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What Size Is My Lawn

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Measure The Area In Blocks


Now that you have a plan of your property where the robot mower will be working you need to break it into easily measurable parts.

Frist step is to simply break up the lawn into smaller rectangles that you can measure easily. Start with bigger areas like the front and back lawn and try to cover the biggest area with big rectangles.

Note: make sure you are doing your best to measure at 90° angles, if you dont your measurements will be off.

Measure each rectangle and find the area for each one simply by multiplying together the two measurements.

Area = Length x Width

Repeat this for all the rectangular blocks starting with the biggest and moving down to the smallest until you have covered all the grassed area.

Important Terms When Determining The Area Performance

In addition to the area output, there are other key figures that are important for the overall performance of the robotic lawnmower:

  • maximum operating hours per day. This figure tells the maximum time the robotic lawnmower can spend on the lawn per day minus charging times.
  • mowing capacity as area output per hour
  • mowing cycle: During this time, the device mows the entire lawn once.
  • cutting width: The larger the cutting width, the larger the area the robot can mow with each pass, i.e. the more efficient the device is.
  • battery run time: the larger the battery, the longer the mowing time. This also shortens the total time it takes to mow the entire area once.
  • mowing speed: the speed of the robotic lawnmower in km/h.

Calculating the lawn area is an indispensable requirement when purchasing a suitable robotic lawnmower. An even cut is ensured only if the model is powerful enough to mow your lawn in the desired time.


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Why You Should Measure Your Lawn

Whenever you buy a bag of product for your lawn, you will see that it states approximately how much square footage of ground it will be able to cover.

Thats great, but only if you know what size your lawn actually is otherwise youre guessing.

Its important that you buy enough product to cover your lawn, but over-applying can burn your grass or alter your soils chemistry in a way that can permanently damage your lawn.

Measuring your lawn ahead of time allows you to buy right , and apply right .

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How To Measure Your Lawn

Do you prefer to measure manually rather than using the lawn size calculator? The basic calculation to determine the area size of a shapeis to multiply the width by the length. However, most lawns aren’t a perfect rectangle shape.

As very few lawns are a perfect square or rectangle, you can use this as a rough guide. If your garden is L shaped, you can work out the area size by adding two square areas together. For example, let’s say area A is 24m² and area B is 20m². You would simply add the two numbers together to reach 44m².

However, the embedded lawn area calculator above is your best option. We recommend adding about 10-20% to your calculation to account for deviations in the shape, as well as cordoning off areas that would be out of bounds to your Automower.

If you need assistance finding out the size of your lawn, please contact our Forest and Garden specialist on 0116 2602601 or start a live web chat on the website.


Reliable Tools To Measure Lawn Size Online

Days Spent Mowing the Lawn by U.S. Region

A quick Google search will tell you that there are many MANY tools available online to measure the size of a lawn or any other place you want. However, not all of these tools are built together. Some have a complicated interface while others are paid, and then there are some which are totally useless.

So, to save you from the trouble of falling for clickbait tools that can be quite frustrating, here we have compiled a list of the five best lawn measurement tools available online. And the best part is, they are FREE. So, lets look at them one by one.

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Standard Lawn Mower Dimensions

When it comes to lawn mower dimensions, these are the two most common questions:

  • How wide is a lawn mower/What size mower deck do I need for my yard?
  • What is the right type of lawn mower for my lawn?

To answer these questions, its best to focus on the size of the cutting deck. Below is a table with the standard deck sizes for each type of lawn mower and what size of yard they should be used with.

Type of Lawn Mower
Less than half an acre
Gas & Electric Push Mowers
More than 4 acres

How To Measure Your Irregularly Shaped Lawn

So, your garden is a bit of a tricky shape. It can be difficult to find the exact area of an irregularly shaped garden but it can also be done! As a guide we recommend you firstly divide your irregularly shaped lawn into sections of regular shapes, for example, circle, square and triangle. These will be more manageable sections which are easier to measure. See the below image for an example of how to measure an irregularly shaped lawn by using the circle and rectangle formulas.

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Ambrogios Measure My Lawn

Our first pick for the easiest lawn measurement tool is the measure my lawn tool from Ambrogio. The reason we put this one first is because it also gives you the perimeter measurement for the area you have selected. This is very important so that you know that you have enough perimeter wire you will need to install so you know you have enough.

Estimate For Lawn Care


Measure your lawn online to receive instant prices based on the square footage of the lawn measurement. Please be as accurate as possible when measuring your lawn. The more accurate the lawn is measured the closer the prices will be to the actual size of your lawn.

