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Who Makes The Best Lawn Edger

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Electric Edger Vs Gas Edger: Which Is Better

â Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)

Both will get the job done quite admirably. However, there are some differences between the two.

For most residential use, an electric lawn edger is just fine. These tend to be less weighty than their gas-driven counterparts. Further, there are both corded and battery-operated models available.

Theres limited maintenance that needs to be done on an electric edger, as well. For most people, sharpening the blade or replacing it will be the extent of their maintenance. Battery operated models may eventually require a battery replacement. However, if something happens to the motor on your electric edger, and its out of warranty, its probably cheapest to replace it rather than have it repaired.

Comparatively, gas edgers do require some regular care. Like electric models, they need their blades sharpened or replaced on occasion. Unless youre regularly using it, they should be emptied of gas for long-term storage, and of course, youll need to fill the tank to use it. You may need to do some carburetor care on them from time to time. However, having a gas lawn edger repaired tends to be cheaper than buying a new one.

Gas edgers also have the benefit of not requiring a power source. If you dont want to be tethered to an extension cord or charge a battery, this may be a plus.

What Is A Lawn Edger Made Of

The semi-circular head is typically made of steel and coated in carbon or epoxy, the coating will protect the steel from scratches which result in rusting thereby prolonging the life of the tool. The shaft and handle might be wooden, tubular steel, lightweight aluminium, or a composite plastic material.

Ensure that the blade and shaft are made of thick robust material, these tools have a lot of weight placed on them repeatedly, avoid cheaper versions with poor build quality which are more susceptible to breaking.

Worx Wg896 12 Amp 75 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

  • Has a cutting line guide for clean, straight edges
  • 3 depth adjustments suitable for varying edging tasks
  • Comfy grip with a pivoting handle
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Corded and cordless options available
  • Useful for small trenching projects too
  • 3-year warranty

WORX produces some great versatile landscaping tools and the WG896 is one of the best electric lawn edgers Ive used so far. Being a self-propelled battery-powered lawn edger, I find the 7.5 blade to be very useful for different edging and trenching tasks.

From my own use and review, the WORX WG896 electric lawn edger produces clean, professional-looking lawn edges, thanks to the line indicator on top of the edging unit. This always guides you on the cutting line while you move the little machine along the edges of your driveway, walkways, and flower beds.

This edger is great especially for producing deep and more defined lines along your lawn because of the 7.5-inch blade. I also liked it because with 12 amp power output and weighing just 12lbs, this WORX WG896 lawn edger is powerful yet lightweight, making it easy to maneuver even where you want to draw rounded edges.

On the cons side, this edger can really struggle and get clogged if you have a thick turf with overgrown grass along the edges and especially if the yard is muddy.

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Are Lawn Edgers Dangerous

They can be if misused. Remember, most powered lawn edgers are essentially just tiny table saws. Theres a high-speed blade rotating beneath each one, so its important to dress for safety and to take the right precautions.

The first thing to do before turning on a lawn edger is to figure out exactly what area needs work. Once thats done, the next step is to remove any rocks, debris, or large vegetation along that line. This step is extremely important. Choosing to ignore it can result in serious injury.

When the blade of an edger strikes a pebble or rock thats been obscured by soil, that stone instantly becomes potential shrapnel that can cause damage to almost any part of the body. Thats why its essential to pre-clear an area beforehand!

Any person who decided to operate a lawn edger should do so smartly. The parts of the body that are most at risk while edging are the feet, so wearing thick, protective shoes is a must. It may also be a good idea to wear protective eyewear. When loose, airborne bits of grass and dirt get into the eyes, the result is typically agonizing pain and lots of tears.

Different Types Of Lawn Edger

Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers Reviewed in 2021

Before purchasing lawn edgers, it is very important to known the differentiation between the types available in the market. Based on this information, you can analyze which one suits your requirements. We have provided information on these types along with advantages and disadvantages. Read the information thoroughly to find out the best one for your needs.

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Best Gas: Earthquake 23275 Walk

While they do require more upkeep, gas-powered tools like the Earthquake Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger are extremely powerful and precise, making them a better choice for larger jobs. This high-end lawn edger is powered by a 79cc motor that spins a 9-inch steel blade at a speed of 3,400 revolutions per minute, and the pivoting head offers five different cutting angles to tackle any type of job.

This walk-behind lawn edger has a sturdy four-wheeled design, and you can easily adjust its depth, selecting from five settings between 0.5 and 3.5 inches. The unit includes a durable debris guard that protects you during operation, and it has a built-in holder where you can store hand tools. The Earthquake Lawn Edger is even powerful enough to be used for small trenching tasks, such as the installation of an electric fence.

