less.

Its best to water your lawn in the early morning, before sunrise if you can. Thatll keep the sun from drying out the moisture before your lawn is able to soak it up. Pay attention to weather forecastsyou dont want to water too much on weeks when it will rain.

Fertilizing Your Lawn In The Summer

Once your lawn turns green in the late spring/early summer, timely applications of summer lawn fertilizer can help give it a boost to grow strong and healthy throughout the rest of the season. Your lawn care company should use a fertilizer thats formulated for summer feeding. Properly applied, summer lawn fertilizer helps your lawn withstand the heat and drought conditions of summer. Experts recommend fertilizing cool season grasses in the spring and the fall, and warm season grasses in the midsummer. If choosing a lawn care company, they can select the fertilizer formula and use rates needed for the other seasons based on your grass type and your region.

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Summer Stress Factors For Your Lawn

Heat, dry weather, and foot traffic are major stresses for cool season grasses. Others include weeds and turf-damaging insects, but these issues can become worse when your lawn is already suffering. Think of your lawn as a person. if you were dealing with all of these issues you would be stressed too!

Is It Too Late To Apply Grub Control

How To Get A Green Lawn In Summer Without Burning It | No Burned Lawn

Preventative measures work best before the fall season. But if perhaps fall meets you unprepared, you could still take your bet at saving your lawn.

For lawn owners, Imidacloprid is one of the most common grub control treatments. Usually, products with Imidacloprid are usually most effective when applied during summer, probably at the end of July or at most early August.

However, there are other newly emerging products that could control the damage of late application. These products still work just fine even right into September.

Even if you couldnt take your shot at grub preventative treatments, you could always go for curative control.

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Get Your Property Ready For Snow

Before the snow flies, take a few minutes to inspect your property. Remove rocks, dog tie-out cables, extension cords, holiday light cords and garden hoses. Then stake out paths that run near gardens so you dont accidentally suck up rocks and garden edging with your snowblower. by pounding in driveway markers. If the ground is already frozen, just drill a hole using a masonry bit and your battery-powered drill.

Spring Tasks To Foster A Great Lawn

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The Spruce / David Karoki

When spring is in the air, you’ll see the first crocuses or daffodils return, marking the coming of the season. These signs should also signal to you that it’s time to get your lawn ready for the growing season. The exact timing of these lawn care tasks depends upon the climate of your region. If you get snow in your area, then start when you are pretty confident the snow season is over. Or time the start of your yard work with the point when the local forsythia plants stop blooming and the local lilac bushes begin to flower.

For homeowners in most regions, there are eight tasks you should complete in the spring to foster a healthy lawn.

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When Should You Start Doing Spring Yardwork

Just because we have a few warm days in March, or even February, doesnt mean you should pull on your gardening boots and grab your lawn tools. Make sure you wait until your lawn is mostly green before you go outside and start raking, aerating or mowing. On the other hand, dont wait until its too late in spring to apply a weed control product or plant grass seed. With spring lawn care, its all about timing.

Summer Lawn Care For Green Grass All Season

A Sensational lawn in Staffordshire #LawnStripes # ...

Summer heat can take a toll on turf, especially if you leave it up to chance. If you mow too low, water too much or too little, or ignore early signs of pests, your grass will suffer. It might even completely die in small or large patches! Keep your lawn looking its best all summer long by mastering these summer care tips. And if youre ready to install high-quality turf to get your lawn started, reach out to the pros at The TurfGrass Group today!

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Is It Safe To Use Chemical Fertilizers

Many chemical fertilizers are safe to use on your lawn, permitting children and animals are kept away from it before it is absorbed.

The wind can blow the fertilizer and if it is ingested in large quantities, it can be toxic. Fortunately, once it is absorbed into the soil naturally or with the help of watering, it should be entirely safe to walk or play on. Just dont over fertilize or you may end up doing more harm than good!

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Know When To Fertilize

In the southeast region of the United States, lawns are typically made up of warm-season grasses. The ideal time to fertilize such grass is once in early summer and again in late summer. If the grass in your lawn goes dormant during winter months, it is important to be sure the late summer fertilizer application occurs no later than August.

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Preparing Lawns For Winter

It’s traditional to give lawns a pick-me-up in September, to revitalise them after dry summer weather and to ensure they are fit enough to get through winter. However, with longer summers and lack of water in areas hit by hosepipe bans, it’s best to hold on until after some decent rain and you can see the grass is growing again.

Late Summer And Early Fall Are The Best Times To Treat Your Lawn

TG Tips – Why Does Your Lawn Get Moss & How To Treat It

Has the heat of summer taken a toll on your lawn? If so, now is the time to take action! In fact, late summer and early fall are the best times to prepare your lawn for a season of lush growth in the new year. For all of your lawn care needs in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas, contact Lawn Plus LLC.

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Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp And High

Dull mower blades shred grass, so they lose more moisture than they would with a clean cut. Also, the shredded tips turn brown, making the lawn look dull. Most grass types prefer to be mowed high, so set your blade at one of the highest settings on your mower. Taller grass grows deeper roots, and deeper roots can reach moisture that’s further down in the soil.

