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How Much Does It Cost To Sod Your Lawn

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Choosing The Right Sod For You

How Much Does Grass Sod Cost – Emerald Sod Farms – Denver Colorado
  • Climate: Go with a sod that thrives in your climate. For example, one sod may grow nicely in an area that gets cold and snowy in the winter. That same sod wont do as well in a sub-tropical climate. Deciding between a cool-season or warm-season grass is the first step in whittling down your options.
  • Sunlight: Match your sod to the amount of sun your yard gets. The sun tolerance of the sod can make the difference between dried-out grass and beautiful blades. Some grass needs full sun to grow. It wouldnt do well in a shady area. The opposite applies too. Sod that likes shade may scorch in the hot sun.
  • Maintenance: Consider how much time you want to spend on your lawn. Maintaining sod includes fertilizing, watering and mowing. Some lawns need more water or fertilizer to thrive. Others need to be mowed often to stay healthy. Choose sod types that requires the amount of maintenance you prefer.
  • Price: The cost of sod is generally consistent among varieties. How much sod you need influences the price. You can purchase small sod plugs, sod rolls by the case or pallets of sod. Keep in mind that sod needs to be bought and planted the same day.

What Is Sod What Is Sodding

Sod also known as lawn is a ready-made grass, that is brought over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. Growing lawn on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong, and healthy lawn can be created. The proximity of Sod farms to Toronto, allows for fresh Sod to be delivered right to the Toronto Sodding site, on the day of the job, providing us with optimal conditions to create the best lawn possible around your house.

Custom Calculators With Homewyse Lists

Service Professionals: create a reusable estimating app that is 100% customized to your business. Start with a template or build your own :

For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 500 square feet, the cost to Install Sod starts at $1.95 – $3.30 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options.

To estimate costs for your project:

1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased.

2. Specify Project Size and Options Enter the number of “square feet” required for the project.

3. Re-calculate Click the “Update” button.

NOTE: *Input the total of the finished surface area AND the area of any openings enclosed by the finished area.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional

The cost of your sod project is also influenced by whether you install it yourself. As you might expect, employing a professional for your sod installation has its own set of benefits. You can sit back and relax knowing that the job will be done appropriately if you contract it out. A professional will typically remove your old grass, prepare and fertilise your soil, and then lay new sod. However, keep in mind that, in addition to the sod, there are additional costs associated with a do-it-yourself sod installation tool. If you hire Eden we can give you perfect sod solutions for your lawn. In our website you will get various information about various topics. We have lot of experience in this.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Cost

How Much Does Sod Cost? 2019 Cost Guide

Kentucky Bluegrass sod costs $130 to $275 per pallet or between $0.30 and $0.55 per square foot. Bluegrass is drought tolerant and thrives in the cold winters and hot summers. Its dark-green, uniform texture likes full sun to partial shade.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Cost

  • Can be maintained at low growing heights
  • Best planted in the spring or fall
  • Popular blend through New England
  • Requires more watering than other types of warm-season grasses

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Cost To Have Sod Installed By Grade

When you purchase sod, costs vary because of its grade or the overall health and strength of its root system. Sod with less established root systems is economy-grade and has a starting cost of $0.30 to $0.40 a sq.ft. Sod with a more established root system is mid-grade and has a starting cost of $0.45 to $0.80 a sq.ft. Sod with a very well-established root system is known as high-grade or premium-grade and has a starting cost of around $0.85 to $1.10 a sq.ft.

$0.85 – $1.10

Other Popular Sod Grass

  • Perennial Ryegrass suitable in most soils and full sun but has seasonal availability at $0.84 per square foot.
  • Bentgrass tolerates acidic soil and full sun and costs $0.56 to $0.62 per square foot.
  • Centipede tolerates acidic soil and full or partial sun and costs average at $0.84 per square foot.
  • Bahia suitable in most soils and full or partial sun but has seasonal availability at $0.22 per square foot.

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Average Cost Of Sod Grass

The cost of sod depends on the variety of grass, its quality or grade, the amount ordered, delivery fees, and your location. Bulk orders typically require a minimum order of about a pallet, while sod prices for small projects are higher retail prices.

Cost of Sod By Type

Pallet $135 $360

St. Augustine is also known as carpet grass and can be planted as sod, sprigs, or plugs. It produces a thick, lush, dark-green turf but has higher maintenance levels. It requires lots of water to remain healthy and has poor wear tolerance. It’s subject to thatch, chinch bugs, gray leaf spot, and turns brown or tan in winter dormancy.

