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How To Keep Wild Geese Off Your Lawn

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Grid Your Pond With Wire Or Mesh

How to Repel Canadian Geese

To keep geese away from pond or lake areas, you can always resort to using wire or mesh. Naturally, this solution for geese removal only works on water bodies that arent too large, as covering a huge lake with wire is practically impossible.

However, if this method is combined with a number of other repellents, such as a liquid deterrent sprayed on the grass near the lake, a decoy in the form of several swans on the water body, and flashing lights during the night, it will prove to be a quite effective Canadian geese deterrent.

When covering a water body with wire, you should make it challenging for the birds to be able to land on the water or walk into it.

That is why running wire across the pond in 10-12 inches checkerboard squares is what you should do. The grid should be at about 8 inches off the water so that its too small and low for the birds.

With this method, you will be able to deter a number of large bird species, not just geese. However, most homeowners who have tried it in the past say that it doesnt pose any problems to mallard ducks.

Let Your Grass Grow Taller

Though it isnt the most aesthetically pleasing look in the world, allowing the grass in your yard to grow six inches or taller can be an effective way to keep geese from taking up residence in your yard. Geese have a preference for open spaces because it lets them have a clear line of sight on predators.

When the grass is taller, it makes the geese feel unsafe. Wherever they feel unsafe, they wont want to stay around.

If you have a pond, youll need to let the grass get to be at least 20 or so inches tall to provide proper coverage and dispel the geese from staying in the area. It is a good idea to limit the amount of fertilizer that you use, too.

Solutions To Get Rid Of Problem Geese Anywhere

The success of our geese control product is based around a simple concept: At night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure from predators. Placing a unit into these secure areas makes the geese anxious and they will no longer consider the area safe and will simply move to another suitable habitat within a few days.

If the geese feel insecure in an area at night, they wont be back during the day, either. Geese, by necessity, have to be efficient. They tend to stay close to their secure areas during daylight hours in order to minimize the distance they travel each day. Away With Geese is effective in deterring the geese, so that they find a different nighttime home far enough away to discourage daily commutes back to your lawn. Simply put, it is how to get rid of geese efficiently and effectively.

The unit automatically operates at night and produces a solar-powered amber beam of light directed at goose eye-level in a 360° radius. It recharges itself each day and has an effective area of 3.5 acres. All of our products are 100% guaranteed effective, so let us help you say, Away With Geese for good!

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They’re Smarter Than That

Geese lose their fear of simple scare devices, like those listed below, quickly. You may get some short-term relief, and if that’s all you need, these may help. But for the most part, these scare devices have little lasting effect. Geese are simply smarter than that.

  • Flags, eyespot balloons and Mylar tape.
  • Floating alligator heads and dead goose decoys.
  • Fake owls and snakes, scarecrows or other effigies, especially ones that don’t move.
  • Coyote and other canine effigies or cutouts, with one possible exception. Where geese have learned to fear real coyotes or where trained goose-herding dogs are regularly working, fake canines may keep geese on their toes a little longer. These work best when they are moved frequently and are on swivels so that they appear more real when moved by the wind.

Simple Tips To Get Geese Off Your Lawn

How To Keep Canadian Geese Off My Property

Geese pick sites based on two factors that are food and safety. So, if you have lush grass growing in your lawn, youll find more geese flocking to your lawn. Because they love grass.

Also, they appreciate open spaces, hence, the more manicured your lawn is, the more geese are attracted to it. And, no were not trying to suggest that you let the Amazon grow in your yard.

This is what gets the geese to your yard. Now, we can tell you what will keep them off.

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Things That Geese Hate

Geese are beautiful animals and not many people would mind a visit from a few of these birds every once in a while. However, too many geese, and a constant presence of them, can lead to property damage and a heap of problems.

Geese hate loud noises, lights in their sleeping areas, long grasses, obstructed access to waterfronts, and grape kool-aid. Yes, thats true. Geese are on your property to either eat or nest and disrupting what they need to do in both of those circumstances will help you repel them.

