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Who Fixes Riding Lawn Mowers

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Finding The Right Lawn Mower Repair Shop

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Disassembly, Repair Help

Here is a tip, big box stores have often found the best pros for repairing lawn mowers they sell.

and ask the department manager, where they send their warranty repairs to. These big box retailers have to assist in processing the warranty claims for the equipment they sell. Because they need efficient repairs, they work with the better lawn mower repair shops in your town.

These lawn mower repair shops often offer the best quality work. Better yet these repair facilities are quick, and reasonably priced. They are often much, much more affordable, because they work with your type of equipment all the time. This enables these repair facilities to offer quick diagnosis, and fast repairs.

What Do I Need For Riding Lawn Mower Repair

Replacement parts are available from lawn mower repair services or the manufacturer. Tools needed to fix a riding lawn mower include these:

  • Screwdrivers
  • What Are the Steps to Fixing It?
  • Remove the mower deck:


Wear leather work gloves when working around sharp edges such as the mower blade and deck to prevent injury. You can take them off for the delicate work, but will be glad you have them on when you handle sharp edges. And never put your hands, or anything else, under the mower while its running.

Riding Lawn Mower Repair

A riding lawn mower saves time and energy as long as it works. This Fix-It Guide on riding lawn mower repair tells how a riding lawn mower works, what often goes wrong, how to identify a riding lawn mower problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. It then gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to remove a riding lawn mower deck and how to adjust a riding lawn mower drive belt. This Fix-It Guide also refers to rotary lawn mower repair, small engine repair, and switch repair for further information on fixing a riding lawn mower.

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Preventative Maintenance To Keep Your Mower Running

While most of our showrooms are open 6 days a week for test drives and while our repair teams are ready to get to work preventing an emergency breakdown is better than reacting to it. Thats why we encourage homeowners and landscapers alike to get preventative maintenance performed by our factory trained technicians. Just like with your car, getting your mower serviced prevents problems, extends the lifespan, and ensures you get more on a trade-in when you go to upgrade.

Our winter maintenance service is popular as it allows you to get necessary maintenance done in the off-season. Plus, if something small is wrong, you can decide on what to do long before you need to use the mower. Finally, if something unexpected does go wrong with your piece during the upcoming year, you have priority service over all other clients.

Lawn Mower Repair and Replacement Handled Here

We hope this blog helped you decide whether you should repair or replace your lawn mower. However, if you still arent sure, we encourage you to talk to our team. Over decades in the business, we have seen countless mowers and can give advice to save you money.

Plus, whichever you decide, you can take the next step with our team. We have a full-service repair team that can handle everything and we have a huge inventory of elite quality equipment for sale.

How To Fix Steering On Riding Lawnmower


So now we will break each of the steps in detail that we have mentioned above so you can understand what you need to do exactly to fix riding lawn mower steering problems.

Safety Measures

Since you are working with a heavy-duty mechanical machine, it is important that you should keep proper safety measures.

Working with such a machine can cause you physical harm if you do not follow the safety precautions properly.

Wear proper and sturdy shoes. Remember to wear proper safety gloves especially while handling sharp parts. Make sure to turn the ignition off and always disconnect the spark plug cable. Use proper lubrication oils to loosen bearings, screws, and bolts.

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Adjust A Riding Lawn Mower Drive Belt:

  • Remove the belt from the large idler pulley.
  • Remove the belt from the adjustable idler pulley.
  • Carefully remove the spring-loaded large idler pulley.
  • Loosen the adjustable idler pulley and move it slightly toward the rear of the mower to tighten itor move it toward the front to loosen itand re-tighten the pulley.
  • Replace the belt.
  • Check belt tension and readjust as needed.
  • Replace The Bushings That Are Damaged

    You can find the bushings placed just below the steering gear and they are used to keep the bolts in place.

    It is often seen that when these bushings are damaged, they can cause a serious amount of vibrations in the gear shaft.

    To replace it, unscrew the nut that keeps the gear sector in place.

    Remove the gear sector from the machine, then the bushings.

    Reattach the gear sector and tighten the nut as needed after inserting the new one.

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    Is The Lawnmower Repair Specialist Reputable

    One of the best places to start your search is online. Websites such as HomeGuide have amassed millions of reviews from homeowners so you can make an educated decison quickly. In addition, Jones recommends asking friends, neighbors, coworkers and others for referrals to lawnmower repair specialists in your area. You shouldnt base your decision solely on a lawnmower repair specialists nice-looking website.

    I know there more than a few pop up repair guys who may build a great website but dont really provide value for what they charge, Jones says.

    While youre shopping around online, dont put all your trust in reviews.

    Jones says hes got firsthand knowledge of bogus reviews both positive and negative of lawnmower repair specialists. He says hes been approached by online marketers offering to post good reviews of his service . Jones says hes also been the victim of negative reviews, some whipped up by competitors and others by keyboard-warrior customers who would rather lambast me in a public forum rather than resolve an issue.

    Lawn Mower Repair Snow Blower Repair Small Engine Repair

    Riding lawn mower will not start – Household Repair Series

    At Simons ACE Hardware, were able to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance on small engines including lawnmowers, snow blowers, lawn trimmers, chainsaws and more.

