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How Do I Get Rid Of Violets In My Lawn

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Are Wild Violets Safe To Eat

Q& A What is the best way to control violets in my yard?

Wild Violets are in fact safe to eat! Do make sure you correctly identify any and all plants that you forage before eating them. Violets are often used as a garnish on wedding cakes or in other desserts. Flowers can be crystallized with sugar or used on their own. Violet jelly, liquor, syrup, vinegar and tea are all common uses. Leaves and flowers together are often consumed on salads. Leaves can also be added to soups or stews. Violets provide both vitamins A and C.

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How To Get Rid Of Violets In Your Lawn

Before we discuss how to remove them, its important to understand what makes them so tough. The answer is two-fold. Firstly, theres the waxy substance on their leaves. As we mentioned earlier, violet leaves are unique among their perennial broadleaf friends. This makes it harder but not impossible to use herbicides. Secondly, they spread through complex rhizomes systems beneath the soil. As such, you can manually remove them, but it takes more digging than you might think. Youll need to be careful which spot treatments you choose, as they may not be powerful enough to kill the violets, but they very well may kill the grass.

Pbi/gordon 652400 The Best For Quick Results

Its an effective herbicide on some troublesome grass or weed that does swift work either the weeds die or at least reach a situation where they can no longer recover. This works wonders against dandelions, in particular.


  • Restricted in some states
  • Wont kill crabgrass or St. Augustine grass

If you have a large lawn and search for anything to help remove the weeds, this product can be helpful. A region of 14,000 to 18,000 sq. ft. will fill it. It works quickly, so once you use this tool, you can start planning on reseeding your broad lawn in around two weeks.

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What Are Native Wild Violets

Wild violet is a annual weed-like flower found in the northern parts of the united states. It blossoms in spring, and you will start to see them in the cool, humid areas of your lawn. Dealing with native violets in your lawn can be one of the most traumatic tasks any lawn owner can ever encounter.

These pretty flowers will take over your lawn in a matter of seasons, and once in control, nothing is more tenacious like the violet flower. Eliminating wild violets in your lawn can take years so be sure to have a long-term strategy!

Are you in such a situation? You have done everything, but no matter what you do, they keep coming back? And you are left wondering, is there any form of treatment that one can use to kill these invasive flowers?

Not a very good scenario to find yourself in! Dont worry, there are a couple of things you can use to kill violets on your lawn. The next few paragraphs will have some insightful information on how to deal with these pesky flowers!

How To Kill Wild Violets Growing In The Yard Without Killing The Grass

How to Get Rid of Wild Violets in the Lawn

21 September, 2017

Wild violet has a reputation of being notoriously hard to kill. But most of that reputation is because of the use of the wrong type of herbicide. Wild violet is only responsive to post-emergent broad leaf herbicides that contains triclopyr and is listed as safe to use on lawns. This type of herbicide is much more effective on wild violets than any other. However, wild violet is stubborn and it will likely take more than one application applied over more than one season to get rid of the plant for good.

Mow your lawn and the wild violet. By cutting the wild violet back, you will force it to start growing rapidly. Perennial weeds like wild violet must be actively growing when sprayed or else the herbicide will not be drawn down into the weeds roots.

  • Wild violet has a reputation of being notoriously hard to kill.
  • Wild violet is only responsive to post-emergent broad leaf herbicides that contains triclopyr and is listed as safe to use on lawns.

Spray the wild violet once it has grown 3 to 4 inches. Coat all of the plant tissue, but stop just before the herbicide drips off of the plant. In roughly two weeks, most of the wild violet will have wilted and turned yellow.

Spray the wild violet again three weeks after the first application . The second application should kill the majority of this seasons wild violet. If not, spray again as necessary at the intervals specified by your herbicides manufacturer.

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Dont Let Violets Overtake Your Lawn Call Farison Lawn Care

Violets are tricky, but proper lawn maintenance with Farison Lawn Care can help. A comprehensive lawn care program with weed control applications such as the one that Farison offers can help keep your lawn healthy and better able to ward off weed infestations. Call or contact us online to schedule a lawn maintenance program today! For more tips and ideas on maintaining a gorgeous lawn, be sure to visit our monthly blog and follow us on , , or !

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When To Do Away With Wild Violets

Utilizing herbicide to eliminate wild violets is best undertaken at the autumn. At this moment, the herbicide will be hauled to the taproot since the plant shops nutrition for winter. Therefore, you get a fantastic prospect of this herbicide murdering the plant all the way down to floor level using a fall program. Should you use herbicide in the summer or spring, it may just temporarily kill the leaves, allowing the plant .

