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Who Sells Yard Machine Lawn Mowers

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What Kind Of Battery Do I Need For A Yard

How to Fix a Lawnmower – 148cc Yard Machines

When the battery on your Yard-Man mower bites the dust, youâre pretty much out of commission until you replace it with a new one. Shopping for the right battery that meets the requirements of your particular model of mower, however, isnât always easy. Unless you choose the right one, you may be spending your money on a battery thatâs no more useful to you than the dead one you have right now.

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Ease Of Use And Versatility

I found the Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower to be a remarkably steady machine to use even on rough and uneven terrain. It comes with a lever-operated automatic transmission that allows me to adjust the speed of the mower from 7 different selections.

It has a forward speed of about 5 MPH and a reverse speed of 2 MPH, which along with the 42 inches cutting deck makes quick work of even large fields and lawns.

The deck is made with stamped steel and uses a unique two-blade system to cut the grass as efficiently as possible. The blades can also be used to make mulch just by putting a bag in the rear. You can then have the clipping discharge from the side and make mulch as a process.

Yard Machine Riding Lawn Mower Reviews Oct : What Makes It Such A Fan Favorite

One of my neighbors has been using the Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower for some time now, and he told me that when it comes to grass cutting power, ease of use and versatility, the mower is just fantastic.

Then when I actually took the Yard Machines out for a spin myself, I found its overall performance to be quite impressive indeed.

So, here are some of the areas in which I feel that the Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower shines much more than most of the other standard models in the market:

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Gas Versus Electric Mower

Many riding lawn mowers are gas-powered, meaning they require gasoline to operate. Others, meanwhile, are electric and use a battery-powered motor that needs to be charged. Though gas riding mowers are more durable and typically better suited for large lawns, Hill cautioned that theyre usually much louder than their electric counterparts and are less eco-friendly since they emit fumes.

Electric riding mowers can be cheaper and easier to maintain since they dont require purchasing or changing out the engine oil, among other upkeep requirements. However, electric riding mowers do have their downfalls: Their functionality is limited to the amount of time they can be used in a single charge if you have several acres of land , the power may not be enough to cut your entire lawn in one sitting.

Yard Machines 132cc 20

This is an upgrade on the 20-Inch Push Mower and appears to be identical to its peer in many ways.

For example, the unit has a 20-inch cutting deck and features the same maneuverable 7 x 7-inch wheels to help maneuverability.

Your yard is still in line for a great cut with this though you have the same 3 height setting to choose from.

Its noticeably easier to pull as well, without the shakiness you normally feel and the side grass discharge chute works magnificently.

We are also thrilled that you only have to assemble its wheels and the handle.

Yard machine lawn mowers in this range often include quality components and this is no exception- all the parts look as if they will last you a long time.

The only fault we found in this lawn mower is the slightly less powerful 132cc engine considering that its predecessor had a 140cc engine.

Otherwise, this could be phenomenal for smaller yards.


  • Wish it had a foldable handle.

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Yard Machines 140cc 20

This is one machine to really excite us and were sure you want to look at it if you envision a yard that will be the pride of the entire neighborhood.

This is equipped with a solid 140cc 4-cycle push lawnmower and mows small and medium-sized residential gardens like a champ.

This machine has many nice features including a compact frame , easy cutting height adjuster , and a handy side discharge chute.

We also found the sturdy loop handle easier to use and pretty comfortable.

The other big plus is the durable 7-inch wheels.

Overall, we have nothing but praise for this model push mower.


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At Northern Turf Equipment Weve Got You Covered

Northern Turf Equipment is Thunder Bays professionally acclaimed & preferred Kohler Expert Dealer & Briggs & Stratton Diamond Dealer. Our owner and manager Tom Suttie has been operating this thriving business since 1984. Clients from Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario feel comfortable investing in our machinery because were known as the business that sells quality product and delivers first class service and customer support to you our valued customer.

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Tips For Yard Machines 140cc

  • Before using the mower, it is recommended to check and secure the blade as well as other screws and bolts that may have loosened during shipping.
  • To prevent corrosion and debris build-up, use a Fluid Film spray underneath the deck.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer to keep the engine in the best condition during storage.

Q: Can I purchase a bagger attachment for the Yard Machines 140cc.A: No. The mower is not equipped for a bag attachment.

Q: How do you drain the mowers oil? Is there an oil drain plug?A: The mower does not have an oil drain plug. To drain the oil, tip the mower to its side and drain oil from its oil spout.

Q: Can the mower mulch?A: Yes, the mower mulches very well. To set it to mulch, simply remove the discharge chute and close the discharge hole.

Q: Can the mower mulch leaves?A: It can mulch leaves easily. No need to rake leaves before mowing.

