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Where To Buy Gas For Lawn Mower

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How To Fill A Lawnmower With Gas

How To Buy The Right Lawn Mower

When purchasing a lawnmower, you should always check that the gas tank and oil chamber are easy to find, as youll be maintaining these fuels throughout the lifetime of your mower.

Step 1: Locate the Gas Tank

Most walk-behind lawnmowers have a small plastic tank on the side of the mower or at the back. Its typically located on one side towards the back in riding mowers, just like a car.

Other mowers have a covered gas tank thats hidden. You may have to find it underneath a cap or symbol.

Step 2: Remove Gas Cap

Just like a car, youll typically need to remove a cap by twisting it counterclockwise. There may also be caps that lock in place or others that require a key.

Step 3: Fill Up Your Tank

Determine what gas is best for your engine. If its fresh, unleashed gasoline, you can get the same fuel at a gas station.

Its best to use a nozzle or funnel to spill gas as you pour. Take your time as you pour and pay attention to the fill line in your gas tank.

Step 4: Tighten the Gas Cap and Go!

After you fill the tank, make sure to put the gas cap back on and tighten it. Your mower should be ready to go.

Lawn Mower Fuel Guide: Gas Diesel & Propane Benefits

Purchasing a new zero turn mower? If you’re reading this article, you’re likely pondering your various mower engine fuel choices. If so, we have lots of helpful information to share.

Let’s start with what this article is and what it is not. Expect to better understand the benefits and compromises you will experience with each fuel type so you can make an informed buying decision. We will not make a final recommendation as the “best” fuel choice, since that will depend on your unique situation.

Where Is The Best Place To Get Gas For A Lawn Mower

The easiest place to find fuel for a lawn mower is a regular gas station. As we mentioned, your mower takes gas as your car does, so it’s not challenging to fill up its tank.

Furthermore, you can purchase a gas container, fill it at the station, and bring it home rather than transport your mower all the way there.

That is the most common thing people do, although some garden supply stores will also carry gasoline. We recommend calling or looking on a store’s website before going in to ensure they sell fuel.

Again, this comes down to preference, so either method is fine.

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Petrol Lawn Mower Maintenance

One of the downsides of petrol mowers is that they require a lot more maintenance than electric and push-reel mowers. However, properly maintaining your mower will keep it running well for years.

You should plan on doing most of your mower maintenance chores at the beginning of the mowing season. Among the things that should be changed at this time are the oil, spark plug, and air filter. You should also sharpen the mower blade, both at the start of the season and one more time mid-season. A sharp blade will cut grass much more cleanly, resulting in an overall healthier lawn.

Throughout the season, keep your mower clean and dry to prevent rusting.

When it comes time to store your mower at the end of the year, you should either leave it with a full tank of petrol that has been treated with stabiliser or store it with the tank dry .

Do Lawn Mowers Need Premium Gas

Buy Online Gasoline Lawn mower 4.8hp

Should you buy regular or premium gas? Most lawn mowers, and most four-stroke engines, do not need premium gas, or high octane rating like premium 93 octane fuel. Most mowers will run fine with a regular 87-90 octane rating. However, you should always check your manufacturers manual for your models exact engine specifications as it may require higher octane numbers. Using a higher octane rating fuel in your regular lawnmower will not make it run smoother or give it more power. It can get costly especially if you run a lawn mower with increased fuel consumption and power like a ride-on tractor.

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Vp Small Engine Fuels 6208 Ethanol

VP Small Engine Fuels are engineered to maintain your fuel system not only for the day but for years ahead. With our new VP Fuel Ethanol Free 4-Cycle Fuel, you wont have to worry about it attracting moisture or oxidizing and forming gummy deposits in your carburetor. Plus, with a flashpoint of -22 degrees Fahrenheit, this fuel burns cleaner, maintaining maximum performance without jeopardizing engine life!

  • No Ethanol, No Additives.
  • Great for sensitive engines like hand-held lawnmowers and blowers
  • Non-Premium but with all the benefits of Premium Fuel
  • Great for California because theres no risk of Blended E10 Fuels
  • Leak issues during shipping

What Type Of Gas To Avoid For Your Lawn Mower

While you can buy regular gasoline at your local gas station for use in your gas push lawn mower, only fuel with a maximum of 10% ethanol is recommended. Most gas stations sell fuel with up to 85% ethanol, which is not good for small engines such as gas lawn mowers, gas-powered lawn edgers, etc.

See the table below for the type of fuel to use and the type to avoid for small engines:

E-10% gas

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Regular Or Premium Gas For Lawn Mower

Youve heard people talking about regular and premium gas especially in cars. To this point, everyone knows that premium gasoline performs better as compared to regular. While this is not far away from the truth, premium gas only work effectively when used in specific engine models.

Engines with high compression ratings or turbochargers often require high octane fuel found in premium gas for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. This is why you dont need to use premium gas in a lawn mower or any other small engine.

