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How Much Is Lawn Doctor

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Comparing Lawn Care Programs

How to start a franchise with Lawn Doctor

You obviously also want to know what youre going to get for your lawn care investment, so you need to compare lawn care programs. Theres not too much specific information on the programs that Lawn Doctor Bethlehem-Hellertown and Lawn Doctor Warren, NJ have to offer.

On their websites, it says that with their annual Fertilization and Weed Plans, your lawn will receive between 6 and 8 treatments that include lawn fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and broadleaf weed and crabgrass control. This is general information that is found on both of their websites.

At Joshua Tree, we have three lawn care programs to choose from, based on your needs. This includes an organic, bio-stimulant granular fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, a custom-tailored weed control program, free service calls, free follow-up evaluations, lime applications for pH balance, grub control, double pass core aeration, and overseeding.

If youd like to learn more, we have published all of the lawn program details regarding whats included so that there are no questions. We believe in being upfront and clear with this information from the start so that customers can understand exactly what theyre getting.

Find Out The Track Record

Ask how long a lawn care provider has been in business. What level of experience and education does the person or a providers staff have? Also, is the provider properly licensed and insured?

Unfortunately, some providers are fly-by-night operators that havent been in business very long and are interested only in taking your money, not in providing top-notch service. As noted by MarketWatch, providing lawn care requires little more than some equipment and a business license. Almost no training is required.

What Should I Beware Of

One thing to be mindful of when comparing lawn-mowing prices is whether the quote youre getting seems reasonable.

Also, keep in mind that a lawn-mowing professional or company might try to bump up the price simply because you live in a fancy neighborhood. Why? Because they think you can afford it, Farley says.

Regardless of what sort of neighborhood you live in, there are some things you can do to avoid lawn care rip-offs. The Better Business Bureau, Better Homes & Gardens, HomeAdvisor and the National Association of Lawn Care Professionals offer these tips:

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Heres What You Need To Know If Youre Interested In Opening A Lawn Doctor Franchise

Lawn Doctor was founded in 1967 by Tony Giordano and Bob Magda. It began franchising the same year. Throughout its over 50 years of existence, Lawn Doctor has established itself as a leader in the lawn care industry, with nearly 600 franchise locations across the U.S. The brand has sought to gain a consistent edge through their ability to provide quality services to consumers on a national level, provide innovative technology, and expand and develop the industry.

Lawn Doctor specializes in habitual lawn care solutions for business and residential consumers. They offer weed control, shrub care, lawn mower maintenance, commercial lawn care, and lawn pest control. Lush, well-maintained lawns provide an ideal place to play and relax, but they also enrich the environment and raise property values.

Getting Lawn Care Quotes

Lawn Aeration Services

Wondering how to find and hire landscape contractors? When youre shopping for the right pro, there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • What youll pay for services. Get at least three quotes from different pros.
  • If youll hire an independent contractor or major company. Larger companies tend to be more expensive, but come with vetted pros.
  • The type of licenses and insurances the pro has. Especially if you hire an independent pro, make sure they have a current license and liability insurance.

You should also research ratings and reviews and take a look at their prior work experience.

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Aeration And Seeding Plans

The main reasons for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction, which prevents the circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil. Aeration will also remove lawn thatch and heavy organic matter that can prevent the plants uptake of these essential elements. Introducing new seed cultivars and selecting the correct seed species that adapts well for your region will enhance the health of your lawn. The seeding plans from lawn doctor will provide information on the best seed selection that will not only thrive but will provide less disease and insect pressure.

Contact us to learn more about our power seeding and aeration services today.

Lawn Service Cost Estimator By Brand

Many brands, like Lawn Doctor and TruGreen, do not publish prices online. This is because what youll pay can vary so significantly based on the condition of your lawn, its size and where you live. Heres a look at what youll pay with two different popular brands:

  • TruComplete Lawn Plan: $780 per year.
  • Scotts LawnService: $650 per year.

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Trugreen Vs Lawn Doctor: Service Programs

In examining the service programs of TruGreen versus Lawn Doctor, its clear that the two companies present fairly similar stand-alone treatment options and ongoing lawn care programs. Perhaps the most significant difference is that TruGreens á la carte services come with a guarantee, while Lawn Doctors á la carte options do not. Note that the offerings listed here may vary slightly based on your region and the local office you use.

How Much Does It Cost To Spray A Garden Weed

Lawn Care Pricing Increase – Why, When, How, Who and How Much

The cost of treating organic weeds and roughage ranges from $ 75 to $ 80 for an area of 1,000 to 5,000 square feet and $ 100 to $ 105 for approximately 10,000 square feet of lawn. According to Magnificent Services, this treatment is useful after weeds have already invaded a lawn and is typically used in the winter or spring.

