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When To Aerate Lawn In Utah

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Why Do We Need To Aerate The Lawn

Utah Lawn Aerating- The Rasmussen Way

Lawn care is an ongoing process. Its called maintenance because you need to maintain it. I shouldnt need to tell you that a good lawn needs air, water, and nutrients in the soil to grow. Thats pretty basic need for all living things. What you might not know, however, is how much the soil can become compacted as you use your lawn even just your kids and pets playing on it can cause this to happen. When the soil becomes compacted, it becomes harder for air and water to seep down to the roots of your lawn. If that happens, it stunts your lawns growth. During times of stress, such as the heat and low rainfall of summer, compacted soil will cause your grass to lose its healthy, green color. It may even kill it.

Fertilize Lawns In The Pacific Northwest And Utah

Spring is when you need to fertilize to ensure your lawn has plenty of food to grow through the growing season. If you have warm-season grass, fertilize in late spring when you see the lawn starting to green and grow. For cool-season grasses, fertilize only lightly in spring using a slow-release fertilizer. Feeding too much in the spring will encourage new growth that will not be able to withstand the heat of summer. Save your heavy fertilizing for fall when the cool season grass will thrive.

Spring Fertilizer Tips for Idaho: Soil in Boise and the rest of Treasure Valley has an arid climate, which means there are less nutrients available to your grass. Fertilizing in late April and early May can give your lawn the boost it needs to start the growing season. This is true for Eastern Idaho too.

Spring Fertilizer Tips for Utah: We recommend using a slow-release fertilizer that contains at least 20% nitrogen. Using a spreader will make sure the fertilizer is spread more evenly over your lawn which will reduce the risk of fertilizer burn. If there is no rain in the forecast, make sure you water your lawn to dissolve the fertilizer into the soil.

Spring Fertilizer Tips for Washington: For Eastern Washington, such as Kennewick, Yakima, or Spokane, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer application should be used in spring. Because soil in Eastern Washington tends to be well-balanced, spring fertilizer without potassium or phosphorus and it will help it keep green in summer.

Here When You Need Lawn Aeration

Best Lawns provides lawn aeration to keep your yard looking its best. We recommend all homeowners aerate annually for the overall health of their lawn. We use a stand on aerator that produces the deepest soil cores any company can offer. We only use a walk-behind aerator if we cant fit through gates or tight spaces to your back yard. There are many benefits to aeration.

  • It promotes deeper root growth and overall lawn/turf health.
  • Loosens compact soil for a healthier lawn.
  • Reduces watering and irrigation requirements
  • Allows oxygen to get to the soil.
  • Reduces water runoff and puddling.
  • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Provides enhanced impact with the use of our heavy aerator.
  • Reduces thatch build-up.
  • Benefits pH modification .
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilization and lawn treatments.

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What The Heck Is Lawn Aeration Anyway

To put it simply, aeration is poking hundreds of tiny holes in your lawn, and pulling out tiny tubes of thatch, called plugs.

You have to do this because, over time, the soil beneath the grass becomes compacted. This occurs from normal foot traffic, lawn mowing and watering. Eventually, the dirt becomes so compacted that critical moisture and air cant circulate down to the roots of the turf.

And without air and drainage, your grass struggles mightily, opening the door for weeds, pests and unsightly brown or bare spots.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn In Southern Utah

Lawn and Yard Care  Lopez Yardcare  Salt Lake City, Utah Area Mowing ...

Slow weed growth in the cooler fall temperatures allows hearty cool-season grasses to flourish and properly store nutrients for winter. Fall aeration should take place approximately four weeks before the first frost sets in. The first frost occurs in Northern Utah in mid-October and in late-October for Southern Utah.

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Should I Aerate Before Adding Topsoil

A good way to incorporate new seed into an existing lawn is to first core aerate the lawn. After aerating, it’s time for top dressing: spread either pulverized top soil or a good quality humus compost across the lawn. You don’t need muchabout a quarter inch or so is adequate. Then, go ahead and reseed. via

When Should You Not Aerate Your Lawn

Spring is not the ideal time to aerate the lawn, but circumstances may require it. If the soil is so compacted that existing grass cant grow, it may be necessary to aerate in the spring. 1 Generally, though, spring aerating is discouraged because the aeration holes provide a perfect spot for weed seeds to germinate.

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You Can Expect Quality Lawn Care And Exceptional Customer Service

At Ecolawn, we care about quality. We develop a holistic approach to lawn care that includes feeding and nurturing the soil as well as encouraging healthy lawn grass.

We care about our customers peace of mind and satisfaction with all of our organic products and services. We value customer support and communication.

If a product isnt working or you have questions about your recent application, call, email or text us with your questions. Well get back to you with an answer.

Ecolawns quest is to find and use the best organic options on the market as well as deliver exemplary customer service.