What You Will Need

Protective clothing and breathing mask

Pump-style garden sprayer


How to Eliminate Wild Violets by Hand

Young wild violets are rather simple to pull hand. For larger plants, request the support of a garden fork.2

Moisten Region

Wear thick gardening gloves to protect your hands as you pull on the violets. First, moisten the region thoroughly using a garden hose, and wait for a half-hour. The water will loosen the dirt and make it much easier to pull plants.

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Common Species Of Voles

How To Identify:
  • Adults can reach up to 10, including their tail
  • Tail encompasses almost 30% of their length and can make them difficult to distinguish from mice
  • Dark hair, usually ranging from gray to black
  • Found throughout the western U.S. and Canada
  • Less particular with their habitat than their cousin species and have been found in grassy areas, meadows, forests, and banks against bodies of water
  • Active year-round, but are mainly nocturnal
  • Not known to construct underground tunnels, unlike other voles, therefore less of a property damage issue

Can Voles Transmit Diseases To People

How to Control Wild Violets in the Lawn

Voles have been known to carry a variety of diseases like rabies, Hantavirus, and Korean hemorrhagic fever. This makes it especially important to keep a safe distance from them in your yard. Even their feces and urine can carry viruses, so be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and gloves if youre working near their runways.

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How To Get Rid Of Wild Violets In Flower Beds

If wild violets are in your flower beds and not in your lawn, there are cheaper options to control wild violets. T-Zone is a selective herbicide which means that it will not hurt your lawn. However, if the wild violets are in your garden instead, a cheaper non-selective herbicide can be used. Since wild violets are tough weeds to kill and have waxy leaves, a non-selective brush killer is recommended. Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer does an excellent job on tough to kill weeds like wild violets. Be careful when you use roundup to kill wild violets because the round-up will kill everything you spray it on!

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The Case For Tolerating Wild Violets

Because wild violets have pretty flowers that bloom early and often, not everyone regards this plant as a weed. Many homeowners choose to let these wildflowers grow in their lawns and elsewhere.

There are several reasons for tolerating wild violets in the lawn:

  • It makes for a low-maintenance lawn.
  • It avoids the use of herbicide.

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Why Is Controlling Wild Violets So Difficult

Wild violets are cool season perennials that grow best in shady, moist soil. There are three problems with these tough little plants that make killing wild violets so difficult. Wild violets have two types of flowers the pretty purple ones that children gather for their mothers and the plain, unopened ones that shelter beneath leaves that protect them from most types of wild violet control. The purple flowers may be sterile. The flowers beneath the leaves are not only fertile, but self-fertilizing. They dont need to bloom to reproduce.

Thick clumps of underground stems, called rhizomes, store water so the plants can survive drought. When a gardener tries to kill wild violets in the lawn, the rhizomes survive and send forth new shoots.

Those lovely heart-shaped leaves pose the third problem in controlling wild violets. The waxy coating that gives the leaves their shine also prevents herbicides from penetrating the leaves.

How To Kill Wild Violets

Controlling wild violet weeds in the lawn

Finding yourself plucking at wild violets for hours? With a commercial lawn, it can feel like an impossible task to kill wild violets growing in the yard, but with the right methods, you can make some headway.

Neither hand-pulling violets, nor granular products, will work well to remove violets. Getting a violet fully out is tough due to its strong roots, and many solutions wont coat the leaves with enough product. So, whats the answer?

When it comes to killing wild violets, we recommend:

  • A professional-grade herbicide
  • A long-term strategy, spraying multiple times a year
  • A focused lawn care program for a thick, healthy lawn.

Wondering what herbicide kills wild violet weeds? For this, we recommend a professional-grade broadleaf liquid herbicide. This will be able to stick to leaves and kill the wild violets. Keep in mind, wild violets have a strong herbicide resistance. This means non-selective herbicides arent super effective in ridding your lawn of this pesky weed.

However, herbicide alone wont work. You not only need to spray multiple times a year to ensure you keep wild violets at bay but maintain the health of your grass as wild violets typically pop up in the more sparse areas of your lawn. To keep your lawn healthy, incorporate a solid routine of fertilization, aeration, and overseeding in the fall season.

With this method, youll help keep wild violets from overtaking your property, alleviating the headache of fast-growing weeds.

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How To Rid Lawn Of Violets Without Chemicals

Our neighbor has bees, so we have to be careful what we use in our lawn. We have an overabundance of violets this year. We have 2 acres that we mow and treat.

Does anyone know of a safe way to rid ouf lawn from the invasive violets without killing the bees?

  • Cor32419347 on Apr 14, 2019

    You can put up a sign stating Free Violet sets! Your neighbors or local garden club will gladly take them!!!! Give them a holler!

  • Vickie Dotts on Apr 14, 2019

    The type of violets that are in a yard are not the same as the violets you raise in your house.