The Case For Buying A Battery

how to put gas in lawn mower

There are three main reasons to buy a battery-powered lawn mower vs a gas lawn mower: noise, emissions, and convenience.

Theres no question battery-powered lawn mowers run quieter than their gas counterparts. Gas mowers weve tested hit as high as 94 decibels , while battery-powered mowers range from 74 88. Those figures are measured from our operators ear. In terms of sound pressure levels, thats a huge difference!

One topic thats not as big in the noise conversation is safety. While its arguably a bigger concern for professional crews, even homeowners can benefit from noise levels low enough to still be able to hear around you. Whether its a car or cyclist on the street as you mow the front, or your toddler running out into the backyard, the increase in your situational awareness is a good thing.

Emissions are another slam-dunk for battery power. As far as direct emissions go, there are none. Indirectly there are likely some that come from wherever you get your power to recharge the batteries. Compared to even the most emission-friendly gas mower, its pretty doggone small, though.

Theres also no denying the convenience of a battery-powered lawn mower. Just grab your charged battery, pop them in, and go mow. Theres no oil to mix with the gas, no fuel stabilizer to worry about, no choking, no carburetor issues, no pull starting, and no winterizing. Its simply easier to use on both the first and last day of your mowing season.

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Stihl 7010 871 0203 Motomix : 1 2 Cycle Premix Fuel

Stihl is the name to trust when it comes to dependable garden implements, and now you can trust them with your prized 2-Cycle engine. Get the best of both worlds with a convenient 50:1 premixed fuel that makes life so much easier! Trust Stihl for everything from auto repairs, home appliances, power tools, lawn equipment, and tractor attachments as well as this handy little pre-mixed fuel. Its a no-brainer when it comes to small engine mixers. Make a good investment in your favorite gear by going with nothing but the finest quality like Stihl Premix Fuel Motomix 50:1 available right here.

  • No more mixing gas and oil, just open the can
  • Easy to pour and use for backup fuel
  • Works perfectly with any 2-cycle small engine
  • Reduces downtime because of keeping a peace of mind
  • Overpriced

Positive Sides Of Purchasing A New Lawnmower

  • The sky is the limit here. Theres a vast number of options available in the market. Surely, you find what you desire.
  • INNER PEACE! Things wont go wrong you will have a warranty for your new mower.
  • They even let you do a test run for a day or two, giving you a chance to ensure that you are choosing the right one.

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Can Gas Go Bad In A Lawn Mower

Yes, the gasoline inside a lawn mower can go bad after a while. Whether your gas is in a container or your equipment’s tank, it can expire after merely 30 days.

Of course, if you use your mower regularly, you shouldn’t run into issues like expired fuel. That is because your gas is constantly flowing through your machine, keeping it fresh.

However, if you leave your lawn mower in the garage for a few months, it needs new gas. You can also try using a fuel stabilizer for more extended storage periods, which will keep your fuel from going bad.

According to SROA, properly treated gasoline can stay good for up to a year, which is good to know.

What Type Of Gas Do Lawn Mowers Use Regular Or Premium

Gasoline Lawn Mower: Rated Power: 3.0Kw(4Hp)
  • For the best performance of your lawn mower engine, you want to make sure you use fresh, clean fuel that has a gas stabilizer. Keep in mind that most ethanol-based fuels degrade over time and can lead to such as poor starting and performance of the mowers engine. So, what type of gas is best for lawn mowers?

    Both 2-stoke and 4-stroke lawn mower engines use regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87 with 10% or less ethanol. You can also use premium gas with a higher octane rating such as 91 and 93. Two-cycle mowers can use regular or premium gas mixed with good two-cycle engine oil.

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    What Kind Of Oil Do You Use In A Lawn Mower

    Power equipment means less physical effort when it comes to maintaining your property. Weed-eaters, hedge trimmers, rototillers, and pole trimmers often are powered by 2-cycle engines. But the piece of equipment that gets the most wear and tear is your lawn mower and, with a few exceptions, gas-powered mowers operate using 4-cycle engines.

    All gas-powered engines need oil to run smoothly and to lubricate parts that will get damaged without it. Running your gas mower without sufficient oil is the quickest path to the junkyard. There are many different brands of oil to choose but your first consideration is the type of oil that works best for your mower.

    Mistakes To Avoid When Filling Up Lawn Mower

    Lawnmowers can be finicky machines. This is because they are typically left in storage for many months when it gets colder or used too frequently to cut moist grass. If not cleaned properly, your lawnmower may stop firing up at all.

    However, there also cases when fuel damages your lawnmower. For instance, if you drain your lawn mowers tank before storing it in the winter, youll likely have a hard time starting it back up.

