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Where Can I Buy Used Riding Lawn Mowers

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Picking A Synthetic Oil


Generally, you use the same weight of oil with synthetics as you do with mineral oil. Check the owners manual for the weight of oil to purchase for your mower. That said, there are several classifications of oil. The most commonly used classification scheme was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers . This group developed the initial standards for automobiles in the United States. During World War II, these standards spread around the world.

The number is a measure of viscosity, or the ability to flow. Molasses has a much higher viscosity than water, for example. So, the higher the number, the thicker the oil. This thickness is measured at around 100 degrees Celsius, or 210 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the approximate temperature inside a running engine.

Except when it isnt running. The W in the oil label tells how thick the oil is before the engine is started. The W stands for winter. In the cold, when the engine starts, it is unlubricated until the oil warms and starts flowing. The longer the time that takes, the longer the engine wears at a high rate. Too long, and it burns up.

So a 10W-40, which is a popular grade of oil, runs like an SAE 10 oil when cold, and like an SAE 40 oil when hot. If you just chose a SAE10 oil, that would leave the oil too thin to protect the engine when it was hot. That, also, wears the engine out too fast.

Bring An Expert With You

Are you inexperienced with mechanical equipment? A lot of us are, and a lot of us also know someone who is savvy on this subject and knows how to work with small engines.

If you have a friend who knows engines and has owned and maintained lawnmowers for years, try to bring them with you.

This could be a family member, a friend, or your spouse.

How To Get Max Value When Selling Your Used Lawn Mower

  • Consider the alternatives listed above, and then call several places to get the best offer.
  • If the lawn mower works, let them know and negotiate up from their first offer.
  • Strip valuable parts off and sell any them on your own online or locally.
  • If you dont like the offer you are getting, dont sell itkeep calling around.

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How To Avoid Buying A Bad Used Lawnmower

If you want to buy a used lawnmower, you probably worry that youll end up with a useless or worn out piece of equipment. There are certain things that you can do to avoid this.

In order to get a high-quality used mower that youll be able to get use out of for years to come, you will have to invest more time in the shopping process than you would spend on finding a new model.

It Can Be Tough To Buy A Used Lawnmower Online

Where Can I Find Used Lawn Mowers?

If you have the opportunity to closely inspect and try out a lawnmower, you can find good deals on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and elsewhere. But the key is that you have to have the time in-person to evaluate the machine.

Buying a used lawnmower online and having it shipped to you is asking for trouble in my view.

Theres really no substitute for being able to see something, touch it, and try it in real life. If you decide to return a mower that you bought online, it may be an enormous hassle.

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What To Do When Buying A Used Mower

Here are the steps you can take to make sure youre not taken in by a dishonest seller:

  • Ensure that you see the used mower in person and are given the time and access to take a close look at it and try it. This is crucial regardless of what kind of mower you want to get, whether it be a riding mower, a gas mower, or an electric or push model. Make sure that you ask the seller very specific questions. Find out the age of the mower. Ask the reason why its being sold. Ask if there is any paperwork on the machine, including such things as instructions, warranties, and guarantees). Make an arrangement with the seller so you know what will be done if the mower breaks down after you buy it. Ideally, there should be a written agreement on this.
  • When you test out the mower , listen to what it sounds like as it runs and try cutting grass with it. See how well it does its job. Remember that a lawnmowers blades should always be sharp enough that the grass is cut with the first pass.
  • Dont be pushed into agreeing to anything too quickly. If the seller seems strangely rushed to get the mower off his or her hands, there could very well be something wrong with it. If it seems like its been available for sale for an inordinately long period of time, that could be another red flag.

Buy The Mower You Need Not The Mower You Want

Base your decision on how big of a mower to buy on the area you need to mow.

If you have a very large yard or property, you will probably want a larger and more efficient lawn mower. Extremely large properties will need a ride-on mower that has a gas or diesel-powered engine.

Small lawns are usually fine with a small electric or gas model, and homeowners who have a small, flat lot are probably best off buying a new reel mower like .

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Used Riding Lawn Mower Buying Guide

As you have gotten some used listings on eBay, it is time for you to go through some basic precautions.


As you are purchasing from an online store, eBay here in this context you should seriously consider how much warranty is left for the product. You are buying from an unknown person and you do not know how mannerly the old owner used the lawnmower. Warranty is your savior here in case anything goes wrong in the near future.

Its not like you always will find a used riding lawn mower with an acceptable warranty period, but do try to get your hand on one with a moderate warranty left.


