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Who Has The Best Deals On Riding Lawn Mowers

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Power And Speed Options

Best Riding Lawn Mower Deal of 2020, Snapper SPX $1999

Similar to how if you have a larger lawn you should go for a larger cutting deck size, the more area that your mower is going to cover the more power it should have behind it.

Powerful engines allow you to work better and can offer you more speed. For some riders, there is a priority in power over the cutting deck. Many models of riding mowers will allow you to choose the engine and cutting deck size so that you have the best mower for your lawn.

The only downside to having a more powerful engine is that the more power your lawn mower has, the more your mower will cost overall.

Ryobi 75ah Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Most Eco-Friendly Riding Mower

Welcome to the future of mowing! The greenest, most eco-friendly of our riding lawn mower options includes 75Ah rechargeable batteries with incredibly easy charging access at the rear end. It’s virtually silent, gas-free, and fume-free. There are 12 cutting heights to choose from with manual desk adjustment. This modern-looking and convenient lawn mower also includes a USB charging manifold for smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers. It has a fantastic appearance and impressive cutting power for an electric model! It runs for about 2 hours and roughly mows 2 acres per charge.

Why we liked it: This electric riding lawn mower keeps up with gas-guzzlers. It’s a triple-threat for its sleek appearance, excellent power, and quiet operation. The nature fans will love it!

Engine HorsepowerCutting WidthFuel Capacity

Five Important Things To Consider For Picking The Best Riding Lawn Mower

The best riding lawn mower is the one that efficiently mows your specific patch of grass because not all lawns are created equal. Even in your own neighborhood, one type of mower works best for one yard and another riding mower works best for the house next door. The right mower in the right hands can greatly speed up the grass-cutting process.;

Before you rush out and buy the most expensive mower on display, however, take a close look at your own yard. Take measurements of the area that needs mowing , so you know how big an area you will maintain. As a general rule, riding lawn mowers work best on yards larger than one-half acre .

Also, know what type of terrain you will drive over, and know the difference between the types of lawn mowers. A ride-on lawn mower is an investment, so you want a machine that lasts. These are motorcycles with blades; understanding and respecting the engine and cutting mechanism is important to making sure your riding mower keeps going season after season. Regular maintenance will be required, but there are riding mowers that are easier to care for than others.;

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Best Riding Lawn Mowers

In this guide, you will learn about , their strong and weak points. Find out which type of these machines is the most comfortable and easy to handle, which one is faster and has more powerful engines and which one is designed for professional lawn maintenance. The guide will also tell you what machines have better maneuverability and what safety measures need to be taken. Read a FAQ section to get answers to the most common questions and look at a chart to compare the features of various products.

Riding lawn tractors reduce the time and effort it takes to mow your yard or acreage. They are safer than walk-behind models and a better alternative if you have to mow a large yard in hot-humid weather or want to reduce aggravating any pre-existing health malady.

These machines are practical for homeowners with big yards as well as for farmers and contract professionals. Lawns that exceed five acres may need a more powerful model. Tractor type unit can be ridden or be large enough to easily tow an attachment behind it. On the other hand, a four-wheeled, zero-radius machine easily steers in and around obstacles and limited space for efficient and precision-clean commercial lawn and landscape cutting and maintenance operations.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

What To Look For When Buying A Riding Lawn Mower : Simplicity 2691458 Regent Mower, Riding ...

When shopping for these machines, look at recognized brands that have good warranties and convenient servicing locations.

  • Be sure the unit has enough power to perform up to your expectations ;
  • Try the seat for comfort;
  • Ensure the pedal is located to suit your easy operation, and
  • Look for a machine with power steering and power deck lift that makes your task easier.

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Least Expensive 42 Riding Mower To Buy Troy

;;Why We Like It

When you first look at riding mowers for sale, you may be a bit intimidated by the price tags you see. If youre looking for a cheap riding lawn mower at the lowest possible price point, the Troy-Bilt Pony is a model thats well worth the price.

With a 42-inch cutting deck and a 13.5 HP engine, the Pony provides plenty of power and capability, all at a price that almost any homeowner can reasonably afford.


  • 2-year warranty

Our Take Away

Even though its a budget option, this Troy-Bilt riding mower has a lot going for it. Smaller engine size notwithstanding, the Pony has plenty of get up and go and will easily handle any residential lawn under 2 acres.;

Overall, the Troy-Bilt Pony riding lawn mower is an especially good option for homeowners on a tight budget, but still want or need to invest in a riding mower. If youre looking for a top-rated riding lawn mower for under $1,500 this is it.

Troy-Bilt Cheapest Riding Mower With 42 Mower Deck

Troy Bilt

What Are The Best Lawn Tractor Brands

A lawn tractor is not a cheap expense, and before spending thousands of dollars on one of these pieces of equipment, you need to know what brands are worth it and which ones are less desirable. When it comes to lawn tractors, the brands that currently stand out the most and Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, and Poulan.

