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What Lawn Mower Should I Buy

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Types Of Electric Lawn Mowers

Ballard Inc – What Lawn Mower Should I Buy? Easy guide to buying the best mower for your company!

Apart from the differences in size of motor and cutting width, there is not a huge amount to distinguish different types of corded electric lawn mowers.

These machines are light in weight and designed for small flat areas, so they are generally all push mowers.

The main distinction lies in the means of grass discharge. Some mowers are 3 in 1 mowers, offering side discharge, mulching and bagging options, whilst some only offer bagging and mulching.

There is full discussion of these various option on our page showing you how to compare lawn mowers.

Buying John Deere Mowers

You see the ads every Sunday from your local Big Box Stores, you know the ones, the orange place and the blue place. They advertise a brand new John Deere mower at a price point comparable to brands with far less reputation.

Like you I was amazed that they could sell the thing for such a great price. The John Deere 42 X300 shown in the adjacent photo retails for $3,099.99. The John Deere BG20444 shown in the photo below retails for $1,499.00. The BG20444 is a model sold exclusively at Home Depot.

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Best Corded: Greenworks 20 In 3

If you have a small yarda quarter acre or lessyou might prefer a Greenworks corded lawn mower. The electric corded model is significantly more affordable than many cordless or gas models. It works impeccably with a 20-inch deck and 12-amp motor. It can be used to mulch, side discharge, or collect bag grass clippings. It offers an impressive seven levels of height adjustment for the perfect cut every time.

This easy-to-operate cordless push mower has 10-inch rear wheels that provide superior handling on all terrain. Its integrated cord lock helps prevent your extension cord from accidentally coming loose in the middle of a job. The mower starts up with the push of a button and has fold-down handles for compact storage.

“I found this mower easy to use and efficient. It did everything I could want. The 12-amp motor isnt too loud, and there was no smell as in gas models. Yet, it had enough power to effectively and evenly cut the grass and deal with whatever leaves were left on the lawn.”Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

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What Type Of Lawn Mower Should I Buy

Lawn mowers can be broadly divided into many categories, and thats what I would like to go over. Each of them comes with their own pros and cons. However, the type of lawn mower you should buy depends on many factors such as how long you want to spend or the size of your yard. Know the various lawn movers will be a good beginning before making any decision.

Best For Mowing Up To A Half

What ride on lawn mower should I buy?

What They Cost: From $173

There’s a lot to be said for modern gas-powered mowers. They’re efficient, powerful, durable, and dependable when properly maintained. Some even come with electric starters, freeing the user from those old rope-yanks. Yet these machines are still noisy, which is why you should wear ear protection while mowing. While we’re at it, wearing eye protection is also a good idea all mowers can kick up small pebbles and other debris.

Most gas lawn mowers are powerful enough to cut yards that have been allowed to grow a bit beyond ideal. Look for a lawn mower that has side-discharge, bagging, and mulching options included with the unit, not as additional purchases. These models have an average starting price of $173, so you definitely don’t want that cost to creep higher because of adding on accessories.

A washout port is also a useful feature, along with a blade brake . And padded grips help prevent numb hands.

But no matter the bells and whistles, be prepared to maintain your gas-powered mower with regular blade sharpening, oil changes, filter cleaning, and spark plug replacement. It’s generally easy to find these items at your local home and garden stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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John Deere E160 Lawn Tractor Vs Ryobi 38 In Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Not only do you get 10 more inches of blade for extra-wide cutting , you get a longer mowing life with the John Deere Lawn E160 Tractor, too. The RYOBI Electric Riding Lawn Mower lasts up to two hours or about two acres. Larger lawns would have to be cut over multiple days after the machine has had a chance to recharge. However, if youre looking for a quiet, electric option that doesnt require burning gas, the smaller RYOBI may be a better option for your lawn care needs.

Push Mower Engine Options

Determine the size mower engine you need based on your yard’s size and terrain. If you have a large or hilly yard, the best push lawn mower will have a more powerful engine.

  • If you have a flat, small lawn, look for a mower with a standard engine, which features a flat head and side valve with enough power to get the job done.
  • For larger lawns or lawns with uneven or hilly terrain, look for a model with an engine that features overhead valves . OHV engines are often the most powerful, easy to start and run more efficiently over the long haul.
  • Engine displacement refers to the cylinder size of your gas engine. A higher measurement means your mower can handle a heavier workload.
  • Engine torque measures how much force the mower blades use to spin. The higher the torque, the better for thick, tall grass.
  • Engines with overhead cams are more powerful and tend to run smoother and more quietly.
  • For convenience, look for a mower with a blade brake clutch. This stops the blade from spinning but allows the engine to keep running, so you can empty the grass collection bag and leave the motor running.

