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Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs So Expensive

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What About Backpacking Chairs

New Webbing for My Lawn Chair (and why I don’t like camping chairs)

This article covers camp chairs, which generally are heavy, comfortable, feature-packed, and meant to be carried short distances from your car to a campsite, ball field, or concert. However, a couple of the models included above are sometimes used for backpacking, including the REI Flexlite Air and Helinox Chair Zero. Instead of weighing upward of 10 pounds or more, these streamlined designs check in at 1 pound and pack down small enough to fit in the water bottle holster of your backpack. Crazy Creeks Original Chair is another option and the most packable of the bunch, although the legless design is far less comfortable. In practice, most serious backpackers we know dont bring a chair alongthe extra weight is notable, and its often easy enough to find a stump or log to sit on. But for short backpacking trips or those who want the option to use their chair both while camping and in the backcountry, the models listed above are prime contenders.

Build Quality: Seat Fabric And Frame Construction

Weve found that overall build quality correlates with price, but its slightly more nuanced than that. A budget camping chair like the Coleman Oversize Quad, which has no business on a backpacking trip, is durable and reliable because Coleman didnt have to worry about keeping weight down. It can withstand a whole lot more abuse when compared with a lightweight model like the Helinox Chair Zero or REI Flexlite Air. Backpacking chairs cost more because they require thin but strong frame materials, like aluminum, which is more expensive than thick steel. That said, the build quality of the Coleman is still lower than the similarly designed but more expensive Alps Mountaineering King Kong.

Build quality is more than simply the frame and rivets: Seat fabric quality also improves with price. Cheap camp chairs are notorious for seat fabrics that sag over time, seams that fray, and mesh that develops holes. All of the models that made our list generally avoid these maladies and are designed to perform well for years. True, wed expect the cheaper Coleman Quad’s fabric to start to fail before the King Kong or GCI Freestyle, but they cost 2x as much and may not last you 2x as long.

What Is The Most Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

Of all the possible wood choices for outdoor furniture, teak is, by far, the most popular choice. And for good reason. Teak outdoor furniture has superior natural all-weather capabilities. It can withstand even the harshest environments, and has an unparalleled aesthetic with its beautiful, warm tone. via

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The Chairs Are Highly Versatile

The portability feature of these chairs adds more to their versatility. You can take them to any outdoor function, and they will fit in perfectly. This means you dont have to limit their role to staying in your backyard when you buy them.

Have you been invited to a tailgate event coming soon? Or perhaps theres a sporting event this Saturday at your childs school that you must attend to show your support? Well, why not take the aluminum lawn chair with you to the event?

How Long Does Outdoor Furniture Last

how to paint outdoor metal furniture

High-quality patio furniture can last even thirty years. There is no definite time that the patio furniture can last, as this will depend on various factors.

Type of materials

The quality of the material determines the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Steel and aluminum are great choices because of their durability. However, they require powder coating to prevent rusting due to moisture. The advantage of powder coating is that it extends the lifespan of your furniture. Its better than ordinary paint since it doesnt chip or peel.Not all types of wood can withstand many years of use. Wood can decay or rot due to external elements. In addition, wood is prone to pest attack and requires a high level of maintenance.

Teak is a superior wood with long-lasting qualities for up to thirty years. However, it costs more than ordinary wood. Tropical hardwood is also expensive however, it can last over seventy years and is resistant to weather elements. Steel lasts more than 25 years however, you need to cover it when the weather is extreme or bring it indoors. For aluminum, it can last over 15 years with proper maintenance. Also, follow the manufacturers guidelines on maintenance and care.

Quality of the cushions and upholstery

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Scarcity Of Raw Materials

The major home goods retailers, Ikea and Argos, have notified customers of unavoidable delays in delivery as they catch up with the high demand.

Customers who ordered furniture must bear good-naturedly the extra week or two it takes to get the items because any earlier and the items will likely get rained on in transit.

Importers have had trouble getting containers, a huge blow to the industry.

Furniture is always ordered in bulk, so importers try to fill empty containers with other items ordered by Ikea or Argos customers, for example, or small shipments of personal belongings.

What Is The Difference Between A Beach Chair And A Lawn Chair

The height of the beach and the lawn chairs from the ground is the most significant distinction.

Beach chairs typically allow people to sit just a few inches above the beach. Most lawn chairs are a little lower in height than others. If you have a distinct taste or style, both are perfect for your house and fend off the sun or other weather conditions with ease to remain damage-free.

Lawn chairs are a must-have piece of summertime outdoor furniture for any home with a yard that can last more than a few months and made from a lightweight material you can store easily.

Because they are lightweight, easy to carry, foldable, and portable, chairs are made from lightweight metals and materials, where they are frequently taken to cookouts, backyard barbecues, and the beach.

Its no surprise that many New Years Eve fireworks have been seen from the webbed seat of a vintage aluminum lawn chair.

