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What Is The Best Lawn Edger

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Craftsman E405 Gas Powered Lawn Edger The Best For Simple Use

Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)

With six height positions, the edger can be lifted and lowered, and it comes with a sophisticated 2-step starting to make starting as simple as prime and pull.

You can change the depth of a double-edge blade to create the perfect edge around your walkway, path, or garden beds.

Three sturdy wheels each with treaded tires for better maneuverability drive this lawn edger. Youll have no problem moving it down the sides of your lawn and making straight lines.


  • Expensive
  • The belt may break

The Craftsman edger is highly dependable since it is gas-powered, and the dual-sided customizable steel blade will cut through the thickest roots. The three-wheel arrangement makes it simple to control over any surface and around any corner.

Buying Guide For Best Lawn Edgers

There’s a certain satisfaction to be had when you see a lush, green lawn with clean, straight edges. Especially when that lawn is yours.

On the face of it, it may seem like finding an adequate lawn edger would be no sweat. But when you study the range of edgers available and the variety of price tags out there the task of finding the perfect lawn edger for your needs grows much more daunting.

Thats where we come in. At BestReviews, our aim is to provide consumers with up-to-date, unbiased information about the best products available.

Each edger featured in our product list is a great tool that would satisfy the needs of a certain population of users. Using the product-specific information above and our shopping guide below, were confident that you can find an excellent product to meet your needs.

Alternative: Workpro 3 In 1 Cordless Trimmer Edger And Mini Mower

  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Reach: N/A

If you prefer a battery powered gardening tool and donât need a commercial-grade edger, youâll love everything about the Workpro 3 in 1 Cordless Trimmer, Edger, and Mini Mower.

This compact device is more than just an edger and can replace so many of your usual tools, and theyâre all powered up by the rechargeable 20V lithium-ion battery thatâs included.

The lightweight feel of this set it apart and made it a breeze for people to carry around who usually struggled with power tools like this.

It weighs around 3.5lbs which is phenomenal for something of its size, and this includes the battery attached as well. Although light, it has a speed of 6500RPM which is more than others that weigh twice as much.

In terms of cutting power, itâs not the greatest, and would better suit those who donât plan on making deep trenches in stubborn ground. The Workpro might be lightweight, which helps with control, but you can feel as though youâre having to go over certain areas more than once just to get the desired effect.

This edger can also be used as a mini mower for smaller patches of ground and turns into a string trimmer to complete the job.

It features an automatic feeding spool that can be loaded easily, even if youâve never used one of these devices before. Workpro has designed this to be easy to use and light, suiting gardeners of all capabilities.

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Greenworks 12 Amp Corded Edger 27032

Greenworks 12 Amp Corded Edger 27032

Ive developed a fondness for Greenworks products, both for their reliability and for their inexpensive replacement parts. This one also caught my eye, in part because of their outstanding four-year limited warranty. But its also got an adjustable blade height, a good 12 amp motor, and is constructed well.

Where the Greenworks loses to the WORX is in its handle construction. The WORX model has a double-grip system which is comfortable and easy to use. Greenworks opted for a single-handled model, and while they do offer a pivoting grip so you can set it for your comfort, its just not quite as easy to maneuver.

But its awfully hard to beat that warranty period, and it works well enough, even going about a half inch deeper than the WORX edger typically does. Still an excellent choice, its close to the best electric lawn edger, but is just that hairs breadth away.

Ames makes a solid tool, and this is no exception. This steel-handled manual lawn edger has an added bonus in its serrated blade edge. The teeth help you to cut through tougher sod and sink down into the soil. With a bit of muscle, you can even take on St. Augustine or Bermuda grass.

The only thing that kept this from the top label was the lack of a balanced footplate. You can place your foot on either side of the handle, but then youll need to use arm strength to push down on the other side, or shift your foot to the other side to finish the cut.

Top 7 Best Lawn Edgers And Trenchers In 2021

Best Lawn Edger

Having neat and tidy lawn edges is probably the second most important softscaping task after proper lawn mowing if you want to have a beautiful and healthy landscape. A well-cut edge will give you a crisp, tight, and clean separation from your turf and sidewalks or garden beds. A lawn edger or trencher is a tool specifically designed to create these sharp and defined edges. Today well introduce you to various types of lawn edgers and trenchers, talk about which type is best for various landscapes and lawn types, and give a few tips on what to consider when buying a lawn edger or trencher. Finally, well share our picks for the top 7 best lawn edgers and trenchers in 2021.

  • 3.7.2 Weaknesses:
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    Alternative: Ego Power+ Edger

    • Weight: 22lbs
    • Reach: 8 inch

    If youâd rather not be bound by electrical cords, opting for the best cordless lawn edger is more your style, and makes for a fuss-free edging experience.

    Our favorite in this category is the Ego Power+ Edger, and although itâs an expensive model that costs almost three times the rest of our favorites, it runs like a dream with a larger 8-inch blade that makes light work of your edges.

