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How Can I Green Up My Lawn

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Hire A Professional Landscaper

How To Green Up Your Lawn FAST :: 7 Days for RESULTS

Alright, so you tried changing the way you water, fertilize, care for, and mow your lawn. Its been a few weeks and your grass still looks awful! What now?

Well, it may be time to call in the professionals. By now youre probably exhausted from spending all your free time on techniques that havent yielded the results youve wanted.

A professional landscaper will be able to assess the state of your yard and may be able to get to the root of the problem. It may take a few professional treatments to revive your grass, but itll be worth it in the end. You can discover more about professional landscapers in Wichita, KS here.

When Can The Lawn Be Walked On After Reseeding

Lawns are still very fragile shortly after seeding and need resting time. The first shoots are very tender and should not be damaged by stepping on them. Therefore, wait long enough before stepping on the lawn.

After about 2 to 4 weeks you can carefully walk on the lawn.

You can walk on the lawn when it is about 2 long. From 4 you can mow the lawn. However, the first time you mow the lawn, you should not cut it shorter than 3. From the second mowing, cutting to 2 is okay. In fact, the lawn is only fully loadable after a whole year.

Tips For A Greener Lawn

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Preparing your lawn for the summer sun and putting in a little extra work to keep it looking lush promises to reward you with grass that will make the neighbours green with envy!

Spring leading into summer can easily be the death of your lawn however, it is meant to be the absolute best time of year to enjoy it. Too often we see people watering their lawn in the midday sun and have a total facepalm moment. Said gardener loves their lawn enough to be out in the heat of the day tending to their grass but unknowingly they are doing the wrong thing. So, to lend a helping hand, here are 10 of the best tips to ensure your lawn remains green and lush throughout the warmer months.

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How To Prepare The Soil

Before you start reseeding, you should prepare the soil well. Because everything you do before, you will not have to do later with double or triple the time.

First, mow the entire lawn. Choose the shortest cut setting on your lawnmower. This way you can easily identify small areas that need repair. Meticulously remove all root debris and plants. You should also remove moss while youre at it.

Now you can start scarifying the lawn. You can scarify the entire lawn if you wish.If you dont have any experience with scarifying lawns, there are a few things you should keep in mind. After all, when youre cutting the ground, things can go wrong sometimes.

If you have scarified the lawn, you should now apply the starter fertilizer. The best way to do this is to fill the fertilizer into a spreader. A spreader is particularly suitable for large areas. This ensures that the fertilizer is well distributed over the area. Pay attention to the quantities on the package, but about 25 grams per 10 ft² should be sufficient.

Why Is Nitrogen Important For A Green Lawn

How Often Do You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn

Grass cant grow without nitrogen. In fact, its the most important nutrient to support your lawn. Nitrogen works by encouraging new green growth above the soil line. For anyone who remembers middle school biology, this is where the photosynthesis takes place, which helps generate enough energy so that the roots grow healthy and the grass can ward off any pests or diseases.

Perhaps even more important for you and your lawn, nitrogen is also an essential component of chlorophyll, which is what the plants use to feed themselvesand also what gives them their beautiful green pigment. Without nitrogen and all of the things that it supports, you may notice grass blades that are shorter, brittle, dull in color, and more susceptible to stress and disease .

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Keeping Your Grass Green During The Summer Months

Americans are wild about their lawns. Every year, they mow turf areas equivalent to the size of Pennsylvania and spend $8.5 billion on lawn care. However, even if you spend the average of 40 hours per year mowing and caring for your lawn, its possible to see your turf turn an unattractive shade of brown once the summer heat hits.

Actually, as landscaping contractors can tell you, a brown lawn is completely natural. The fescues and Kentucky bluegrass varieties that grow well in Northern climates naturally go dormant over the summer months. This is a self-protection strategy grasses enter a state of hibernation to preserve energy. Once the cooler temperatures and higher precipitation of autumn returns, your brown lawn will return to a beautiful shade of green.

Lawn maintenance is one of the most common services landscaping contractors provide. To enjoy an emerald green lawn all summer long, you can hire one of many West Linn lawn care companies, who can help you with everything from scheduled maintenance to the installation of home irrigation systems. Alternatively, DIY-types can keep their lawns green by practicing the following techniques:

Mow high. Put your lawn mower on a high setting, to leave the grass around 3 inches high. Taller blades provide more shade for your lawns root system, which keeps it cooler during hot summer days. Additionally, taller blades of grass result in deeper, stronger roots.

Ways To Get Thicker Greener Grass: Pro Lawn Care Tips For Central & Southern Md

Hows your lawn looking these days? Do you wish you had thicker and greener grass?

Youre not alone. Everyone covets those luxurious lawns that beg to be walked on with bare feet while sipping an iced cold drink.

