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What Should I Pay For Lawn Mowing

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Lawn Mowing Service Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

Should I Pay Taxes on Lawn Care Profits?
  • Expect the Lawn Mowing Service prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
  • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
  • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out for Lawn Mowing Service costs.
  • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Lawn Fertilization Service tools and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
  • Lawn Mowing Service isnt an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a landscaping company to perform the work for you. Landscaping companies will most always get better prices on Lawn Mowing Service saving your back and additional costs of Lawn Mowing Service, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

How Often Do You Want To Have Your Lawn Mowed

There are some instances in which a homeowner only wants to have their lawn mowed every once in a while. They might call on a lawn care service to cut their lawn when theyre away on vacation or when theyve had a long week at work and dont have time to mow.

When this is the case, most lawn care services will extend one price to their customers. But when customers agree to have their lawn mowed by a service on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer seasons, theyll often get access to a differentsee: lowerprice.

Lawn care services are open to charging their regular customers less than their one-time customers to show their appreciation to them. Theyre also able to get into a routine when cutting these lawns so that they take them less time overall.

You might be able to score a great deal on grass cutting services by scheduling regular mows as opposed to only scheduling them every so often.

Should I Hire A Lawn Service Or Mow The Lawn Myself


May 25, 2012

My wife and I bought our first house in August, 2011. It was a foreclosure and it definitely needed some TLC, both inside and out. Immediately, my wife and I began to tackle the projects inside the house , but as for the exterior and the landscape, we knew that this would have to wait until the next spring. The only thing we did tend to was the lawn. Since we didnt own a lawnmower and the end of summer was upon us, we had my father-in-law come over a couple of times to whack it down to size. It wasnt a long-term solution, but it got us through the season.

Its Spring Again

Well, now its spring time again, which meant my wife and I had to think about the lawn again. You might think that the decision is simple. Hiring a lawn service is most likely expensive and a lawn mower purchase would reduce the monthly bills, but theres actually quite a lot of variables to consider.

How Much Would It Cost Me to Mow My Own Lawn?

First, how much would it cost for me to buy a push mower? If I got a good deal, I could probably get a new one for $150. Or, if I searched around Craigslist for a while, I could probably get a used one for $75. Tack on gas, oil, and repairs for the summer, and we might be looking at about $125 for the first season and then $50 per season after that.

Assuming that it would take 45 minutes for me to push-mow our yard and weed-whack, how much would it cost me with the expenses mentioned above?

First Season

Each Season After

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Whats Not Included In The Cost Of Lawn Care Services

Every company is different, but for the most part, the cost of lawn care services includes:

Additionally, many companies will come to your home free of charge between visits for touch ups or re-dos for problem areas. Some companies also include post-emergent crabgrass control in their lawn care prices.

Its important to point out, however, that some lawn care services cost extra. These extra services could include aeration, overseeding, grub control and insect control.

When you compare lawn care programs, be sure to pay as much attention to what is NOT included as what is. Some of these services are infrequently needed, but make sure your lawn care company explains what the potential costs could be.

Diy Lawn Care Vs Hiring True Lawn Care Service

Why Should I Pay Someone for Lawn Care?

Buying and maintaining all your equipment is costly.; On the other hand, hiring our professional team will free you up to complete other home projects or fun outside activities.;;

;Our goal is to provide you a clean worry-free yard where you will be able to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.; Its time for you to put that mower away and let TLC take care of your lawns. Our expert team of landscapers and lawn mowing crews we have the best lawn mowing services without compromising and great quality. We understand the landscape services required in your yard and how to better-fit the services. You can try out our services and then we can address individual concerns as we progress. Our services are priced competitively in the market place.

We are your local lawn mowing service providers ready to be at your doorstep.; Schedule a free consultation for all your lawn care needs with us today. ;For more info on our mowing service

For tips on how to do your own lawn care check out The Yard Pro;

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C What’s Included In A Lawn Maintenance Vs Lawn Care Service

Some companies offer more than standard lawn care packages. They might offer fertilizer or weed control applications. They’ll also provide tips for the types of grass that work best in different climates and with different soils.

A full-care lawn service can even install new grass or lay pallets of sod. For physical landscape changes like tree pruning or shrub removal, consider hiring a landscaper instead.

Dont Forget To Price Special Services And Materials Differently

Special services like mowing, mulching, and weed control and fertilization application should be priced accordingly, rather than lumped into one cost.

