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How Do You Get Rid Of Crabgrass In Your Lawn

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What Does Crabgrass Look Like

How to kill crabgrass quickly without damaging your lawn

To the casual observer, all grass may look the same but look again. Peer closely at a spot on your lawn. Youll notice that the smooth green carpet is actually composed of individual blades of various grass species. Lawns throughout North America are sown with cool season grass, warm season grass or a mixture of both types. The type of grass grown in your yard may differ from your neighbors significantly, depending on where you bought the seed, when the lawn was established and which varieties you chose for the lawn.

You can identify crabgrass by looking for:

  • 1. Clumps or clusters of grass that look slightly different from the surrounding grass areas.
  • 2. Bare patches of soil. Areas that sprout new grass without seeding may harbor crabgrass.

Large crabgrass has:

  • Seedlings with light-green leaves that are hairy on the upper surface.
  • Leaves on mature plants that are about three inches long and hairy.
  • Branches that are two to five inches long.

On the other hand, smooth crabgrass:

  • Grows to a mature height of six inches.
  • Sets seed when its cut way back even down to one-quarter of an inch tall, smooth crabgrass can still produce seeds.
  • Has seedling leaves that are light green and smooth.
  • Has leaf blades that are pointy.
  • Forms branches on its stems, with the branches about 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches long.

How To Kill Crabgrass After It Is Established

Sometimes crabgrass sneaks into our lawns and flower beds, despite our best efforts. Getting rid of crabgrass once it has gotten into our yards will take time and persistence.

The most common method for crabgrass control in the lawn is to use an herbicide. Selective crabgrass killer herbicide, non-selective herbicide, and pre-emergent herbicide will all work to get rid of crabgrass. Which one you use will depend on where the crabgrass is growing and what time of year it is.

For spot treatment of crabgrass any time of year, say in flower beds and very small areas in the lawn, a non-selective herbicide will work. Non-selective herbicides will kill any plant that it comes in contact with. This includes the crabgrass and any plants around the crabgrass.

In early spring, a pre-emergent herbicide works well for getting rid of crabgrass. Since crabgrass is an annual, the pre-emergent will keep the seeds from last years plants from sprouting.

Later in the year, after the crabgrass seeds have germinated, you can use a crabgrass selective herbicide. Be aware, however, that the more mature the crabgrass is, the better able it is to resist the selective herbicide.

You can also use organic methods for crabgrass control. The most common method for getting rid of crabgrass organically is hand pulling. You can use boiling water as a non-selective herbicide on crabgrass as well.

How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass In The Summer

  • How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in the Summer

Lush, green lawns are a summertime staple. We spread fall fertilizer and sprinkle lots of grass seeds in anticipation of thick and healthy turf.

But some things that help our lawns look pristine can fall through the crackslike the all-important pre-emergent herbicide.

If you didnt apply pre-emergent in spring, your lawn can become overrun by crabgrass. While it is best to stop crabgrass before it sprouts, you can try to get rid of it in summer with these steps!

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Check The Key Ingredients In Crabgrass Preventers

  • Look carefully at the ingredients panel for dithiopyr, prodiamine or pendimethalin to determine how to kill crabgrass.
  • These active ingredients, which are sold under various brand names such as Dimension, Barricade and Scotts Halts, will kill crabgrass in most areas of the country and in many kinds of turf.
  • Ask your local extension service which chemicals are best crabgrass preventers for your area and turf species.
  • Dont seed if you treat your lawn with a pre-emergent. Herbicides that kill crabgrass will also kill desirable grasses such as bluegrass, ryegrass and fescue.
  • Control crabgrass in the spring and do your seeding in late summer or early fall, making sure to keep these two chores at least eight weeks apart. There are a few pre-emergent herbicides, such as Tupersan, that are compatible with newly established seed, but theyre expensive and can be hard to find.
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    Apply A Double Dose Of Herbicide To Crabgrass Hotspots

    13 Tips for Getting Rid of Crabgrass for Good
    • Limit crabgrass growth in areas like driveways, sidewalks and curbs or on south-facing banks by doing a targeted double treatment when necessary. These areas absorb a lot of heat during the summer months, which makes them more susceptible to crabgrass.
    • After youve treated your entire lawn, go back and make another pass about six to eight feet wide, along hotspot areas . This will help keep crabgrass from taking hold.

    Family Handyman

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    What Is Crabgrass And What Does It Look Like

    Crabgrass is the common name for two grass plants in the genus Digitaria smooth and hairy crabgrass. These two plants are the most troublesome weeds found in lawns and turf and are found almost everywhere across the United States.

    • Smooth or small crabgrass grows low to the ground and has almost no hairs on the blades of grass, except at the plants auricles.
    • Hairy or large crabgrass is more common in lawns. The leaf blades grow longer and are covered in small hairs.

    Surprisingly, crabgrass poses very little threat to your lawn and doesnt crowd out your warm-season Bermuda or Zoysia grass. The biggest concern with crabgrass is that it dies off late in the summer, leaving patches of dead, brown grass throughout your backyard.

