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What Is Sunday Lawn Care

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Sunday Weed Control Products

I bought too many Sunday lawn care kits

Weeds are part of lawn care. But most traditional weed control products contain harsh chemicals that are connected to a variety of health and environmental problems. As unwanted as weeds may be, using toxic chemicals to remove them is just not worth the risk, especially when there is a better and easier way. Our goal is to reduce pesticide use by helping you grow a strong, lush lawn that crowds out weeds naturally. When weeds do poke through, our targeted approach will take care of the weeds with as little product as possible. That way we can get rid of the weeds with as little disruption to your natural lawn ecosystem as possible.

Application Of Fast Acting Lime

A week after removing the lawn moss from both sides of the backyard, manually dethatching and applying MOSS OUT!, I indiscriminately emptied approximately 15 lb. of Encap Fast Acting Lime to our entire backyard. I used Penningtons chart to arrive at this number based on our backyards pH level of 5.0~5.25.

This was done to bump up the pH level to a desirable range for lawn grass to grow. This pH range also help inhibit the growth of lawn moss, dandelions, crabgrass and clovers out as they are attracted to acidic soil.

When Should I Apply My Lawn Care Products

This Sunday Lawn Care review found that the service lists their very own Sunday Lawn Care instructions guide on how to apply their products:

  • Preferably apply Sunday products in the morning or evening
  • Only apply the products onto lawns that are well watered, but do not apply when rain is forecasted for 24 hours
  • Do not mow within 2 days of application, either before or after

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Sunday Lawn Care Before & After Examples

Here is a great example from a Sunday Smart Lawn Care user that shows half of a lawn of a duplex where one side is being treated with Sunday and the other nothing. I dont need to tell you which is which.

Here is another example showing the greening affect that Sunday can do for you. The filter on the camera may be making it darker than it is but still captures the difference on how Sunday can give you a deeper green and healthier look.

Scotts Turf Builder Thickr Lawn Day

Sunday Lawn Care: Hands

The Scotts ThickR Lawn overseeding began to sprout in exactly six days. Ambient temperature was 58° lows at night and 73° high in the day with an average of 62°. After 10 days, the grass seedlings were emerging everywhere, growing at a height of ½ to 1 with some patches forcing their way up and through clover fields, shooting through residual lawn moss patches and competing for space. I believe the Scotts Thickr Lawn treatment would sprout sooner had the weather been slightly warmer. After the 4th week and allowing the new seedlings to firmly establish, I applied MOSS OUT! and got rid of any residual lawn moss, raked off the blackened moss and overseeded with the leftover Thickr Lawn.

The quintessential trick to get the grass seeds to germinate is maintaining a moist soil. It is imperative that the soil remains moist, but not soggy, at all time. To achieve this, the sprinklers may need to be turned on at least twice a day for a minimum of two full weeks.

If you water your lawn twice or three times a week, it is not sufficient and your overseeded grass seeds will not germinate. They will probably be picked up by birds and other vermin. You need to water your lawn twice a day, everyday for two weeks.

As you can see from the photos, Scotts claim that Thickr Lawn is guaranteed to produce greener and thicker lawn is true. In just 11 days, the Scotts treated side of the yard is noticeably darker green and thicker.

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Does Sunday Lawn Care Have Grass Seed

Grass Seed is available for purchase any time, for individual sale or to add on to your lawn plan. If you are already a Sunday customer, you can add-on seed at anytime from your account page.

Similarly, Will existing grass fill in bare spots?

Consider perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue or tall fescue, all bunch-type cool-season lawn grasses that can be used to fill bare spots. Note that tall fescue should only be used to fill in bare spots in an existing tall fescue lawn.

Additionally, Is Sunday grass seed good? Sunday Grass Seed Blends

The thick emerald green blades have a 99.9% weed free guarantee and are ideal for full sun or light shade areas. The most heat tolerant of the cool season grasses, Fescue grass seed is ideal for cool and transitional climates.

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Is Sunday Lawn Care Legit

Sunday lawn care checks almost all of the boxes. The subscriptions dont include weed control because it is an all-natural product, but by creating a healthier and fuller lawn, Sundays product will still help you choke out the weeds. And because it is all-natural, it is safe for your family to be around, which is worth any downside to not including weed control. Based on our review, Sunday Lawn Care is a way more legitimate option than traditional lawn care services, so long as you dont mind spraying down the application yourself.

We also appreciate that

Sunday Lawn Care

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Does Sunday Lawn Care Include Pest Control

Sunday Lawn Care does not include any kind of pesticide or pest control substance. They promote Integrated Pest Management . IPM can eliminate the need for pesticides by proactively building overall lawn health.

