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Where To Buy Corn Gluten For Lawns

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What Are Synthetic Chemical Pre

Corn Gluten Meal – Does it Work? – Organic Weed Control for Lawns

A synthetic chemical pre-emergent is a non-organic herbicide that is applied to the landscape prior to weeds and other unwanted plants growing. In essence, it prevents those plants from emerging from the soil where seeds might lie.

  • The nitrogen in corn gluten has drawbacks. Some turf specialists argue that extra nitrogen only gives weeds the advantage.
  • Encouraging new grass is more effective. Crabgrass is a filler weed that thrives in bare spots or areas with thin turf grass, and organic turf specialists contend that seeding with new grass is just as effective as applying pre-emergent herbicides such as corn gluten. Dense, healthy turf will naturally crowd out crabgrass, so growing more grass and filling in those thin areas and bare patches may be a better solution.

How Does Corn Gluten Meal Kill Weeds

Corn gluten meal doesnt really kill weeds, but it will prevent weed seeds from germinating properly. Shortly after weeds germinate in a lawn, the young weeds send out secondary feeder roots that are important for drawing vital nutrients from the soil. The corn gluten meal, which is a by-product of corn syrup production, damages the feeder roots of many young plants. The end result is that many of the weeds will germinate, but because the corn gluten meal damages the weeds secondary feeder root, they will not develop into an adult weed. Corn gluten meal has been proven to control many types of weeds including: dandelions, crabgrass, thistle, clover, plantain, lambs ears, etc.

Applied The Corn Gluten Meal Too Late In The Season

Many homeowners make the same mistake. In late spring the man of the house looks at their lawn and notices there are a lot of yellow dandelions growing. Not liking these unwanted intruders, he yells to his wife, Honey, I am going to go to the store and get some dandelion control. She yells back, Make sure it is safe for the kids and dog! He yells back, Of course honey! He then hops in his car and heads to the local hardware store or nursery and picks up the only product on the shelf that says organic weed control, which is a bag of corn gluten meal. He heads back and applies the product at the 20 pounds per 1000 square foot rate and a week later there are 1000s of dandelions!

So why didnt the corn gluten meal work? Simple, if you are already seeing dandelions growing in the lawn, then it is too late for corn gluten meal!

Corn gluten meal is a pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer, which means it needs to be applied prior to the weeds germinating. In Colorado, depending on the weather, the majority of the dandelions start to germinate around April 15th and the peak dandelion season is around May 1st.

As long as there isnt snow on the ground we recommend applying corn gluten meal as soon as March 1st and we continue to apply the product up to April 10th. The earlier in the season that we corn gluten meal is applied, the better it will control weeds!

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The Downside Of Using Corn Gluten

  • Existing weeds may also benefit from the fertilizer when applied at a wrong time, which may bring even a bigger weed problem in your lawn.
  • Corn gluten is expensive than chemical pre-emergent herbicides. The cost of corn gluten meal has been rising yearly.
  • Seed germination sometimes vary based on species of the weed and changes in climatic conditions. It may not be easy to time appropriately. This is why most gardeners end up frustrated after spending thousands of dollars without achieving good results.

Final Though

Corn gluten meal is a great alternative to conventional pre-emergent herbicides, however, timing is very critical in achieving full weed control. When applied consecutively for several years, corn gluten meal will effectively suppress weeds for good. Additionally, healthy lawn care practices such as proper watering, weeding and mowing will give your grasses an advantage over undesired weed plants.

Natural Weed Control For Grass

Corn Gluten Meal

Synergy with corn gluten meal is one of the best organic fertilizers because it produces a long lasting green-up of grass. Synergy is a natural weed control made from corn and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. Synergy is a great option for those looking for a natural way to prevent weed seeds from germinating properly in your Boulder lawn.

We recommend spring applications of Synergy in March or early April and a fall application is also recommended in late September or October.

Lawns in the Boulder and Fort Collins area respond extremely well to Synergy applications because all the nitrogen is 100% organic and naturally slow release. This means the nitrogen in this organic fertilizer will only become available to the grass after the microbes in the soil decompose the corn gluten meal. This means the corn gluten meal will slowly feed the lawn and it is impossible to burn a lawn using a 100% slow release organic fertilizer. Since organic fertilizers are naturally slow release, the end result is a long lasting beautiful deep-dark green colored lawn.

Synergy with corn gluten meal is derived from only the highest quality natural ingredients and is considered non-toxic to people, pets, dogs, cats and children.