Maybe you look over at your neighbors yard thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence or property line. Well, worry no more. These pro lawn care strategies can amplify your lawns health and make the grass greener on both sides of the fence maybe yours will even be a little greener.

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Watering The Right Way

  • 1Water new seed once or twice a day. Youll need to water freshly reseeded patches or a newly seeded lawn more often than established grass. Keep newly seeded areas moist until grass grows in, and water them once or twice a day.XResearch source
  • 2Water deeply and less frequently. If you water an established lawn a little every day, your grass wont have any reason to develop a robust root system. Try watering for 30 minutes, then dig a spade into your lawn to see how deeply youve watered. Aim to penetrate 4 to 6 inches deep.XResearch source
  • Adjust how long you water according to your spade tests. Once youve figured how out long it takes to reach the best depth, you can set up a timer for your sprinklers.
  • How frequently you water will depend on your soil and weather, but once or twice a week should do the trick. Sandy soil can be watered more often than heavy soil. In hot, dry periods, you might need to water every 2 or 3 days.
  • 3Water your grass in the morning. The best time of the day to water your lawn is early in the morning. With less sun and cooler temperatures, the water will go through a natural evapotranspiration process, rather than evaporating before the soil can absorb it. Then, as the sun intensifies in the late morning, it will dry off the leaves, which helps prevent disease and moss.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Green Grass Tip #: Water Wisely

    How I green up my lawn in winter (EASY) with a bonus tip (Worms)

    Appropriate watering is essential for a beautiful and healthy lawn. The soil needs water as does the grass itself. Blades of grass have a multitude of miniscule holes called stomata. Grass blades absorb minerals and nutrients through the roots. All these elements are essential for plants to produce food.

    If grass does not get enough water, these things wont happen as they should and the health of your lawn will suffer. That beautiful green color is usually the first thing to go.

    The type of soil you have impacts the frequency of recommended watering as well as the duration of each watering session.

    Watering Grass in Sandy Soil

    Sandy soil is able to absorb water applications quickly, but it will lose it very soon, too as it drains very quickly. If your lawn has sandy soil you may have to water more frequently, and I encourage you to improve your soil over time by top-dressing every other year with compost.

    Watering Grass in Yards with Loam Soil

    The best kind of soil for lawns is a nice loam. Loamy soil works the best because it has an effective rate of absorption and has the capacity to hold water for a longer period of time.

    Watering Lawns with Clay Soil

    If you have a clay soil, youll find that its difficult to water, and certain grass types will do better than others in clay. This is because it takes so long to properly absorb water. Clay does hold water well, however, so you may not have to water your yard at all.

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    How To Make Grass Green Fast

    We may earn an affiliate commission for purchases using our links . Learn More.

    Is a dull, patchy lawn ruining the curb appeal of your home?

    Many homeowners wish they had a lush, green lawn but arent sure of the best way to make grass green fast and have it last.

    No worries! Inside this guide, you can learn what makes the grass green and follow the steps to quickly green up your lawn with proper mowing, fertilizer, and watering.

    Stop being embarrassed by your lawn and use the methods below to make it the envy of your neighbors!

    What to Expect From This Article

  • In Summary
  • Best Grasses For Different Climates

    Turf grass generally falls into two distinct categories: grasses that do well in warm climates , as well as grasses that are better suited for areas of the country that experience winter and significant seasonal temperature fluctuations .

    Here are a few types of those grasses :

    Warm Season Grasses: These grow best in midsummer temperatures that reach 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit .

    • Bahiagrass Pensacola

    Tall Fescue

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    Follow A Fertilizer Schedule

    The Scotts company, a major fertilizer manufacturer, recommends applying lawn fertilizers in four stages. The exact dates will, of course, vary from region to region. Another factor is the kind of grass you grow. So always read the package labels carefully before applying, and pick the brains of the staff at local garden centers or a local extension service.

    As an example of a typical fertilizer schedule, if you live in the northeastern United States and if your lawn is a mix of cool-season grasses, you might begin by feeding the grass in May with a product that contains a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass from growing. Follow that up in June with another lawn fertilizer that performs two jobs at once. In this case, the other job is controlling broad-leaved weeds. For the latter, you need a product that contains a post-emergent herbicide designed to kill weeds that have begun growing in your lawn.

    In mid-summer, bugs and drought are two of the greatest enemies of your grass.

    Last but not least, when you winterize your yard in autumn, don’t forget your grass. It’s not difficult to remember which fertilizers to shop for at this time, because they will often contain “winterizer” in their names. These products are designed to help your grass build a deeper root system to weather the winter.

    Do I Need To Feed For A Green Lawn

    Follow these 6 Secret Tips for the Best Looking Yard on ...

