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What Is The Best Lawn Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass

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Best Weed And Feed Product For Bermuda Grass

Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass – Spring Jump Start

Hi-Yield’s potent weeds and feed is ideal for Bermuda grass as it delivers a perfect blend of nutrients and weed-stopping ability. The 15-0-10 fertilizer blend is perfect for mid to late summer applications. The reason is it feeds the lawn and prepares it for cooler weather. The product also features a mix of three different herbicides that kills the most common broadleaf weeds.

How To Plant A Bermuda Grass Lawn

The best time to plant bermuda grass is during the late spring after the threat of frost has passed and daily high temperatures are consistently in the 80s. The most cost-effective way to plant a bermuda grass lawn is from seed. Heres how to do it:

1. Lightly rake the soil, loosening it up so that the new seeds can make good contact with the soil surface.

2. Use a Scotts® spreader to apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass according to package instructions. This will help the grass seed get off to a good start.

3. Apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed Bermuda Grass with your spreader. Check the seed package for spreader settings. Lightly rake the seed into the soil surface, then firm the soil with a tamper, roller, or garden tractor tires.

4. Water 3 to 4 times daily to keep the seed and soil surface moist. Apply about inch of water each time.

Do not cover new bermuda grass seed with straw. If you need to protect the area from erosion, use a weed-free mulch and cover less than 50 percent of the ground.

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food

It is one of the reliable and best fertilizers for Bermuda grass in your lawn. Hailing from the Scotts brand, the products application can bring visible results in less time, including strong grassroots and dense cover, in just three days. It does that by supplementing your grass with Iron, deficiency of which causes the grass to get brown and weak.

Its dual-action seeds promote the growth of grass and kick out weeds and pests from your lawn. You need to reapply it once in 6-8 weeks and will take care of your lawn without your supervision. Once the application is made, you will witness noticeable results in 3 days.

Agrostologists highly recommend it for Bermuda grass. It nourishes the soil deeply and instigates the growth of the grass, just like an energy booster. If you have empty patches in your lawn, this is one of the best picks for you.

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The Best Bermuda Grass Seed Picks

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The perfect blend of two Bermuda varieties. This Bermuda hybrid seed has medium sized blades and looks great in lawns. LaPrima has good cold tolerance and will give you longer lasting green into the fall.


  • Great performance in the Transition Zone
  • Looks great with minimal to moderate maintenance
  • Certified seed with no weeds present
  • Optimal mowing height from 1 to 1 ½ inches but can be mowed lower


A Granular Vs Liquid Fertilizer

8 Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass [Liquid + Granular

Granular fertilizer and liquid fertilizer all have one goal. That is to nourish the yard and adding value to how the grass looks. However, these two categories have some differences in functionality. Granular fertilizers are more popular because of their ease of use compared to their liquid counterparts. In addition, granular fertilizers come in a dry package, making it easier to spread them using a fertilizer spreader.

Liquid fertilizers come in a concentrated liquid form. For example, the fertilizer for Bermuda grass is spread by attaching a hose to a spray bottle and mixing the fertilizer with water to apply whenever you water the yard.

Granular lawn food works through a slow-release method and takes longer to get into the ground and eventually to the roots. The slow release of nutrients can take between two to six months. Therefore, the results are seen a bit later than the liquid fertilizer. Granular fertilizers can come in a fast-release form, where nutrients are released at a faster rate. This type of lawn food is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass during cold weather.

Fast release fertilizers cost less. They, however, need to be watered once every while for effect to take place on the Bermuda grass.

Liquid water-soluble lawn food is not long-term and takes a shorter time to be released to the soil and get used up. Therefore, application of the fertilizer for Bermuda grass needs to happen more frequently than the granular fertilizer.

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What Fertilizer To Use

When it comes to picking the best fertilizer for bermuda grass seed, it isnt as simple as you may expect. The truth is that theres no universal fertilizer that will work for every bermuda lawn.

To be effective, a fertilizer needs to provide the unique amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium a lawn needs. These are essential for bermuda grass to build up its defenses and grow more effectively. This is why Barefoot Lawn Care puts effort into understanding each lawns exact fertilizer needs.

What Causes Brown Spots In Bermuda Grass

Brown spots in bermuda grass are not just a frustrating eyesore. Unfortunately, they almost always indicate some type of lawn problem that needs addressing. Brown spots can be caused by anything from dog urine to grub worms to fungal diseases like brown patch. Or, even by unevenly applied fertilizer that has burned the grass. Whatever the cause, there are almost always things you can do to resolve the brown spots in bermuda grass and bring back the deep green color.

For one, dog urine can cause brown spots in the lawn. Dogs are creatures of habit that like to do their business in the same area over and over. This can cause the mineral content of their urine to build up in the soil, leading to discoloration in your grass. If you think this might be the cause of your lawns brown spots, you can encourage your pet to eliminate in other areas of the yard rather than always in the same spot. You can also water their elimination area with a hose to dilute the urine.

