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Who Sells Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers

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Riding Mowers Sold In The United States By Manufacturer:

Buy & Sell Lawn Mowers – How to Sell a Lawnmower

Note: I have verified these relationships by researching the latest information on the Internet and talking directly to some of the manufactures. This list is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Acrease Gary Kunz and his son Matt have a great line of high quality, heavy duty finish and rough cut mowers. These mowers are designed to pull behind or along side of your existing mower and reduce your mowing time and trimming considerably. For example, I used two or their 60-inch commercial wing mowers with a 60 inch Exmark Laser and could mow up to 17 acres an hour. They are more expensive than the Swisher, Agri-Fab and Stanley wing mowers, but worth every penny in increased productivity and strength. Their rough-cut mowers are the best for fields, horse pastures, and paddocks.

ALTOZ | Precision Mowers ALTOZ is a fairly new player in the market. Their products are all high quality and high-performance commercial and residential machines, each built with a dedication to excellence and the promise of a precision cut. They have the only track-drive zero-turn on the market.

Ariens: Ariens is one of the oldest names in the mower market and makes a great line of mowers. Ariens no longer sells a lawn tractor.

Bad Boy Mowers: Advertise that they have the toughest decks in the industry. Look at the MZ series for your home.

Here are the Craftsman at Sears mowers, and who manufactures them for the 2019 year:

Attachment & Accessory Manufactures:

Agri-Fab: Tools and Attachments. The snowblower or utility blade on the front of your tractor was probably made by this company.

Berco: Snow Blower attachments mad in Canada.

Ohio Steel: A complete line of Lawn & Garden products for your zero-turn, lawn tractor and garden tractor.

Plus 20 other large and small manufacturers.

I Bought A Replacement Belt And Downloaded The Manual From The Sears

Belt Routing Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Drive Belt Diagram. Also be careful to route your belt INSIDE the metal guides 13 17 when installing your belt. Pull belt slack toward rear of tractor. Remove belt from stationary idler and clutching idler.

Mower blade drive belts in the Service and Adjustments Decal Hood Rh Craftsman Lt Page REPAIR PARTS craftsman lt belt replacement TRACTOR Owner s manual CRAFTSMAN. I think you can get an idea of belt routing out of this one. The Craftsman 46-inch lawn tractor is equipped with a 46-inch mower deck.

Show belt diagram dlt Craftsman 20 hp 42 in. Note that the idler pulley in the left hand chart would be a Flat Idler meaning that the back of the belt rides against the pulley and the blade pulleys are Grooved Pulleys. The most common reason for replaci.

No matter what DIY mower repair guide you follow to solve any case its crucial to know the work process and the ins and outs of the drive belts. Belt and is routed on a common pulley with the drive belt and both or all three of the mower blade pulleys. I have a 6 speed 44 inch cut Craftsman riding mower model 917255910 with an 18 hp engine that I need to know how the drive belt is routed.

Craftsman 917270671 Front Engine Lawn Tractor Parts Sears. MOWER DRIVE BELT REMOVAL. Deck Lawn Tractor questionA motion drive belt allows the blades.

Here is a crazy looking exploded view of a craftsman mower deck. Lawn mower switch wiring diagram. Park tractor on a level surface.

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T105 42 In 439cc Riding Mower

  • This front-engine Riding Mower is designed to provide power, durability, and ease of use. Its powered by a CRAFTSMAN® 439cc engine and features a 42 in. steel deck. Its 7-speed transmission, paired with its low-back seat, will help you comfortably maneuver through 18-in. radius turns with ease. The optional mulching kit allows you to cut and finish like a professional.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. with Global Materials in Willard, Ohio
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: Powered by a 439cc CRAFTSMAN engine for powerful performance
  • EASY MANEUVERABILITY: 18 in. turning radius for easy maneuverability, and 15×6/20×8 wheels
  • MANUAL TRANSMISSION: 7-speed transmission
  • DURABLE: 42 in. reinforced stamped steel deck
  • Optional mulching kit available

T225 42 In 190 Hp* Riding Mower With Turn Tight

Craftsman riding lawn mower for Sale in St. Louis, MO ...
  • This front-engine Riding Mower with Turn Tight provides an effortless mowing experience. Its powered by a 19 HP* Briggs & Stratton engine and features a 42 in. steel deck. The hydrostatic transmission with foot-pedal control and high-back seating will provide a precise ride as it glides through turns with a 5 in. Turn Tight radius. Add the finishing touches to any lawn with the optional mulching kit. This riding mower also includes a front-end bumper for added safety.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. with Global Materials in Martin, Tennessee
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: Powered by a reliable 19 HP* Briggs & Stratton engine equipped with ReadyStart® technology
  • PRECISE MANEUVERABILITY: 5 in. Turn Tight radius and 15×6/20×8 wheels
  • SMOOTH RIDE: Foot pedal hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth transitions in speed and direction
  • DURABLE: 42 in. reinforced stamped steel deck
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT: High-back seat for support and comfort
  • SAFETY FIRST: Added bumper for front-end protection
  • Optional mulching kit available

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Features We Favor On Lawn Mowers & Tractors

Depending on how much you want to spend, theres a wide selection of mower features and options available. Dont load up on any you wont useits best to cut costs as well as the grass.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Uniform Wheel Sizes

Some mowers have rear wheels that are larger than the front wheels. Gas models with same-sized front and rear wheels tend to be easier to maneuver and tip back for U-turns at the end of a row.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Blade-Brake Clutch

When you release the handlebar, the clutch stops the blade but not the engine so that you don’t have to restart the engine to empty a full bag of clippings or to move a toy or branch.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Electric Start

Available on some gas models, electric start eliminates the inconvenience of pull-starting the engine. Most models with electric starts require external charging.

