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Are Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Any Good

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Best For Small Lawns: Sun Joe 12


Type: Push| Power Source: Battery | 20 inches

  • Easy to start, use, and maintain

  • Heavy

If your lawn is less than half an acre, an option like Sun Joe’s “Mow Joe” 20-inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower will be both functional and affordable. This highly-rated mower runs on a 12-amp motor and cuts a 20-inch wide path, and while you do have to attach it to an extension cord, youll be able to quickly groom your yard thanks to its powerful performance.;

This Sun Joe electric mower has a seven-position manual height adjustment, as well as a detachable 14.5-gallon rear collection bag for clippings, and its easy to start up, use, and maintain. Like many electric mowers, this one is quiet during operation, but it’s powerful enough to handle tall grass and uneven ground, making it a versatile lawn care tool.

Type: Ride on| Power Source: Battery | 38 inches

  • Sensitive pedal

The RYOBI Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower can handle up to 2.5 acres of lawn on each charge, thanks to its 100Ah lead acid batteries. This electric riding lawn mower features a 38-inch deck with two blades to deliver a clean, level cut, and it has an impressive 12 deck height positions.;

This mower runs for up to 2.5 hours on every charge, allowing you to tackle large lawns in one go, and it charges via a standard 120-volt outlet. It features cruise control, LED headlights, and a USB phone charge, promising to keep you as comfortable and efficient as possible as you tend to your weekend chores.

Are Mountfield Cordless Mowers Any Good

There are several very high-rated, yet amazingly cost-effective, battery-powered lawn mowers for sale on the modern market. The Mountfield brand has been constantly rated as one of the best of them. This model represents a whole new approach in the market, trending toward long-term efficiency and affordability.

The Mountfield brand scores are very high in several key categories. These include battery efficiency and charge time. The charger is included rather than having to be bought separately. The batteries are compatible with other tools made by the Stiga parent company. For these reasons, you can consider this a good buy.

Are Electric Lawn Mowers Any Good

Jason Thompson

Disclaimer: The Tool Report is supported by readers. If you buy something through a referral link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.;Learn more

Electric lawn mowers have come a long way since the corded models hit markets decades ago. But are electric mowers worth the price?

While older electric mowers were limited to very small lawns and the length of extension cords you were willing to string together, most electric models available today are capable of mowing the average residential lawn with a single battery charge.

With no engine, electric lawn mowers are also incredibly easy to use and maintain. Simply charge the battery, turn the mower on with the flick of a switch, and youre ready to cut the grass. Theres no need to buy and store gas or perform messy, difficult maintenance like oil changes or routine tune ups.

If youve been asking the question, are electric lawn mowers any good? read on for a closer look at some of the many benefits of going green with your lawn mower.

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Ego 56v Peak Power Self

EGO Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

When we tested gas and battery-powered lawn mowers side-by-side, we thought gas would easily exceed what any brand could do with a battery. The 21-inch EGO Peak Power Self-Propelled lawn mower shocked us by out cutting every other mower we tested except for Hondas HRX-series. And it put some massive distance over several other commercial gas mowers.;

Two active battery ports combine the power of two batteries, letting you pack up to 15Ah of battery capacity on board and hitting higher torque. If you have grass that grows 3 or more inches between cuts or is really thick, this is the EGO mower you should grab to give you the power you need for an even cut.

Estimated kit runtime: 80 minutes

Price: $749 kit with two 5.0Ah batteries and rapid charger

So Are Ryobi Battery Lawn Mowers Any Good

Are Ryobi Battery Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Yes,RYOBI battery powered lawn mowers are good lawn mowers,; and I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a new mower either push, self-propelled, or a rider.; RYOBI makes quality tools for both indoors and outdoors, and I have many of both, and when I need a replacement I will be buying another RYOBI mower.; Go check the RYOBI mowers and pick one up for yourself, I dont think you will regret the decision.

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Pro: Easier To Maneuver

Electric lawn mowers are lighter than their gas powered siblings. That means they’re easier to whip around tight corners and navigate through your yard. For example, the EGO Power Plus 56-Volt 21-in Push Cordless Electric Lawn Mower weighs 62.6 pounds after assembly.;

The Craftsman M250 lawn mower.

Conversely, gasoline lawn mowers can be much heavier. The Craftsman M250 160-cc 21-in Self-Propelled Gas Push Lawn Mower with Honda Engine weighs a hefty 90 pounds. While the self-propelled engine improves maneuverability when you mow, it is still a heavy object to lug around when it is not in operation.

Why Should You Go For A Battery Powered Lawnmower

As with any product inthe market, there are myths and facts surrounding lawnmowers. Before spendingmoney on a lawnmower, you should decipher these features. The endless cycle ofyard maintenance has had a way of motivating homeowners to purchase a newdevice to mow their lawn. In this case, the device sought after should not onlybe faster but easy to use. It also needs to enhance the look of the said yard.A battery-powered lawnmower seems to have all the boxes ticked, given thegrowth in the selection of various battery-powered lawnmowers.

