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Where To Buy Lawn Soil

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How Much Do You Need

Growing Grass : Where to Buy Liquid Grass Fertilizer

Bulk soil and mulch are sold by the cubic yard. To calculate how many cubic yards you will need for different planting depths:

  • Measure the square footage of the space to be covered

  • Use the chart below and select the number of inches of coverage

  • Look across to the corresponding number under “Materials Sold by Cubic Yard”

  • Divide the square footage of your garden by the number from the chart.

  • Example:

    • Your garden is 25 feet by 20 feet.

    • Your garden has an area of 500 sq. ft. and you want 6 inches of mulch.

    • The corresponding number on the chart for a 6 inches depth is 54.

    • Divide your sq. footage by 54.

    • 500 divided by 54 = 9.26

    • You would need 9 1/4 cubic yards of soil or mulch to cover a 500 sq. ft. garden to a depth of 6 inches.

    Chart for Step #4

    How To Level Deep Low Spots On Your Lawn

    Leveling an area that has sunk up to 2 cm 4 cm deep requires a different method to level the lawn.

    You need a tool to properly level this type of deep. Tool like squared-off shovels. Use the shovel to either slice into the centre or at the edges of the bumps.

    You need to maintain an even cut to make it easier for you to lift it without breaking.

    Since the deep is already 2 to 4cm, you can either cut 3cm for 2cm deep or 5cm for 4cm deep.

    The cut becomes easy when the area is not dry. After the cutting, gently place the turf flat back immediately and youre done filling the place with soil mixture.

    To level bumps in your lawns, dig enough soil until you get the same level with the surrounding area. Put the turf back after leveling.

    For you to fill a hollow, you need a garden fork. Garden fork is what you will use to turn over the soil to about 4cm to 5cm.

    After that, remove any large stones, then break the large clumps. This will make the soil to be compatible and further reduce any further sinking afterwards.

    Take your soil mixture to fill the hole until it level with the surrounding area. After this, use a rake to break down the soil before you return turf back to the area.

    Now, you need to pack the turf down, beginning from the outer edges to center. Refill the gap with more top dressing to prevent the edge from drying out.

    What Is Fill Dirt

    Fill dirt is not as fine or pure as topsoil, and it lacks organic matter. It’s also the layer beneath the topsoil in a garden or landscape. Fill dirt will, however, contain more stones, rocks, and dense earth that’s ideal for filling holes. In addition to gardens and landscapes, fill dirt is used for raising and leveling land, building up ground to fix water drainage issues, and packing around retaining walls. You can buy fill dirt at a home improvement store or from local sand, gravel, or mulch suppliers, but if you need a lot of it, the cost can skyrocket, though it still costs significantly less per cubic yard than topsoil.

    Here are some of the best ways to find free fill dirt and what you need to do before you haul it home.

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    What Causes Lawn To Be Uneven

    Now you know the best lawn leveling soil, its important you know the causes of unevenness in your yard.

    Even though maintaining a level lawn is a continuous process, the idea of what causes it can help put a permanent solution to it.

    A level lawn isnt just easy to maintain but offers kids the enabling environment to have fun. Thats why every home owner desires to have level lawn soil.

    Some of the major causes of low and higher spots areas in the yard include:

    • High foot or motorized traffic.
    • New fences
    • Animals digging
    • Lack of proper lawn care such as lawn mower-scalping

    Sometimes, bumps and depressions can be the result of drainage problems. Broken water or irrigation pipes also cause bumps or rough lawns.

    Uneven lawns can also be as a result of natural and unnatural cases of settling in an area. Over time, settling causes depression, though this might be unavoidable.

    Bumps or unevenness can also be as a result of buried objects like wood debris. Remove the wood debris and level the location that is all for this type of unevenness.

    People also cause unevenness of lawns, by walking on soft lawn most especially in the early spring or immediately after heavy rains. Even animals use their legs to cause unlevel lawn as well.

    Constant checking on animals will help to prevent unlevel lawn soil. Keep a watch on your animals to prevent them from creating unevenness in your yard.

    Common Uses For Compost Include:

    Buy Scotts Turf Builder LawnSoil Top Soil

    Soil AmendmentTill 2-4 of compost into the top six inches of existing soil to increase organic matter and improve water retention.MulchRake or blow a 2 cover over existing beds for weed control, to protect root zones and increase water retention.Planting Soil MixesWe blend compost with our native, free draining, Nooksack Valley Sandy Loam and Sands to manufacture a number of rich soil blends.

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    Plan For The Delivery

    Remember, when calculating the soil costs that you must factor in the delivery fees. Most companies charge a fixed fee or base it on the amount of distance they must travel. To skip delivery costs, you can go it on your own depending on how much you need to order, and if you have a flatbed truck to pick it up. Most soil companies will allow you to pull in and have the soil shoveled or funneled into the truck.

