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How To Green Your Lawn

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When To Fertilize Your Lawn

How To Make Your Lawn Green

In Massachusetts, its recommended that you either fertilize in May, or the fall before . Just be sure that the soil is warm enough for the fertilizer to penetrate and choose a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer if available.

What about seasonal fertilizer in summer?

Feeding your lawn in the early summer can help to better prepare it for the heat and drought conditions that may follow. Slow-release fertilizer is a good idea for most grass types.

However, avoid applying fertilizer in the middle of the summer because it can end up burning a lawn. Additionally, dont fall in the trap of applying too much fertilizer because that may do more harm than good.

How To Match Fertilizer With Grass Styles

When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer for you and your lawn, its important to not only consider what type of grass you have, but also your goals. After youve done a soil test, youll know what sort of nutrients are lacking, and from that you can choose a fertilizer thats higher in one or a few of the essential components , phosphorus , potassium ).

Beyond that, there are specific fertilizers for well-established lawns , as well as those that have just been seeded . There are also fertilizers that contain additional herbicides to prevent weeds, as well as those that are phosphorus-free .

How To Keep Your Lawn Green In The Summer

There are several steps that can be taken to keep your lawn healthy and green even during the hottest, driest days of summer. Keeping your grass green throughout the summer months doesnt have to be overly complex. By following these tips with consistency, your lawn should remain beautiful all season long.

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Compost Your Kitchen And Garden Waste For Greener Grass

Composting your grass clippings is a great way reduce waste and help your garden and lawn grow. Additionally, you can compost other waste from the garden and even from your kitchen. Adding compost to your soil is one of the best ways to green up your grass and all your garden plants. Compost has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Compost improves water drainage in clay and sandy soils.
  • Compost creates a slow release of plant nutrients and stimulates root growth.
  • Compost helps reduce problems with soil-borne plant diseases and garden pests.
  • Compost prevents erosion of precious topsoil.
  • Compost recycles yard and kitchen wastes instead of sending it to the landfill.
  • Compost balances the pH levels of most soils.
  • Compost attracts beneficial insects, worms, and other organisms

Composting is easy and rewarding. Read more about composting at the Compost Instructions web site.

How To Make Your Grass Green And Lush

Which Lawn Care Company Is Right for You?

Last Updated on July 6, 2021 by Grow with Bovees

Do you find yourself looking over to your neighbors thick, healthy green lawn, and turn green with envy? If your turf is looking yellow, weak and full of weeds, youll need to fix some things in your lawn care to get it back to perfectly green.

Luckily, its not too hard to get your lawn back to a dark green color. Follow our easy steps on how to make grass dark green and youll soon notice it thriving.

These are some of the things well cover in this article.

  • How to make grass green: 3 simple steps.
  • Greener grass step 1: Apply iron.
  • How to apply iron to your lawn.
  • Lush grass step 2: Water wisely.
  • Greener grass step 3: Fertilize using the best fertilizers.
  • Is organic better?
  • The Bottom Line
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    Tips For A Greener Lawn

    Ashley van Raad


    Preparing your lawn for the summer sun and putting in a little extra work to keep it looking lush promises to reward you with grass that will make the neighbours green with envy!

    Spring leading into summer can easily be the death of your lawn however, it is meant to be the absolute best time of year to enjoy it. Too often we see people watering their lawn in the midday sun and have a total facepalm moment. Said gardener loves their lawn enough to be out in the heat of the day tending to their grass but unknowingly they are doing the wrong thing. So, to lend a helping hand, here are 10 of the best tips to ensure your lawn remains green and lush throughout the warmer months.

    Follow These Steps And Your Grass Will Always Stay Green And Thick

    Theres nothing better than a lush, green lawnespecially when youre equipped with the know-how for how to get it there.

    Were happy to let you in on a few secrets for how to make your grass green. It starts with knowing your grass, but continues with using fertilizer and addressing any damage as it comes.

    We spoke to our landscaping pros who have combined over 50 years of keeping grass looking green and healthy and they boiled everything down to 4 essential points that we unpack in this article.

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    How Do I Get The Mowing Right

    Mowing is one of the most frequent tasks and the most important to achieve a green lawn, and therefore it is vital to get it right. The quality of the cut will depend, not only on your turf type, but also your choice of mower.

    A cylinder mower is fitted with several blades arranged in a spiral located on a front cylinder. The cutting action is similar to that of a pair of scissors, and the more blades fitted, the finer the cut. These mowers are used where an immaculate sward is required. Choose a cylinder mower with a roller if you want to achieve a striped green lawn.