    For the best chance of getting a lush, green lawn, apply a spring feed just as the grass is starting to grow in March. The fertiliser should contain nitrogen, which encourages strong healthy growth, as well as potassium, potash and trace elements. Many brands are available, mostly as resin coated granules, which are easy to apply. The granule coat breaks down gradually, providing the lawn with a constant supply of nutrients without the risk of burning or scorching.

    One application should be enough to see the lawn through to the autumn. If during the summer, however, your lawn shows signs of slight yellowing or a loss of vigour, then an application of an organic liquid fertiliser based on seaweed can be applied. You can read more on our expert tips for preparing your lawn for summer here.

    Along with grass, weeds will also be growing quickly during periods of sunny, warm weather. Individual weeds can be dealt with easily by an application of a selective weed killer or alternatively removed using a narrow trowel. If using liquid chemicals diluted with water be sure to apply at the recommended dose and always read the label. In essence, apply early in the morning on a calm and moist day. After six weeks, a repeat application may be necessary, particularly for established weeds or those with a creeping habit such as clover. Remember to wash the watering can thoroughly or better still have two cans and use one only for chemical application.

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    How To Keep Your Grass Green In Summer

    Your lawn is one of the first things visitors will see when they come to your home. Not only does it give your home curb appeal, but it also provides a serene natural landscape for those days you want to be outside. But once July rolls around you may start to see some unsightly brown spots or patches of dead grass. Have you wondered how to keep grass green in hot weather?

    The mystery of how to keep grass green in summer is a secret no longer. Follow our simple guide to ensure a lush, beautiful lawn even during those hot August nights.

    Change The Way You Water It

    If your grass is dying, it shouldnt come as a shock that watering it should be the first step. Just like any other plant, grass needs adequate water to survive.

    In many areas of the country, the rainfall is enough to suffice. But if you just moved to a hotter and drier climate, you may want to install a watering system to quench your grasss thirst.

    Many people make the mistake of turning their sprinkling system on for a few minutes every day. However watering your grass less often and for longer periods of time is a better way to make grass green. Longer watering ensures the water will seep deeper into the soil and reach the roots of your grass while watering it less often makes sure they dont drown.

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    We Can Help You On Your Quest To Thicker Greener Grass

    Want greener grass? Long for thicker grass? You need a strong lawn: one with adequate water and nutrients, proper mowing, and regular aeration and overseeding.

    And its all within your grasp. All you have to do is create an environment your lawn loves and thrives in.

    While a lot of these tips seem simple, they can all be daunting when merged together. We get it. You have other worries and priorities and your lawn may seem to consistently fall to the bottom of your to-do list. This might be especially true in the summer when youre planning vacations or children are home from school and time seems like its speeding by each day.

    Natural Green can help you by offering a complete, proactive lawn care program that includes proper fertilization, consistent advice on water and mowing, as well as both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments and aeration and overseeding. We also provide professional eyeballs on your lawn regularly so we can alert you to turf diseases or insect issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

    Has thicker, greener grass next door got you longing for the same on your property? Wed love to help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, well prepare a customized plan so you can have that lawn you long for.

    Control Lawn Weeds Insects & Diseases

    Green Up Your Lawn In 24 Hours // Lawn Tips Special Mix

    All of the tips above help create the best lawn possible to ensure thicker, greener grass. This naturally reduces weeds, insects and diseases. However, these pesky lawn invaders are always lurking, waiting for the opportunity to infiltrate your lawn if it shows any signs of weakness.

    Sometimes, certain conditions can lead to some weed breakthroughs or an excessively wet season can result in turf disease. Keeping an eye out for these challenges and managing them quickly can make simple problems disappear versus exacerbate into bigger, more visually unpleasing results.

    A lawn care pro can offer solutions such as a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control tactics to keep all weeds at bay. Nothing blemishes thick, green grass faster than weeds, insects, and diseases.

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    How To Green Up Your Lawn Fast

    There are some occasions that call for a lush, green lawn even when circumstances dont make it practical. Maybe its a special party you are hosting or relatives coming in town. Whatever the reason, we understand the occasional need to green up your lawn really quickly. The practices that allow this rapid green up are not necessarily the healthiest thing for your lawn. Therefore, its important to note that this should only be done on rare occasions so you dont stress your lawn too much.

    One of the most effective ways to green up your lawn is with a nitrogen fertilizer application. In any fertilizer, each of the elements have a specific role to play for your lawn. Nitrogen is responsible for greening it up, hence why a nitrogen heavy fertilizer is the way to go in this situation.

    Another effective way to green up your lawn is iron. For most homeowners, iron is not part of your typical lawn care regime. Iron is responsible for that dark green, almost blue color of some lawns, particularly Kentucky Blue Grass. When applying iron, its important to not over apply or you can turn your lawn grey. Iron can also stain the concrete on your driveway, so careful application is essential to avoid creating a whole other aesthetic issue.

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