Walk-Behind Mowers: One-Lever Height Adjustment

Some self-propelled mowers have this feature, which lets you raise or lower the entire mowing deck at once. Most others require adjusting each of the four wheels individually.

Riding Mowers: Hydrostatic Transmission

Tractors with hydrostatic transmission can vary their ground speed quickly and smoothly without the need to move any additional controls. Most are now controlled with a pedal rather than a lever.

Riding Mowers: Electric Power Takeoff Switch

For tractors, this switch lets you engage the blades without pulling a lever, a feature that is a bit more convenient and can extend belt life.

Most Common Sears Parts That Need Replacing On Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers And Lawn Tractors

  • Air filter. The air filter prevents abrasive particles from entering the engine’s cylinders, which could cause mechanical wear and oil contamination.
  • Alternator. The alternator is a set of wire coils under the flywheel of the engine that generates electricity to power the tractor when it’s running. The alternator also recharges the battery while the engine runs.
  • Flywheel key. The flywheel key is a small metal rectangle that keeps the crankshaft and flywheel aligned when you tighten the flywheel nut. To protect more expensive components from damage, the flywheel key is designed to shear if the mower blade hits an object hard enough to make the flywheel slip out of alignment with the crankshaft.
  • Blade belt. The blade belt attaches to the engine pulley and spins the cutting blade. Use our Sears PartsDirect Craftsman mower parts lookup to find the belt you need for your model.
  • Spark plug. The spark plug is the device responsible for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine. This current ignites the compressed fuel/air mixture by means of an electric spark, while containing combustion pressure within the engine.
  • Find the Craftsman mower parts you need to fix any failure at Sears PartsDirect.

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    Try To Use The Flat Head Screwdriver Instead Of The Key

    How to start a craftsman riding lawn mower. Vz 7701 craftsman mower deck diagram lawn. An electric clutch gets power from the mowers engine and transmits it to the blade of the mower.when the clutch takes energy from the starter, a pressure is created in the magnetic coil which lets the armature contact with the rotor. This technique works on various cub cadet and craftsman models lawn riding mowers.

    Sears craftsman riding lawn mower manual But you know the starting process of both lawnmowers is a bit different. Models include decks from 30 in.

    However, what happens when your craftsman riding mower clicks but wont start? Starter turns the engine until it hits the compression cycle . Craftsman 25587 42 19 hp briggs stratton fender hydro automatic.

    That happens once in several tries. Riding lawn mower wont start, no clicking solutions when your mower wont stay running theres nothing quite as frustrating as a faulty lawnmower. Together with the battery of the mower, the ignition system of the machine also highly relies on the solenoid switch and starter.

    And a push lawn mower is used for a small lawn and a riding lawn mower is used for mowing the large lawn. This part absorbs the impact when you drive your mower over uneven ground. Fortunately, if your riding mower wont start and no clicking comes from the engine, you might not need a replacement just yet.

    To start a riding lawn mower, you will need to insert the lawn mower key into the ignition switch.

    How Do You Get Replacement Keys For Craftsman Riding Lawnmowers


    Replacement ignition keys for Craftsman riding lawn mowers are available from Sears, the manufacturer of Craftsman products. Sears sells replacement keys individually, and each key is specific to the type of riding mower for which it is needed.

    Customers can order Craftsman replacement keys for riding mowers online and have them delivered directly to their homes. In order to obtain replacement ignition keys, the customer must know the model number of the lawn mower. To receive the correct key, it is also helpful to know the part number of the replacement key, which is available for look up on the Sears parts website.

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    Types Of Lawn Mowers & Tractors

    Your options for the best walk-behind or riding lawn mower range from $170 gas push models to lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers that can cost upward of $4,000.

    If you’re worried about noise, know that our tests show gas mowers are much noisier than their battery-powered counterparts. Nearly all the gas-powered machines we tested emitted more than 85 decibels at the user’s ear, and only a few were somewhat quieter. For all, we recommend hearing protection.

    Sears Partsdirect Has The Riding Mower Lawn Tractor And Garden Tractor Parts You Need To Keep Your Craftsman Lawn Equipment Running Smoothly

    Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the riding mower, lawn tractor, garden tractor and Craftsman pro series parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs. Use the exploded parts drawings on our Sears PartsDirect website to easily order the Sears tractor parts and Sears riding mower parts you need to get your equipment running again.