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Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

To many of us, mowing the lawn is second nature. We grew up doing it. For others who grew up in an apartment or condo and now own their own home, it may be a brand new adventure.

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned pro, there’s definitely something you can learn about choosing the right lawn mower. For example, did you know reel mowers are still a thing? For reel.

You’ll find a number of different lawn mowers available, all of them designed to efficiently cut grass. To make your choice of a mower easier, it helps to divide them into three types:

Check out the chart below to see the basic differences, and continue reading to learn more about the benefits of each type.

Is Cub Cadet Better Than John Deere

Should I buy my mower from a dealer or big box store?

The Deere edged out the Cub Cadet in our braking, steering, turning, and stability tests, offering a slightly more refined ride. But again, the difference is slight. And if youre trading up from a push mower, just about any tractor in our mower ratings will feel like a serious improvement.

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What Should I Look For In A Used Lawn Mower

When buying used, you should always keep a few things in mind to ensure you will continue to be happy with your purchase after several uses. Key aspects of buying a used lawn mower are as follows:

Will the Equipment Meet My Needs?

Be sure you are not making a purchase simply because it is a good price. Consider whether the used lawn mower is large enough for your property, or if it allows for attachments you might want to add. Buying a mower that doesnt truly fit your needs will just create frustration or the need to spend more money on supplemental equipment in the long run.

Price Comparison

Before shopping for used equipment, make sure you have an understanding of what new equipment with similar features would cost. It is very likely that you can find a used lawn mower with everything you need at a great price, but depending on what is available in your area, you may find that spending a bit more on new equipment is the way to go to meet all of your needs.

Parts Availability

Whether purchasing new or used, your equipment is going to need maintenance and parts at some point. With used equipment, you need to make sure you are still going to be able to purchase those parts, so stick with familiar brands or shop at a dealer that can guarantee parts availability for your purchase.

Machine History

Dont Forget Your Local Dealer

You may be able to save a little money by purchasing a lawn mower from a department store or home center. But buying from a local servicing dealer has advantages that might outweigh any cost savings. First, youre more likely to get better purchasing advice from the more knowledgeable staff at a dealer showroom. And when it comes time for a tune-up or warranty repairs, youll know right where to go for convenient, personal service. Most dealers have at least two or three top-quality brands to choose from and will display the most popular models on the showroom floor.

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The Right Size For The Job

In general, if your lawn is large and mostly open, its more important that your riding lawn mower has a generous cutting width. However, if there are lots of obstructions, like trees and bushes, its better to choose a riding mower that is small enough to go through the tightest passages. We offer riding mowers with cutting widths from 38 inches up to 54 inches. For more lawn mowing choices, be sure to check out all Husqvarna lawn mowers.

Why Trust The Spruce

What ride on lawn mower should I buy?

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance contributor to The Spruce. As someone who grew up on a 70-acre farm, shes no stranger to lawn care, and has written extensively on lawn mowers and other landscaping products for The Spruce.

Lily Sperry, a commerce editor at The Spruce, conducted additional research, consulting customer reviews and third-party sites to make sure that you’re able to find the best electric lawn mower for your needs.

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How To Choose A Lawn Mower

Before throwing away money on the wrong product, its essential to determine what type of lawn mower best suits your property. If youre a homeowner with a modest quarter-acre of land, youll require a smaller solution than those with large yards, farms or expansive property.

The most conventional lawn mower, the push mower, can keep your yard nicely trimmed, but there are quite a few different models and options within the category. Riding mowers are best for maintaining more significant properties and come in various sizes and models. Mowers also differ in their power source: gas, electricity or manual. The type of power used should take into consideration fuel efficiency and availability.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Although the two-handed self-propulsion control is a more convenient setup than the one-handed paddle design seen on competitors, it does make accidentally engaging the self-propulsion a little too easy. Usually this isnt an issue, but often the moments when youre grasping to get a better grip on the handle are the times you least want to engage the self-propulsion. For example, if you are mowing across a hill, theres a brief moment during a turnaround when the mower is pointing up or down the hill. When adjusting your grip to make those turns, you may inadvertently tap the throttle, destabilizing your stance or your grip on the mower. If anyone from Egos reading this, theyll probably say were mowing on too steep a hill, but hey, sometimes life throws a steep hill at you.