We use a variety of equipment. For aeration and overseeding, we use an aerator and then, a slit seeder to overseed your Salt Lake City lawn.

For liquid aeration, well apply an organic liquid spray made with all natural ingredients using a backpack applicator or a larger tank with a hose.

Well flag the area where we applied our liquid aerator, so no one walks or plays in the treated area. Even though our organic lawn products are safe, we do recommend that you wait a few hours before sending your children and pets out to play in the yard.

Heres What Aeration Can Do For You

Aeration and Overseeding | How to Protect Your Lawn from Diseases Spread by Dirty Aerators

Not only will aerating your lawn boost the health and beauty of your grass, but it will also help you save water and money!

When oxygen and moisture flow through the soil, the turf roots can access naturally occurring nutrients and fertilizers, requiring less frequent watering and less use of chemical fertilizers. And aerating helps remove some of the dense thatch layer that builds up at the soil line, which can also choke out your grass.

Basically, aeration is a simple and inexpensive way to ensure that your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood!

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When Should I Dethatch My Lawn In Utah

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Similarly, it is asked, how do I know if I need to dethatch my lawn?

Walk on the lawn to see if it feels firm or spongy.The first thing that gives you a hint at whether or not your lawn needs to be dethatched is the feel of it. Walk around for awhile and see if the ground feels firm. If it feels spongy, or almost bouncy, that’s a sign that the thatch has gotten too thick.

Beside above, when should I turn on my sprinklers in Utah? For April 27-May 3, they recommend watering only once during the week for many counties, including Salt Lake and Utah counties. Anyone not under that once-a-week list is advised not to water at all during that time.

In this regard, when should I winterize my lawn in Utah?

Slow weed growth in the cooler fall temperatures allows hearty cool-season grasses to flourish and properly store nutrients for winter. Fall aeration should take place approximately four weeks before the first frost sets in. The first frost occurs in Northern Utah in mid-October and in late-October for Southern Utah.

When should I apply Humate to my lawn?

Apply humate and water a lawn deeply if it is heat or drought stressed. We strongly recommend applying Humate when transplanting trees. Always apply multiple applications of Humate if the soil in the lawn is dead and the soil is being reclaimed to a living soil.

Does Spike Aeration Work

Does spike aeration work? Spike aeration works but provides short-term results because when you push the aerator into the soil, it pushes soil down and to the sides instead of removing the thick thatch that is causing compaction. With time, the soil will readjust and close the small holes you made in the ground.

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Preparation For Lawns In Idaho Utah And Washington

Before you start adding fertilizer or aerating your lawn, you need to clean it up. Over the fall and winter, twigs, branches, and leaves fell, and they need to be removed. Rake the lawn to remove some of this debris, but make sure you also pick up any garbage, outdoor toys, or other stuff that has made a winter home on the lawn. After that, rake again to remove dead grass. You want to start with a clean canvas as you prepare your lawn for summer. However, make sure you wait until the soil is dry, as raking wet soil can dislodge your grass.

One method of removing the old growth on your lawn, the thatch, is mechanical lawn dethatching. We dont recommend dethatching your lawn because it may cause more harm than benefits. Instead, try core aeration on your lawn, which we talk about in Step 2.

Spring Lawn Preparation for Idaho: Once snow begins to thaw, you may notice that your lawn has developed some nasty spots or rings. Lawn fungi tends to pop up in spring in both the Treasure Valley, Boise and in East Idaho , removing thatch gently by hand and applying lawn disease treatments can help.

Spring Lawn Preparation for Utah: Whether you live near Salt Lake, Provo, Ogden, or Salt Lake City, we recommend clearing your yard of any debris left over from winter. Remove dead grass, weeds, and thatch by gently raking. This will help nutrients and fertilizer feed your grass and reduce the chance of lawn diseases such as snow mold.

What Does Lawn Aeration Do For Your Lawn

Lawn Aeration Service North Salt Lake, UT

We use a special machine called a lawn aerator to aerate our clients lawns. This machine was specifically designed to perforate your soil with hundreds of small holes that allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate directly into your lawns root system. The plugs of grass that are removed by the aerator usually contain an inch or two of soil and are about 1/2 to 3/4 in diameter. These resulting holes are what allows the air and nutrients down into the soil and close to the root systems where they really need to be.

This process delivers oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the roots which encourages the roots to grow deeper and works to improve their uptake of nutrients and resilience to produce a more vigorous lawn. Aerating has long been a lawn care secret that golf courses and sports fields groundskeepers have employed because it really makes a difference especially when used as part of a total lawn care program.

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Why Choose Cedar Lawn Care For Your Lawn Aeration

When you choose Cedar Lawn Care you are partnering with a small, locally owned and family run business. Were large enough to take care of all your lawn aeration and lawn maintenance needs but were still small enough to give your lawn the specific care and attention it deserves.