Dog urine is just one cause of brown patches in grass, however. Brown patches can also develop in bermuda grass at pet-free homes. When this happens, it might indicate some type of grass disease, such as brown patch. Brown patch is a fungal disease that is common in mid- to late summer, the hottest and most humid time of year. Brown patch disease shows up as irregularly shaped yellowish-brown patches in your grass. The grass within the patch might thin out over time, or it might even die off completely.

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Docs Super Juice All In One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

  • NPK ratio of 7-1-2
  • With humic acid and sea kelp

Get an evenly green, healthy lawn of Bermuda grass with Docs soluble fertilizer, which is suitable for all lawns although, Docs brand is known for specializing in products for Bermuda grass. Choose the concentration yourself in order to see more intense results, or use a lighter dosage as a supplement to a granular fertilizer routine. It is also a good idea to use a lower concentration during the warmest months of the growing season, and a stronger solution in the fall.

This fertilizer comes as a granular, soluble solution, with directions on the label on how to mix for the ratio you want to achieve. Mix the granules with hot water and strain. Reviews say this is best applied with a hose-end hand sprayer that isnt too fine, so the particles do not clog. Take your time when spraying and do so evenly. One bag is advertised to cover one acre, but we can assume that is at the lowest concentration. Avoid applying if there is heavy rainfall in the forecast, as this will wash the fertilizer away.

The option to add blue dye is maybe a good idea if you are insecure about making sure the fertilizer is coming out of your sprayer properly, but many reviews agree you can omit the dye. Reviewers also seem to conclude this fertilizer is a rather pricey option.

Benefits Of Slow Release Nitrogen

Purely Organic Lawn food spring lawn care steps Best Organic fertilizer for Bermuda Grass lawn,

Bermuda grass also flourishes the most with a fertilizer that releases its contents slowly rather than rapidly releasing all the nutrients at once. When you are looking at the product label, it will usually state how much of the nitrogen is in slow release form. In cases that they dont state it, you can look at the actual ingredients label Urea nitrogen tends to be the fast release form of nitrogen, while things like urea triazone or methylene urea tends to be the slow release forms.

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Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • Famously used on golf courses
  • Organic, non-synthetic

This organic fertilizer by Milorganite is nitrogen-rich, making it great for Bermuda grass lawns. The NPK ratio is 6-4-0, meaning there is no Potassium, so it should be avoided in times or areas of drought. It also means the concentration of Nitrogen is relatively low and therefore has no chance of burning your lawn. It should result in a darker green lawn that is less thirsty and easier to mow, but because it is slow release, the results may take some time. Slow-release is overall more economical and better for the lawn soil.

When looking to apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer, you will need a lawn spreader. Check the instructions on the bag in order to know what setting your spreader should be at when laying down fertilizer. If there is no rain in the forecast, you may need to water a day or so after putting down. Apply just once in spring, summer, and fall respectively.

A few reviews do mention that this product has a smell, but that it dissipates quickly. When purchasing an organic fertilizer, this is only a good sign. This fertilizer can also be used to repel deer and rabbits.

Docs Super Juice All In One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer 14

This option includes iron and other micronutrients that are highly beneficial for grass growing and give a profusion of green in less time. Its highly beneficial for less desirable soil and a bag can take care of a full acre of lawn. When its applied to the grass, the iron is absorbed quickly through the roots and the results are pretty evident in a small period.

Just combine this fertilizer with the recommended amount of water and spray all over the lawn. Repeat every 1-3 weeks in spring and every 3-6 weeks in summer.


  • Its iron-rich and can fertilize the soil
  • The nutrients are immediately absorbed by the roots


  • Only produces best results in Bermuda grass

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How To Fertilize Bermuda Grass

How to fertilize Bermuda grass properly depends on whether its a newly planted seed, newly laid sod, or an established lawn. Weve discussed some great fertilizer options that cover a wide variety of growing scenarios that demonstrate the best practices for both new and established lawns.

Newly seeded Bermuda grass lawns need a specific NPK ratio to encourage healthy lush growth. The Starter and slow-release fertilizers on the above list will contain just the right ratio for optimum results without the risk of fertilizer burn. Using a weed-and-feed product on new Bermuda seedlings is not recommended as these can severely damage or destroy them while encouraging vigorous growth in any existing weeds that may be hidden in your soil.

Established lawns need far less phosphorus. In this case, using a nitrogen-rich lawn feed would be far more appropriate and give you that lush, green result.

Best Fertilizers For Bermuda Grass

Top 5 Best Fertilizers for Bermuda Grass [2021 Review]

The best fertilizers for Bermuda grass are complete fertilizers using NPK ratios of 3-1-2 or 15-5-10 once there is little chance of frost. Do not use fertilizers containing Nitrogen between January-April, because of the frost risk. An exception is locations close to the sea when no frost is forecasted.

The best fertilizers for Bermuda Grass are:

  • Best Overall Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Liquid Lawn Food by Simple Lawn Solutions

  • Best Granular Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Water Soluble Lawn Food by Miracle-Gro

  • Best Organic Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Lawn Restore Fertilizer by Safer Brand

Best Fertilizers for Bermuda Grass

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How Often To Fertilize Bermuda Grass

For the proper growth of Bermuda grass and to maintain its thickness and healthiness, you should apply fertilizer once every 4 to 7 weeks. During the seeding time, you may start with starter packs of fertilizer, and after the grass has grown to maturity, apply the regular nitrogen-based fertilizer.