    Customersâ favorite thing about this edger was its cutting depth, offering a whole lot more than others weâve reviewed.

    The Ego Power can reach down to three inches, so if you prefer the look of a deeper trench or edge and have found others just not capable of achieving it, spending the extra cash on this one will be worth it.

    However, for such an expensive model, there are some letdowns to be found. Firstly, the overall weight of the unit makes it harder to control, which means it takes some getting used to. When you spend this much on an edger you hope that itâll be fuss-free, and it appears the Ego Power is anything but.

    This edger is part of the Ego Power+ Multi Head System which means it can be detached and another attachment secured without having to spend more getting the base powerhead.

    The job is made easier with a variable speed trigger, lock off switch, and depth adjustment knob that lets you go as far down as three inches in the right type of ground.

    Ames 2917200 Border Edger

    This basic border edger is a highly affordable option if you’re looking for something simple. It allows you to create clean edges and borders around your gardens, pathways, and driveway. The arched blade design allows for extra efficiency, as the serrations slice through plants with one step.

    The product comes pre-assembled, so you don’t need to put anything together. At 39 inches, the T-grip handle is the right height for most average-height individuals. An added footplate allows you to cut consistently at the same depth.

    The product is constructed with a strong steel handle. It should last for a long period of time.

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    Buying Guide For Best Gas Lawn Edgers

    Plenty of thought and effort goes into crafting a meticulously gorgeous lawn, especially when it comes to creating boundaries. You may want to show off some parts, like your flower beds, and protect other parts from encroaching weeds, like your sidewalks and pathways. When significant power is required to dig into soil and penetrate dense, rough patches of lawn, you need a gas-powered lawn edger.

    Edgers create boundaries of various widths and depths. You may be interested in an edger for maintenance purposes, aesthetic purposes, or both. Gas lawn edgers are the most powerful edgers available. If you have a big edging project to tackle, a gas-fed edger is an apt choice, especially if you want to get the job done quickly and with precision.

    Whether youre a homeowner or a professional landscaper, this buying guide can help you choose a gas lawn edger. Read on to learn what to expect when using a gas edger, how they compare to other types of edgers and how to go about buying the right one.

    The 10 Best Lawn Edgers Of 2021

    Lawn Edgers Explained! What’s the best lawn edger for a lawn care business?

    by James Petterson | Oct 4, 2021 | Gardening |

    A lawn edger is a tool that can make quick work of a job. If you have some grass growing on the edges of your sidewalk, driveway, or other paved areas, then its time to invest in a quality lawn edger. These tools are designed to cut and trim the edge of an area without damaging any adjacent surfaces.

    In this blog post, we will review 10 different products from top manufacturers so that you can get something for your own home.

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    Why Should I Edge My Lawn

    Here are some reasons you may want to use a lawn edger:

    • You get great definition at the edges of your lawn, whether thats the grass, the flower beds, the walkways, and more.
    • It cuts away overhanging grass and weeds for a tidier finish.
    • You can easily separate different terrains in your yard.
    • A lawnmower cant get into the edges, so a lawn edger can help where a lawnmower fails.
    • You achieve a crisp and tidy finish to your yard, which can help impress potential buyers or just guests that come to your house.
    • It minimizes weed invasion.

    Craftsman String Trimmer / Edger

    If youre on the hunt for the best of the best that a lawn edger can offer, check out this string trimmer from CRAFTSMAN thats being hailed as one of our best lawn edgers that gives you the most premium experience possible.

    A 20-volt string trimmer, you can easily cut your grass or fields using this device with its two-speed settings, and the fully adjustable pole and adjustable blade mean you get complete control over the way you cut your grass.

    However, despite being a string trimmer by design, it does come with an integrated lawn edger. With the ability to cut your lawn and edges at the same time, this is a tool that makes life effortless.

    Pros:+ The device is an electric lawn trimmer and edger in one+ Fully adjustable for complete ergonomic control+ Comes with a three=year warranty and unlimited support

    Cons: The trimmer is not quite as powerful as gas trimmers

    Why We Like It While every aspect of this electric lawn edger and string trimmer is great, you know youll be able to trust it thanks to the three-year warranty that covers every purchase. Any problems, you can get them sorted out straight away for free!

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    Best Lawn Edger: 8 Top

    Quick Navigation

  • Manual
  • The quest for the perfect lawn is endless. We invest in high-quality lawn mowers, in new grass seed, aerators, and lawn sprinklers. But theres something that many people new to lawn maintenance forget: the best lawn edger.

    Lawn edgers can produce clean lines of separation between your grass and the driveway, sidewalk, or garden beds. They reduce damage caused by grass spread to these locations, too. And best of all, they provide a clean, streamlined look to the borders of your yard.