After you measure your lawn you can start services ASAP, request a free onsite visit, or evaluate pricing for your lawn.

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Sarah’s Lawn Square Footage Calculator

Use the free mapping tool below to map your yard and measure your lawn size. Search your address and then use the Draw button to map the outline of your yard.

I recommend mapping individual sections of your lawn so that when you apply fertilizer, herbicide, or grass seed you know exactly how much to spread in each lawn zone. The lawn measurement tool will add up these totals for you so you know how much product you need to order to cover all of the areas of your yard.

And if you have a pool, shed, garage, or garden that sits in your yard and which you want to exclude, simply outline it separately, then subtract that square footage value from your total lawn square footage by clicking the – button.

When youre finished, click Save My Map and Ill email you a private link to the lawn drawing you created. This way you can bookmark your link and come back any time to remind yourself of the square footage of each area of your yard.

What Is The Deck On A Lawnmower

The deck on a lawnmower is the part that protects the user and engine from the blades. It helps ensure safety in the event of blade malfunction and prevents debris from flying off the blades while mowing. Tiny rocks and stick debris could cause injury without the deck to prevent them from flying in the users face, so its an essential part of the setup.

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How To Calculate Your Lawn’s Square Footage

This page is a general guide to calculating your lawn’s square footage. Using the methods or tips suggested, you can accurately measure and determine how much product to use in your residential or commercial property. Follow this guide and use the recommended methods or products and we guarantee 100% accuracy in measuring your lawn.

When beginning any treatment application knowing the size of your property is important to know. By understanding the property’s square footage and dimensions you can save time and money on the appropriate amount of herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide to purchase.

Riding Mowers And Lawn Tractors

The Frugal Gardener: 10 Ways to Save Money in the Home Garden

Like zero-turn lawnmowers, riding mowers and lawn tractors are ideal for larger yards with extra acreage of grass. Lawn tractors are multi-functional they can do more than simply mow your lawn. Riding mowers, on the other hand, are merely for mowing.

However, since theyre similar in many aspects, they come in similar sizes. You can buy one of these mowers with a 36- to 42-inch cutting deck, which is ideal for 1- to 2-acre properties. Or, if you have a larger lawn with 3 to 4 acres of grass to cut, you might want to invest in one with a 42- to 54-inch cutting deck.

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Can Automowers Navigate Lawn Obstacles

The Automower® uses a random cutting pattern when mowing the lawn. The built-in sensors allow an Automower® to detect garden furniture, pets and large objects as it navigates its way around the lawn. When the sensors detect a large object in the way it will stop, reverse and carry on with mowing the lawn. Smaller objects, such as pine cones, pebbles and twigs will be mulched or discharged as the mower passes over them.

Of course, an Automower® cant differentiate between organic garden objects and children’s small toys, so keeping anything you dont want to be mowed off the lawn is advisable.. However, the sensors will detect larger toys and the like, so you can rest assured that everything is safe, even when forgotten about outdoors.

When it comes to garden chairs, bird baths and large ornaments, the Automower® will navigate around them while cutting. There is no need to remove lawn furniture unless you want the mower to cut the grass beneath it.

For lawn areas separated by pathways or driveways, a passageway can be created to enable the Automower® to automatically traverse from one area to another.

How Big Is Your Lawn

A key step in most lawn maintenance practices such as seeding and fertilizing as well as with double-checking your calibration and application accuracy is to determine the size of the turf area. Determining your lawn area will help you calculate how much seed you need, how much sod to order, how much fertilizer to apply, how much pesticide to measure, and more.

The best way to do determine the area is to divide your turf into several squares, rectangles, or circles . Calculate the area of these smaller shapes and then add them together to determine the total size of the turf.

Figure 1. Common shapes and how to calculate their area.
Figure 2. An example property with dimensions for its lawn, hardscape, landscape, and house.

Area Calculation Example This example illustrates how you might calculate the area of your lawn. The measurements for this example come from Figure 2.

In this example, the easiest method is to calculate the total area of the property, and then subtract the hard surfaces from that to get the total area of the lawn.

Section of Property

The total turfgrass area of the lawn is 3,779 square feet.

Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist

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Know Your Lawn Size Lawn Size Calculator

Knowing how much grass youve got to mow is key to finding out which Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers may be suitable for you garden. Use our lawn size calculator to find out your lawn area and perimeter length.