Read on to learn about more surprising and not so surprising things that geese hate and how to use these deterrents to keep geese off of your property.

Install A Geese Repelling Lighthouse

Another tip on how to get rid of Canadian geese that we can give you is to try a geese-specific repelling lighthouse.

In a way, this type of device is more or less similar to the strobe light that we have already mentioned, but being uniquely made to repel geese, it might offer better results.

Most of the models that you will stumble upon if you are willing to try a geese-repelling lighthouse can be installed directly in the ground.

They are often equipped with stakes that make taking them out of the ground almost impossible, just in case a critter attempts to do just that.

In general, these devices come with a solar-powered light that is very powerful and that flashes on a regular basis so that it makes it very hard for the geese to get any sleep.

The population that might have made a home on your property will sooner rather than later look for another place to hang around in since even geese do not feel well if they do not get enough sleep.

It typically takes a couple of days for the device to deter the birds, so you need to have a little patience.

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Remove All Food Sources

One of the reasons geese control can be very challenging is that these birds can be quite versatile when it comes to the things they eat.

They can munch on human food, which is why avoiding leaving your garbage out so that they cant consume it is the first step toward getting rid of them.

Geese food can consist of a range of things if they dont have anything available. Most will eat grass if they dont find any other food sources, and they are known to love legumes if thats what can be found on your property.

A good piece of advice to keep geese off lawn spaces is to avoid leaving your grass to get too long .

Also, you can vary between several species of grass from one year to the next whenever planting the new grass seed.

You can treat your grass with a repellent, a chemical such as Methyl-anthranilate, which makes the grass taste awful to birds.

If you have a pond on your property where geese tend to gather and you have people coming over, tell them to avoid feeding them, especially human food.

Not only is it not healthy for them , but they will also come back in search of more, making your efforts to get rid of geese useless.

Things That Geese Hate To Keep Them Away

New Way To Get Rid Of Geese

There are multiple approaches you can try to keep geese away from your property. Some of these are easier to implement than others.

Geese can populate your property at all different times of the year, depending on where you live. They will stay in warmer areas in the winter and move to different areas in the spring, which is also when they are preparing to mate.

Here are a few of the things that geese hate that may help you to keep them away from your property.

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Visual And Audio Goose Deterrents

The first deterrents you should look into are visual and audio deterrents. Golf courses, sports fields, and lake front properties are particularly difficult to control geese, requiring solutions that can quickly and effortlessly cover vast open areas. Bird B Gone carries a multitude of visual deterrents but the coyote decoy ranks above all for goose control. Acting as a natural predator to geese, moving the coyote decoy periodically will make the surrounding environment uncomfortable for the flock.

Pairing visual deterrents with an effective Audio deterrent will quickly increase the probability of pushing the flock away from the targeted areas. Audio deterrents use a combination of prerecorded goose calls and predator bird calls to drive them away. Not only are these sound units available in plugin models but solar powered units are available to help stop geese in wide open areas.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Visual & Audio deterrents cover large open areas
  • Easily Deployed and maintained
  • Move Coyote Decoy periodically on the property

How To Keep Canada Geese Out Of Your Yard

Before we go any further on how to keep geese out of your yard, lets take a look at why Canada geese are the most common breed of geese to show up in yards.

Because Canada geese are one of the most abundant species of geese in North America, they often show up in peoples properties. Statistics have shown that this goose breed is found in every contiguous U.S. state at one time of the year or another. Although Canada geese in your yard can be a beautiful sight, they can also quickly destroy your lawn.

Below, well take a look at how to keep Canada geese out of your yard using goose repellent.

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Lay Net Along The Bank Of Pond Or Lake

One final way of keeping geese away from your property is to lay down netting along the bank of the pond or lake. Its quite simple and the professionals have been using this method for years.