When these mowers were introduced into the market, they made a splash because of their features- no cords meant no sweat. Battery-powered mowers have since taken up a significant share in the market. More models have also been introduced into the market, with major key upgrades introduced too. Key upgrades have also made mowing easier because the battery run time has become a significant concern for users over the years. Battery-powered lawn mowers are easier to operate. You do not run the risk of stopping in the process of mowing. Besides, it takes approximately one hour for your battery to charge.;

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What Is A Battery

As the name suggests, a battery-powered lawn mower is one that operates on battery power, as opposed to gas or other fuel sources. The cordless lawnmower utilizes stored battery/energy to operate. You charge the battery for the designated time by the manufacturer, then the lawnmower runs with the stored energy from the charge .

These lawnmowers start with the flip of a switch or push of a button. Therefore, unlike gas lawnmowers, you dont have to add fuel, replace filters, or perform routine maintenance. These battery-powered lawn mowers are easy to operate, and they require virtually no maintenance at all by the owners.

The primary decision youre going to have to make when deciding on a battery-powered mower is whether to choose a dual or single-battery variety. Therefore, the size of your lawn is going to play a role in your decision. With the cordless variety, you can maneuver freely, however, the duration of the battery/charge life will limit how much time you have to mow the lawn before you need to recharge the battery to finish the job. The lawnmower is powered by a battery, meaning it only lasts as long as the charge lasts. And, remember, the more you mow, the weaker the battery power is going to get as youre nearing the end of the battery life.

Worx Wg751 40v Power Share Lawn Mower

Are ROBOT LAWN Mowers any Good? Worx Landroid

Most Durable and Longest Lasting Battery Powered Lawn Mower

This Worx Power Share battery powered lawn mower gets bonus points for its steel make, ensuring a very long-lasting, powerful mower for years to come. It functions dynamically on 40 volts and uses two 20-volt batteries, trimming away with paths around 20 inches wide per pass. It also includes 7 mowing heights that are easily changed manually. This mower is known to cut very close to all sorts of obstacles. It includes a dual-port charger to cut down on charging time.

This is our favorite mower for its sleek steel appearance and fantastic durability and longevity. It’s a perfect buy for small lawns and yards that need tons of close work around bushes or other landscaping features.

Cutting WidthCutting Height OptionsVoltage

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Are Ryobi Battery Lawn Mowers Any Good

Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by the staff of TheAllElectricLawn

Well I guess I am a little partial here, but if you were to ask me are RYOBI battery lawn mowers any good, I would give a resounding, yes.; I personally own two RYOBI lawn mowers the 16inch 40v push mower and the 100Ah 42 zero turn.; I enjoy using both of the mowers to handle the cutting duties at my home.

While I am not a full fledge dyed in neon green/yellow RYOBI fanatic, I do own quite a few RYOBI hand tools and outdoor power tools which I use in and around my house on a regular basis.

In the spring of 2019, I was in desperate need of replacing my aging Husquvarna gas riding lawn mower.; At that point, I decided I needed and wanted to make the switch to battery powered lawn mower and battery powered lawn equipment in general.

I personally made the switch to all electric lawn equipment near the end of the spring of 2019.; I ordered both of the RYOBI mowers from Home Depot , and they arrived within a week or so.; I have been very pleased with both mowers and couldnt be happier with my decision.

  • 6 So are RYOBI battery lawn mowers any good?
  • Cut The Grass With A Battery

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    The Spruce

    When it comes time to buy a lawn mower, there are several reasons why one may opt for an electric lawn mower as opposed to a gas-powered one. Not only are battery-powered lawn mowers more environmentally friendly, but they require less maintenance and are quieter during operation, as well.

    If you’ve decided an electric lawn mower is right for you, there are still a few choices you need to make. You’ll want to consider what style of lawn mower is best for your needselectric mowers come in self-propelled, push, and ride-on styles. Plus, you’ll need to choose between corded or cordless models and consider how big your lawn is and how much runtime youll need.

    Here, the best electric lawn mowers available todayall of which will reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your lawn tidy.

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    Electric Lawn Mower Reviews: We Compare 7 Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    A decade ago, there were only a few cordless electric lawn mowers to choose from. But today, with the emphasis on environmentally friendly living and the introduction of new battery technology, there are dozens of battery powered lawn mowers. Battery powered mowers range from 14 in. to 19 in. in cutting width and cost anywhere from $240 to more than $600. In this electric lawn mower review, well compare seven cordless electric lawn mowers from leading battery powered lawn mower manufacturers. Well help you decide whether a battery powered lawn mower is right for you. Then well compare battery types and mower features to help you pick the best electric lawn mower for you.

    Plus: Learn if a robot lawn mower is right for you.

    Are Battery Operated Mowers Any Good

    Are Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Any Good?