What Makes A Lawn Edger Perform

The biggest two factors affecting the performance of a lawn edger is the weight being applied and the sharpness of the blade. A heavier weight gradually applied to a sharper blade makes it easier for the blade to smoothly sink into the ground, rather than having to repeatedly stomp on the blade which could cause foot pains over time.

Environmental factors include moistness and any debris such as stones or rocks embedded in the soil. You can water the area you are digging first to soften the soil but pulling out long strips of offcuts could disintegrate or solidify leading to a slower clean-up process.


  • 7Where to get a lawn edger?
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    Arnold Mtd Genuine Parts 3

    Next on our list is a 2-pack of 3-sided star edger blades from Arnold. If youre going to be doing some edging work alongside a paved area which has been invaded by weeds/grass, this blade is the right choice.

    But beyond its shape, this blade has a lot to offer. For starters, its compatible with a number of different edgers from various manufacturers. If your edger takes a 9 blade , and has a center hole measuring 1.59 in diameter, this blade will be compatible with it.

    In fact, if your edger comes from Troy-Bilt, MTD, White Outdoor, Huskee, Yard Machines, Bolens, or Yard-man, you can rest assured youll find a match.

    And because this is a pack of 2, its mainly recommended for those who will be doing lots of edging in one or more seasons. So if youre a professional, you can look into this.

    • Fits the majority of edgers from different manufacturers
    • Compatible with any edger having a 1.59cm center hole which accepts 9 blades
    • High-quality construction for repeated uses
    • We couldnt find any cons for this product

    Why Should I Edge My Lawn

    Best Lawn Edger 2021 ð? Top 5 Best Lawn Edgers Reviews

    Here are some reasons you may want to use a lawn edger:

    • You get great definition at the edges of your lawn, whether thats the grass, the flower beds, the walkways, and more.
    • It cuts away overhanging grass and weeds for a tidier finish.
    • You can easily separate different terrains in your yard.
    • A lawnmower cant get into the edges, so a lawn edger can help where a lawnmower fails.
    • You achieve a crisp and tidy finish to your yard, which can help impress potential buyers or just guests that come to your house.
    • It minimizes weed invasion.

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    Rotary 6477 Edger Blades

    This 4-pack of rectangular flat edger blades from Rotary is probably the highest rated we have come across during our research. Not only does it cut beautifully and offers consistently good performance, but its compatible with a large number of edgers.

    Because of its flat, hard shape, this edger blade is perfect for carrying out light-duty edging applications. If you think you wont be needing to make much use of your edger in the season, you can opt for these blades. Theyll make your edging experience significantly smoother.

    Because these blades are unsharpened, you will have to sharpen them before using them. Although this might seem like an inconvenience, it actually enhances the blades power. Overall, this is a pretty decent 4-pack, but the low price reflects the durability of the blades.

    • Compatible with Maruyama, Stihl, Green Machine and Echo edgers
    • Highly affordable compared to most other blades on the market
    • Easy to install and offers a perfect fit
    • Not very durable

    Worx Wg896 Electric Push Edger


    • axle is susceptible to breakage
    • Not compatible with 3-pronged extension cords

    The WORX WG896 is simple to use and adjustable to multiple heights which makes it great for people of all heights.

    It features a 12 amp, 4700 RPM motor, and three different blade height adjustments. The engine is powerful enough to handle nearly anything you can throw at it.

    There are also many intuitive features that make this model a strong choice. The shaft of the WG896 is adjustable to accommodate users of any height, and a cutting line indicator helps ensure a perfectly cut edge every time.

    The handle swivels to accommodate left and right-handed users, and at 14 pounds, its easy for anyone to maneuver.

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    Where Can I Find A Small Lawn Edger

    Although small lawn edgers are not commercially available it is possible to make your own by modifying a normal wooden lawn edger. Remove the blade from the wooden shaft, saw the wooden shaft to the desired height then replace the blade. This can be useful for those shorter or younger gardeners wishing to create the perfect edges to the lawns.

    Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger Best Overall

    Top 10 Best Lawn Edgers of 2017 â Reviews

    The Craftsmans E405 is arguably the best gas-powered lawn edger there is today. It is easy to use, can handle almost every grass type, and is incredibly durable. For starters, it comes with an adjustable 9-inch double-edged steel blade. This blade not only allows you to adjust its depth but also to cut from six different positions. This allows you to edge over all sorts of grasses and terrains.

    The 29cc 4-cycle engine is powerful and incredibly silent during operation. Additionally, it does not require you to mix oil and gas for it to operate. It features a pull-start system, meaning a quick tug is all it needs to start. If pulling is not your thing, it also comes with a push-start button for your convenience. Nonetheless, the push-start option requires a 1,000-rpm drill to activate it.

    For maneuverability, this edger has three wheels featuring treaded tires two at the back and one in the front. The circular blade is the fourth wheel. The wheels are optimized for enhanced stability to ensure that you stay on course once you establish your path. The treaded tires, on the other hand, make sure that the edger retains its grip in any situation.