Q: Does the mower have a spark plug?A: Yes, the mower comes with pretty much all that is needed except gas.

Q: Can you use the mower on hills?A: Yes, the mower is easy to handle and push on hills.

Q: What do I need to assemble?A: Just straighten out the handles and secure it with wing nuts and youre all set.

Questions I Get Asked Frequently About The Mower

20 inch Yard Machine Mower Review

Is the mower automatic?

The mower comes with automatic transmission, but the overall gear system is manual. It comes with 7 adjustable speeds which are lever operated.

Does the mower come with a mulching set or grass cutter?

No, it doesnt. But you can always purchase the set separately.


  • Doesnt mow in reverse
  • The fuel tank size is rather small

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Best For Hard To Mow Lawns

The Husqvarna YTH18542 riding lawn mower is a great pick for homeowners looking for a powerful but affordable upgrade to their current riding mower. This impressive riding lawn mower has a dependable Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that puts out 18.5 horsepower.

The engine is paired with a foot-operated hydrostatic transmission which is great for riders who dont like to shift gears manually while mowing. The operation gets even more simplified with reverse mowing that is activated by the flip of a switch and a push on the foot pedal. Even inexperienced mowers can get the hang of operation on their first go!

The feature I love the most about this mower is the air induction that draws in the air under the deck so that with each pass you mow, you get a pristine cut. Though the mower offers a less than average 42-inch cutting deck, you should not underestimate its power. For starters, the smaller deck allows you to get into narrow paths in your yard, and its the best option for homeowners who want an easy to operate and reliable mower.

Practicality is what the Husqvarna YTH18542 is all about and the no-fuss operation of the mower can attest to that. The power matched with ease of use is a step up from entry-level riding mowers, making it ideal for someone who needs a mower that can tackle tricky lawns.

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Trained Professionals & Knowledgeable Staff

When you purchase a product from Northern Turf, we make sure your machine is properly set up, fuelled and ready-to-run. Our professional technicians and staff will make sure that you are trained properly so that you can operate your equipment safely & effectively when you get home. Youre not stuck with a manual and a bunch of parts waiting to be built out of a box.

Tom Suttie is a factory certified Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician, a designation that must be kept current by completing annual testing which means that you can be confident in bringing your Briggs & Stratton-powered equipment to us for servicing.

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Best Riding Lawn Mowers In 2021 According To Experts

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

A lawn mower can be a necessary home appliance for many homeowners, but those who have larger lawns to upkeep may find that push lawn mowers just dont cut it. Experts recommend using riding lawn mowers for larger lawns since they have more powerful engines better equipped to efficiently handle bigger patches of grass. And as the name suggests, theyre designed so you can ride on top of them while you mow the lawn, which can come in handy when theres a lot of land to tackle.

Unlike any other type of lawnmower, the riding ones let you just sit and steer instead of pushing a manually propelled type or walking behind a self-propelled type, said Bryan McKenzie, a landscape designer and co-founder of Bumper Crop Times. The riding type is much more cumbersome as it includes a larger motor and a full-sized seat, but it allows you to mow large areas significantly faster without any back fatigue all you need is good sunscreen.

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Yard Machines Lawnmower Reviews 2021 Top Picks : MTD 13BC762F000 Yard Machines 10.5 HP Riding Lawn Mower ...

Greetings once again to you all and welcome to compilation review of Yard Machines Lawn mowers which are also available to order online and get conveniently delivered to your front door hassle free. My focus here will be to review a selection of the most popular mowers under the Yard Machines brand so that you can have a clear understanding on the capabilities for each of them before you decide to buy we have nominated what we believe are the top 5 options under this brand.

Prices also across the market can go up and down from what I can see so please make sure to check out the price checkers provided below to ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

Lawn Mower Review Overview

Yard Machine Lawn Mower Review Compilation Our Top 5 Recommendations

1, Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch Push Mower


Pros: This mower is perfect for you if you like putting things together, taking the time to learn how something operates and dont mind getting your hands dirty. Once you are done assembling this mower, you wont ever again have to take a wrench out unless it is to change the height of course. This model is one of the smallest in the range and therefore has one of the lowest prices which will be ideal if you are working on a tighter budget

2, Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower


3, Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower


4, Yard Machines 21 Gas Push Mower with Side Discharge, Mulching, & Rear Bag


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What Is The Most Reliable Riding Mower

Best riding lawn mower 2021 Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT 42 in. John Deere E120. RYOBI 38 in. Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower with 42-Inch Deck and 547cc Engine Tractor. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 in. Toro Titan 75303 60in. EGO POWER+ 22-HP Brushless Motor Direct Drive 42-in Zero-turn Lawn Mower.