I talked about the importance of revealing the current market price earlier. Now I will be talking about how you could find the latest market price online accurately.

Amazon is a great source of getting a glimpse of the latest price of any product. You can get your desired riding lawn mowers current market price from there.

But there is a complication, still. Amazon often tweaks the prices to ensure the best customer experience and interaction. It is possible that maybe amazon showing a bit increased or decreased price.

A website called could come in handy in this regard. This particular website actively traces different amazon products prices all time. If you want to get a detailed graph of how the prices were in recent years, you could do suc

Heres an example, Please refer to the image below.

Easy right?

Adjustable blade height:

Merchant reputation:

Inspect All Parts Of The Mower

What to look for when buying a used riding mower!

Make sure to check out the mowers parts, taking note of the condition of the blade, engine, mowing deck, and mower body.

Fire up the mower, and run it for at least five minutes. If the mower sounds like its running as it should and does an efficient and clean cut on grass, you still cannot necessarily assume that its in good condition.

When the seller is standing there, it can be easy to feel pressured to make a quick decision and assume the mower works well after a quick demo. But its necessary to check the parts.

If any of the parts look very worn, the mower isnt likely to last you very long after purchase. Also look out for oil leaks and check the spark plug cable. Its cheap and easy to buy a new plug , but replacing the cable can be more expensive.

Electric lawn mowers should have batteries that will hold their charge.

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Best Of The Rest Budget Riding Mowers

Like any product review article, there were many other options we could have included on this list. Usually the ones we left out were comparable to the ones we did include, but didnt have the same level of reputation, they were missing one of two features or they were slightly over the budget of $1500.

Thats why we decided to include a best of the rest section. We encourage you to give these products a look as well, you might find they suit your needs better than the ones weve reviewed in full here.

Price Of The Lawn Mower

If the lawnmower doesnât cross its 3rd birthday and is perfect in shape, then the price range will be around 65% of the actual retail price.

However, if the mower steps down at its 4th birthday, then surely it has passed through so many ups and downs in its lifespan. The price range for this type of lawnmower will be around 30-50% of the actual retail price.

Final Verdict

Finally, I think itâs no more a difficult task for you to purchase a used lawnmower. You know there are several options that are open to you.

Just take a look at all the platforms mentioned above. And surely you will get your desired lawnmower.

Hopefully, from this article, you got a clear concept of where to buy used lawn mowers near me.

Now, pick the affordable one and enjoy mowing!

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How Often Do I Change Synthetic Oil In My Mower

In cars, your oil changes are based on how many miles you have driven. In mowers, changes are based on how many hours of operation have passed. New push mowers should have their oil changed after five hours of operation. This is because mold marks and other bits of metal break off after a few hours of use and contaminate the oil. After that, push mowers should have their oil changed after every 50 hours of operation or in the spring before you mow for the first time. Riding mowers need their oil changed after every 50 hours of use, or in the spring before the first use whichever is more often. If you are mowing a very dusty place, you will have to change the oil more often. In that case, check the oil often and change it when it gets dirty.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers Under $1000

2X20V MAX* 21

Last Updated on December 6, 2021 by

Since the riding lawn mower has been introduced it has become an important necessary liability at homes. Because lawns and yards have always been an important part of our lives. This greenery was a form of life for human beings. But with time when civilization prevailed. The man started making home and then with home, lawns have also become a part of it. Lawns are very important because they are the source of oxygen and bring us a healthy life.

Its one of our duties to take good care of our lawn. Clean it regularly, make it pest free, and have a complete inspection. Grow grass, grow different flowers, and all that. To have a clean cut of your grass, having a reliable lawnmower is a great option. And what else you need, if I am bringing you ridinglawn mowers close to $1000. That means it is now possible for you to maneuver your lawn in the budget. Whether your lawn is small or large.

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Does Home Depot Take Trade Ins On Lawn Mowers

4/5Does Home Depotlawn mowersHome depottrade intradetrade in

Correspondingly, can you trade in a lawn mower?

If your looking for a trade in of your lawn mower the best place to go is to your local lawn mower manufacturer, these companies will allow you trade in for a new mower of the same brand.

Subsequently, question is, does Home Depot recycle lawn mowers? There are more ways to recycle an old lawn mower than hauling it over to Home Depot or your local recycling center.

Correspondingly, where can I sell a used lawn mower?

The best places are obviously Ebay and Amazon for online selling. Also Craigslist can be another option depending on your area. Just be cautious before making a deal, never let the mower leave your property without all the money in your hand.