    In the years since their introduction, battery-operated mowers have made a major impact on the scene. They are backed with a full warranty of guaranteed quality that comes directly from the maker. They have been tested by experts in the lawn care industry and have been proven to last for a period of up to 5 years.

    Their primary use is for lawns of up to 1/2 acre. They are much quieter than a conventional lawn mower and also considerably more efficient. Since they run on battery power, there is much less air pollution to worry about. They are quickly become established and will very likely soon be the accepted standard mower.

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    Cordless Lawn Mowers Are Easy To Start

    And the blade stops when you let go.

    All cordless electric mowers are easy to start. All but the Neuton mower have a key that you must insert before you can start the motor. After inserting the key, you hold down or slide a button while pulling the bail or handles to start the blade spinning. The self-propelled Black & Decker has an additional bail that activates the wheels. When you let go of the handle or bail, the motor stops. Just repeat the steps to start mowing again. The 14-in. Worx cordless lawn mower is especially easy to start because you can operate the switch with your finger while your hands are on the handle.

    Single Point Vs Multi

    Theres no doubt that single-point height adjustments are more convenient than adjusting each wheel. The relatively lighter weight of cordless lawn mowers also makes it a more viable solution.

    Dont completely discount two or four-point adjustments, though. A four-point system typically has a more rigid construction over single point. Plus, you can kick your front wheels one notch higher than the rear to improve your bagging efficiency.

    This one is really about what your preference is. We find most people set their height once and leave it, so a four-point system may not be all that bad from a convenience standpoint.

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    Why Is Battery Power Better Than Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

    • Lightning-paced improvement in lithium-ion battery technology
    • Environmental Friendly ; Some people refuse to use Carbon emitting Gas Power and prefer to use Cleaner Energy.
    • Greater Performance Many cordless tools can match Gas Performance
    • Cost Battery Powered tools have become very affordable
    • Maintenance Plug and Go battery system vs. Gas, Oil, &Spark Plugs.
    • Convenience Again Plug and Go!

    Should You Choose One Battery

    Harbor Freight, Atlas 80v Battery-Powered Lawn Mower REVIEW Thick- Grass, Score 1-10?????

    Whether youre purchasing one or two pieces of equipment or upgrading to a full line of battery-powered equipment most experts suggest sticking with one manufacturer.

    Lithium-Ion batteries are relatively expensive. And you only want to invest in one manufacturers power source if you can.

    We suggest investing in one system with two batteries and using them interchangeably.; When youre charged battery in-use dies, you have a back-up battery charged and ready to go for that tool or another piece of equipment.

    Note:; Lithium-Ion batteries are Manufacturer-specific

    Batteries for this lawn equipment are Not designed to interchange between different brands of tools.

    If you only need one piece of outdoor power equipment then multiple brands obviously arent a consideration.;;

    However, If you intend to own 2 or more battery-powered lawn tools we highly recommend sticking with Only one Manufacturer.;;

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    Ego Power Plus 56v Line

    When we pulled the team together to determine the best quality battery-powered lawn mowers, it was clear we had to look at the entire range from entry-level to top-tier. While there are a lot of brands we recommend, we believe EGO gives you the best quality.

    Theres a ton of research and development that goes into each design before an electric lawn mower ever reaches production. EGO seems to dial it in nearly perfectly with each release from the bottom of the line to the top. To top it off, theyre confident enough to back their mowers with a 5-year warranty.

    Cordless Lawn Mower Sizes

    The size of any cordless lawn mower you buy must match the size of your lawn.

    A wide cutting width will save you time on a large area. On a small lawn, a low battery power may well suffice.

    The size of a grass collector on a cordless lawn mower also varies. Capacity can range from 30 to 70 litres. This will impact how often you need to stop and empty the bag or box.

    You will also need to consider the weight of a full collection bag, particularly if mobility is a concern.

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    Top Pick Greenworks Pro 21

    The GreenWorks Model GLM801601 mower came as our pick for the battery powered lawn mowers in 2021. It has a bunch of amazing features that any homeowner will love. GreenWorks is a relatively newcomer to the home & yard care industry, but dont let that bother you. They make an extremely high quality product which can be seen in the GLM801601 mower. With this battery lawn mower you get one 80V lithium battery and charger . You also have a 7 way, single lever grass height adjustment which can handle even the tallest grass. 3 in 1 bagging, mulching & discharge ability.

    The handle collapses for easy storage and transportation. This model has a 21 cut width and weighs in at 74.1 pounds, which surprisingly makes it very easy to push and maneuverable around borders and other objects. This mower has over 1 hours of charge time and has enough power to tackle just about any lawn. The GreenWorks Pro GLM801601 also has power adjusting technology which senses the grass height and increases or decreases power as needed to help save the battery. With over 770 5 star ratings at Amazon, others also agree that this is a solid push lawn mower, with plenty of power on tap. A bonus is if you already own a leaf blower by GreenWorks, the batteries are the same. Sweet!

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