Not only does this make landing difficult, but geese loath the sensation and irritation of the netting under their feet. Inexpensive 3/4″ garden netting can be used for this specific purpose. Dont forget that it is important to use this method along with the others listed above.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Inexpensive and easy to deploy
  • Prevents geese from entering and leaving ponds
  • Does not harm geese

How To Deter Geese From Your Lawn

How To Keep Canadian Geese Off My Property

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Like other birds, geese spend some of their time relaxing or walking around on lawns or yards where they feel comfortable. If you live near a lake or pond, your yard may be an attractive place for species like the Canada goose to congregate. These geese are known for leaving behind droppings that are large and messy. Large groups of these fowl can quickly take over a land area where they are not welcome, becoming aggressive at times. Dealing with geese is a continual process deterring them from loitering may take some effort on your part each day at first until they finally get the message.

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Sounds Of A Predator Scare Geese

In addition to random loud noises, geese will also be scared away by any sound that their predators make. You can also use the sounds of a goose in distress to deter geese.

You can purchase a product like the Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Call and place it on your property. Predator call machines work by emitting sounds of predators that can scare away the geese.

Some animal sound call machines will play two sounds at the same time, and will also make the sound of distress calls for particular species. Try a few different sounds and see which ones are the most effective for you.

You may also want to switch up the predator and distress calls so the geese do not become acclimated. You can also try playing the calls at different times of the day to see which times are most effective at deterring the geese.

How To Prevent Geese In The Future

Fighting geese is really difficult and time-consuming. Swap scarecrows and other visual deterrents from time to time to keep birds from getting used to their location. Treat your lawn with repellents regularly. If you dont know how to keep geese away from the pond, use the same methods.

Also, plant tall grass or thorny bushes on the bank, which will prevent geese from going ashore. If possible, get a border collie or other hunting dog. If you find a goose nest on your site, do not try to destroy it and call specialists immediately.

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How To Get Rid Of Geese

With all of these downsides, it only makes sense to want to keep geese off of your property. Unfortunately, it may be too late to prevent them from arriving, but there are plenty of things that can be done to get them to go away.

When you have scared the geese away, it is important that you take measures to keep them from coming back. Geese can be quite stubborn, and it can turn into a long, drawn-out battle to keep them away at times.

How To Get Rid Of Canada Geese

How to get rid of geese and ducks in a humane way.

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Youre Not Doing Enough To Chase Them Away

When geese walk into your yard, and you dont chase them away, then youre encouraging them to stop by more often.

However, if you make them feel unwelcomed, chances are they wont like to stop by your yard over time.

So, start chasing geese away, but ensure that you or whatever means youre using doesnt lead to the birds demise.

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Tips On How To Get Rid Of Geese Fast

Wild geese are among the most graceful and breathtaking wildfowl, but most people would prefer it if they didnt make their gardens or yards their homes. They can make a lot of noise and their droppings can pose a health hazard to people, especially children.

In this post, were looking at a variety of methods on how to get rid of geese, so keep on reading if you need new ideas for handling this situation.

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Bird Blinder Repellent Pinwheels Garden Pinwheels To Scare Geese Off Lawn

  • Fully Assembled Size: 30 L x 9 W x 25 H
  • Package Dimensions: 30.5 x 12.25 x 9.5 inches
  • Includes: faux fur tail with a wire backbone, a scent pad spike on the rear leg, ears

Realistic figures of predators can be an excellent measure to protect your site from geese. Flambeau Outdoors Coyote Decoy is made of durable plastic, has adjustable legs and ears, a scent pad spike, and a faux fur tail that mimics real animal fur. It is easy to assemble and set in a resting, standing, or sitting position. The figure is 25 inches high and weighs 7.2 ounces.

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 5.75 x 5.75 inches
  • Package Dimensions L x W x H: 13.74 x 8.66 x 8.15 inches
  • Target pests: Goose, Predator, Heron, Duck

If you have a pond or lake on or near your property, geese can be a real problem. Scare them away with the Homarden Floating Crocodile Head Decoy. It is made of lightweight foam that does not sink and floats from the wind and water flows, creating the effect of a real animals movement. The figure measures 13x6x3 inches and is decorated like a real crocodile. The paint is resistant to direct sunlight and does not fade over time.

  • Can scare an unprepared person.

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