Jason explains that these are actually very different services because they require different types of labor.

Weed control and fertilization, for example, is typically a one-person operation, so your labor is cut downand that one person can actually generate a lot more revenue than one person can mowing, he explains.

But there are expenses in the weed control: the actual fertilizer, weed control product, labor, and drive timeall those things are factors.

The main thing Im concerned with is how big the actual yard is, and the actual amount of turf that Im going to be applying the fertilizer or herbicide to. The bigger the yard, the more of the product Im using. Thats my biggest expense, Jason explains.

So, Im pricing strictly based on the square footage. I need to get an accurate measurement of the square footage of the lawn so that I know how to price it. Then I use a pricing chart that shows square footage from 2,000 square feet all the way up to 30,000 square feet.

I can then look at my pricing chart and give them a price quickly. So as the square footage goes up, the price per square foot actually goes down.

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Does Your Company Use A Gas Mower

Fluctuating gas prices will have an affect on the cost of your lawn mowing and trimming services if your service provider uses a gas mower. Some companies will reflect those prices in their cost per service each time, while other companies may update their pricing yearly. For example, a company may increase prices by $5-$10 after a year if gas prices have continued to climb, but they won’t change their prices on a week-by-week basis.

Some companies use only electrical mowers and trimmers, so fluctuations in gas prices don’t affect them. Their equipment runs from pre-charged batteries or through extension cords plugged into your electrical outlets.

Cost Of Weeding Your Lawn

How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

Wedding your lawn is also very important maintenance. Removing unwanted and unsightly weeds is a sure way to improve the appearance of your lawn. If you have a regular lawn care professional who does your weekly mowing and trimming, you can ask them to get rid of the weeds on their next visit. There are a couple ways to go about weeding your lawn. You can pull them regularly or you can kill them with chemicals designed for the job for a more permanent solution.

The average cost of weeding is about $12 and $40 per hour, depending on which method you choose and how many weeds you have. Using weed killer is usually the more expensive route and cost closer to the $25 – $40 per hour mark since you are paying for labor and the chemicals.

Many weed killers are environmentally safe and pet friendly, but some are not. Be sure to consult a lawn care professional before making decisions on which path to take.

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The Bottom Line On Hiring A Lawn Care Provider Vs Diy Lawn Care

Time to compare… It would take about $36 to cut your lawn yourself. With about 30 times a year, that;equals out to $1,080 to cut your own lawn each year.;

Choosing a credible company would be about $45- $50 per 1/2 acre lawn. Multiply that by 30 mowings per year, that;equals out to $1,350 a year.That is only really saving you $270 a year.

Even worse, it will take about seven years to recover the $1,750 that was invested in equipment.;

That is not even including replacing or repairing equipment that breaks.;

So, will you save yourself the headache, time, and money and hire a trusted company?;

Or do it yourself?

Is There Anything Else Your Lawn Will Need Outside Of Mowing

While you have a lawn mowing service at your home working on your lawn, you might call on them to provide you with some other services. These services may include:

  • Weed whacking
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulching

You dont have to sign up for any of these services if you dont want to. But most lawn cutting services will offer them to you if you think they would help make your lawn and landscaping look their best.

Just be prepared to pay a little extra for each additional service that you tack on top of lawn mowing. Every company charges different prices for these kinds of lawn services.

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Post By Crazylucky On Apr : 4: 22 Gmt

soxin2 said:Um… Are any of you in a HCOL?It’s moving to HCOL, but no. ;For a 9 yr old though? ;Typically they still need a lot of oversight and help with things, plus they can’t work with major/machine operated tools. ;The quality of work from a 9 year old IMO is no where near a professional mowing company. ;I tend to think of it more as a chore the child is helping with, rather than a job they are doing.For paying minimum wage discussion…I thought labor law says under 12 doesn’t require minimum wage? ;Should it be a requirement? ;And if it is paid, should taxes be withheld?
soxin2 said:Um… Are any of you in a HCOL?We are MCOL. PDX metro area. Lawn care isn’t that expensive here, but it’s a weekly fee for like 9 months. Our pros move super fast, it only takes them 20 minutes to do 5k sq feet of grass.
referal code for 20% off!DD1 “J” born 3/2003 DD2 “G” born 4/2011 DS is here! “H” born 2/2014m/c#3 1-13-13 @ 9 weeks m/c#2 11-11-12 @ 5w2dI am an extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, pro marriage equality, birth control lovin’, Catholic mama.