    In most cases, you will likely want the soil products delivered. You need to determine where you want the soil dumped when it arrives. A truck full of soil will be weighty and driving across your lawn will leave ruts. If the ground is wet, the truck’s wheels may spin and even get stuck.

    It might be a better choice to find a place to lay down a large tarp, such as the side of the driveway, and have them dump the soil there. That means you’ll have to shovel it into a wheelbarrow and move it load by load. It may be laborious, but this way, you can work at your own pace.

    If you do not spread the soil immediately, cover it with a tarp. Rain will compact the soil or compost and make it even heavier to move. It can develop into an anaerobic compost pile, which can create a foul odor.

    What To Look For

    Even with a few great recommendations, I would still advise you to take a look at the actual product, before purchase. Companies that specialize in providing soils will usually have several blends available, top soil, lawn soil, garden soil, compost/soil blend… Some will even allow you to create your own mix, like 40% compost with 60% top soil. There may be an additional charge for this.

    Good top soil and compost should have no odor other than a rich earthy smell.

    It should be loose and crumbly. Even straight compost should not be coarse or chunky. Compost will probably still have some heat, but it shouldn’t be hot.

    For garden soil, a sandy loam is ideal. Look for less than 15% clay and at least 5% organic matter. It should be dark in color, crumbly and loose feeling.

    There should be some moisture, but it should not form a hard ball in your hand.

    Some questions to ask when shopping for soil:

    • What is the soil pH. It should be somewhere between 5.5 and 7.5.

    • What is the organic content or at least how much compost is in the mix and what is the compost made from. Many places make their own with yard and leaf waste, others bring in material.

    • What is the percentage of clay, sand and loam.

    • Is it screened? You don’t want a lot of rocks, litter or clumps of clay in the mix.

    • Is it guaranteed to be at least 98% weed -free.

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    Indoor Or Outdoor Use

    Soil testing probes are typically designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but some models with wireless capabilities are designed specifically for use with indoor plants. Check the manufacturers guidelines to make sure youre using the device correctly. We dont recommend leaving probes outside unless theyre specifically designed to be left out in the weather.

    What Exactly Is Topsoil

    Lawn Care : How to Find Good Topsoil

    Topsoil is a screened, sandy loam soil that covers the uppermost layers of the earth. Soil itself is defined by the fractions of sand and clay while loam refers to the concentration of sand and clay. Whittier Fertilizer ensures that all sandy loam soil is infused with substantial organic matter to ensure healthy nutrients and good drainage for the surrounding landscape.

    Since every client has different fertilization needs, we offer custom mixed topsoil at Whittier Fertilizer. This ensures that your landscape gets the nutrients and texture that it needs. As the number one supplier of landscaping products to golf courses throughout the United States, we understand the various commercial needs for healthy and aesthetically pleasing top soil.

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    What Is Top Soil

    Top soil usually refers to the top 2 inches of ground soil. Unfortunately, there is no standard, guideline or law that defines what bulk top soil is.

    It might be rocky or full of debris or it might be beautiful loam. That’s why it is recommended that you take a look at it before you purchase and have it delivered.

    Why Do I Need To Use Potting Soil

    Because a pot or container is a completely contained environment, unlike a yard or outdoor landscaping area, the small amount of soil has to be ideal. This is because in a field or larger planting area, a plants roots can spread to get water or get away from too much water, seek out nutrients and oxygen, and anchor themselves sufficiently. In a pot or container, theyre limited to just the soil they grow in. It is important that the soil gets just the right amount of water and air, for the roots to penetrate.

    Price: $15.00 per yard. 10 cubic yard minimum applies on all loads.

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    Evaluate Soil Product Prices

    Buy Scotts Turf Builder LawnSoil Top Soil

    Creating quality soil requires time, labor, and expensive equipment. The cost of soil varies by location, quality, and quantity. In general, your cheapest option will be products that are not enriched or screened. A cheap topsoil or garden soil with little to no organic material will be the least expensive option. Soil costs rise depending on how much compost is added, the type of organic material in the compost, and if the soil contains added fertilizer or nutrients.

    When it comes to mulch, it depends on the type you get. If you are looking for wood chips, the mulch market follows the lumber world. Woods chips from redwood and cedar would cost more than a pine shaving mulch or straw.

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    Potting Soil / Compost

    In order for your plants, flowers, and vegetables growing in pots or containers to have the best chance to thrive, you should choose potting soil. Potting soil is the best soil for these smaller containers, as it gives the right texture and moisture retention for growing plants in a small space.

    The difference between topsoil and potting soil is in the ingredients, and each soil type is designed for a different use. Potting soil includes ingredients that are mixed together to achieve a texture capable of holding roots and delivering the right amount of food and moisture to your plants.