    Both smooth and hairy crabgrass are warm-season annual grasses. They grow best during the warmer spring and summer months when temperatures are between 75 and 90. As an annual, it germinates, grows, and dies all within a single season. Crabgrass will die either after it flowers and drops its seeds or when the first frost hits.

    Crabgrass is relatively easy to spot in your lawn. Instead of growing upright, it has a more spreading habit than turf, growing low to the ground. The blades are wide and flat and lighter green than most types of turf. When mature, it produces long flower clusters containing thousands of seeds.

    Prevent Crabgrass In The Spring

    Crabgrass can be prevented in the spring so they don’t become a problem in the summer. Applying a pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor, like Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed Prevent in the early spring, will help stop weed seeds from germinating.

    Crabgrass gets its name because it sprawls from a central root low across the ground. It can become a problem quickly during the summer because it is able to grow vigorously in hot, dry conditions. Before dying in the fall, a single weed can distribute thousands of seeds that will be ready to germinate the following spring. You can take care of crabgrass in your lawn easily with our plan.

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    How To Kill Crabgrass And Prevent It From Returning

    Once crabgrass gets started in your lawn, those coarse, unattractive weeds seem to live and spread forever. But unlike lawn weeds that do live several years, crabgrass plants only live a single year. What they do in that year, however, has long-lasting consequences for your lawn. Understanding how crabgrass works and how to break its cycle can help you get rid of crabgrass and keep it gone.

    Determine If The Hole Is Empty

    How to Get Rid of Crabgrass (4 Easy Steps)

    Determine if the snake holes in your yard are currently being used.

    There are plenty of signs of whether the holes are empty or being used. If there id debris and/or spiderwebs nearby, the holes are probably empty.

    If you want to spot the snake, youre going to have to be patient because there arent a lot of tips to lure snakes out of holes.

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    How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass The Easy Way

    Throughout North America, homeowners confront an annual scourge that can turn a lush, smooth emerald carpet into a weedy mess: crabgrass. Specifically, large crabgrass which also goes by the name hairy crabgrass and smooth crabgrass can invade lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens, rapidly becoming a nuisance. When one plant can produce an estimated 150,000 new crabgrass seeds from each plant, you know its trying to take over your yard!

    When To Kill Crabgrass

    The proper time for attacking crabgrass depends on what method you are employing.

    • Pre-emergent herbicides come in either a granular or a liquid form and kill crabgrass seedlings right as they germinate in the early spring. Think of pre-emergent herbicides as forming an invisible shield across the soil’s surface that stops emerging crabgrass dead in its tracks. Pre-emergent herbicides, then, should be applied almost as soon as winter snows melt off the lawn.
    • Post-emergent herbicides should be applied as soon as you notice growing crabgrass plants. The earlier the better, as these chemicals are less effective on older, more established weeds.
    • When organic methods are used, gardeners must wait until the seedlings are big enough to hand pull, roots and all, but it’s best not to wait for the plant to go to seed and spread more seeds. While crabgrass doesn’t spread via its roots, it’s still essential to remove the whole plant in the spring before amending the soil and reseeding with desirable turf grasses.

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    Tips To Get Rid Of Crabgrass At Your Home In Wisconsin Or Minnesota


    Crabby about crabgrass?

    Join the club. Does anybody like it? Maybe goats.

    The king of lawn weeds, crabgrass is stubborn, prolific, and has the sinister ability to pop up right before you host the neighborhood cookout.

    It looks bad. It makes you look bad.

    How to get rid of crabgrass in Wisconsin and Minnesota?

    Lets do this.

    Killing Crabgrass With Baking Soda

    How to Get Rid of Crabgrass: A Step

    Baking soda has many uses, and killing crabgrass is yet another one of them. This alkaline powder will eliminate crabgrass from your yard.

    Baking Soda Crabgrass Killer

    Water the areas infested with crabgrass using a garden hose. Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda onto the weed and around its root system. Once the crabgrass begins to wither, use a spade or shovel to pull the weed out of the ground.

    When all of the root systems of the crabgrass are removed, fill in the hole with dirt. Sprinkle the area with grass seeds, and water to fill the bare spot with new grass.

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    Spray Stubborn Patches Of Crabgrass

    Spray post-emergence herbicide directly on crabgrass after it has sprouted. Pulling is equally effective, but if the roots are deeply embedded in your lawn, it may be tough to pull them out without pulling grass chunks, too. Its not worth spraying a post-emergence product on crabgrass that has gone to seed. It takes about two weeks for the herbicide to work, which is about how long it takes the plant to finish its seeding process. If it has gone to seed, youre better off waiting for next spring and applying a pre-emergence product then.

    Post-emergence herbicides are most effective when the soil is moist and the plants are dry. Read the post-emergent crabgrass killer label for specific instructions. Typically you apply it with a hand pump sprayer. Its best to apply it on a hot day when theres low wind. If temperatures are too low, the product may be ineffective. Unless the crabgrass is young, youll probably have to reapply post-emergent crabgrass killer a few days later to kill the plant.

