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What Is The Best Battery Lawn Mower

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Disadvantages Of A Cordless Mower

Best battery powered lawn mowers in 2022 (Cordless)

There are some downsides to cordless lawn mowers. Lets take a look at them so you have all the facts in order to make a good choice.

  • More Expensive

Mostly because of the battery technology, cordless lawn mowers tend to be more expensive than a corded option. They are still generally slightly cheaper than petrol lawn mowers, but of course this depends on the spec and features provided.

You also have to factor in the fact that batteries will need to be replaced. The average lifespan, depending on the battery and usage, is 3 to 5 years. Batteries cost a fair amount of money, so it is important to consider this future cost when investing in a cordless lawn mower. Remember, that batteries can be shared across a range of garden tools from the same manufacturer, mitigating some of the initial battery cost as bare tool models are available.

  • Cordless Lawn Mower Run-Time and Charge Time

You have to remember that batteries only last so long. It will depend on the lawn mower you use as well as the condition and length of the grass. On average, your cordless lawn mower will last between 25 and 60 minutes before the battery needs to be recharged or changed. Damp or long grass will use more battery power and reduce the run time. For this reason cordless mowers work extremely well when a regular lawn care schedule is followed.

  • Less Power

Top Pick Greenworks Pro 21

The GreenWorks Model GLM801601 mower came as our pick for the battery powered lawn mowers in 2021. It has a bunch of amazing features that any homeowner will love. GreenWorks is a relatively newcomer to the home & yard care industry, but dont let that bother you. They make an extremely high quality product which can be seen in the GLM801601 mower. With this battery lawn mower you get one 80V lithium battery and charger . You also have a 7 way, single lever grass height adjustment which can handle even the tallest grass. 3 in 1 bagging, mulching & discharge ability.

The handle collapses for easy storage and transportation. This model has a 21 cut width and weighs in at 74.1 pounds, which surprisingly makes it very easy to push and maneuverable around borders and other objects. This mower has over 1 hours of charge time and has enough power to tackle just about any lawn. The GreenWorks Pro GLM801601 also has power adjusting technology which senses the grass height and increases or decreases power as needed to help save the battery. With over 770 5 star ratings at Amazon, others also agree that this is a solid push lawn mower, with plenty of power on tap. A bonus is if you already own a leaf blower by GreenWorks, the batteries are the same. Sweet!

Buying Guide For Best Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

The battery of a riding lawn mower is a key part of the machine. With the right battery, you can perform a simple electric start with a key. Without the right battery, however, your riding lawn mower will not work properly.

Note that the battery of a riding lawn mower differs from the rechargeable battery found on some electric push mowers. It also differs from the battery found in a car because, unlike a car, a riding mower does not have an alternator that charges the battery as the machine operates.

A riding lawn mower battery looks pretty simple, and in some ways, it is. Simply connect the correct battery cable to the correct battery terminal and away you go. However, you cant place just any battery in your riding lawn mower because you must use the size and design compatible with your model of mower.

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Worx Wg789 19 In Self

Weight: 91 lbs. Height range: 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 in. Battery: 36V, 11 Ah lead acid

This self-propelled Worx cordless lawn mower includes a Pacesetter feature that matches the speed of the mower to your walking speed. We thought it felt a little weird at first, but it doesnt take long to get used to. This is a powerful lawn mower that we think could easily replace a gas mower for most yards. Like the smaller Worx cordless lawn mower, this one has the IntelliCut feature that allows you to switch from quiet to power mode.

Ego Power+ 21 Inch 56

Top 10 Best Cordless Mower in 2021 Review

Youve probably seen some of the commercials on TV for the EGO line of cordless yard equipment, including the EGO Power + electric lawn mower. The first thing I thought when I saw the advertisement was how cool and modern the mower looked. They did a very nice job on the aesthetics of the EGO Power+ battery mower. So much so that it makes you want to go mow the grass . But it does have some style, thats for certain. This model is self-propelled, so you will have no problem mowing hilly yards and thicker grass.

As for features and performance, its extremely quiet, has a good bit of power and features a 56 volt battery which gives you up to 2 miles of mowing time. This mower folds up into a very compact unit that makes storage a breeze. If youre like me, where garage space is at a premium, youll be more than satisfied with how little space this mower need when folded down.

A few other cool items to note are the 5 year tool / 3 year battery warranties. LED headlights for those times when you just have to mow your lawn at 2:00am, and multi-adjust height settings for getting the perfect cut.

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How High Should You Cut Your Grass

Although it might seem simple at first, choosing a cutting height for your lawn actually depends on the type of grass you have. If you live in northern parts of the US, your grass will typically be cool-season grass. Select a cutting height of between two and three inches high.

