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How Do Lawn Sprinklers Work

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Garden & Lawn Maintenance : How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

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Check The Water Pressure

It’s important to first determine the water pressure at an outdoor faucet, using a simple pressure gauge. Then, use a 5-gallon bucket to measure how much water your homes plumbing delivers in one minute. Send the water pressure information to the sprinkler manufacturer you have chosen, along with a sketch of your property, including all critical dimensions.

In return, you’ll receive a system layout and a list of all the sprinkler parts youll need, including those not sold by the manufacturer, but available at most hardware stores. For this installation, we used Rain Bird, a company thats been designing and manufacturing irrigation products since the early 1930s. The system layout they provided divided our lawn into zones, each controlled by a zone valve. In this case, to ensure total coverage, there were eight zones and 48 sprinkler heads. The price: $1,500.

In warmer climates, you can use PVC pipe to supply water to the sprinkler heads. Here, we used polyethylene pipe, which is more flexible and able to withstand freeze-thaw cycles. Consult the local building department to see if you need a building permit to install a sprinkler system.

The hardest part of installing a DIY sprinkler system is laying all the underground water-supply piping. That is, if you dig the trenches by hand. Opting for the quicker, easier route, we rented a pipe-pulling machine for $180 a day, which saved an immeasurable amount of time and toil.

Sprinkler Layout For Narrow Planters:

This example shows the typical placement for sprinkler heads in a narrow planter. In this example, special spray sprinkler nozzles called end-strips and side-strips are used. These nozzles spray a long, but narrow, pattern. A typical pattern is 4 x 30 . There are also spray nozzles called center-strips which dont work as well. Be careful when using end-strips. They tend to have a weak coverage area on either side of the nozzle . Avoid using 2 end-strips facing each other in a lawn area. If possible always install a side-strip in the middle between 2 end-strips. The sprinkler layout above is for lawn. In a shrub area you can eliminate the sprinklers on one side as long as the width of the planter is 4 feet or less- so you can install the sprinklers on one side only. Shrubs dont need as even a watering pattern. Lawns require heads on both sides. Note the triangular arrangement of the sprinklers, which gives more even coverage. Yes, it takes an extra head to create the triangle pattern, and you need to space the heads a little closer together than the normal maximum on one side to create the triangle pattern, but its worth the cost.

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What Are The Different Types Of Irrigation Systems

There are four different types of home irrigation systems for your lawn and the plants in your yard or garden. In a commercial agricultural environment, there are lots more choices available.

We will only look at domestic irrigation systems that can be easily installed on your property by you or an irrigation system professional.

What Are The Benefits Of Traveling Sprinklers

Pin on Yard drainage

Traveling sprinklers have distinct benefits over traditional sprinklers, some of which include:

  • It requires little to no labor.
  • Tractor sprinklers can cover almost an entire lawn so long as you angle the arms correctly.
  • They come in a wide variety hence a chance to choose.
  • Mobile sprinklers are versatile and can be used to entertain kids or cool your pets on hot summer days.
  • They are time-saving hence allowing you to get several things accomplished simultaneously.
  • Since mobile sprinklers have a revolutionary design, being powered by the water from a hose saves on the fueling cost.

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How Your Sprinkler System Works

Before diving into repairs, its important to understand how your sprinkler irrigation system works. Most systems consist of the following:

  • A water supply pipe thats connected to your main water source.
  • A ground-level valve box thats divided into different underground irrigation zones.
  • Zone valves that control each individual irrigation zone.
  • An electronic controller to manage the time and duration of the watering sessions.

Irrigation zones are divided up by parts of your yard. For example, a home could have multiple zones in the front yard that cover the lawn and flower beds, and additional zones in the back and side yard. These configurations vary depending on the model and your yard.

When a zone valve is open, water flows through the underground pipes and into the irrigation heads in that zone for a specific amount of time until the controller shuts it off.

The most common problems people run into with their sprinkler system are:

  • Sprinkler zones not coming on.
  • Leaky zone valve.
  • Sprinkler heads have low water pressure.
  • Individual sprinkler heads do not work.

How Do Lawn Sprinklers Work

When several sprinklers spray water on a large yard, at the same time it creates a mesmerizing moment. Out of interest, we often wonder how do lawn sprinklers work?

While researching, I have come across several types of these water-spraying heads. They have different mechanisms and are used in different circumstances.

So, I have described the working principles of all those models to satisfy your curious mind. Without further ado, lets get started.

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How Do Lawn Sprinkler Systems Work

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Home irrigation systems, or lawn sprinkler systems, are becoming increasingly popular, and they are especially prevalent in dry climates that do not see ample rain for keeping a lawn green. Here is a look at how they work, from mechanics to installation to everyday use.