    Crabgrass in the fall. Dont waste your money on a post-emergence herbicide in the fall as a route on how to kill crabgrass, when the temperatures are falling. The herbicide wont be effective and the plant will soon die anyway.

    If All Else Fails Kill Everything And Start Over

    • Admit defeat when your lawn only has 30 to 40 percent desirable grass left in a given area and the rest is lost to crabgrass and other weeds. If youve tried all options on how to kill crabgrass without success, its time to start over.
    • Begin by killing all the vegetation. On a low-wind day, apply a nonselective herbicide that is approved for lawn use. Follow the label directions exactly. Depending on the product, weeds and grass will die and dry up in five to 14 days following application. Then re-building your lawn can proceed.

    Shawn Frederick/Getty Images

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    Confirm The Presence Of A Snake

    Check for any indications of snake presence, such as shed skins or feces, in the area.

    The first thing to do is confirm the presence of snakes whether prairie rattlesnake pygmy rattlesnake, Mojave rattlesnake, midget faded western rattlesnake, or northern pacific rattlesnake in your yard.

    Look out for snake feces, black scales, and belly scales around the snake holes, flower beds, and near bodies of water. Even if youre an avid gardener, its important to wear protective gear such as gloves when looking for snakes or any other pests in your lawn and garden.

    Use A Natural Weed Killer

    How To Get Rid of Crab Grass In The Lawn

    There are even natural weed killers you can use to get rid of crabgrass. These can be used as spot treatments and generally contain ingredients like vinegar, sea salt, and soap all safe for use around children and pets.

    Corn gluten meal is another option. This treatment results from the corn milling process and can control smooth crabgrass and other annual grass weeds and help naturally fertilize your lawn. Its a great way to provide weed control and help you grow a healthy, thick lawn!

    The best time to use these weed killers will be before the growing season has fully kicked off they are most effective as pre-emergent herbicides. While you can use certain products to get rid of this invasive weed later on, you may want to wait until the following spring for the best results.

    These products, which are your best options for natural crabgrass control, are available online and at most garden centers.

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    Crabgrass: How To Get Rid Of This Weed For Good

  • Q: Can you plant grass seed with crabgrass preventer?
  • Crabgrass can invade and conquer your lawn if you give it a chance. Little tufts of quick-growing wild grasses can create trip hazards, and itll spread like wildfire wherever theres any open space. So whats the best way to get rid of crabgrass? Is there a good crabgrass treatment?

    Today, Ill tell you everything that I know about this annoying weed. If youve been asking how to get rid of crabgrass in your yard, this piece is meant for you. It may take some time, but you can have a crabgrass-free lawn!

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    Good Products To Kill Crabgrass

    • Espoma Organic Weed Preventer
    • Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer
    • Bonide Weed Beater Plus

    Manually Pull The Weeds

    Post-emergent herbicide Pre-emergent herbicide

    If youre just dealing with a few sporadic clumps of crabgrass, you can remove these by hand using a dedicated tool, such as Grampa’s Weeder ). This will remove each weed with a single motion. While this method works fine for small, immature sections of crabgrass, which you should pull up as soon as you spot, you should take care if your crabgrass is well-established.

    If you attempt to remove a large clump of crabgrass with a manual tool, you could pull up a chunk of your lawn with it as well, thanks to the deep root system. On top of that, if your crabgrass has visible seeds its about to disperse, you could be doing more harm than good as the seeds will likely fall and germinate in the hole youve just made.

    If your crabgrass is likely to do some damage on removal, use a chemical treatment instead as mentioned in step two. If the seeds are already exposed, then theres not much point in removing the weed as you will only make the problem worse. In this instance, youre better off letting it die naturally in the fall and then treating the ground in the spring, as described in step three.

    Make sure you seal away any weeds you do pull up in a trash bag the seeds can still spread and grow even from here.

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    Controlling Crabgrass In Lawns

    Crabgrass is a common weed in lawns, but you can control it without harming turfgrass. Mow, irrigate and fertilize your lawn regularly so that the turfgrass grows strongly and out-competes crabgrass. Be sure to read any herbicide label to make sure the product doesn’t injure your turfgrass .

    Set your mower blades at the correct height for the grass type. Irrigate your lawn weekly during dry weather so that the soil is constantly moist but never saturated and feed regularly .


    I Missed Putting Down My Pre

    How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass And Clover In The Lawn

    If you happen to miss the window for applying a pre-emergent herbicide you still have options. Post-emergent herbicides like quinclorac and mesotrione can be effective, but you need to apply them while plants are still young. The longer you wait, the less effective they will become.

    Hand pulling crabgrass plants is also an option, but can be time-consuming and potentially labor-intensive.

    One of the best strategies to combat crabgrass, and other weeds in general, is to maintain a healthy lawn. A thick, healthy lawn has a robust root system with lots of aboveground growth to outcompete many lawn weeds.

    To learn more, please visit these other resources available from the University of Minnesota.

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