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    Riding Mower Repair Service

    If youre looking for riding lawn mower repair and lawn tractor repair, Sears Home Services can help. From Poulan to Craftsman riding mowers, were your best option for quick, and easy local service and repair of your riding lawn mower or tractor. Weve done hundreds of thousands of lawn equipment repairs, so you can count on the small engine repair experts from Sears to identify the problem and know the solution.

    How Cr Tests Lawn Mowers & Tractors

    YTS 4000 Craftsman riding lawn mower for sale in Humble ...

    To get you ratings and reviews of the latest models by early spring, our testers travel to Florida to conduct tests in late winter at grounds we specially prepare each year. We plant 1,800 pounds of grass seed . We cut 500,000 square feet of grass in three modesmulching, side-discharging, and bagging a total of 3,000 pounds of clippings. We mow both level turf and slopes to get a feel for each and every model. We also review the convenience features on every model we assess.

    The Overall Score for each model in CR’s mower ratings incorporates all that performance data, along with predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings from our latest member surveys. The surveys leverage data on more than 78,000 lawn mowers and tractors that members purchased between 2010 and 2020.

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    Lawn Mower & Tractor Buying Guide

    Looking out at a lush green lawn is one of life’s simple pleasures. But cutting all that grass may not be. A lawn mower or tractor you can depend on to get the job done right is key. Every year, Consumer Reports cuts acres of grass to test both to see which models are top performers.

    Interestingly, if you bought a new home in the past few years, keeping your lawn nice and neat may be easier. Contractors are building on smaller lot sizes than they did a decade ago, so lawns are also fairly small. The median lawn size in the U.S. is at an all-time low of less than one-fifth acre, a 2020 U.S. Census Bureau report says. Six in 10 new homes are built on lots that are a quarter acre or smaller.

    Mower manufacturers have taken note. In recent years they’ve introduced numerous new models of battery-powered mowers, which are well-suited for small yards. Many of these machines perform as well as their gas brethren and are also more eco-friendly because they run on electricity. They’re also not as noisy, which can be important when you’re living close to your neighbor.

    But whether you have a tiny patch of grass or acres of lawn, youll need a capable mower. Consumer Reports tests all types of mowers for mulching, side discharge, bagging, ease of use, and maneuverability. We also evaluate features that save you time and effort.

    Belt Routing Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Drive Belt Diagram

    Craftsman Hydrostatic Transmission Diagram Craftsman 917204140 User Manual Zero Turn Riding Mower Manuals And. The Craftsman LT is a basic riding mower designed to cut residential lawns.

    Mower Deck Diagram Parts List For Model 917275810 Craftsman Parts Riding Mower Trac Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Craftsman Lawn Mower Parts Riding Lawn Mowers

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    How To Fix The Mower Deck When It Vibrates On Your Craftsman Riding Mower Or Garden Tractor

  • If the mower vibrates when you engage the cutting blades, there might be a problem with the blade drive system.
  • Deck vibration can be caused by an unbalanced blade, worn pulley or mandrel, bad blade belt or debris caught inside a pulley.
  • Loose nuts or bolts on the pulleys, mandrels or blades can also cause vibration. Remove the mower deck and re-tighten all fasteners.
  • Check for wear on pulleys, mandrels and blades. Replace any worn or damaged components.
  • What To Consider Before You Buy


    Lawn Mowers:

    Push vs. self-propelled. Push mowers tend to be more affordable. Self-propelled models draw energy from the engine to power the wheels, which makes them easier to maneuver if you have a larger lawn or live on a sloped lot. All-wheel drive offers the best traction on slopes, followed by rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which is standard on most models, is still well-suited for flat parcels though is not the best choice if you bag clippings. As the bag fills, it can cause the front wheels to lose some traction.

    Yard size. Consider the size of your yard to find the perfect walk-behind mower. Gas self-propelled mowers will be best for larger yards, and push mowers are better for smaller yards. Check out our guide to finding the right mower for your yard size.

    Washout port. You should clean the underside of your mower after each cut. When its time to do so, a washout port makes it easier: It accepts a hose connection for clearing clippings beneath the mower deck without the need to tip the machine.

    Electric start. On gas models, this feature lets you start the engine with push-button ease, rather than yanking a pull cord. All electric mowers start this way.

    Folding handle. Models with a folding or collapsing handle require less space to store.

    Upright storage. Almost all electrics can be stored vertically in a cramped garage. Some gas models have special engine seals that allow for upright storage, too, without the risk of oil or gas leaking out.

    Riding Mowers:

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    Common Riding Lawn Mower Issues

    • Riding lawn mower wont start
    • Riding mower wont stay running
    • Riding mower or tractor has unusual and excessive vibration
    • Riding mower is bagging, discharging, or mulching improperly
    • Riding mower is leaking oil

    Our repair experts are some of the best riding lawn mower and riding tractor repair service technicians in the business. Technicians that are local, licensed and vetted, with the skills to get your riding mower or lawn tractor up and running quickly.

    Schedule your riding mower repair online today.

    If your riding mower doesnt need a repair, but simply a tune-up or pre-season maintenance, schedule riding mower maintenance with our technicians today.

    Find the parts and accessories you need to keep your riding mower in top shape at Sears PartsDirect

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