    Simons ACE Hardware is an authorized service center for Toro, MTD, Murray, Lawnboy, Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Poulan/Weedeater and Echo.

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    Lawn Mower Tuneup Cost

    If you love your lawn and the ritual of keeping it pristine, having a well-tuned lawn mower is a crucial part of your maintenance program. Or maybe you can’t stand mowing the lawn, but you like the mosquitoes that gather when you let the grass get too wild even less. In either case, lawn mower repair pros can tune up and repair your mower.

    Tuneups from The Lawn Mower Guy cost $70 for self-propelled push mowers and $140 for riding mowers and non-commercial zero-turn mowers. These prices include changing the air filter and oil, installing new spark plugs, sharpening the hand-filed blade, cleaning the carburetor, resetting the engine’s rotations per minute , adjusting the self-propel function, lubricating the transmission and wheels, tightening loose hardware and inspecting the mower for any other problems.

    Investing in regular tuneups can go a long way toward prolonging the life of your lawn mower, which results in savings for you. Tuneups prevent engine build-up, prevent carburetor clogging, and keep blades sharp and strong.

    Runner Up John Deere S120 42 Lawn Tractor

    Why We Like It

    As you continue reading, you will probably get the picture that were pretty big fans of this John Deere 42 Mower. And while the mowing deck is considerably smaller than our Editors Pick from Husqvarna, this smaller deck riding lawn mower from John Deere wins our Runner Up slot for the best riding mower in 2021.

    The John Deere 42 riding lawn mower stands out as the best overall riding mower package in its class, with a V-Twin 22 hp Engine, Hydrostatic foot pedal controlled transmission, tight 16 turning radius, adjustable seat, and anti-scalp wheels.


    • 22 -horsepower V-Twin John Deere engine
    • 30-second Oil Change System
    • White-Glove Home Delivery From Home Depot
    • Lumbar-supporting seat
    • Hydrostatic transmission

    Our Take Away

    Thanks to its power, highly maneuverable 42 mowing deck, and range of convenience features, we find the John Deere S120 42 lawnmower is of the best mowers for any lot size up to 2 acres. The John Deere is a fantastic choice riding mower for the money, especially if you plan to use a riding lawn mower with an optional bagging attachment here.

    For larger properties, areas with thick grass, and just tough jobs in general and if your budget allows it we can recommend an upgrade to the Husqvarna 54 Riding Mower See our Best Upgrade Riding Mower section below.

    John Deere Editors Choice Best Riding Mower

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    Here Are A Few Good Questions To Ask Before Sending You Mower In For Repair:

    • Ask them what their labor rate is,
    • Are they are interested in repairing residential equipment,
    • Most importantly how backed up are they.
    Pro Tip!
    If you catch your local repair shop during the busy season, your mower can literally sit around for weeks and months before they get to it.

    Think about it, when it comes to working with equipment, it is no wonder that most shops dont want to repair residential lawn mowers. Professional lawn mower repairs are more predictable, and problems occur less often. On the other hand repairing residential lawn mowers can be more of a hassle.

    That is why you have to find the right lawn mower repair service.

    Lawnmower That Fails To Cut Grass

    CLEARANCE! 3 Pcs
    • Save

    Ironically, grass thats either too long or too wet causes a lawnmowers failure to cut grass.

    First, keep in mind that you should only do mowing during dry conditions. Its never a good idea to cut wet grass as this can clog your mower.

    Second, the grass might be too long for your lawn mowers setting. Raise the decks height above its standard settings before you begin cutting overgrown grass.

    Additionally, try to mow at a slower pace when cutting taller and longer grass. Make sure to get rid of grass, leaves, and other debris that may accumulate under the deck as you mow to allow your mower to function at full capacity.

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    Riding Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

    Grass grows fast and Is there anything worse on a super hot day, than spending hours pushing a lawnmower around the yard? Even with a self-propelled mower, its a workout.

    The solution: offering much higher speeds and cutting paths than walk-behind mowers, the best riding lawn mowers featured today, will make cutting your lawn a quick, efficient and dare we say fun job.

    Our riding lawn mower buyers guide below explains the most important features to consider, when buying a riding mower:

    Mower Stops Moving Or Loses Power

    If your mower suddenly stops moving during use but the motor is still running, a broken drive belt is probably the culprit. Drive belts transfer power from the motor to the wheels, allowing your machine to move. Eventually, these belts wear out and break. Your mower could also keep moving but gradually lose power, which is often a sign of a stretched belt. In both cases, your drive belt needs replacement. Buy a replacement belt the same length as the one youre replacing, then raise the mower deck to perform the repair.

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    The Starter Rope Is Stuck Or Is Hard To Pull

    This problem is usually caused by the engagement of the engine flywheel brake. Check to see if the flywheel brake is pressing against the handle before pulling the rope again. When the flywheel brake is not the issue and the problem persists, check the lawnmower blade.