So Who Sells Mtd Lawn Mowers

Talking about the nearby stores of MTD, you can get their tools from any places as they are surrounded all over the world. Just visit their site and search down by your location.

They the link will bring to to the nearest shop. The tools and accessories of the company are available to some online market place also. Here we will give a short brief on the companies you can look MTD products for.

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Other Things To Factor In

Truth be told, there is a whole range of features you might wish to have in your choice. We will only focus on the most essential across the available yard machines lawn mowers.

  • Multiple height settings: With this, youll always find the perfect height setting for the task whether your yard needs a full cut or a light trim.
  • Nature Of The Landscape

    Yard Machines Push Mower Test and Review

    Get yourself an MTD yard machine riding mower if you will be cutting a very large property.

    Also note that zero turn mowers literally turns on a dime and the speed and brilliant maneuverability will leave you smiling from ear to ear when mowing landscape that is dotted with flower beds, trees, and other obstacles.

    Sadly, Yard machines doesnt excel in that line though we have some suggestions here.

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    Cub Cadet Ultima Zt1 50 In Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

    This Cub Cadet riding lawn mower features a 50-inch-wide cutter, a steel frame and a 23H twin-engine by Kawasaki. Its made for large yards that include lots of uneven spots and obstacles due to responsive zero-turn steering, a low center of gravity and large tenacious wheels, it can trim almost anywhere, said McKenzie. It also features dual hydrostatic transmissions that let the mower accelerate up to 7.5 mph forward and up to 3.5 mph in reverse. McKenzie noted that Cub Cadet also makes an electric version of this model that features the same performance as the gas-powered version along with all the benefits of an electric unit.

    Yard Machine Riding Lawn Mower Reviews May 202: What Makes It Such A Fan Favorite

    One of my neighbors has been using the Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower for some time now, and he told me that when it comes to grass cutting power, ease of use and versatility, the mower is just fantastic.

    Then when I actually took the Yard Machines out for a spin myself, I found its overall performance to be quite impressive indeed.

    So, here are some of the areas in which I feel that the Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower shines much more than most of the other standard models in the market:

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    Are Yard Machines Good Lawn Mowers

    GoodYard Machine lawn mowers

    . People also ask, are Yard Machines good riding mowers?

    Yard Machines 13AN772G000 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower ReviewThe Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower blends power, durability, and reliability for people who need a riding mower that more than delivers. A Yard Machine lawn tractor is set apart, with its shift on the go transmission that works hard so you wont have to.

    Likewise, who makes yard machine mower? It originated as a tool and die maker . MTDs main competitors are Stihl, Ariens, Snapper Inc., John Deere and Husqvarna. Over the years, MTD acquired the Troy-Bilt, Bolens, Cub Cadet, and Yard-Man brands and/or companies.

    In respect to this, are MTD lawn mowers any good?

    MTD is a good mower for its age of years. I can still get parts at local shops and online. Easy to work on not like a car can still find working support from MTD.

    What kind of oil does a Yard Machine lawn mower take?

    The SAE 10W30 works anywhere from zero degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees, but it gets consumed faster when used in temps over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep an eye on levels during the summer. For the best bet, get a 10W30 or a synthetic 5W30 for all-season coverage. Do not use oil additives for your Yard Machine oil.

    Yard Machines 132cc Gas Lawn Mower

    Yard Machines 140cc 21

    Want to keep your lawn looking well-groomed? If yes, then the Yard Machines 132ccpush lawn mower should be the best choice for you. Basically, this mower is designed for small to medium-sized lawn.

    Are you thinking about its power and performance? No need to be worried! Itâs really a powerful lawn mower with a 140cc OHV engine. And it is also great in terms of performance.

    However, you can turn it around the obstacles due to its compact 20-inch frame. This lightweight push mower comes with a loop handle. Not only that, it is fitted with durable wheels that offer excellent traction.

    Features and Benefits:


    The mower is powered by a durable and reliable 140cc OHV engine that delivers excellent power to get the job done fastly and efficiently. In fact, this engine delivers enough power to mow small to medium sized yards.

    Cutting Height

    The mower comes with 3 cutting height positions. And with this adjustable height adjustment system, you can cut the grass evenly and smoothly. You may even cut the grass whatever the size you want.

    Mowing Deck

    With a 20 inches compact and lightweight mowing deck, you can mow the lawn conveniently. You may even get your job done with less time.


    The mower is fitted with the 7 X 7 inches wheels that offer amazing durability. With these durable wheels, you will get excellent control while mowing the lawn.


    Featuring a sturdy loop handle, the mower is comfortable to use.


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