Being proactive with disease, pests, or weeds is the key to minimizing environmental impact. In other words, keep a close eye on your lawn. If issues come up, treat them immediately! Pull weeds right away, overseed thin areas, and treat any fungus as soon as possible. This method will minimize the need for chemicals that can impact the ecosystem.

Scotts Lawn Care Program Review

Sunday Lawn Mowing

If youve spent hours going to and from one of the large lawn and garden stores like I have, then you will be familiar with Scotts. This might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. If you are hesitant to try new brands, this is excellent news because Scotts offers an annual lawn care program accessible from their website.

If you prefer more modern technologies and companies, particularly those with eco-friendly and natural products, you might be frustrated you havent heard of Scotts newer competitors. Scotts Turf Builder is perhaps their most-used product, and it works. I have used it myself in the past. Turf Builder is designed to work during any season, so it is convenient to be sure, but it is not exactly safe and organic like competitor products.

Scotts didnt get to be such a big player by accident. They offer a variety of useful products to meet your seasonal and climate needs. The annual lawn care program is just the icing on the cake for their loyal customers.

Unlike most of the other options, you will need a spreader to apply Scotts product. This may not be a problem if you have used their product in the past, as you probably already have a spreader, but it is a different application process than applying liquid fertilizer with a hose. The big downside here is that Scotts products lean synthetic and less naturally earth-friendly, but we will let you decide the best option for your lawn.

Scotts Lawn Care Program: The Verdict


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Sustainable Lawn Care Startup Sunday Nearly Triples Funding With $50 Million Series C

Sunday offers a subscription service of sustainable lawn care products.


Coulter Lewis has become immersed in organic farming practices over the past decade as he helped his wife build their natural snack company, Quinn Snacks spending time with the brands underlying growers and suppliers out in the fields. So when he bought a house and headed to the store to pick up lawn care products in 2018, he was expecting to find some of the natural options he was used to. Instead he had what he described as an Erin Brockovich moment. I had just been at an organic farm in Nebraska, and then being at a home improvement store I remember being like, this is really wrong, Lewis tells Forbes. It was a pretty stark moment. Despite the grass grown in private backyards technically being one of the largest crops in the U.S., there werent natural options like the ones he was used to seeing farmers use, but designed for a lawn. He decided to change that.

Richmond Hill Opts Out Of Cannabis Retail

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Fence and Pool Enclosure By-law

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The By-law also outlines requirements of pool enclosures. Homeowners must get a Pool Enclosure Permit before installing a pool on their property. For more information on obtaining a Pool Enclosure Permit please visit our Site Alteration and Pool Enclosure Permits page.

For more information on fence and pool enclosure requirements please view the Fence By-law.

Fireworks By-law

Richmond Hill’s Fireworks By-law No. 77-10 regulates the sale and use of fireworks in the City of Richmond Hill.

For more information on firework requirements please view the Fireworks Permit and Safety Tips page.

Grass and Weeds By-law

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So Does Get Sunday Work

Get Sunday does work and its efficient liquid delivery method results in greener and fuller grass quicker than the granule type slow release fertilizer that Scotts manufacture. Get Sundays mission is to provide easy lawn care products using alternative natural supplements, such as seaweed extract and molasses, devoid of toxic ingredients commonly found in off the shelf lawn care products at big home repair stores. This natural approach to lawn care will certainly attract a niche market of dedicated followers.

The drawback is that Get Sunday is still only a lawn fertilizer. It does not combat lawn moss , weeds nor prevent insect infestation, including grubs among other variables . To alleviate the aforementioned lawn ailments, you will still need to purchase additional soil amendment to treat them. Get Sunday announced natural weed killer as an add-on product for $20, but as of this entry, the product is not ready for prime time.

The Sunday fertilizer bag has transparent side strip that allows you to easily see the volume of the bag.

However, the cheap plastic custom hose nozzle that is included with the starter kit does not shut off properly even in the OFF position. I temporarily placed our garden hose fitted with the Sunday nozzle on the OFF position on our lawn, ran inside to make coffee and returned to see a puddle of brown liquid about a foot and a half radius surrounding the Sunday bag. I estimated a loss of 1/2 cup of Sunday fertilizer.

Sunday Lawn Care Recap

Sunday Lawn Care: Special Mention on The 100 Best ...

Sunday Lawn Care provides professional lawn services where you can find customizable plans with high-quality products at an affordable price. Sunday has created a system that gives you, the customer, exactly what your lawn needs exactly when you need it.

Sunday recognizes that your lawn is home to a whole ecosystem of you, your family, pets, birds, bugs, and more. They use The Sunday Way to support a healthy lawn thats full of life. We dont think it gets much better than that!

Visit Sundays Website to get a quote on a custom lawn care plan today!