If youre based in the southern regions, aim for a cutting height of two inches. Wherever youre based, dont be tempted to cut the grass shorter than two inches as this can damage it and youll end up with a sad looking lawn.

What Is The Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Looking for an answer to the question: What is the best cordless lawn mower? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: What is the best cordless lawn mower?

BestElectric LawnMoweron the Market. Black & Decker CM1936 is considered one of the bestbatterypoweredlawnmowerreviews with more than 451 Amazon reviewers giving it 4 stars. It costs just under $400 online. It has a 19 inch deck and weighs about 72 pounds.

Husqvarnais one of the best-known names in the lawn equipment industry, which is why weve chosen the Husqvarna TS348XD as the Best Upgrade Riding mower in the mid-size 48-inch Deck class and one of the best riding lawn tractors overall. Thanks to the exceptional 24-horsepower V-Twin engine, this Husqvarna Rider offers plenty of power!

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Are Battery Lawn Mowers Better Than Petrol

If you are looking for something that is eco-friendly, then a cordless lawn mower is always going to be the better option. However, generally these mowers are not as powerful as their petrol-powered counterparts. That said, many modern manufacturers are doing an excellent job at making their cordless mowers a decent rival to petrol in terms of power and run time, however are more costly. To learn more about cordless vs petrol lawn mower, see my article Petrol vs Cordless Lawn Mower Which Is Best?

Stihl Rma 510 V: Best Electric Lawn Mower For Ease Of Use

Best Battery Lawnmower and Gas Mower Review [24 Models Tested]
Reasons to avoid

The Stihl RMA 510 V might be a self-propelled mower but it’s still one of the easiest battery mowers out there. By easy we mean simple single point adjustments for height or bag removal and easy slide in batteries.

You get a dual battery bay meaning a good long life with up to 2.8mph assist and 2,500 square feet of cutting on a charge, aka 45 minutes on a single battery.

At 80dB this is also a quiet mower and you get a decent three year limited warranty from a company that’s known for building quality products that last.

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Worx Wg779 40v Power Share 40 Ah 14 Lawn Mower

Worx is another highly popular brand if you are looking for electric and battery-powered power tools. And its lawn mower offering is also a battery-powered model for ease of use.

Worxs WG779 battery-powered lawn mower is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is one of the cheapest options available out there. As a result, it can be an excellent option for a lot of users who are on a budget. It has a 14-inch blade size that makes it one of the more compact options out there so that you can easily store this lawn mower in your garage when not in use. This blade is powered by a decently powerful 40-volt battery for decent power.

A great thing about this lawn mower is that it offers 4.0 Ah batteries that provide a long battery life so that you can use it for a long time without any issues. It uses two 20 volt batteries that share their power to get maximum output from the motor while cutting grass. It has a total of 3 adjustable cutting heights that make this lawn mower quite versatile for cutting grass as per your needs and requirements.

Best Features:

What Is The Best Battery Lawn Mower To Buy

One may also ask, are battery operated lawn mowers any good? 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower Kit. The EGO electric lawn mower has more than 3,000 5-star reviews from users who say it’s amazingly easy to use and store. Many say its runtime is much longer than other battery-powered products, and it can cut through thick grass better than expected.

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Ryobi 38 Battery Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower in Ride-On Category

This is our careful selection for the best electric ride-on lawn mower. It runs on 48v batteries and recharges conveniently by connecting to an average 120v outlet the charger cord extends from the mower rear. The 38-inch deck width reduces mowing time with fewer passes, while 2 blades cut super quickly, efficiently, and with impressive power. You can change the cutting height manually with 12 different adjustments.

This option is a glimpse into the future of mowing. With zero emissions and a quiet run, the included USB charging port is a convenient addition, too.

What A Terminal Is

The Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower for Yard Care

The terminals on a battery are the places where you connect the battery cables from the mower. The cables pull electrical power from the battery and deliver it to the mowers starter.

In a mower battery, these are U-shaped pieces of metal that extend from the top of the battery case. You connect the metal ring on the end of the battery cable to the terminal with a bolt and nut.

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The Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2021

We tested the most popular electric lawn mowers on the market in 2021. When the grass clippings settled, we decided these are our top picks.

No longer tethered by a cord like their primitive predecessors, today’s battery-powered electric lawn mowers are more powerful than before — that’s important when you’re trying to keep your yard in tip-top shape year-round. That said, today’s battery mowers come in a wide range of prices and capabilities. I found over the course of this testing that there’s a huge variation in how well a battery powered lawn mower performs compared with how it’s advertised, as well as how well battery mowers performed when compared to a corded electric lawn mower or a gas lawn mower.