    To maximize your comfort during operation, this unit comes with a cushioned, ergonomic handle. You can even raise or lower the handles height to suit your stature.

    • Not suitable for larger lawns

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    Top 13 Best Lawn Edgers For Fantastic Looking Lawn

    A perfectly trimmed and maintained lawn will make your home look attractive and welcoming. Unfortunately, getting the neat trim is not easy unless you have the right tools. Investing in a top lawn edger can make your yard look pretty and alluring. A top lawn edger is an easy to use gardening tool that is designed to create beautiful edges for a fantastic looking lawn.

    With the best lawn edger, you can cut and trim the pathways of your lawn, the grass around flower beds and give your lawn an attractive, professional look. Nevertheless, it is not every edger that is suited for your lawn trimming needs as different units have unique aspects that make them better or worse than others.

    Photo Credit: Sawinery

    The top 13 best lawn edgers that you can buy to give your lawn a professional finish include:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


    How Much Do The Best Lawn Edgers Cost

    As with other yard tools, there is a big price difference between electric and gas edgers when you buy a gas-powered edger, you pay more for its steel construction and extra power. However, you can cut a nice edge with either type of tool.

    Many electric edgers cost less than $100, while a good gas edger can cost $200 or more. You can spend more than $500, but there is no need to pay that much for a solid edger.

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    Garden Ninja Lawn Edger Blade

    Next up, we have the aptly named Garden Ninja edger blade. Its name is befitting its performance it seems because this blade comes with a high rating. Lets find out why that is.

    The shape and design of this edger blade are one of its most prominent features. With a flat body, its edges are scooped and also equipped with star-shaped points. So, if youre looking to get some edging done for your flower beds or pervasive weeds, this blade will aid you in doing so.

    With a width of 1/8 inches, this blade is able to make cuts of about an inch. Youll be able to adjust its depth in accordance with your edger. As for compatibility, however, this blade falls short as it wont fit all edgers.

    • Perfect for deep edging of weeds and besides flower beds
    • Much more affordable than most models and OEMs
    • Offers a dependable and sure fit
    • Has lower compatibility with most edgers

    Do You Need A Lawn Edger

    Best Lawn Edger Reviews 2021 | Best Budget Lawn Edgers (Buying Guide)

    Professional Look. Lawn edgers are not a necessity to achieve a healthy lawn. However, they are a clever tool to help you achieve the much sought after look of a professionally edged lawn. If you are keen to clean up the lines around the edge of your lawn, then a lawn edger specifically designed to complete that task could be an invaluable tool. If youve got a lawn, then its a sure bet that you will need some kind of edger .

    Save Time. Owning a lawn edger will save you the time and the back pain usually caused by trying to edge your lawn with a spade or an edging blade. These options involve some serious physical labor and can cause long-lasting damage to your shoulders. In spite of the time or care you put into edging your lawn manually, it is unlikely that you would ever be able to achieve the seamless and pristine clean lines that a battery, corded, or gas-powered lawn edger can produce.

    Save Money. Buying a lawn edger could also save you money if you currently pay a landscaping service to edge your lawn for you. Learning to use a lawn edger is relatively easy, with some models being fairly foolproof, so if you dont mind being hands-on in your yard, then purchasing a lawn edger could pay for itself with only a few uses.

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    Worx Wg163 Powershare Cordless Trimmer & Edger

    This is another great product from Worx. It functions as a 2-in-1 trimmer and edger. Converting from trimmer to edger only takes a few seconds. There’s a push button system that allows for instant line feeding.

    The model is also battery powered, so you have more freedom with where you use it. You don’t need to worry about harming the extension cord by accident. Each product comes with two lightweight lithium batteries. The batteries are also compatible with all other Worx PowerShare tools.

    The head can also tilt 90 degrees. This means that you can edge and trim on slopes and hard-to-reach areas that a straight blade might struggle to cut.

    The rubberized wheels make it easy to guide the edger. You get cleaner cuts and better lines. You can also adjust the spacer guard to avoid damaging garden plants, ornaments, or important landscaping features.

    The machine has a weight of just 5.3 pounds. The blade has a whopping 12-inch cutting diameter, and the motor can reach speeds of up to 7,600 RPM.

    Included in the package is the product itself, the two batteries, a charger, the support wheels, the safety guard, and the trimmer spool.

    Radius Garden Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

    The Radius Garden Edger doesnt make noise, needs no fuel and it makes crisp edges around your sidewalks and landscaping features, so you can get the job done without the hassle of a powered tool.

    Heres high praise from one Amazon reviewer who believes this is the best lawn edger: I cant begin to tout the joy I have with this edger! Im not quite 5-ft. tall and in my 60s so I wasnt sure how well this would work for me. Im telling you, this thing is a joy to use!

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