    A rope that is stuck or hard to pull may be caused by the blade dragging on the ground or by clippings getting stuck to the blade. To address this issue, place the mower on a hard surface. Make sure the engine is shut off and the spark plug wire is not engaged. Carefully clean the bottom side of the blade to remove any clippings or dirt, put the mower back into position and try pulling the cord again. If the problem persists, one or more lawnmower parts may not be functioning correctly and will need to be repaired. Consult the owners manual or search online for repair guides for the specific model and brand of mower.

    Best Price Riding Mower With Hydrostatic Drive Troy

    How Does A Riding Mower Work? Lawn Equipment Repair Tips

    Why We Like It

    Next on our list of best value riding lawn mowers is the Super Bronco XP from Troy-Bilt. This mower offers a much better than average OHV Troy-Bilt 16.5 Hp engine with Hydrostatic transmission drive a feature not typically found in riding mowers of this price range.

    While the Bronco doesnt include the V-Twin engine it does offer considerable savings over its big brother The Mustang Riding Mower . Oh, and the Super Bronco XP Does have Headlights!


    • Mow-In-Reverse option
    • 16.5 HP Single Cylinder engine
    • Auto-Choke
    • Responsive handling Standard Steering Wheel
    • Great for Hills and Sloping Yards
    • 3-year warranty
    • LED headlights

    Our Take Away

    Founded in the U.S. in 1937, Troy-Bilt has built a solid reputation and is a highly respected lawnmower manufacturer. Note that the White Glove delivery service is not included for Troy-Bilt mowers, some assembly will be required by the homeowner after delivery. Overall, a great mower that includes fantastic features, at an outstanding price.

    Troy-Bilt Cheapest 42 Mower with Hydrostatic Drive


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    Black Smoke And Lack Of Power

    If your mower runs weakly and emits black smoke, its probably a sign of a dirty air filter. Designed to stop dust and debris from entering the engine, the air filter needs to remain relatively clean and clog-free to do its job properly. If clogged, your engine will start running weak and dirty. Find a replacement air filter online or at your local hardware store and swap out the old one as soon as possible.

    Why Is My Riding Lawn Mower Smoking

    When it comes to machinery, it is supposed to face the problems. Looking into the very minor problems of people having riding lawn mowers, we put an effort to make a research why the riding lawn mowers are emitting smoke. After a thorough research on the causes of lawn mowing smoking, it happened to be the crux that the riding lawn mowers come up with the smoking problems of different nature. Either the smoke being emitted by those mowers is blue, white or black. Behind each effect, there is a different cause. Like what? The reasons behind each category of smoke is different. This article is meant to keep you tuned about the causes of these problems along their fixes.

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    How To Fix Steering On Riding Lawn Mower

    Steering is considered a crucial tool to run a lawnmower. Sometimes this fundamental part of a mower can face various problems. You wont be able to run your mower even while the steering faces a problem even though it is a little bit.

    Now the question may come, what should you do to fix steering problems? Never be worried. In this article, you will get to know how to fix steering on a riding lawnmower.

    Moreover, I will describe to you the best solution to steering problems. So lets start it.

    In this content youll learn:

  • Verdict
  • Who Makes The Best Riding Mower

    Craftman riding lawn mower for parts or repair for Sale in ...

    In our opinion, the top 3 riding lawn mower brands for the money are Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Toro. Its important to note, however, that the best riding mower for you will depend on your needs, preferences, and budget.

    Honorable mention: Troy-Bilt built in the U.S.A and founded in 1937, is an outstanding lawnmower company with years of service and dependability, which happen to build a more affordable lawnmower line.

    Be sure to take the size and slope of your yard, the price youre willing to pay, and the amount of maintenance youre ready to perform into consideration before selecting the mower that best suits your needs.

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    How Much Does Lawn Mower Repair Cost

    Daniel W.

    Most of us arent fond of mowing the lawn it can be a hot, sweaty, exhausting and time-consuming chore. So when something goes wrong with your lawnmower, that just adds to the frustration.

    When you need to get your lawnmower fixed, you might want to turn to a competent professional to do the job. But how much should you pay? How do you know someones legit or not? And is it really worth it to get the mower fixed?

    Bruce The Lawn Mower Guy Jones, a lawnmower repair specialist in North Carolina, acknowledges theres little, if anything, his customers cant do themselves with a bit of time, a couple of tools and some how-to videos on YouTube. But I can do it better, faster and neater, Jones says.

    When youre trying to find a specialist like Jones who can do a better, faster and neater job of fixing your lawnmower, here are four questions you should ask.

    How To Prevent Lawnmower Problems

    Knowing how to repair a lawnmower at home saves time and money. The easiest way to avoid frequent problems is to maintain the mower. Follow these simple tips to keep the mower in good condition:

    Always use the correct type of replacement lawnmower parts. Clean the blade regularly. Make sure to pull the plug so there is no chance that the blades can move while youre cleaning them. Oil any moving parts when needed according to the manufacturers instructions. Change the oil as recommended. Use the correct type of fuel. Recharge lawnmower batteries according to instructions but avoid overcharging them. Store the mower in a cool, dry and covered space when it is not in use. Have the mower serviced as recommended by the manufacturer or warranty.

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