During the growing season, apply the recommended amount of fertilizer every 4 to 7 weeks. During the early fall, the grass growth will slow down. At this time, you will also need to stop fertilizing it. So, you will need to fertilize Bermuda grass 4 to 5 times every season.

Benefits Of Selecting A Good Fertilizer For Bermuda Lawns

Here are the benefits of fertilizing Bermuda grass and how to know youre reaping them:

The color gets greener and deep

A well-fed Bermuda grass lawn should get a greener color. This is what youll notice when you look at your neighboring lawns and find that they do not have the deep green color that yours has.

Poor feeding schedule easily leads to browning, or the lack of the intense green that usually produces a lush green turf.

Dense turf

Turf density refers to how thick your lawn is. If youre growing Bermuda grass, you should expect it spread quickly and form a thick cover.

Youll only get a dense Bermuda turf if you feed it with the right amounts of fertilizer. The nitrogen in the top rated fertilizers for Bermuda grass helps it develop healthy shoots and grass blades.

The phosphorus is very important in helping your lawn develop roots, which are very important for feeding or absorbing nutrients and water from the soil.

Note that dense turfs:

  • Are good for choking out weeds
  • Tolerate foot traffic better

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Why Should You Avoid Feeding Dormant Bermuda Grass

Fertilizing a dormant Bermuda grass lawn with a quick-release fertilizer will feed the weeds, and they will eventually take over the grass. The most prominent one is crabgrass that spreads very fast and can easily damage Bermuda grass.

Therefore it is best to fertilize Bermuda grass with slow-release granular fertilizers.

Applying fertilizers at thewrong time or too early can burn the Bermuda grass. You will end up wasting most of the fertilizer because, in dormancy, the grass cannot absorb the nutrients.

Fertilizing in winter will break the dormancy and force the Bermuda grass to grow. But it will be soon damaged by the freezing temperatures, and you will end up with no grass in the coming spring.

Lawn Restore Fertilizer By Safer Brand Best Organic Bermuda Grass Fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer for Bermuda and Zoysia Grass Lawns – Two Great Options

Organic fertilizers are designed to treat and repair both the plants or, in this case, grass and soil for long-term benefits. They fuel the microbial activity in the soil.

You can take care of the microorganisms living in the soil with this fertilizer, and these organisms will eventually do everything required for lush green Bermuda grass.

This fertilizer is designed to revitalize your Bermuda grass lawn within 3-5 days, pretty fast right!

It repairs your thin, boring lawn turf by strengthening the root system and new seeding. It is suitable for all types of cool and warm-season grasses.

Its worth mentioning that this is an organic product with real plant ingredients, and it has no manure odor.

The organic content in this lawn fertilizer improves the microbial activity in the lawn soil.

The manufacturer updated the formula, and the new version has organic ingredients like Soybean Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Molasses, etc.

It prepares your lawn to fight stress conditions such as heat, cold, and drought. A single 25 lb. package will feed 6250 sq ft of lawn area. This fertilizer can easily provide year-round coverage for your lawn in all four seasons.

The mild NPK ratio of 9-0-2 ensures that it never burns your Bermuda grass, but at the same time, it can help the grass grow thick and green. It is safe to use in the winter months during long growth cycles of grass.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty and a 1-year return policy for this product.


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Abc Can Keep Your Bermuda Grass Healthy

It can feel like a never-ending journey to figure out a bermuda grass lawn care calendar that works for our lawn. Instead of continuing on with this guessing game, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our lawn care team can create a lawn maintenance schedule that ensures your lawn stays healthy throughout the year.

The Best Fertilizers For Bermuda Grass

You don’t need to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle to determine the best fertilizer for Bermudagrass. If you’re currently browsing through what seems like a never-ending list, we’ve rounded up the best fertilizers for Bermuda grass on the market today.

Milorganite 0636 Nitrogen Fertilizer

2,344 Ratings

This Milorganite fertilizer supports the growth of your lush, green lawn without being excessive. This saves you from worrying about burning grass.

157 Ratings

It is highly compatible with warm-season grasses that thrive in the Southern regions, such as Bermuda grass.

Ferti-Lome Classic Lawn Food 16-0-8 with Slow-Release Nitrogen

0 Rating

This next fertilizer with high nitrogen content gives your Bermuda grass adequate nutrients to aid its growth and development.

Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass Seed and Fertilizer Mix

160 Ratings

Experts recommend applying this seed and fertilizer mixture during the spring or early summer. You can expect new grass sprouting in under 10 to 14 days.

Hi-Yield Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-10

0 Rating

Featuring a blend of three different herbicides, you can count on this fertilizer to eliminate the most common broadleaf weeds.

The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic DG

5,003 Ratings

It contains three of the most crucial plant nutrients for Bermudagrass lawns in the most balanced ratio.

In This Review & Buyers Guide

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