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Riding Lawn Mowers Must

Most riding lawn mowers look like small tractors with a cutting deck thats integrated underneath the mower. Their function is simple cutting grass. Since theyre larger than your regular mower, however, theyre able to cut grass thats from 70cm to over a meter. Riding lawn mowers are not only a great option for those that own a big property, but theyre also incredibly fun to ride. After all, theres nothing more appealing than being able to zoom around the yard.

If youre thinking of getting a riding lawn mower, you could be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of riding lawn mowers out there. To get you started, well talk a little bit about what to look for when purchasing a riding lawn mower, before breaking down the details of 5 of the best riding lawn mowers there are on the market.

Terrain And Yard Size

Top 4 Best Riding Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Buying Guide) | Review Maniac

As experts noted, the size of your lawn will determine whether you should invest in a riding lawn mower its usually not worth it for homeowners with less than half an acre. However, the type of terrain can also affect how the mower is used. A lawn tractor will work well on any relatively flat lawn and on landscapes with a lot of uneven sectors, especially if it features a steering wheel that provides more control. If you have a relatively flat yard with obstacles like rocks and gravel, meanwhile, a ZTR will probably show better results as it can turn 360 degrees on a small spot and pivot at sharp angles, said McKenzie.

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Husqvarna Z254 54 In 26 Hp Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

View in gallery

This riding lawn mower has the perfect combination of both performance and style. It has a cutting-edge design along with innovative features that makes it a popular option among many. Its 26 HP Kohler engine gives it a powerful reliable start-up, and it can go up to a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH.

Other features in the lawn mower include a park brake system that will automatically turn on or off when the steering levers are moved outward or inward. Theres also a specially integrated air induction mowing technology that draws air from the top and bottom to swiftly cut the grass and deliver a superior cut.

The lawn mower is also constructed with heavy flat-stock steel for ultimate durability, and clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged. With an innovative and maintenance-free transmission, you can use this riding lawn mower year after year with no issues at all. Its a zero-turn mower thats incredibly easy to use and has lots of power and speed.

John Deere Z345m Dual Hydrostatic Zero

Best Mower for Heavy-Duty Work

This mower features a 3-blade drive powered by a 22 HP V-twin engine. It keeps up consistent cutting power no matter how fast this riding lawn mower is going – and it can go fast! Hours of mowing are possible with each 2.1 tank. It goes by quickly and comfortably with an 18 in. back-supporting seat and adjustable armrests. You can easily adjust the cutting heights with the crank of a handle, from 1 to 4 in., while the zero-turn allows you to cover snug corners and borders swiftly.

Why we liked it: This is one of the best riding lawn mowers for heavy-duty mowing on flat terrain with amazing speed, precision, and comfort. Includes mulching capabilities as well as add-on bagger sold separately.

Engine HorsepowerCutting WidthFuel Capacity

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Do Lawn Mowers Go On Sale In Spring

When it comes to purchasing a lawn mower, the law of supply and demand takes play. The same thing happens when other products and services go on sale. Home owners focus their yard upkeep during spring, when the climate is perfect for planting and purchasing a new lawnmower. Shops expect this every year, thats why its difficult to see lawn mowers at low prices during spring time.

In spring, retail shops put new lawn mower models on display. Although this is very enticing, especially for new home owners, lawn mower prices during this time is likely to be very expensive. However, you can make the most out of this time to take notes of the good ones that will fit your preferences. Going to the retailers is one way to go and research on the different lawn mower and the new technologies used in more advanced models. Its also an advantage to see the available products in person and ask some of your concerns to the stores sales clerk.

One of the advantages of buying in spring is the chance to take home your dream lawn mower the one that has everything you need and want. Since its spring time, you can actually put it for a test run. If it encounters a little trouble, you can still bring it back to the shop. Compare that with purchasing a lawn mower during the last quarter of the year and youll most likely end up parking it somewhere in your property. You would be lucky if the mowers problems show up within the machines warranty period.

What Is The Best Cheap Riding Lawnmower

The Best Deal On Zero Turn Mower

If youre concerned only with price, the Troy-Bilt 30-inch Neighborhood model is the least expensive riding lawn mower youll find. Highly maneuverable and perfect for small to mid-sized yards, the Neighborhood offers reliable performance at a great price point. If youre looking to balance off power and size with value, the Troy-Bilt Pony is another great option.