We think that the hour or so of run time is going to be enough for anyone keeping to about a half-acre, but if thats not enough, additional batteries are available to extend run time infinitely. But batteries are costly. Depending on the Ah, they currently range in price from about $140 to about $250 , and up to about $450 for a 7.5 Ah battery. They all fit, and with a second one on the charger while one is on the mower, you can really minimize or eliminate downtime.

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Best Cordless: Ego Power+ 56

Corded lawn mowers provide unlimited runtime, but theyre also more cumbersome to use. You constantly have to remain aware of your extension cord. Cordless models, such as the highly-rated EGO POWER+ Cordless Lawn Mower, are easier to operate. This model provides up to 60 minutes of cutting time using a lithium battery, which re-charges in 40 minutes.

This cordless mower has a 20-inch steel deck and a brushless mower that will make quick work of your unruly grass. It starts up quickly via a push button. It has a single-lever, six-position deck-height adjustment. The mower offers 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge, and it comes with an easy-access grass bag for collecting the grass clippings.

Certain push mowers can weigh 90 pounds , making them challenging to push around your yard. If youre looking for something lighter, this WORX cordless push mower weighs just 29 pounds, making it significantly easier for all users to manage.

The WORX mower has a 14-inch deck. Its powered by two 20-volt batteries that allow you to mow around an eighth of an acre per charge. Theres a battery indicator light that lets you know exactly how much power is left. The mower has a six-position height adjustment that can be changed with a single lever. Its 2-in-1 abilities let you mulch or bag grass clippings. Overall, the WORX Power Share Walk-Behind Mower is a small, beginner-friendly workhorse thats ideal for smaller yards.

Lawn Tractors: Know Engine Size And Features

Should I Buy a Zero Turn or Lawn Tractor?

Lawn tractor engines are sized to match the mower deck and climb the grade listed in the manufacturers specs. Buying a machine with a larger engine wont get you a higher top-end speed, but the larger engine is important if you plan to haul a cart or add a snow blade or a snow thrower accessory.

Most tractor engines have traditional carburetors. However, the Cub Cadet model shown above, has electronic fuel injection , which dramatically reduces the starting problems associated with carbureted engines and ethanol fuel. Plus, Cub Cadet claims its EFI system boosts fuel efficiency by 25 percent. Check out these lawn tractor maintenance tips to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

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Why Buy A Self

There are lots of lawn mower choices to make today as you decide what kind of mower will suit your needs. The size of your yard, the terrain and the amount of time you want to spend maintaining your property all weigh into a mower buying decision.

The traditional walk-behind push mower is powered by sweat. Push mowers require the operator to move the mower forward with no help from technology. Today, self-propelled mowers take the labor out of mowing your yard. With easy-to-use controls and a transmission that powers the drive wheels, you can effortlessly mow. Thats why the preferred walk-behind lawn mower for many people is a self-propelled mower. Plus, a self-propelled mower gets the job done faster.

Heres more about how self-propelled mowers work, what properties are the best fit for this type of lawn mower, and why many people who choose to mow their own lawns select self-propelled models.

Cordless Zero Turn Mowers

Recently both Ryobi and Ego have released cordless zero turn mowers. These are large ride-on mowers that have the capability of cutting two or more acres. Ryobi has a number of models available and Ego has one, but looking at the largest and most capable, they come with a price tag of about $5000.

The Ego ZT4204L Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower uses the same style of battery that is in all of their lawn equipment. The mower comes with four 10.0 Ah batteries, but the machine has ports for six, so there is some scalability, especially if you have additional Ego batteries from other tools. The mower also acts as a charger and, according to Ego, once plugged in, can fill all of the batteries in only two hours. Just using the four included batteries, the Ego can cut about 2 acres.

It comes with an on-board USB port, cup holders, and what looks like a comfortable seat. It has a 54-inch cut.

The Ryobi RY48140 Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower has a single internal battery, which can power the mower to cut up to 3½-acres. Like the Ego, it has a 54-inch cut and amenities like the USB port and cup holders. The downside of this model is that charging is an overnight process, so you would want to make sure it could handle your lawn in a single mow.

This is a new category of mower and were watching to see how it progresses. Let us know if its something youre interested in us testing and investigating further.

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A Word About Mulching Mowers

Mulching mowers are a relatively new phenomenon and are great for lawn lovers who are never quite sure what to do with clippings. In essence, the mower blades cut the clippings several times turning them into a fine mulch which is forced back down into the sward where it decomposes and nourishes the soil.

Its a good idea IF you mow regularly. The cutting decks cant cope with an overload of clippings! You also need to maintain your lawn about 1cm longer than usual too. And be diligent about scarifying the lawn there may be an extra build up of thatch.

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