Aluminum chairs are unquestionably worth the investment. However, because of the high-quality materials, sturdy construction, and long-lasting sturdiness of fine patio furniture, manufacturers naturally make it higher and more costly than conventional furniture.

Maintenance and care of outdoor furniture affect its economical and practical longevity.

These chairs require little maintenance and may be cleaned with detergents.

Other outdoor furniture made of iron, steel, wood, etc., requires more care and upkeep, which takes time.

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What Time Of Year Does Patio Furniture Go On Sale

Patio furniture typically goes on sale from August to October when stores are clearing out their summer items and making room for new arrivals.

This year, the deals start in early September with 20% off of all patio pieces! Whether youre looking for a table or chair set , odds are youll find something that suits your needs here at our store.

Design To Distribute Weight Evenly

Refurbish patio furniture on the cheap

Unlike plastic or wooden chairs, aluminum chairs are designed to distribute weight evenly. This means that they will not wobble or tip over when someone sits in them, which is a common problem with other types of chairs.

This means that you wont experience any sagging or bending in the chair, even if youre sitting in it for an extended period of time.

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Is Aluminum Lawn Furniture Safe

First of all, lets clear up one thing: aluminum lawn chairs are NOT hazardous to your health in any way unless you sit in them every day for hours at a time.

However, it is still possible to be exposed to harmful chemicals through contact with the surface of these types of furniture which releases chromium.

Although there has been no evidence linking aluminum exposure to cancer or any other diseases, it can cause irritation when touched or ingested over prolonged periods .

For example, some complaints have included rashes and itching when sitting on an aluminum lawn chair without any protective clothing covering the skin.

Categories: Comfort Budget And Lightweight

ComfortThe term camp chair encompasses just about any type of chair that can be folded up, squeezed into a car, and carried to your destination, so your first order of business is narrowing down your intended use. True comfort camping chairsprovided you have the space in your carcan be large and luxurious. They have taller backs, are farther off the ground, and offer the best support and stability. In addition, they have the most features, from cup holders to storage pockets, and some even have a recline option. Because weight isn’t a major factor, you can get a well-made and comfortable camping chair at a reasonable pricestarting at around $50 and reaching as much as $300 for the YETI Trailhead. Top choices from this category include the REI Co-op Camp X, Alps Mountaineering King Kong, and GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker.

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Are Plastic Lawn Chairs Recyclable

The most environmentally friendly option to consider when buying a new chair is one made out of highly recyclable material. Several different types of materials may be rinsed and recycled, including aluminum and steel. However, if you are not sure what your options are when it comes to recycling lawn chairs, the answer might be plastic lawn chairs.

Lawn Chairs & RecyclingLawn chairs are one of the most popular items purchased for a good time in the sun. However, once the fun is over, you will be left with several useless lawn chairs that are best recycled. Plastic lawn chairs can be broken down into different categories of plastic and have varying degrees of recyclability depending on your area and what type of facilities you have available.

Whether your local recycling center can take plastic lawn chairs will depend on the different types of facilities in your area and how they are set up to handle those types of materials. Generally, a sorting facility is used to determine which type of plastic materials can be recycled. The sorting process begins by separating any recyclable plastics into several sections and allowing them to move through the facility on conveyor belts.

In some facilities, an optical sorter is used to help determine what type of plastics can be recycled. This type of sorter uses white light and infrared to detect the different types of plastics that are present. This allows the material to be processed in a way that will ensure it is recycled correctly.

Aluminum Lawn Chairs Are Durable

The 5 Best Patio Dining Sets of 2021

Most people do replace their outdoor chairs every one or two years. Thats because the said chairs are not strong enough to withstand elements. Outdoor furniture is usually exposed to sun, winds, rain, snow, insects, and dust when outside, quickly harming them. The furniture pieces even get severely damaged if you leave them out for days.

Thankfully, that isnt the case with aluminum lawn chairs. Aluminum lawn chairs are carefully crafted with heavy-duty steel frames, making them quite durable. The material also increases their longevity by the day. Also, they have some powder coating to protect them against sun exposure and ensure they dont rust. Thats because the coating layer adds a little thickness to the metal. So, the color of your chair stays intact for long, even when exposed to extreme heat.

Aluminum lawn chairs are sturdy, with solid armrests, stretchy and durable webbing, and reliable structure and frames. With all these qualities, they indeed can stand the test of time.

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Aluminum Can Break Easily

Plastic chair parts may cost $0.25-$2 apiece, but high-grade aluminum ones can go for $8.50-$45 per part.

Some plastic chair parts also come pre-assembled which means even less work for the buyer.

Unfortunately, aluminum lawn chairs have a high failure rate, with some breaking or bending due to defective production or incorrect storage procedures.