    A rotary mower on the other hand is more suitable for general mowing of most turf areas. These are fitted with a horizontal blade that spins at high speed and cuts with a similar action to a scythe. Both cylinder and rotary mowers are available as either petrol driven or electric models. Your choice will come down to budget and suitability. A hover mower is a rotary mower that floats on a cushion of air and is useful for cutting slopes or even steep banks.

    Unless you have a mulching mower, its best to collect lawn clippings, either during cutting using a box fitted to the mower, or after, by raking them off the surface of the lawn. Over time, if these clippings were left on the lawn they would cause a build up of thatch leading to drainage problems.

    With electric mowers make sure a RCD is fitted. If you should accidentally cut through the cable, then the RCD will turn off the power.

    How Do I Get A Beautiful Green Lawn

    How To Green Up Your Lawn FAST :: 7 Days for RESULTS

    If you havent already established your lawn, here are some things you can do to ensure your new lawn comes up strong, lush, and vibrant green.

    First, ensure you properly loosen and aerate your soil. This makes it easier for the roots to grow thick and strong and for the plants to get plenty of oxygen. You can turn an inch or two of topsoil, as you would in a garden, with professional aerators or with a trowel or garden fork.

    Dandelions, often considered the bane of lawn care, actually break up soil and aerate lawns naturally, due to their long, strong roots. If you find your lawn filled with dandelions, let them do some of the work for you before getting rid of them.

    Seeding thickly and reseeding in the spring, especially if you have thin spots in your lawn, helps maintain a thick, luscious yard.

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    Do I Need To Feed For A Green Lawn

    For the best chance of getting a lush, green lawn, apply a spring feed just as the grass is starting to grow in March. The fertiliser should contain nitrogen, which encourages strong healthy growth, as well as potassium, potash and trace elements. Many brands are available, mostly as resin coated granules, which are easy to apply. The granule coat breaks down gradually, providing the lawn with a constant supply of nutrients without the risk of burning or scorching.

    One application should be enough to see the lawn through to the autumn. If during the summer, however, your lawn shows signs of slight yellowing or a loss of vigour, then an application of an organic liquid fertiliser based on seaweed can be applied. You can read more on our expert tips for preparing your lawn for summer here.

    Along with grass, weeds will also be growing quickly during periods of sunny, warm weather. Individual weeds can be dealt with easily by an application of a selective weed killer or alternatively removed using a narrow trowel. If using liquid chemicals diluted with water be sure to apply at the recommended dose and always read the label. In essence, apply early in the morning on a calm and moist day. After six weeks, a repeat application may be necessary, particularly for established weeds or those with a creeping habit such as clover. Remember to wash the watering can thoroughly or better still have two cans and use one only for chemical application.

    How To Make Grass Grow Green And Healthy

    This brings us to our next consideration: when and how often to water grass for optimal greenery?

    The advice that were about to give you should be taken as just that, advice. One of the best things that you can do for your lawn is to get to know it.

    Take some time observing how it looks each day, in the morning and in the evening. Try to become aware of all of the different elements that affect it and how these fluctuate throughout the day. The better understanding you have of your lawn and your specific microclimate, the better youll be able to take care of it.

    Then, you can consider the following :

    • Watering in the morning is the best because temperatures are cooler and winds are normally calmer. If possible, water before 10 a.m. so that all of the moisture can be absorbed before the heat of the day kicks in and evaporates all the water away.
    • If you have no option but to water in the evening, try to do so before nightfall .
    • When watering, you want the top six to eight inches of soil to be wetwhich equates to around one inch of water per week. This can be done as a single watering or two waterings this every week.

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    Choose Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

    Keeping a lawn a nice dark green requires regular maintenance and the right balance of various factors. You likely donât have the time required to keep your lawn a nice, rich green, and thatâs where our professional lawn maintenance services come in.

    Earth Development knowshow to make the grass greener and how to get dark green grass in the first place. Contact us today for a free estimate. Weâd love to help turn your favorite lawn into one of the most beautiful areas of your landscape.

    How Do I Keep My Lawn Looking Green And Lush

    Lovely Lush Lawns

    One of the most common questions Im asked is How do I keep my lawn looking green and healthy?

    When I give my lawncare talk to gardening clubs, I start by asking the audience whats the most important operation to get a fabulous looking lawn. After shouting out feeding, spiking, aerating, scarifying and a range of other answers, someone finally gives the right one mowing. Thats right, if you dont get your mowing right, everything else is a bit of a waste of time.