    • Draining the tank harms your lawn mowers carburetor
    • Small droplets of gas are left behind and typically start to get sticky, like a varnish
    • If gas gets stuck in the needle valve tip, the carburetor will be damaged and wont work properly
    • Gas tanks shouldnt sit empty for long periods as water vapor can get in the tank and start to condense, triggering rust and corrosion
    • Use a gas stabilizer agent instead when storing your lawnmower

    To use a gas stabilizer, youll fill your tank almost entirely with fresh, clean unleaded gasoline. Then add a fuel stabilizer. You can use this with old fuel, but its best to use it when fresh.

    Turn on your lawnmower and let the engine run for a few minutes to get the stabilizer running through your fuel lines and carburetor. Your lawn mower should be ready for storage now.

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    Purchase High Quality Fuel For Your Lawn Mower

    Buying more expensive unleaded gas is not always the best, but I do highly recommend purchasing ethanol-free fuel as this doesnt damage your fuel system like gas with ethanol does. This type of gas can be found at the pump at fuel stations or in canisters at your hardware store.

    Recreation fuel , an ethanol-free fuel, is sold at select gas stations. It can be up to $3.00 per gallon more expensive than regular gas. You can find a list of fuel stations in the United States and Canada that carry that recreation fuel at

    Canisters of 4-cycle fuel can be purchased at your hardware store or online. This is definitely the most expensive way to purchase ethanol-free fuel, but it is very convenient. If you are running a small lawn mower or smaller handheld equipment, this is a great convenient option to have sitting on your shelf.

    If you buy higher-end gas and worry you will not use all of it, there are some ways to keep gas fresh. The best way to store gas is adding an additive to stabilize your fuel.

    Here are a few tips when storing gasoline:

    Once you get the hang of buying gas for your mower, it is relatively simple to know what you need and when you need additional gas. By adding a fuel stabilizer and routinely alternating through your gas, you will not waste expensive gasoline, and it will be well worth the price.

    What Kind Of Gas Is Best For Lawn Mower Engines

    Bolens 140cc 21-in Gas Push Lawn Mower Review – CHEAP – Should You Buy It?

    Many people wonder what kind of gas is best to use. There are a few different types, but two that seem most popular for lawn mowers are ethanol-free gasoline and premium octane fuel. The type you choose depends on the engine design of your specific model and how much power it produces when running at peak efficiency. Keep in mind that not every type will work with all engines, so if you have questions about whether or not one of these fuels would suit your needs, then be sure to check instructions for your engine!

    Premium octane has been shown to burn more smoothly than other options and produce fewer emissions, which means many manufacturers recommend this option for those who want their equipments lifespan extended while also experiencing a quieter, smoother ride.

    Ethanol-free gasoline is often the best option for equipment with smaller engines and those who are looking to save on fuel costs in general, but its not ideal if youre worried about long-term wear and tear or want to maximize power at all times!

    The type of gas used can make an impact on how much maintenance your lawnmower needs too. Premium octane has been shown to reduce engine knocking when gas gets too low, while ethanol-free gasoline may lead to more frequent clogs and other problems down the line. Consider these factors before deciding which fuel will work best for your specific needs!

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    How Can I Tell If The Gas Has Gone Bad

    The easiest way to diagnose gas is to smell the fuel in question. Oxidized gas has a sour smell and is much stronger smelling than fresh gas. The other method is to drain a sample from your machines fuel tank or your gas can into a clear glass container. If the gas is dark in color, it has more than likely gone bad. See the image below for a comparison between the color of fresh gas to gas that has oxidized and should not be used in your equipment.

    Do You Add Oil Separately In Lawn Mower

    When it comes to maintaining your lawnmower, youll need to check and replace the oil from time to time.

    You should change the oil for all new mowers after the first five hours of use then, youll change it before a new mowing season in spring or summer. This also equates to about 50 hours of use.

    Most lawn mowers have a separate oil chamber with an oil plug. Youll need to check the oil filter to see if its filled with oil debris. If so, this should be replaced as well.

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    Fuel System Maintenance For Your Lawn Mower

    During the summer months, weekly use of your lawn mower will keep its fuel system clean. However, as it sits over the winter, the gasoline will degrade and can damage the fuel lines and gum up the combustion chambers.

    To avoid damage to your lawn mowers engine, run it down to empty before storing it for the winter. If there is too much gas left at the end of the season to use up in an hour, adding a fuel stabilizer will slow the fuel degradation and protect the mower. For best results, use an ethanol-free gas for the last fill-up of the season. Then add a fuel stabilizer.

    Do You Put Same Gas As Cars In Lawn Mowers

    TORO 22 in Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower with grass catcher ...

    Most lawnmowers work with the same gas you put in your car, but be sure to search for your lawnmower model and see what other people recommend online!

    Older models of lawnmowers often dont handle ethanol well.

    Todays gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol, so always check first before filling up at a gas station near you.

    To make it easier on our lawnmower, we use automotive 87-octane gasoline with a fuel stabilizer.

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