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Corn Gluten As Fertilizer

As a plant food, corn gluten has a N-P-K ratio of 8-0-0. It will fertilize your lawn, and prevent the growth of new weeds. Because it prevents seeds from sprouting, make sure you wait 60 days after application before spreading grass seed. Corn Gluten can also be used to fertilize shrubs and transplants. As a fertilizer, corn gluten can be applied at any time of year. The nitrogen releases slowly over a 3-4 month period after application.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen : 8%. Water-insoluble nitrogen: 7%. Nutrients for this product are derived from 100% Non-GMO Corn Gluten Meal, and contain no animal manure or fillers.

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Not All Corn Gluten Meal Is The Same

There are different qualities of corn gluten meal and the one that is a herbicide contains 60% protein. This product is always labeled as a pre-emergent herbicide.

The true corn gluten meal herbicide is expensive and so many people have tried a cheaper product called corn gluten feed, or distillers grain. These animal feed products may even be called corn gluten meal but they will not be labeled as a pre-emergent herbicide.

One reason corn gluten meal may be getting bad press is that gardeners are trying to use the feed products and then reporting they dont work. They dont work because they dont have a high enough protein level they are the wrong product.

Another common problem is that corn gluten meal needs to be applied at a heavy rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 sq ft and most home spreaders cant reach this level. If it is not applied thick enough, it wont be effective.

To Prevent Weed Growth:

Corn Gluten Meal – Lawn Fertilizer

As a weed suppressant, corn gluten acts as a natural “pre-emergent” – it inhibits seed germination by drying out a seed as soon as it begins to sprout. These qualities make corn gluten an ideal ‘weed n feed’ product.

To take advantage of its weed-prevention properties, corn gluten must be applied before weed seeds germinate. Apply in early spring before the weeds begin to sprout, as a general rule, around the time when the forsythia, daffodils and early spring bulbs are blooming. For maximum weed control, we recommend a spring, mid-summer and fall application.

Corn gluten is also useful when transplanting vegetables and shrubs. Apply immediately after transplanting to prevent weeds from sprouting through the enriched soil and competing with your transplants.

Corn Gluten controls common broadleaf weeds:

  • Dandelions, Barnyardgrass, Curly Dock, Green Foxtail, Orchardgrass, Shattercane, Purslane, Wooly Cupgrass, Giant Foxtail, Lamb’s Quarters, Buckhorn Plantain, Quackgrass, Crabgrass, Velvetleaf, Annual Bluegrass, Creeping Bentgrass, Black Nightshade, Black Medic, Redroot Pigweed, Catchweed Bedstraw, Clover, and more

Safe for people and pets

Our Certified Organic Corn Gluten Meal is derived from 100% Non-GMO corn where no commercial fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides are applied. No neonicotinoids. People and pets can use the lawn immediately after application. It will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms, ponds or stream life.

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Q: Is Corn Meal Gluten Organic

A: Well kinda yes, and kinda no.

99% of the United States corn crop is now GMO corn. Some people are concerned that there is a risk with genetically-modified crops. Because of this, corn meal gluten is not an OMRI-rated product. OMRI ratings are required for any products grown to be certified organic.

It is a natural product in that it is entirely made out of plant material. As its extracted from inside the corn kernel, its unlikely to be chemically-contaminated.

Its a safer alternative to chemical fertilizers and chemical herbicides, for certain. But it is not certified organic.

So in the very early spring, consider corn gluten meal for lawn fertilizer. It can help you prevent some of the weed growth, and its a great alternative to chemical fertilizers. Itll help improve your soil quality while feeding your grass!

Have you experimented with natural fertilizer choices? Whats your favorite for lawn use? Let us know in the comment section below!

The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Pre

  • Barricade is designed to forestall weeds, and wont help in eliminating present weeds.
  • Please consult with product label for full utility charges and timings. the product should additionally obtain rainfall or irrigation to ensure that the herbicide prevention zone to turn out to be lively.
  • Dg professional formulation permits for extra particles per sq. inch of chemical results in higher management of weeds
  • Barricade is best when utilized in early spring, previous to soil temperatures reaching 55 levels at a four-inch depth. in warm-season turf, barricade will also be utilized within the fall for the prevention of poa annua .

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When To Apply Corn Gluten On Your Lawn

Majority of weed seed germinate during late winter and early spring. This is the period when forsythia plants bloom before even their leaves emerge. Apply the corn gluten meal during this short window in which the dreaded crabgrass and other weeds are germinating.

To effectively prevent winter annual weeds such as bittercress, deadnettle, henbit and chickweed or other perennial weeds whose seeds usually germinate in the late summer or fall, apply the corn gluten meal in the late summer, as soon as daytime temperatures start to decrease.

Further the amount you apply will also determine how fully it will defeat the weeds. The recommended rate of application is 20 lbs. of corn gluten per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Anything short of that means money gone down the drain.