Most Affordable Bistro Sets

The most affordable bistro set was from Amazona baby blue, powder-coated, rust-resistant, steel table and chair set. It also received 2.5 stars, so you may want to lower your expectations regarding durability for this purchase.

The second-most affordable bistro set was from Walmart. The price range can be attributed to the color options: white, red, orange, and blue. White was the least expensive and red was the most expensive. It was also made of steel and is weather resistant however, this set received 4.5 stars and had 64 reviews.

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Weight And Folded Dimensions

The question isnt if the camp chair folds but how it folds. Some fold flatand the GCI chairs do so by pulling up as you naturally would on the carry strap. The advantage is the folded dimension is pretty thin , but it takes up a very significant 30 x 30 inch square in your car. Carrying it on your back can also be cumbersome, which is why these chairs sometimes come with backpack style straps. The more popular style folds inwards and ends up a torpedo shape that you can slide into a carry bag. The smaller, more manageable dimensions make these chairs easier to carry.

While few people fret over the weight and packed size of a camping chair , backpacking-ready chairs are a lesson in creative packaging. The Flexlite Air and Chair Zero both pack down to extremely small dimensions, with the disadvantage being you have to reassemble the chairs each time. None of the styles take all that long to set up, but it is a small sacrifice in time that you make with the portable chair style. For us, we try and keep our packable chairs under or around 2 pounds to minimize their impact on our pack weight. Bringing along a chair is already outside of the typical realm of essentials, but 2 pounds can be something worth swinging for a short weekend trek.

How To Clean Lawn Chairs

DIY | Refresh Your Metal Patio Furniture Set with Spray Paint

We know how much time and effort you put into your yard to contribute to the beauty of your home. You take care of the exterior, as well as maintain a beautiful lawn for everyone in your family to enjoy. But there are ways that we can help you out with the upkeep of your chairs and make them last for many years.

Washing:Lawn chairs are usually a light color, so they are prone to dirt, grass, and other debris. You can clean them with warm water, but we advise against soap or bleach products as this will damage the plastic of your lawn chairs. These strong chemicals can also be harmful to you and your family. It is best if you simply use cloth towels, that leave a light starch residue on the chairs when dry. If you have a choice, it is best to choose an eco-friendly detergent that doesnât contain bleach.

Drying:For your chairs to last for a long time, you need to dry them completely. When you can no longer pick up water droplets from the chairâs surface, itâs safe to assume that your lawn chairs are dry. With that said, you need to allow them some time after washing and drying before storing them away.

If you have any other tips or tricks that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section below. Your input is always appreciated!

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How Much Does Patio Furniture Cost

The cost of patio furniture usually depends on how big it is and what it is made out of.

If youre looking to buy something for just two people to go on your apartment balcony, a $60 aluminum set might work for you. If youre looking for a high-end, more permanent fixture to host large groups, you may end up spending over $1,000especially if it is made out of wood.

If you already know what use youre expecting out of your patio furniture, then it is best to figure out what materials suite that use and go from there. Keep reading to find out about the benefits and drawbacks of various outdoor furniture materials.

Aluminum Has An Expiration Date

Aluminum is like most materials and metals: they last only as long as the conditions under which they are stored and used permit.

For example, if left inside a hot garage for too many summers in a row, eventually the chair will become weakened by rust and crumble within months of coming out of storage.

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High Price Of Quality Wood And Slating

Wood is antique and brings out a classic appeal to your outdoors. However, only a few types of wood can be an excellent alternative for outdoor patio furniture. Wood requires a high level of maintenance to prevent it from rotting due to moisture.Most of the outdoor patio furniture comprises teak or tropical hardwood which can withstand external elements. These are expensive and will increase the cost of the patio furniture. Also, for wood to stay in good condition it requires slating, which can increase manufacturing costs.

Guide On Buying Lawn Chairs


Buying outdoor chairs is a difficult task. You have to consider the size of your patio, what kind of features you want in a chair, and if you can afford it. The truth is that buying outdoor furniture isnt always easy unless you know how to properly pick the piece that will suit your needs best.

Choose the Right Size: The first and most important thing to do is to determine the size of your patio and pick a chair that will fit in it. You want to buy a patio set that will allow you to seat enough people comfortably when they gather together for an outdoor party. Some people prefer to have rectangular outdoor chairs that are meant to seat four people while others would rather have circular patio chairs that can seat up to six or more.

Consider the Look: You also want to take into consideration the look of the furniture you are buying. If you want something traditional, then you can go for traditional outdoor patio chairs. If modern is what you are looking for, then you can opt for modern patio furniture. The style of the furniture you are going to buy has a lot to do with the overall appearance of your patio.

Material: You will have to take into consideration what kind of material works best for your patio. For example, if you want to buy wrought iron furniture, then you can opt for an outdoor table made of this material so it will look more elegant in comparison with other kinds of wooden furniture you can buy for your patio.

Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs Worth It?

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