Pros and Cons of St. Augustine Grass

What Price Does Sod Cost

How to price a lawn, How much to charge for lawn service

The average cost of sod is between $0.30 to $0.83 per square foot. The cost for professionally installed sod is between $0.87 and $1.76 per square foot.

Sod gives you a carpeted lawn almost immediately, unlike seeds which take one to two years to grow. How much will it cost you to have that luxury?

Sod costs on average between $0.30 to $0.83 a square foot. If you want the sod to be installed by a professional, youll have to pay up to $1.76 per square foot.

Your final bill is dependent on sod type, yard size and soil prep. Do you want to put a sprinkler system in? You are going to pay more for that service.

The average cost for sodding a 1/6-acre lawn is between $2,813 and $7,603. The cost for a professional installation will be between $6,623 and $13,681.

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Prep Work Before Laying Sod

Unless you recently had other land clearing done, you will likely need your yard prepared for the sod. Expect this to add another $1.00 per sq.ft. to your installation costs.

Any old grass or sod should be removed. If it is dead or shallowly rooted, it can be pulled or scraped aside easily. Otherwise, it should be tilled. Tilling involves using a machine to cut the existing grass into the soil, preparing it for the new sod. Tilling ensures that any weeds, stones, and other debris do not hinder the growth of the sod. The edges should be squared and prepared to handle the new sod. The entire area should be fertilized to make sure that it has the nutrients needed for the new grass to take root. Your contractor may need to test the soil to ensure that it is the correct balance. This costs $700 to $1,800. If the area doesnt have at least 3 to 4 of soil after tilling, enough dirt should be added to bring it to this level. Finally, the surface should be packed down slightly but not too hard to make it easy for the roots to grow into it.

If you have trees or stumps that need to be removed, this should be completed before the sod installation. Stump removal costs around $200 to $700, and tree removal runs $400 to $900. Additionally, plants that interfere with the job must be relocated. Installing a flower bed costs $1,000 to $3,000.

Perennial Ryegrass Sod Prices

Priced at $0.28 to $0.58 per sq.ft. and $126 to $261 per pallet, perennial ryegrass germinates and grows quickly, returning year after year with little need to reseed. It is a cool-season grass that grows best in the spring and fall, going more dormant in the summer. It does best in northern climates but is often used in warmer areas as an overseed. This means that homeowners use perennial ryegrass in combination with some other type of warm-season grass like Bermuda. This creates a lush green lawn during the winter when the warm-season grasses go dormant.

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Cost Of Grading Steep Sloped Land To Lay New Sod

Its likely youll need to level out the yard to lay the sod to avoid the difficulty gravity adds to laying it. Changing the terrain through re-sloping or land grading costs$0.40 to $2.00 per square foot or $1,000 to $5,000. The contractor will need to be able to get some big equipment in, and that may require removing some fencing or gates.

When Should You Install Sod

Artificial Grass Backyard

In general, the best times of year to install sod are in the fall and spring.

Avoid installing sod in the summer. You dont want your new lawn to have to deal with the stressors of very hot weather or drought when it is trying to get established in your yard.

There are certain steps that you need to take before installing sod on your property.

One of those is removing all the grass and weeds that may already be there. If you leave anything on your yard, you will find that your new sod will be lumpy, or weeds may grow through your new sod, potentially ruining all of your hard work.

In addition, ensure that there are no rocks in the area and that it is flat.

Before you order sod and arrange to have it delivered, you need to measure the space in which you want to install it.

You must find out the spaces square footage. Measure the areas length and width in order to calculate this.

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Sod Price Per Square Foot

The total to install grass varies based on a wide range of factors starting with the price of sod. It ranges in price from $0.30 to $1.00 per square foot based on the grade and variety of grass.

Sod Prices Per Square Foot

Sod Type By Grade

Sod quality standards vary by state, however, its loosely grouped into categories by price.

New Construction Lawn Installation Cost

New construction lawn installation prices are between $2,000 to $17,430 for 2,000 to 8,712 square foot yards. The costs match the basic $1 to $2 per square foot rate since they do not need extensive prep work, like grass removal or regrading. Installers may just need to complete basic surface prep tasks, like adding topsoil and lightly tamping down the surface.

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Other Factors That Affect Cost

Your sod projects final bill wont always fall in the expected price range. Thats because there are several elements at play that can determine your total sod installation cost.

Factors like the shape of your yard, delivery charges, and ground prep work can all run up the bill. We will go over these items in detail so you can better calculate how much your sod project is going to cost you.