The effectiveness of corn gluten also depends on the your watering or rainfall pattern. After the application, the product need to be driven into the soil by watering or rainfall. Ideally a watering or rainfall of about 1/4 inch is great for application of corn gluten.

That is not all, a short dry period of three to seven days is necessary to completely deny the germinated weeds some water. While it can be difficult to achieve this with rainfall, it is much possible with artificial watering. Another application after one month or in late summer will guarantee full control of the weeds.

Preventing Lawn Clover Weeds Through Proper Lawn Care

Corn Gluten: An Organic Pre

After using one of our recipes to kill clover, there are steps to take to ensure that your lawn is healthy and full and remains weed-free. Weeds have a hard time thriving in a healthy yard, so this form of weed control is essential. If your grass has mossy patches in it, try using a moss killing soap to remove it.

  • Grass seed

A natural ingredient that is considered a pre-emergent herbicide is corn gluten meal, which prevents clover weeds from germinating. Not only that, but corn meal is also an organic fertilizer with nutritional properties such as nitrogen.

In early spring, spread 20 pounds of powdered corn gluten meal for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. Follow this by watering the grass and then ensure that it remains dry for three days after treatment.

When mowing your lawn, set the mower height to three inches to prevent damaging the grass. The tall grass blades prevent the sun from feeding clover, therefore, preventing it from thriving.

Your lawn grass needs approximately an inch of water per week to remain healthy. Anything less than that will cause weeds to begin taking over your lawn. During dry times of the season, use a sprinkler to ensure the grass is getting the water it needs.

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Benefits Of Corn Gluten Meal

As a natural fertilizer, corn gluten meal is a fantastic source of nitrogen. Typical NPK for corn gluten meal is 10-0-0. Its slow-releasing, taking up to 2 months to break down in the soil.

For weed control, its an effective pre-emergent option if spread heavily on the soil. Lawns in particular are popular choices for this use. It retards the growth of many broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Its also quite effective against crabgrass.

Corn gluten meal does not have a significant effect on soil pH levels. This makes it a good fertilizer choice if youre trying to maintain neutral soil.

And of course, as its a food-safe product, corn gluten meal is perfectly pet and small-child safe, too.

Where To Get Corn Gluten Meal

Vancouver, BC
80 posts

caribou wrote: âYou can buy corn gluten meal in a fine, yellow, powdery form from most feed stores or you can buy the more expensive, pelleted product at garden centres . There is no difference in terms of the efficacy of the CGM, however, there are usually added supplements like fertilizer in the pelleted form.Some people like pellets as they are easier to apply using your spreader and are effective up to 6 weeks as they break down slowly over time. The finer granules are harder to spread and break down faster due to their powdery form and, as a result, arenât as effective as long. I use the powdery granules because I like the lower cost and I have more lawn to apply.I’ve written about CGM on my gardening blog here.

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The Bonding Agent Used To Pelletize The Cgm Is Very Important

What does a bonding agent have to do with weed control? A bonding agent is the product used to hold the powder form of corn gluten meal into a granule or pellet so it can be spread easily and evenly. If the bonding agent is too strong then the corn gluten meal will take a long time to get into the soil.

The easiest and least expensive way to granulate a product like corn gluten meal is to go to a animal feed processor where they can turn the powder form of corn gluten meal into game pellets. The bonding agents typically used in animal feed products are starch based and will hold the granule very tight, but they are not very water soluble and are designed to break up when they are chewed.

Starch based bonding agents are a major problem if they are used in a lawn care corn gluten meal. As explained earlier, corn gluten meal needs to be applied to a lawn before weeds germinate. The problem is that to get the best weed control results the corn gluten meal needs to be watered into the soil after the application however, in Colorado it is too cold to turn on a sprinkler system in March. Therefore, after a spring application, most people wait for rain or snow from Mother Nature to push the corn gluten meal into the soil. If the granule is starch based it might take 4 or 5 rain or snow storms to break up the granule and get it into the soil. Mother Nature might not cooperate and by the time it rains 4 or 5 times it might be too late and the weeds have already germinated.

How Corn Gluten Works

5 Reasons Why Corn Gluten Meal Didn’t Work – Organic Weed Control using Corn Meal

Corn gluten does not prevent weed seeds from germinating, but it does inhibit those seeds from forming roots after germination. This means that applications must be very carefully timed. When the application of corn gluten is timed correctly, crabgrass seeds germinating will form shoots but not roots, and will therefore die, provided there is a short dry period after seed germination. However, if conditions are too wet immediately after seed germination, the weed can recover and establish a root.

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