MechanicsIn most neighborhoods, water is supplied to homes by means of a large capacity city water main. From this large capacity city water main to your home runs a smaller capacity supply line. In order to install an irrigation system on your property, a there must be an additional connection in this smaller supply line for supplying water to the irrigation system. There is a system shut-off valve at the beginning of this connection so that the homeowner can turn off water supply to the irrigation system without affecting the water supply going into the home. Beyond this system shut-off valve there is a backflow prevention device this keeps water from flowing back into your homes main supply line and therefore helps prevent accidental contamination of your homes water supply. Beyond this backflow prevention device is a sprinkler system valve, which holds the water under pressure behind it until it receives a low voltage electrical current. Upon receiving this electrical current from the irrigation controller, the valve opens and allows water to flow through to the sprinkler heads.

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Which Variants Are The Best

Garden & Lawn Maintenance : How Do Sprinklers Work?

Drip irrigation system are offered for above-ground and underground use. You also have the choice between a drip hose, pearl hose and complete hose sprinkler systems. Hose sprinklers installed underground press the water close to the roots. Overwatering can be ruled out. The water is directed to where it is needed and evaporation losses cannot be avoided with above-ground irrigation with a hose sprinkler. Hose sprinklers are offered by the metre and as hose systems. Hose systems can be extended by plugging together if necessary. To shorten the hose, remove elements.

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Identify The Broken Sprinkler Head

If its been a while since youve done anything with your sprinkler system , then you may not even know where all of your sprinkler heads are. So turn it on and watch your grass to see where the sprinkler heads are popping up. Observe how the water is distributed and look for any areas of the lawn and garden where its spray pattern isnt functioning properly, watering unequally, or not watering at all.

These are all indications that your sprinkler head needs repair. Once youve located any broken sprinkler heads, its time to repair them.

How To Use Mobile Sprinklers

Mobile sprinklers will serve you best if you have an irregularly shaped backyard with spots that are not accessible with regular sprinklers. All you have to do is position your mobile sprinklers along with the areas you want to water.

You can sit under a shade and watch while adjusting the sprinklers path to reach every spot you want.

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Locate The Vacuum Breaker

Look for the vacuum breaker fitting, which is usually above ground located near the house. This is a copper or plastic valve assembly connected to two pipes, each with a small shutoff valve.

In addition to the shutoff valves, the vacuum breaker has two test valves, called test cocks, that look like slotted screw heads. They should be turned about 45 degrees to the direction of the nipples to which they are attached. This allows air into the valve to prevent damage from freezing during winter.

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Our Conclusion On Lawn Sprinkler Systems

How to Make a Garden Sprinkler

Lawns need yearly maintenance to keep the grass looking its best. This can take a lot of time and effort in watering and caring for a lawn, especially in areas where there are lengthy dry periods. An underground sprinkler system saves you time and effort as once it is installed, and it can be fully automated.

You can adjust the settings to suit your location and climate and choose the times you want to set the sprinkler to water your lawn for, and again, this can even be done remotely from an app on your smartphone. With just the right amount of watering the lawn will thrive, and your time can be spent elsewhere. Lets recap some of the benefits of installing an underground lawn sprinkler system.

  • Automatic activation at a set time that is pre-programmed.
  • Automatic shut off when the lawn has had plenty of water and is sufficiently wet.
  • Sprinkler jets can be adjusted for reach so that only the lawn is watered.
  • Multiple sprinklers can be involved in zones so you can have controlled irrigation areas.
  • The controlled areas can be flower beds and other parts of the outdoor space.
  • More efficient than regular watering and less water wasted.
  • Increase the value of the property when you decide to sell.
  • Can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.
  • Saves time on lawn maintenance.
  • A beautiful healthier lawn throughout the year.

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Locate The Main Shutoff Valve

If you don’t know where your system’s shutoff valve is located, look in your basement or crawl space for piping coming into the home near ground level. The piping should include a single shutoff valve, usually a ball valve with a lever-type handle. If there is a large water pipe coming in well below ground level, usually through a foundation wall, this is most likely your home’s main water supply, not the valve for the sprinkler system.

If there is no sprinkler system shutoff inside the home, look inside the sprinkler system valve boxes around the yard. The shutoff valve has a cross-shaped handle and may be well below ground level, inside a ground box or large pipe.

The Spruce / Kevin Norris

The Anatomy/components Of A Sprinkler System

The bones of the sprinkler system are the underground PVC pipes. These pipes are buried 2-6 feet below the ground. Swing joints are plastic joints that connect the sprinklers to the PVC pipes.

Swing joints are adjustable to ensure the sprinkler heads are not above the soil surface, which could cause damage to mowers. Sprinkler heads deliver the water from the PVC to the lawn and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The lawn can then be divided into zones, which are a collection of sprinklers that cover a specific area of the lawn.

The control box is usually installed in the garage as it needs a power outlet. The outlet needed for your control box is a standard outlet seen throughout your house.