How Much To Pay For Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Service Funkstown, MD
behind your left sho

Spike99 wrote: My place is approx 1/3 acre – flat land. It takes approx 45 minutes for me to cut the grass – using my “push behind” Honda lawn mower. I suppy the lawn mower, gas and oil. I pay a 14 year old kid a flat rate of $3 to cut the back and $2 to cut the front. It takes him “turle speed” 1 hour to cut the grass. Hiring a kid works for me….


Spike99 wrote: My place is approx 1/3 acre – flat land. It takes approx 45 minutes for me to cut the grass – using my “push behind” Honda lawn mower. I suppy the lawn mower, gas and oil. I pay a 14 year old kid a flat rate of $3 to cut the back and $2 to cut the front. It takes him “turle speed” 1 hour to cut the grass. Hiring a kid works for me….


Spike99 wrote: My place is approx 1/3 acre – flat land. It takes approx 45 minutes for me to cut the grass – using my “push behind” Honda lawn mower. I suppy the lawn mower, gas and oil. I pay a 14 year old kid a flat rate of $3 to cut the back and $2 to cut the front. It takes him “turle speed” 1 hour to cut the grass. Hiring a kid works for me….


lamborghinireventon wrote: I don’t think I would want a kid to work on my lawn…i am talking of these professional companies who do lawn mowing and other maintenence on the lawn..any idea how much it should cost me..i have called some companies to give me price quote and will let you guys know..


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Popular Lawn Care Services & Costs

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Landscaper Insurance

Prices you will pay for lawn services will vary based on your yard size, the location of property, current health of the yard, and if it’s a residential or commercial property. Climate also makes a big difference, especially in wet climates. This will dramatically increase your yearly cost because the rate of growth of your grass.

Typically, a lawn care service provider will provide a quote based on the square feet of the yard and if there are any obstacles. This means you can get a fairly accurate lawn care quote just from a phone call or instantly here on HomeGuide.

First Set A Price For Lawn Mowing Services

Wondering how much lawn care costs, including mowing? Short answer, it depends. Here are a few factors that can influence what you charge:

Your experience: Seasoned lawn care professionals can charge more for their services. But when youre building your customer base, you may need to start with a lower price point. Then, once you get a few customers under your belt, you can raise them incrementally.

The location of your business: Theres an amount that people in your area are willing to pay for lawn care services. Do some research to find out that amount. Higher-end neighborhoods and businesses will often pay more. Meanwhile, lower-income neighborhoods usually want lower pricesor they might not need your services at all. Call a few lawn care companies in your area. Ask their prices. Then use those numbers as a starting point on how to price your lawn care services.

If you work with businesses or residents: Most commercial businesses who value quality are willing to pay top dollar. Homeowners, on the other hand, may be more budget conscious. Caveatall of this depends on your area, of course. Poke around. Do some research. Find out which clients are willing to pay more in your area.

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So What Is A Fair Rate

No doubt about it, the consensus among the lawn care services who participated in our poll is that the average charge for professional lawn mowing services is around $1 per minute of grass cutting.

Put another way, let’s say it takes your lawn mowing service 30 minutes to mow your yard by himself. You can figure the $30 per lawn mowing is a fair price to pay based on average market pricing.

Now let’s say he has a helper and there are 2 men on the lawn care team?

Well, then he needs to be in and out of your lawn in 15-20 mins for that $30 price.;

Make sense?

So How Much Should I Charge For Lawn Mowing

Should I Buy Lawn Mowing Accounts

As you can see, so many different variables go into establishing a cost. Its important to do whats best for you, but having some structure is a good idea. Perhaps create a scoring system for each factor that affects your cost. This way, you can match up a score with an appropriate figure when quoting a client.

There’s some helpful information in the forum of the Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia, where you can gain hands on advice from other professionals on what to charge specifically. The below video from Lawn Care Life goes into the different factors that go into pricing your lawn mowing services.

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Monthly Lawn Service Cost

If you contract for a monthly service, you may get lower rates than you would for a one-time service. Keep in mind that monthly service plans are only for weekly or biweekly mows and service. Most companies do not offer plans with three-week or monthly mows. Most monthly service plans are around $200 to $250 a month for a 3,000 to 5,000-square-foot lawn. Costs are higher or lower for differently sized yards.

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