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What Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower For One Acre

The Troy-Bilt TB30 is the best riding lawn mower with just enough power to tackle one acre of grass, and the best riding lawn mower for the money if on a budget. For any yard larger than an acre, invest in a lawn tractor, like the 42-inch Craftsman riding lawn mower . It will be fast and efficient. More expensive models and zero-turn mowers wont be as helpful or efficient on smaller yards, so spending more is not always the best answer. And for anything smaller than one-half acre, a walk-behind mower is the most effective.;

Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series

The best riding lawn mowers overall

Brand:;Cub Cadet |;Horsepower:;22 hp |;Cutting Deck:;46 inches |;Gas Tank:;3 gallons | Price:

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro uses a powerful 22 HP Kohler 7000 Series twin cylinder-engine that offers 22 hp. The hydrostatic transmission means smooth acceleration without all the shifting, so you can focus more on where youre going. Though its not a ZTR, the enhanced steering system has a mere 16-inch turning radius, so you can easily maneuver around the occasional obstacle. Choose from 12 different cutting heights to suit your preferred grass level, and enjoy a massive 46-inch cutting deck that cuts down on both your grass and your mowing time. The XT1 is compatible with a range of attachments and implements and is a tank ready to handle up to 2 acres of land in a single go. Enjoy the desirable capabilities of a garden tractor without the size and price!

Reviewers Like

Reviewers Like

Reviewers Like

Reviewers Like

Reviewers Like

Reviewers Like

  • Easily tackle 2 to 4 acres of land, be it uneven terrain, hills, or flat yard
  • 18-inch turn radius with rear-mowing capability for easy maneuverability
  • Hydrostatic transmission means no gear shifting and more intuitive operation

Reviewers Dislike

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Ryobi 38 In 75 Ah Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

This electric riding mower from RYOBI is an eco-friendly, relatively quiet and efficient riding lawn mower, according to McKenzie. It offers a 38-inch cutting width and a battery that has up to 2 hours of run time for cutting up to 2 acres of lawn per charge, according to the brand. You can charge it up from any 120V outlet and enjoy great performance without any daunting gas engine maintenance, McKenzie said. This mower also equips LED headlights, a USB phone charger and cruise control features for added efficiency. However, it doesnt have a zero turn radius, meaning it may be harder to maneuver around sharp edges or obstacles in your yard.

Lawn Mower Annual Sales

Top 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for the Money in 2020 Review Guide

American companies dominate the local mower retail industry. Each year, an estimate of more than 5 million manual mowers are sold in the United States alone. Even more astounding is that more than 6 million gas-powered push mowers are sold in the market last year. Trusted names in the mower industry includes American manufacturers like Black+Decker, Toro Company, MTD Products and John Deere.

Theres also an increasing trend on sales of battery-powered devices in various geographic areas in the United States. Battery-powered gadgets are gaining more traction these days over electrical products run by cables and motors. These devices also have high performance and functional time. In addition, theyre competing with robotic lawn mowers and other more advanced, eco-friendly devices that emit less noise.

Although Chinese manufacturers have increased competition among mower brands in the United States, America continues to be the worlds biggest exporter of lawn tools and equipment.

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Hot Tip: Why It Is Not The Best Idea To Buy In Winter

Some of the best sales take place at the end of the year. So, why is it not such a good idea to buy a riding lawnmower in winter?

If you buy a riding lawnmower or lawn tractor in winter, chances are you wont set it up till spring. You wont know if there are any missing or damaged parts until it is too late. Your return and exchange period will expire, and you will have to claim the warranty to get the machine fixed.;

You can take full advantage of winter sales if you plan on inspecting the package upon arrival. Just know that at this point, the selection of lawnmowers will be very limited.;

What Is A Zero Turn Mower

A zero turn mower is a lawn mower with a mowing deck that is in front of the mower, rather than underneath it.

Its called a zero turn mower because its turn radius is zero, which means that the mower can pivot on its back wheels to turn much more quickly than other types of mowers.

Most zero turn mowers have four wheels, with two swiveling tires in the front and two large drive tires in the back. The wheels operate independently of one another, and the mower usually doesnt feature a steering wheel. Instead, they usually have two levers that connect to the rear wheels motors.

If you push both levers forward, the mower moves forward. If you pull them back, the mower moves in reverse.

For a right turn, you push the left level forward and leave the right lever alone. For a left turn, you push the right lever forward and leave the left lever alone.

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Snapper 560z Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Snapper 560Z zero-turn lawn mower is made for commercial-grade jobs. Its powerful Briggs & Stratton engine packs 25 horsepower, and its steel front axles and bumper deal with rough terrain smoothly. With a max speed of 9 mph, the 560Z is the fastest mower on our list, making it ideal for extra large properties of several acres.

Even though this mower can handle commercial-level jobs, its controls are easy enough for any homeowner to use. The adjustable deck-lift cutting height lever, fuel indicator, and other controls are simple and within convenient reach.;

Of course, you are going to pay extra for this mower that combines the power and durability of a commercial model with the convenience of a residential model. If you arent dealing with rugged terrain or a very large yard, a less expensive riding mower should meet your needs just fine.;


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