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How Do Garden Sprinklers Work

Posted by Tractor Sprinkler Hub under Lawn & Garden

Its the mainstay of any American lawn: the ubiquitous garden sprinkler. Kids love to play in it, and us adults need it because it saves us a lot of time.

Having a way to water your lawn automatically is a godsend. Imagine having to use only a water hose and nozzle to spray down an entire garden for a whole afternoon in the middle of summer.

But did you ever wonder how yard irrigation systems work?

Most lawn irrigation systems are made up of four components.

How Do Sprinkler Valves Work

How an Irrigation System Works

The most common valve for in-ground irrigation systems is the solenoid. Each solenoid valve controls the sprinkler heads in a specific zone of your lawn or garden. A good understanding of how these valves work will prove beneficial if the sprinklers ever need to be repaired.

The process of opening solenoid valves starts at the controller. Controllers are attached to a set of these valves that are buried in a box at the beginning of the system. The main water source is tapped into the box. The controller tells each valve when to open and for how long.

The controller is connected by wire to each solenoid valve to instruct it when to open.

A solenoid valve has a diaphragm that opens to allow water to flow through the pipeline to the sprinkler heads. When the solenoid coil that the wire is attached to is not energized, the diaphragm will remain closed.

When the moment comes for a particular zone of your lawn to be watered, an electrical signal is sent from the controller. The moment that electrical signal reaches the solenoid coil, there is an electromagnetic field created in the valve.

Once the coil is energized, the resulting magnetic field is responsible for opening the diaphragm of the valve.

That electrical signal from the controller is programmed to be active at a specific time of day and for a particular duration.

The occurring pressure in the pipeline will raise the sprinkler heads and your lawn will receive the liquid refreshment it requires.

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Set Your Sprinkler System To Proper Schedules

If you set your automatic controller one time and let it run all season without adjusting it, youre wasting a lot of water.

Watering schedules should be based on the Evapotranspiration rate for your area. We can calculate how much water your landscape needs and change your watering schedule throughout the season with ET information.

Water early in the morning set your controller to water before 10:00 AM to reduce evaporation.

Reinstall The Main Valve Bleeder Cap

Some system shutoff valves have a little metal cap that threads onto a bleeder nipple on the side of the valve. This is used to drain residual water from the piping during the system shutdown. If your shutoff valve has a bleeder nipple, make sure the cap is in place and is tightened snugly.

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Tips To Care For Your Sprinklers

Just as with your car, after a while, your system needs a good tune up. Small changes can make a big difference and if each sprayer needs just a little attention, your lawn will seriously benefit from a one a year adjustment. Many lawn care programs will not only turn on your sprinklers in the spring and winterize them in the fall, but will also inspect and adjust your sprinklers.

This sprinkler check up is crucial to making sure your lawn is getting full coverage and that youre not spending extra in water bills.

How Do Rotating Sprinklers Work

Cool off Series: Irrigation Design

Once the in-ground home sprinkler system is activated, water travels through the PVC pipes and is released through the rotating sprinklers. The sprinklers rotate to give an even spread of water over the chosen area.

One of the main benefits of these sprinklers is that they are easily adjustable. This allows the spray of the sprinkler to be adjusted to only water the grassy areas, and the spray can be adjusted to ensure no overwatering occurs. You can adjust the time of day you want the watering to commence and to end, giving your lawn only enough water and not flooding it.

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Lawn Irrigation System Cost

Any reputable sprinkler system company will come to your home to determine the required work before installing a sprinkler system and tell you the sprinkler system cost and an estimated labor cost. They should offer this consultation at no charge and with no expectation that you will give them the job.

Once you are happy with the company and the cost to install the sprinkler system that youve chosen, discuss your expectations, timeframes and possible power and water disruption issues until you arrive at an agreement.

How Big Sprinkler Can Help

One popular and simple way to keep dust under control in an equine arena is by using water. You simply coat the dust particles, causing them to stick together and become heavier than the air so they dont blow around.

Changing the footing, or the material under the horses feet in an arena, can be incredibly expensive. Using chemicals can be costly, a danger to the environment, and cause additional health problems for both humans and horses. However, water is relatively inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and generally readily available. You can learn additional information on our blog about how and why water is used for dust suppression.

Getting the right amount of water onto the footing of your equine space can be tricky. For both indoor and outdoor arenas, you want to make sure you get the ground wet enough to suppress the dust, deep enough so it doesnt dry out too quickly, but not so much that you have muddy areas or puddles.

You have to make sure not to overwater and make it muddy, Dr. Boatsman said. It will put too much stress on the tendons as the horse is trotting through there.

Other great options we offer are wheeled sprinkler carts. Each of the carts is made in the United States and the sprinkler heads are made of top quality materials. The wheeled carts make it easy to move them from place to place and the quality of the sprinklers ensures you wont be worrying about leaks for years to come.

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