    The secret to potting soil is its microorganisms. A potting soil that is rich in microorganisms, such as Dakin potting soil, will encourage nature to do its job. Soils that have been enriched will allow earthworms and other beneficial creatures to flourish. The activity of these creatures helps release essential nutrients into the soil, which strengthens plants and increases their resistance to diseases.

    The organic matter breaks up the heavier materials, which makes the soil lighter and more easily drained. The improved structure of enriched soils provides excellent growing conditions and helps to quickly establish new shrubs, plants, and turf.

    What To Consider When Choosing The Best Lawn Soil

    • pH Level

    First, you need to decide the acidic or alkaline level of the soul you want for your lawn. In most cases, this is dictated by the plants you are growing, but most plants will thrive in a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5. There are some exceptions like strawberries and blueberries that prefer lower than 5.5 pH.

    • Nutrient Levels

    Nitrogen is the most vital nutrient for plant growth, but plants also need calcium, potassium, and phosphorous, among other nutrients. While these nutrients can be added to the soil through fertilizer application, its better if you have them already in your soil.

    • Type of Plant

    The plants or vegetation you are looking to grow will heavily dictate the kind of soil you should go for. After all, composition affects drainage, moisture retention, tilth, aeration, nutrients holding capacity, and compaction, all of which are vital for plant survival.

    • Topsoil Depth

    Topsoil depth is another overlooked yet vital factor in growing a healthy lawn. The active topsoil needs to be between four to six inches to accommodate the full length of the roots.

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    What Is Topsoil Used For

    Topsoil is ideal for plants, shrubs, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and grass. Adding a few inches of topsoil provides a better chance of surviving than when planted in sand which is prevalent in the State of Florida. Dakin topsoil will provide your plants and lawn with the base they need to to look and produce their best.

    Price: $6.50 per yard. 10 cubic yard minimum applies on all loads.

    What Does Soil Kings Do

    Soil testing my lawn with two different kits.

    Soil Kings Inc. has provided quality topsoil and other organic soil blends for both residential gardeners and professional landscapers in the Calgary area since 2009.Our soil products are screened of impurities and are excellent for your Calgary flower beds, vegetable gardens, and grass cover. Soil Kings garden mixes are guaranteed to enrich your soil and sustain better, healthier, and more vigorous plant growth. Soil Kings, you order straight from the soil screener with no middleman.We also sell a variety of mulch, road gravel, washed rock, sand, & other aggregates. Our products are available by Pickup or Delivery.We deliver all products LOOSE in BULK using our dump trucks. We do NOT use PLASTIC BAGS.

    Prices are for within Calgary deliveries and include everything except GST.

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    Examine The Soil Products Before You Buy

    Even if you get a few great recommendations, examine the product before you buy it. Soil companies usually have several blends available, such as topsoil, lawn soil, garden soil, and a compost/soil blend. Some will even allow you to custom-make your mix, such as 40 percent compost with 60 percent topsoil .

    For garden soil, a sandy loam is ideal. Look for less than 15 percent clay and at least 5 percent organic matter. It should be dark in color, crumbly, and loose feeling. There should be some moisture, but it should not form a hard ball in your hand.

    You can have the soil professionally tested, but it will take time and can cost more than $100. Some companies may offer soil analysis or soil certification.

    Good topsoil and compost should have no odor other than a rich, earthy smell. It should be loose and crumbly. Even straight compost should not be coarse or chunky. Freshly made compost may still have some heat, but it shouldn’t be hot.

    How To Buy Top Soil And Compost In Bulk

    Finding Quality Soil and Compost and Determining How Much You Need

    Sometimes you need more soil or compost than a couple of 40 lb. bags. A lot more. Maybe your new yard has poor soil or you’re putting in raised beds. When you need a large quantity of soil or compost, it’s quicker and cheaper to buy it in bulk.

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    Testing And Amending Fill Dirt

    It may take some work to whip your free fill dirt into shape. Start by testing to see if the soil is too acidic or alkaline. You can do this without a test kit. If you’d like to know more about your soil, check with your local cooperative extension office. You can find your co-op extension office by searching online for state listings, but you can also find them located at your state university. You should be able to have your soil tested there for a nominal fee. Once you know what nutrients your dirt is deficient in, you’ll be able to start working to improve it with free amendments.

    • What is the difference between fill dirt and topsoil?

      Fill dirt contains few nutrients for plant growth, whereas topsoil contains essential minerals and organic matter. Fill dirt also has more rocks than topsoil.

    • Can topsoil be used as fill?

      Topsoil tends to be looser than fill dirt, meaning it shifts and settles more. It still can be used to fill holes, though you might need more of it and it typically costs more than fill dirt.

    • How do you make fill dirt into topsoil?

      It’s possible to improve fill dirt by mixing in amendments, including leaf litter, compost, and wood chips. Also, refrain from using chemicals on your soil that kill the beneficial organisms.

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