We believe in providing good value and complete customer satisfaction through a job well done. Our employees are expertly trained and will conduct themselves like true professionals on your property. You be the judge of our work! If youre not happy with the work we perform on your property- well fix itFor Free or there is no charge for the service. Its really that simple!

If youd like an estimate for aerating your lawn or regular on-going lawn maintenance please give us a call 559-4302 or fill out our contact form and well get right back to you.

When To Aerate Lawn Utah

One of the most important decisions you will have to make as a homeowner is when to aerate your lawn. Depending on your climate, you may need to aerate your lawn in April or May. Those are the months when the grass is actively growing, so they will be most benefitted by aeration. However, if you dont have the time to aerate your lawn, there are still a few reasons why aerating your lawn is a great idea.

Regardless of the reason, aerating your lawn will improve its health and beauty. In order to do this, you will need to use a heavy-duty rake and wait until the ground beneath your lawn is thawing out. The last thing you want to do is damage your grass by pulling out excess thatch. This can lead to diseases and damage to the healthy grass. Luckily, you can get an aeration machine to help you get rid of excess thatch.

Aeration is an excellent way to improve the health of your lawn. While its important to follow proper procedures, its essential to follow these tips to ensure youre getting the most out of this process. Aerating your lawn is a great way to improve the look of your lawn. If done correctly, it can help to restore the natural balance of your soil and increase the health of your grass.

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Contact Utah’s Big League Lawns For Your Lawn Care Needs

Big League Lawns is a lawn aeration company serving Weber and Davis counties. In order to provide the highest quality service for our customers, Big League Lawns will work with you to design a customized, long-term lawn care plan. Our professional crew is the most skilled in the Ogden area. With every job we do, our goal is to ensure that our customers are entirely pleased with our efficient services and the quality of the results of their lawn aeration. We aim to exceed expectations on timing and results as we transform each lawn that we aerate into a lush, verdant yard. To find out for yourself, contact us today to receive a free estimate on the cost of lawn aeration and benefit from Big League Lawn’s complete satisfaction guarantee!

How Long Does It Take To Notice A Difference In Your Lawn

Aerate the Lawn. CORE AERATION. Raise a sprinkler head

It takes half a season to a season to see the results of your investment. Since aeration services are a low-cost item, its an excellent investment for protecting your lawn from the harsh Utah summers.

We have turfgrass science to back us up. Utah State University, a land grant university, has articles discussing the benefits of aeration and overseeding services for local lawns.

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When Is The Best Time To Aerate

Cool-season grass, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, does best with aerating in the spring and the fall. The weather is cooler at these times of the year, but they still fall within the grasss growing season. Aerating during the growing season allows grass to fill in the holes left behind and to deepen the root system. An advantage of aerating in the fall is the plugs left behind have plenty of time to break down and disappear into the lawn over the winter. The plugs contain many beneficial microorganisms and nutrients that you want to leave in your grass for better lawn health.

After aerating, its also a great time to feed your lawn with fertilizer, which will be able to reach further down into the soil with the aeration holes. If youre aerating in the fall, you can also overseed any patchy areas without worrying about the pressure of weeds. Most lawns only need to be aerated every 1 to 3 years, depending on the level of traffic and soil compaction.

When Should I Plant Grass Seed In Utah

Cool-season grasses may be seeded any time from mid-spring to early fall, but late summer is the optimum seeding time in northern Utah. The warmth of and dryness of the soil in late summer is more advantageous for seed germination than the wet and cool soil conditions of the spring, allowing for faster germination.

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When Should I Aerate My Lawn In Utah

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. Similarly, you may ask, when should I winterize my lawn in Utah?

Slow weed growth in the cooler fall temperatures allows hearty cool-season grasses to flourish and properly store nutrients for winter. Fall aeration should take place approximately four weeks before the first frost sets in. The first frost occurs in Northern Utah in mid-October and in late-October for Southern Utah.

One may also ask, when should I fertilize in Utah? Fall and Winter fertilizingFrom Labor Day until late October is the time to apply step four fall and winter fertilizer, the final step to your lawn care program. This is the most important lawn feeding of the year. Fertilizing at the later time of year produces extra greening and little top growth.

Similarly, it is asked, how long should I run my sprinklers in Utah?

Lawns in Utah require 1 to 2 inches of water per week

  • Water 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Set watering time to achieve 1/2 inch of water per station per day.
  • For fan style pop up spray heads, like the one pictured above, average time is 15 to 25 minutes per station
  • What is the best grass seed for Utah?

    Although, depending on where in Utah you live, you might need more of one or the other, the balance between these two varieties of grass is usually maintained. Some of the main cool-season grasses used in Utah include perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, as well as tall and fine fescues.

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