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care

The founders started Sunday Lawn Care with a simple mission to nourish their lawns without a bunch of chemicals. They wanted to create a product that fed grass but also maintained a healthy ecosystem.

Their website states that they give an unspecified portion of every sale to One Percent for the Planet.

Sunday Lawn Care Pros & Cons

After our review, we rated Sunday Lawn Care a 65 out of 100, and named them the Best for DIY Lawn Care.

Many homeowners have preferences when it comes to their home services companies. To help you decide, weve identified pros and cons for Sunday based on reviews and plan options.

Diverted more than 10,000 pounds of pesticides from lawns in 2019 Uses non-harmful ingredients like seaweed, molasses, and iron in its products Cheaper than full-service lawn care plans Nutrient packs are tailored to the climate of your area

Doesnt offer pre-emergent weed control products Some customer complaints have mentioned missing ingredients when first delivered

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Things To Consider Before Buying

Lawn care services can save you time while upping the curb appeal of your home. They are especially valuable for those with large yards or who lack the knowledge to keep their lawn looking its best throughout the year.

But picking any lawn service doesnt guarantee a good-looking yard or less hassle for you. To make sure you get the kind of service and the kind of results you want, you need to consider a number of things before picking your lawn care service. Things like:

Plans & Services Of Sunday Lawn Care


Founded in Colorado by two brothers who wanted to improve lawn care and reduce chemical-laced products that can negatively impact people and pets, products from Sunday are designed to easily and effectively treat your lawn using the exact non-toxic nutrients your lawn needs.

To start, enter your home address on Sundays secure site. Using satellite imagery, property data, historical weather data, and soil composition, Sunday creates and sends a free, immediate analysis of the soil, the condition of the lawn, and the climate where you live to help determine which products you need most.

The company offers a variety of nutrient packets including:

  • Heat Helper: Supports grass growth and helps prepare lawn for peak heat
  • Iron Booster: Includes nitrogen and reusable hose end sprayer
  • Grass Machine: Covers up to 3,000 square feet and designed to strengthen roots and produce deep-green blades
  • Grass Powerhouse: Features seaweed kelp abstract, made for growing deep-green, lush lawns
  • Green Out: Includes a potassium macronutrient, manganese micronutrient, and a micronutrient blend for maximum color and health
  • Lawn Strength: Features nitrogen, molasses, and food hydrolysate

With its goal to provide a new American lawn and to support the entire ecosystem, Sunday uses cutting-edge plant science to formulate its special non-toxic, nutrient-packed blends for healthy, bright yards.

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How Does The Subscription Work

When you sign up for a subscription, Sunday will use your physical address to determine an initial regional soil analysis. They even capture your address with Google Maps and mark up your lawn to verify lawn size . Sunday emailed me and had me verify that the mapping was correct.

You receive a lawn care subscription box with your initial application at the beginning of the season that includes your fertilizer and a hose spray connector that you will want to keep for future applications.

The hose spray connector screws on snuggly and has an on-off valve. You simply turn on the water and begin spraying. As you do, the solution mixes with water from the hose and sprays out in a fan pattern. Thoroughly cover the lawn until the bag is empty. Easy peasy.

Compared to traditional dry fertilizer that you apply with a spreader, this is a little more hands-on. You fan the spray back and forth applying a generous amount of the fertilizer as you go. I like that Im watering the grass at the same time that Im applying it.

I work backwards when doing this. I start at a back corner of the yard and work my way back, covering the area as I go. I think this is really a matter of personal preference though. Since it is made from natural ingredients, theres really no reason you cant work forwards and walk over the covered area.

Lawnbright Lawn Care Review

The Lawnbright solution is one of the newest lawn care solutions on the market, but there are few distinct features that make it one of the most exciting products we have reviewed. The product shares many characteristics with Sunday Lawn Care, which we are big fans of, such as ingredients you can pronounce. Think of ingredients like seaweed and molasses, which both provide proper nutrition to your soil. Like Sunday, Lawnbright does better than simply shooting your grass blades up with nitrogen. Lawnbright improves the health of your yards ecosystem.

So how is Lawnbright different? Were glad you asked because there are a few main reasons Lawnbright should be at the top of your list. First is this: Lawnbright is the only company we have found to offer a natural weed control product, which comes as part of the Lawnbright subscription. Technically, it is a weed pre-emergent, but this is a


If you already have weeds in your yard, your best course of action is to pull them by hand, but then you can put down some of Lawnbrights pre-emergent weed control, and it will reduce crabgrass growth by up to 86%! Its a corn gluten meal product, so it will be safe for your pets and family, just like the rest of Lawnbrights product portfolio.

Lawnbright Lawn Care: How It Works?

Lawnbright Lawn Care: The Verdict


  • checkPet Spot Remover Available
  • checkNatural Insect Repellent Available

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