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    How To Keep Your Grass Green This Year

    Now that summer has arrived every Hamilton homeowner wants a carpet of healthy green for their lawn. Getting lush green grass is a labor of love that takes some time to achieve, but its worth the effort. There are some fundamentals you should follow if you want to be the envy of your neighbourhood and attain the best results. Understanding how to proceed is essential in producing a thick, healthy green lawn.

    Here are some guidelines to keep your grass green this year.

    Will Watering Dead Grass Bring It Back

    Unfortunately, watering wont revive dead grass. But you can begin the revival process for dormant grass by getting the soil checked and preparing it with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer.

    Taking the time to understand and care for your lawn is the first step to achieving lush and greener grass. Theres a lot to learn, but take things at your own pace, and get in touch with us if youd like recommendations for the right fertilizer for your grass type.

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    Protect Animals And Insects

    It is important to protect birds, beneficial insects, earthworms, and other organisms that play an important role in keeping your lawn healthy.

    • Birds and predatory insects feed on grubs and other pests.
    • Insects, earthworms, beneficial fungi, and other micro-organisms break down thatch and aerate the soil.

    The best way to protect these beneficial animals and insects is to only use insecticides and fungicides when absolutely needed. See Understanding your lawn’s lifecycle for more information.

    We Can Help You On Your Quest To Thicker Greener Grass

    How to green up your lawn in a day or less | Beginner diy lawn tips that WORK

    Want greener grass? Long for thicker grass? You need a strong lawn: one with adequate water and nutrients, proper mowing, and regular aeration and overseeding.

    And its all within your grasp. All you have to do is create an environment your lawn loves and thrives in.

    While a lot of these tips seem simple, they can all be daunting when merged together. We get it. You have other worries and priorities and your lawn may seem to consistently fall to the bottom of your to-do list. This might be especially true in the summer when youre planning vacations or children are home from school and time seems like its speeding by each day.

    Natural Green can help you by offering a complete, proactive lawn care program that includes proper fertilization, consistent advice on water and mowing, as well as both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments and aeration and overseeding. We also provide professional eyeballs on your lawn regularly so we can alert you to turf diseases or insect issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

    Has thicker, greener grass next door got you longing for the same on your property? Wed love to help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, well prepare a customized plan so you can have that lawn you long for.

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    Keeping Your Grass Green During The Summer Months

    Americans are wild about their lawns. Every year, they mow turf areas equivalent to the size of Pennsylvania and spend $8.5 billion on lawn care. However, even if you spend the average of 40 hours per year mowing and caring for your lawn, its possible to see your turf turn an unattractive shade of brown once the summer heat hits.

    Actually, as landscaping contractors can tell you, a brown lawn is completely natural. The fescues and Kentucky bluegrass varieties that grow well in Northern climates naturally go dormant over the summer months. This is a self-protection strategy grasses enter a state of hibernation to preserve energy. Once the cooler temperatures and higher precipitation of autumn returns, your brown lawn will return to a beautiful shade of green.

    Lawn maintenance is one of the most common services landscaping contractors provide. To enjoy an emerald green lawn all summer long, you can hire one of many West Linn lawn care companies, who can help you with everything from scheduled maintenance to the installation of home irrigation systems. Alternatively, DIY-types can keep their lawns green by practicing the following techniques:

    Mow high. Put your lawn mower on a high setting, to leave the grass around 3 inches high. Taller blades provide more shade for your lawns root system, which keeps it cooler during hot summer days. Additionally, taller blades of grass result in deeper, stronger roots.

    Why Are My Lawn Grasses Not Dark Green

    Are you thinking about getting a darkish green grass lawn overnight? Actually, it is impossible. You will need to make sure that you are following the correct ways to get that vibrant colour.

    Below are a few reasons for not getting a darkish green grass lawn.

    Dry Grass

    Dryness is one of the most common reasons for grass not turning green as projected. And it happens due to the lack of not pouring water on the grass regularly. As a result, instead of getting greenish, grass turns yellowish.

    The discoloration will happen when you water the grass improperly and insufficiently.And it happens during dry seasons or areas more. For instance, Texas is near the desert, and improper irrigation will surely make your lawn grass yellow.

    So, grass discoloration happens when the grass does not get sufficient water regularly.

    Improper Mowing

    Proper mowing keeps lawn grass healthy and pleasing. Did you see I used the word proper? It is because improper mowing will make your lawn grass unhealthy and unpleasant.

    It is significantly essential to learn the right procedure of mowing plants. When the mower cuts more grass than necessary, it happens. For the accurate results, about one-third of the lawn should be left after the raw cut. Too shortcutting of the grass will lead the grass to discolouration, and vegetation may get damaged.


    If you are unaware of different grass diseases, you might have no idea about the multiple diseases that can happen because of improper care.

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