What is the best month to buy a lawn mower?

Consumer Reports says that the best months for consumers to make a lawn mower purchase are April, May, August, and October. One popular school of thought is that it’s best to buy a mower right after mowing season ends.

Hp B& s Engine Ce Riding Lawn Mower

17.5HP B& S Engine CE Riding lawn mower

It is an auto control lawn mower. You do not have to ride on it to clear your lawn. You can control it through your smartphone and select areas you want it to cut grass from. It has a steel body which is very sturdy. It includes a grass box to store the grass so that your lawn stays clean while cutting. It is totally self-propelled. Its forced air cooling feature controls its temperature and avoids accidents. It has a folding handle which you can keep folded when you are not using it and keep it compact. The price range starts from 270$.

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The Best Way To Avoid Buying A Bad Used Lawn Mower

The average homeowner is probably hesitant about buying a used lawnmower since they fear it will be a worn-out or useless piece of equipment. The possibility of this happening can be avoided. If you want to buy a high-quality used mower that can last for years, you need to spend more time on the shopping process than you would on buying a new mower. But it is always possible to end up with an inferior piece of equipment when you buy anything used.

Lawn mowers can be found in many different sizes and shapes and for different price points. Choosing the right mower for your property depends on its size, your strength and physical condition, and the purposes you are trying to achieve.

The best way to avoid buying a badly used lawn mower are-

Warranties And Technical Assistance

Buying a Used Lawn Mower? | Residential or Commercial What to Look For!

When you buy used equipment from someone, youll probably never hear from them again. New lawn mowers come with factory-backed warranties, so if something is defective after purchase, you have a recourse. You can also get technical support, and the new mower will come with a product manual where you can find the information you need, when you need it.

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Characteristics Of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is engineered to work in a specific type of environment without additional additives. For example, 5W-30 is an oil that is thick at cold temperatures and thin at hot ones. To make it act similar for all temperatures, additives are added that thin the oil at cold temperatures and thicken it at hot temperatures. While new, 5W-30 oil distilled from crude oil acts this way. However, the additives wear out as they get dirty, hot, and old. When this happens, the crude oil goes back to being thick at cold temperatures and thin at hot temperatures. Synthetic 5W-30 doesnt have this problem. It only has to be changed when it becomes dirty.

Poulan Pro Pb155g42 6


  • Briggs & Stratton engine: Its 15.5 HP powerful Briggs & Stratton engine increases the productivity of this mower with its presence
  • 42-Inch Cutting Width: This feature helps the mower giving a fine cut to your lawn in just one pass. The 42- inch cutting width is designed to optimize its productivity.
  • 6-speed lever-driven gear transmission: its 6-speed lever-driven gear transmission is there to help in maneuvering best.
  • 6 position deck height adjustment: For different heights of grass, the mower has 6 position deck height adjustments to adjust the height according to your need.
  • 18-inch turning radius: This feature is specially designed to get a lot of areas done in just one pass. Even with sharpness too
  • 11-inch mid back seat: As a riding mower, this 11-inch mid-back seat is very comfy for you to ride on it. Not only for you but for your family too
  • 1.5-gallon gas tank: Gallon is spacious enough to hold enough gas in it.


  • An easy and fast cut of your lawn with the amazing mower It is easily assembled Quote economical Gives a smooth run along with comfortable too


  • Left strips of uncut grass

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Best Tractors/riding Mowers To Buy Used

We just picked up a 5 acre piece of property. Going to need something to mow it, not all 5 acres are grass. I am looking for recommendations on brands to go with and those to avoid.

I am mechanically inclined – but don’t want to he hunting down parts or fixing the thing all the time.


  • last modified: 6 years ago

    How much can you spend?What dealers do you have in the area?

    Those are two things you need to post along with what jobs you want the tractor to do.

  • Like
  • 11 years agolast modified: 6 years ago

    For someone like you willing to put in some grease equity you should consider old stuff!

    Back in the 70s-80s Deere, Cub Cadet, Case/Ingersol and Wheel Horse were built better than all but the best machines today.

    Wheel Horse and Ingersol have a families with interchangeable parts from decades of machine.

    My 1969 Wheel Horse Charger has a very direct lineage from 1967 until some point in the 90’s. Lots of implements, as well as parts, are available on ebay. Plus, many parts are available through Toro, though they are expensive.

    Ingersoll still makes direct descendants of their 1970 tractors.

    Best of luck

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