How To Choose Sod

Average Cost to Install Sod Grass – Houston Grass – Pearland Sugar Land Richmond TX

There are four separate characteristics to look for when choosing a quality sod. These include harvest timing, soil consistency, maturity, and fertilization. Wise consumers spend a few minutes looking for these features and possibly save themselves money in the long run. Quality sod ensures a durable, long-lasting lawn that will make your yard beautiful and functional. When gauging these features, look for the following:

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Which Is The Cheapest To Install & Maintain Sod Vs Seeding

While the cost of installing sod is about $1 per square foot higher than the cost of seeding a lawn, seed is generally more difficult to maintain over time. Seeded lawns can take up to two years to grow in completely and need regular weed control. Sod can immediately increase your home’s curb appeal and simply requires initial watering and fertilizing.

The Cost Of A Professional

The installation of sod is technically easy in that you wont need a lot of specialized knowledge to do the project. But, the easy ends right there. This is tedious, back-breaking, dirty work, and the grass sod is a lot heavier and more unwieldy to work with than most people would imagine. One mistake can compromise the entire lawn, so to eliminate the aches and pains of installation and then the heartache of watching all of your work die off, it is simpler to hire a professional.

Get in touch with professional sod installers who you can hire for installation by filling out the form below:

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Tall Fescue Sod Price

Tall Fescue sod pallets cost $270 to $292 and $0.60 to $0.65 per sq.ft. This grass is similar to fine fescue in many regards. It also does well in all climates and prefers shade. It may be faster-growing than fine fescue and can put down roots very quickly. If you want your lawn to establish fast, this is a good choice. Tall fescue features a coarse textured grass with dark green rolled leaves that provides a thick, easy to maintain lawn. It is a great option for heavy traffic areas.

What Is Your Current Lawn Like

How Much Does Grass Sod Cost

Before you start your journey to the perfect lawn, it is important to think about the current conditions in your yard. A yard with no challenges typically does fine with primary grasses of the region. However, yards with shade, soil, or water issues often need the right species to flourish.

  • High-traffic lawns: If your grass receives heavy foot traffic, you need sod that both recovers quickly and works in your area. Blends of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass are recommended in the North, while Bermudagrass is recommended in the South.
  • Low-input areas: When your yard has areas that are difficult to supply with fertilizer or water, it is a challenge to keep your lawn healthy. Buffalo grass is a great remedy for this and works well across the majority of North America.
  • Salty sites: Coastal regions and other areas with a higher salt content in their water generally need a sod capable of withstanding those conditions. Seashore paspalum is the ideal choice in these regions, as it is incredibly tolerant to salt.
  • Shaded sites: Shady yards come with the risk of not enough sun for your grass to prosper. Fine-leaf fescues offer the most shade tolerance and can be used just about anywhere. If you are in the South, most St. Augustine varieties have high shade tolerance as well.

Most seed companies have mixes that have been selected for specific types of yards, which often perform better under the right conditions than a single species would.

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Maintenance Tip For New Sod

Once youve installed the sod, there is one tip that every homeowner should remember. During the first few days and weeks, you should avoid foot traffic on it. It is somewhat fragile until it settles in and the roots develop, so its best to be extremely gentle with it in the beginning.

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.

Professional Sod Installation Quotes

When selecting a professional, be sure to:

  • Get at least 3 onsite quotes with a breakdown of preparation, materials, and labor.
  • Ask for quotes with and without the ground prep work.
  • Ask for a warranty on their work.
  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide, BBB, and Google.
  • Check out their past sod installations to see how well those lawns performed over time.
  • See if they offer discounts during slow seasons, as long as the weather permits sodding.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted landscapers:

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Can You Buy Turf All Year Round

Can You Lay Turf all Year Round? Turf can be laid all year round providing the ground conditions are appropriate. Turf cant be laid during frosty weather as this can slow down thawing and act as a barrier. It does not damage your new turf if the ground becomes frosty once it has been laid.

What Is My Sod Installation Cost In Holly Springs

How much water does your grass need?

We understand that sod cost is one of the biggest deciding factors for homeowners. Thats why we wanted to create this easy-to-follow buyers guide for prospective customers.

For square foot sod installation estimates, please visit the bottom of our About Us page where we share actual price ranges and answer common Q& A weve received from our homeowners. If you feel that sod installation cost in Holly Springs is in your budget, reach out and chat with us. We can offer a personalized quote based on your unique lawn and the specifics of your project.

Get in Touch

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Can You Lay Turf In July

The truth is turf can be laid at any time of year, especially between early autumn and early spring. However, you cant lay it when the ground is frosty or very wet. This can make turf laying in July and August more challenging. In an ideal world turf should be laid when the ground is neither waterlogged or dry.

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