Lawn Care Tips For Summer

Summer in Texas can be very hot and dry. July, August and September are among the hottest months with the highest temperatures. Here are some lawn care management tips from AggieTurf to help your lawn stay healthy throughout the summer. Subscribe to the Texas Lawn Companion email newsletter for lawn care tips from AggieTurf specialists throughout the year.

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Clear Those Gutter Spouts

This is an ongoing fall chore that you shouldnt overlook clean all those wet autumn leaves from gutter spouts before the blockages damage your gutters and your roof. Your plumbers snake is a great tool for pulling clumps of wet leaves out of clogged downspouts. Check out more gutter-cleaning tips here.

Why Do I Have Patches Of Yellow Grass

Want to Give Your Lawn a Summer Treatment? Lime It!

Patches of dying or dormant grass alongside an otherwise healthy lawn mean that there is a problem other than weather conditions that is restricting its growth. In some cases, a sprinkler head could be broken which isnt allowing the area to be properly watered. It could also be infected with bugs that are damaging the soil and grass, which will need to be treated. Finally, it could be a result of over fertilizing a specific area or using weed killer too liberally, causing it to harm the grass as well.

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S For Fixing Lawn Grass

Before treating the yellow grass, it is crucial that you first find out what the source of the problem is.

Besides the suns heat and poor irrigation, seasonal changes can also be a natural cause. Dormant grass may be the result of autumn arriving, while yellowing in the summer can be due to the heat.

Also, if you see a spot which does not look like a natural heat burn, chances are, your pet dog must have been the culprit urinating there.

Until you have figured out the cause, you can start taking action in repairing the grass.

Step 1

In case the place is dry, you might require to water the area. There is a chance that the soil has too much sand, so it wont be able to hold any moisture.

Always water the grass in the morning when the atmosphere is still cool. Wed recommend doing this twice a week. Proper irrigation will also help keep insects away.

Step 2

Always make sure to fertilize your soil so that the grass does not run out of nutrients. Keep a check for nutrient requirements.

Step 3

Make sure never to use too much fertilizers or pesticides as this can lead to what is known as chemical burn, which is not good for the grass.

Step 4

Keep a watch on your pets when they have to go. The acid in their urine can really damage the grass.

What you can do after theyre done is flush the area with a lot of water to dissolve the urine.

Step 5

Step 6

You can always rent or buy dethatchers from the nearest lawn equipment store.

All the best!

How To Prevent Summer Weeds

While all plants need the right air, water, light, nutrients, space, and temperature to grow, these elements are not always in optimal supply during the hot summer months. Doing what you can to maintain a proper plant environment is the best defense against weeds. If you put extra effort in creating a healthy lawn from the beginning, youll have less weeds to worry about.

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When To Schedule Lawn Maintenance

It is important to schedule your lawn care maintenance during times that match the life cycle of the turfgrass.

  • Do not add fertilizer too early in the spring. This may encourage the grass to grow during a time when it should be slow or dormant.
  • Do not spray to control weeds when temperatures are warm. This increases the likelihood of damaging the lawn.
  • Do not fertilize in hot mid-summer months. This can cause irreversible damage to your lawn.
  • Crabgrass doesn’t develop until late spring or early summer, so don’t apply herbicide used to prevent pre-emerging crabgrass in the fall.

See Water-saving strategies for home lawns for information on how and when to water.

Executive Landscaping Can Assist In Restoring A Dying Yard

Happy 4th, How to get rid of those Summer Weeds

If you notice your lawn is not looking as green as it once was, there is no need to panic. Once you determine what is causing your grass to die, you can begin treating it and bringing it back to life. Some cases, however, require more work than others. If you need the help of highly experienced professional to revive a dying lawn, contact us at Executive Landscaping for more information about our residential landscaping services.

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Insect And Disease Control Is Important

Hot summers can leave lawns susceptible to insect infestations and disease. Bugs like fire ants, fleas, chinch bugs, and mosquitoes thrive in hot weather. Some of these insects wont just ruin your familys time outside, theyll ruin your lawn as well. If this happens to you, learn more about our insect and disease control treatments & get protected today.

Keep Your Grass Longer

Mow your grass on a higher setting. Longer grass will allow for the establishment of longer roots, which can reach more moisture in the soil even when the weather is hot and dry. Keeping grass longer will prevent it from drying out too quickly and ensure that roots are better protected by the longer blades.

Mowing the grass too short can cause damage. It can leave the lawn scorched to the point where the grass may not be able to recover. Luckily, this problem is totally avoidable. As a general practice, avoid mowing your grass shorter than three to three-and-a-half inches or cutting more than one-third of its height at once. Mowing more frequently will make it easier to mow to the right length while still adhering to these guidelines.

Keep in mind that if you choose to mow your grass short, you will have to water it more often and more lightly. Light and frequent watering will cause shorter roots. In turn, this increases stress during droughts.

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Tips For Summer Lawn Care

Dont you hate it when the grass is greener at your next door neighbors place? Follow these tips to manifest the lawn of your life.

Dont you hate it when the grass is greener at your next door neighbors place? This summer you could have the lawn that turns everyones eyes green with envy and admiration, but youve got to get on it right now! Follow these tips to manifest the lawn of your life.

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