Working it out couldnt be any easier:

  • Enter your postcode or address in the tool below and press Show Location.
  • Drag the map to centre your garden & zoom in on your lawn area.
  • Lawn area, perimeter length and recommended models are displayed below the map.

    Remember you only need to measure your lawn, borders, ponds, patios etc can all be excluded.

    Note: This tool is only a guide to help you establish what model or installation kit you may need for your lawn. Other factors like slopes and layout may also affect which model is most suitable. For more information take a look at the full model range, get in touch or talk to your local Ambrogio dealer.

    What Size Lawn Can The Automower Cut

    How To Measure Your Lawn

    Depending on the model, select Husqvarna Automowers can cut lawns up to 5000 square metres. For most home owners, this is more than sufficient for lawn maintenance. When the battery begins to get low, the Automower® navigates its way back across the garden and docks itself to charge. Charging takes approximately 50 minutes and can provide up to 270 minutes of mowing time.

    For those with larger lawns, you can have multiple Automowers working in tandem, saving you time effort and running costs such as fuel. Simply set the schedule and let them get to work on their own. As an example, the Husqvarna Automower 450X model can cut lawns as large as 5000 square meters , while the Automower 315X model can cut lawns up to 1600 square meters .

    An excellent way to check is to prepare a site plan using Google Earth Pro. Simply type in your address and use the ruler to mark out your perimeter, obstacles etc. The site plan will advise what the total length of your perimeter will be and the overall square metre size to be mowed.

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    Using Estimating Software To Measure Your Yard

    The glory that is Google Maps has revolutionized the driving world for many years, but new uses crop up all the time. Today, there are sites like that offer a wide range of free tools using the Google Maps interface. The handy tool in this situation is the area calculator.

    Pro-tip: switch to satellite view to get a better idea of your yards perimeter.

    With this tool, you can outline the area you need to measure using your mouse, and it will spit out the square footage. It also allows you to measure odd-shaped sections or draw around areas you dont want to measure.

    That beats standing out in the sun counting the lines on the tape measure to figure out if that is one-eighth or one-sixteenth.

    Use Google Maps To Calculate Lawn Size

    We show you a satellite image of your lawn, based on data from Google Maps and other providers. You can then draw your lawn on the satellite imagery to tell us exactly how big your lawn is.

    Draw one or multiple sections of grass with our polygon tool. We will size the total area of all the sections youve drawn.

    All lawn size measurements are in square feet. One acre equals 43,560 square feet.

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    What If My Lawn Is Oval Shaped

    An oval shaped lawn will require a different formula.

    You will need to measure the length and width similar to when you were measuring your square or rectangular shaped lawn.

    You will then multiply the length of the lawn by 0.8 and then multiply that number by the width.

    For example, if the lawn measures 10 metres in length and 5 metres in width

    10 metres x 0.80 = 8 metres. 8 metres x 5 metres = 40 metres.

    You will need to purchase 40 rolls of turf to fully cover this oval shaped lawn.

    Go Ilawn Turns Your Measurements Into Proposals Fast

    Free Printables: Yardage Charts &  Bedding Dimensions

    Residential Services DiagramCreated by Alle Rorie of Go iLawn

    Instead of wasting time driving across town from one property to the next, youll have more time to impress your prospects with quick responses and fast bid turnarounds.

    Plus, Go iLawns tools are handy for the sales process.

    We hear time and time again that our users wow their customers and prospects with labeled, color-coded property diagrams that help them close the sale.

    See how Go iLawn can produce better bids today. Start a FREE Trial.

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    Estimate Yard Size With Google Maps


    Estimate Yard Size With Google Maps Overview

    Based on the popularity of sites offering fitness service, Golfaq has been taking the best ones to our sites as a recommendation for the search estimate yard size with google maps . There are 20 results for the search now. These sites have gone through a meticulous and careful selection process. With the aim of helping people with fitness habits know a reputable destination for fitness training, fitness equipment buying, Golfaq started as an ALL-IN-ONE place for fitness. With very little effort, you can get many ensured spots that fulfil your expectation and greatly support your exercises. Take as the first choice if you want to find estimate yard size with google maps. The latest update for this is on 09/05/2021.

    What will I find on your site as a golfer?

    How To Measure Your Circle Lawn

    Its back to school for this one, folks. For circular shaped lawns we have an easy formula to follow to get the area of your lawn you might remember it from your maths class days its called Pi! . You can calculate Pi by finding either the radius or diameter or your circular lawn. For a quick classroom recap, the diameter is the width of the circle, and the radius is half the width of the circle.

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