    Yet while there are a number of different choices out there, picking the best lawn edger doesnt have to be a difficult task. Lets go over some reviews, but Ill also share the various types of edgers to help you decide whats best for you.

    Best Gas EdgerCraftsman E405 4-Cycle Gas Lawn EdgerBest Gas Edger
    • 4-cycle engine
    Best ElectricWORX WG896 2-in-1 Electric Lawn EdgerBest Electric
    • Electric 12-amp motor
    Best CordlessRyobi ONE Lithium-Ion Cordless EdgerBest Cordless
    • 18-volt li-on battery
    Best RotaryTruper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn EdgerBest Rotary
    • Hand-powered
    Best ManualGarden Weasel Edge ChopperBest Manual
    • Hand-powered
    Long LastingGreenworks 27032 Electric Corded EdgerLong Lasting
    • Electric 12-amp motor
    Toothed EdgeAMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border EdgerToothed Edge
    • Hand-powered
    Cuts RootsRadius Garden 22011 Root Slayer ShovelCuts Roots
    • Hand-powered
    • Edges even where roots are
    • Lifetime warranty

    Best Gas: Earthquake 23275 Walk

    Best Lawn Edger: Top 5 Reviews &  Buyerâs Guide 2018

    While they do require more upkeep, gas-powered tools like the Earthquake Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger are extremely powerful and precise, making them a better choice for larger jobs. This high-end lawn edger is powered by a 79cc motor that spins a 9-inch steel blade at a speed of 3,400 revolutions per minute, and the pivoting head offers five different cutting angles to tackle any type of job.

    This walk-behind lawn edger has a sturdy four-wheeled design, and you can easily adjust its depth, selecting from five settings between 0.5 and 3.5 inches. The unit includes a durable debris guard that protects you during operation, and it has a built-in holder where you can store hand tools. The Earthquake Lawn Edger is even powerful enough to be used for small trenching tasks, such as the installation of an electric fence.

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    Why Do You Need A Lawn Edger

    That perfectly-manicured lawn wont edge itself!

    In all seriousness, it depends on the type of grass that you have. Creeping grasses like bermuda grass desperately require the use of a lawn edger to prevent spreading. Otherwise, you may find grass climbing over bed edging or even sprawling tendrils out on the sidewalk. This is true of virtually any turf grass and high-traffic grasses. If you spend a lot of time on your lawn, its likely youll want an edger at some point.

    In short, a good lawn edger has a metal blade which will more easily bite through thick mats of grass. If you have a dense, thick carpet of a lawn, youre going to want the extra cutting power that a metal blade will give you over a string trimmer.

    Worx Wg170 Gt Revolution Grass Trimmer/edger/mini

    This innovative 3-in-1 WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower can be used as an edger, a line trimmer, and even as a mini mower for small to medium-sized yards.

    It can be easily converted from a line trimmer into an edger without any tools. So after you have finished trimming your lawn, all you have to do is pull and detach the trimming head, attach the edger tool, turn to lock, and hey presto! You have converted the tool into an edger.

    The trimmer/edger has a generous 12-inches cutting swath with a single-line feed system which means no bumping to extend the line, and the in-line wheels and the adjustable spacer guard helps you to guide the edger along the borders of your driveway or around flower beds for precise landscaping action, while also protecting delicate foliage.

    The highlights of this trimmer/edger are the 2 strong 20-volt max lithium batteries that give you longer runtimes, no loss of power, and quick charging times. The lightweight telescopic shaft is adjustable and the cutting head can be pivoted 90°, so it can trim in between rocks and other hard to reach places around your garden.

    For that extra maneuverability and operator comfort, the edger has a front auxiliary handle with 7 locking adjustments. Once you buy the WORX trimmer/edger/mini-mower, you will be able to trim, edge, and beautify your lawn to perfection in no time at all.


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    Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger Best Overall

    The Craftsmans E405 is arguably the best gas-powered lawn edger there is today. It is easy to use, can handle almost every grass type, and is incredibly durable. For starters, it comes with an adjustable 9-inch double-edged steel blade. This blade not only allows you to adjust its depth but also to cut from six different positions. This allows you to edge over all sorts of grasses and terrains.

    The 29cc 4-cycle engine is powerful and incredibly silent during operation. Additionally, it does not require you to mix oil and gas for it to operate. It features a pull-start system, meaning a quick tug is all it needs to start. If pulling is not your thing, it also comes with a push-start button for your convenience. Nonetheless, the push-start option requires a 1,000-rpm drill to activate it.

    For maneuverability, this edger has three wheels featuring treaded tires two at the back and one in the front. The circular blade is the fourth wheel. The wheels are optimized for enhanced stability to ensure that you stay on course once you establish your path. The treaded tires, on the other hand, make sure that the edger retains its grip in any situation.

    To maximize your comfort during operation, this unit comes with a cushioned, ergonomic handle. You can even raise or lower the handles height to suit your stature.

    • Not suitable for larger lawns

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