  • on Apr 14, 2019


    We have a nextdoor neighbor who has nothing but violets and weeds which creep over into our yard here are some good ideas- and the violets you have and I get from my neighbor are not like the violets we grow indoors at all they are weeds and grow too fast

  • What To Use To Kill Ground Ivy And Violet

    My go-to weed control here is the active ingredient Triclopyr. 2-3 applications this fall will go a long way towards you regaining ground.

    This High Yield product works great and is affordable. The mix rates are:1.5 Tablespoons of concentrate 2 Teaspoons of non-ionic surfactantThese are mixed into 1 gallon of water.This makes an emulsion that you can spray across 1,000 sq ft of area if you are blanket spraying, or use it for spot sprays and spray until the leaves of the weeds appear wet but not dripping.It may take a few applications and as long as your outside air temps are still over 55F during the day, you can re-apply 14 days later for a double knockout.Here are a list of other weeds you may be seeing that this product is labeled to control, some better than others .

    Notes: It is very important to agitate this mix thoroughly and constantly. Even while you are spraying, be sure to shake the emulsion often.No watering for at least 24 hours after application. No mowing for at least 5 days after the application.

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    How Do You Get Rid Of Violets In Your Lawn

    lawnvioletsthethe lawn

    Use a broadleaf killer that contains 2,4-D or Dicamba, and it will selectively kill the violets without damaging the grass. Another great wild violet herbicide is called Drive .

    One may also ask, how do you kill violets naturally? Creating a homemade weed killer to control wild violets requires mixing horticulture vinegar with water. You can use a ratio of 80 percent water and 20 percent vinegar. This homemade wild violet weed herbicide has an 80-percent control rate over most broadleaf weeds when sprayed on the offending plant’s foliage.

    Herein, will vinegar kill wild violets?

    Getting Rid of Wild Violets. Use vinegar on them. It will kill them in a day or two. Put pure vinegar in a bottle that you can control the spray and spray only the violets.

    How do violets spread?

    But in summer violets can produce a different type of self-pollinating flower that stays below the leaves and produces seeds that are dropped in the surrounding area. These flowers will not be mowed off, allowing for a large amount of seeds to be spread. They also spread by underground stems.

    How To Get Rid Of Wild Violet

    How Do I Control Wild Violet? | Herbicides for Wild Violet

    This page is an expert guide on getting rid of Wild Violet from your property using the products and methods suggested by our experienced lawn care specialists. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee you will be successful in eliminating Wild Violet.

    Violets may be a pretty plant that poetry is written about and are often picked and put in the hair of little girls, but they are actually an aggressive weed that can mess up all the hard work you put into your lawn. Wild Violet can withstand drought and can be frustratingly difficult to remove.

    Wild Violet likes to grow in shadier areas where grass doesn’t grow as well and features a growth pattern that results in leaves forming thick mats that can overtake your yard if you don’t intervene. If you try to mow or hand-pull them, because they are often underground, they will pop right back up before you know it.

    Wild violets can be controlled, though it takes some persistence and regular treatment. If you are having an issue with Wild Violet on your property, follow our DIY treatment guide below which offers expert-recommended herbicide products to use and pro techniques that can eliminate the problem quickly and affordably.

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    Seal Cracks And Holes

    Its common to have small cracks or holes around the siding, foundation or roof of your house. But if these arent taken care of, they can easily grow larger from weather or a variety of wildlife scratching against them. Once theyve grown large enough for a vole , these pesky creatures will make their way inside in search for more food. Monitor for these cracks and holes regularly and seal them with expandable foam, caulk, wood or concrete mix.

    Getting Rid Of Wild Violets

    How can I rid the of wild violets? They are taking over fast.

    By linda from Yadkin, NC

    Best Answer

    Assuming you have a grass lawn, any broadleaf herbicide should work on the violets. They are prolific seeders, so you will probably have to retreat for several years to get all the new plantlets.

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    Choosing A Lawn Care Company To Win The War On Tough Weeds

    While it may feel like the battles against these weeds are never-ending, when you choose to work with a lawn care company that employs a long-term strategy against tough-to-control weeds like violets and ground ivy, then youll finally start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    With the right approach, youll see these weeds lessening each year as your thick and healthy lawn fills in. Of course, when it comes to combating aggressive weeds, you absolutely must keep up with a proactive annual program. Even taking just one year off could land you right back in a mess. But with the right care, performed regularly, you can stop feeling like progress is hopeless and start seeing the results you desire.

    Are you ready to have a thicker lawn and get rid of violets and ground ivy at your Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA home? Get in touch with us to get some free expert advice and learn more about our lawn care programs which include three lawn care pricing options.

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