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It isn’t just raw performance that’s critical either. Before splurging on one of these machines, you’ll need to consider what types of batteries they use as well. Some mowers rely on batteries that also power popular brands of home power tools. DeWalt, EGO and Ryobi are good examples of this type of cross compatibility. If you already own tools from one of these or similar brands, you may not have to spend extra cash on additional hardware.

Best Cordless Lawn Mower Canada

Best Twin Blade Cordless Lawnmower – Greenworks Twin Force. This has dual blades, and dual batteries that work in Greenworks’ 50 other 40 volt tools. This is the best cordless lawnmower Canada with twin blades. A dual blade mower with SMARTCUT technology, this cordless lawn mower from Greenworks is

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Mountfield Princess 34 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

This mower is powerful yet surprisingly quiet and our testers found a number of the additional features useful. Theres a mulching option, rear roller, vision window in the grass collector to check levels and more. Theres also a choice of six cutting heights and our experts found that the mower handles well on the job.



  • Black cable hard to see

This mower is well thought out with excellent features. Its easy to assemble and folds for storage with a comfortable, foam handle which can be adjusted to a variety of heights. There are five cutting heights to choose from and these are easily changed by a single lever. The grass collection bag has a generous 35L capacity and a full indicator that lets you know when it needs emptying. The mower is relatively quiet and it cuts well, right up to the edge. Its lightweight and comfortable to manoeuvre and our only quibble is the black mower cable, which could be a brighter colour so its easier to see. For just £99.99, this is a great value mower.

  • Height of cut simplest to change
  • Orange cable easy to see


  • Grass box tricky to assemble

What The Volts And Ah Numbers Mean On Cordless Mowers

Best Battery Lawn Mower 2021 | TORO 60V Commercial Lawn Mower Maintenance

Basically volts is the raw power produced by the battery and Ah is code for how long the battery will run. Thats not exactly correct but its a good rule of thumb.

Generally speaking a 2.5 Ah battery will run half as long as a 5 Ah battery and an 80-volt battery will have twice the potential strength of a 40-volt battery.

There is a lot to it though and this article isnt the place to go into the science of it all so if you want to know more about how these batteries work then see this page.

This article is however the place to go for honest assessments of how strong these mowers feel based on my own personal use of them.

To summarize the mowers below Each of these mowers have high voltage batteries that are able to produce a ton of torque. You can save money by buying these mowers packaged with batteries that have lower Ah ratings however most people find the price of getting the higher Ah batteries to be very much worth it.

Most of these mowers can be purchased with your choice of battery configurations. For instance I have a Snapper XD 82-volt push mower that came with two 2.5Ah batteries instead of one 5Ah.

Options like these can be nice especially if you plan on picking up complimentary tools like blowers, trimmers, or snow throwers, etc.

Now starting with this video I published on YouTube lets dig into my summary of the mowers on this list.

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How Much Is A Cordless Lawn Mower

Cordless lawn mowers come in a range of prices. At the lower end of the scale, you can pick up an entry level cordless mower for around £200. A mid-range battery lawn mower may cost you between £200 and £400. However, there are some high-end mowers that can almost reach quadruple figures it all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what power, runtime and features you require.

The Best Cordless Lawn Mower Battery Powered Mowing

Battery powered lawn mowers have a lot of benefits over traditional gas models. They are lighter, they require almost no maintenance and they dont require a trip to the gas pump when you run low on fuel!

But not all cordless electric lawn mowers are alike, or even use the same technology. Some use Li-ion batteries, others use lead acid, and some even use Ni-cd!

And dont even get me started on the electric motor types, the cutting width, the run time, the charge time there are SO many models to choose from and specifications to consider.

But dont stress, in my time as an electronics technician I learned a lot about battery and motor technology and my time as a professional gardener taught me exactly what it is that a mower needs to be the best.

So save yourself some time and take a look through our list of the best cordless lawn mowers and choose one with confidence.

Disclosure:It is important you understand that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. All opinions are our own we pride ourselves on keeping our articles fair and balanced. For more info see our disclosure statement.

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This Is Perfect Cannot Live With It

I’m very happy with this movers’ cutting results. It is very easy to maneuver the mower. This brand mower is easy to operate and maintain. It is also not heavy to women so that I can operate with ease. It is also flexible to collect and clean. Overall, i’m satisfied with it.

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Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like please dont spend any money on me, Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. However, this can be a tricky feat if your mum hasnt told you what kind of gift shed be happy with.

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