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Why We Chose Lawn Love

Lawn Love is a great provider for anyone worried about getting all of their lawn care needs covered in a single plan. Because Lawn Love acts more as an aggregator site, customers are able to customize their lawn treatment plans to receive any service they are looking for, as well as the frequency of service.

We recommend you get your free lawn analysis from Lawn Love to find a local provider that works for you.

Purchasing A Lawn Doctor Franchise

A Lawn Doctor franchise requires investors to have access to at least $60k in liquid capital funds. The expected initial investment potential for this opportunity typically ranges between $101,840 and $115,890. Financing through Lawn Doctor is available for those that qualify, with additional discounts and benefits for military service members, veterans, minorities, and green industry professionals.

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Choose How To Structure Your Business

Youll need to choose how you want your business structured. There are four main types:

  • Sole proprietorship: a business run by a single individual
  • Partnership: An agreement between two or more persons who run the business together
  • Limited liability company: a hybrid of partnership and corporation
  • Corporation: a group of people authorized to act as a single entity

Sole Proprietorships

If youre just starting out, youll probably want to be a sole proprietorship. Most small businesses are sole proprietorships because this is the easiest and cheapest way to start a business.

In a sole proprietorship, you and the business are one and the same. A sole proprietorship is unique among business entities because its the only one that doesnt have to register with a state.

Starting one is easy.

All you have to do is:

  • Come up with a name for your lawn company and decide where you want to be located
  • File for a business license with city hall
  • Set up a business checking account so theres a separation between your business and personal cash

If you plan to sell taxable things, youll need to register with your local taxing authority.

Sole proprietorship advantages include:

  • Easy startupno complicated business structure
  • Controlsince youre the only owner, youll have total power over every aspect of your company
  • Use of lossesbecause youre including your business income and losses on your personal tax return, you can use them to offset personal income

Is Lawn Doctor A Good Lawn Service

Lawn*Doctor Lawn Care Insights: Over Seeding the lawn in Fall

Between the positive reviews and the lawn services it offers, Lawn Doctor is a solid choice. However, TruGreen scores better on several metrics, including availability and number of package options. Your choice will depend on your preference and what your lawn needs, but TruGreen is the reviews teams overall recommendation.

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Lawn Care Service Price Factors

What youll pay for lawn care services depends on several factors. Take these into consideration as youre planning and budgeting for the type of work youd like to get done:

  • The size of your yard.
  • Residential vs. commercial lawn care costs.
  • Regional living expenses.
  • The different types of work you need done.
  • Whether you hire a large company vs. a smaller independent operation.

If you live in an expensive part of the country and have a large commercial area that needs significant lawn care, you will pay much more than if you hire a small independent company to help with assorted yardwork on a small residential property.

Trugreen: Best Lawn Care Company

TruGreen is probably the first name you think of when someone mentions lawn care. The provider services 2.3 million residential and commercial customers across 49 states.

  • State Availability: 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii
  • BBB Rating: A+
$92.95 $177.95

TruGreen sets itself apart because, unlike its top competitors, the lawn care provider offers a selection of five annual programs in addition to its a la carte services, like pest control. This allows homeowners to customize their lawn care with everything from aeration and fertilization to overseeding, and more.

The companys benefits go beyond its range of comprehensive programs. Its commitment to customer service makes it stand out, with an online chat function that allows customers to speak with representatives in real time, a mobile app, and Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. The latter guarantees that a TruGreen specialist will return as many times as needed between scheduled visits to re-treat at no extra cost if the customer is unsatisfied .

The only other cost to keep in mind is that each plan comes with an initial application fee of $46.48. The TruNatural Lawn Care Plans first application fee is a bit higher at $88.98.

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Sunday: Best Diy Lawn Care

Lawn care innovator Sunday brings a DIY twist to the industry.

  • State Availability: All 50 states
  • BBB Rating: N/A
$34 $20

Sunday doesnt send out professional lawn care specialists to your lawn to tackle a list of maintenance and care projects. Instead, the company sends a customized subscription box directly to your door, full of lawn care necessities like fertilizer and weed control designed for your individual lawns needs. The kits are full of nutrients and delivered annually, so you never have to worry about the proper time for lawn care.

Why Is Lawn Care Important

Lawn Doctor – What to Expect

As most of us know, appropriate and consistent lawn care is essential if you want a beautiful lawn.

If your lawn doesnt get the care and maintenance it needs, you will end up with a variety of problems, such as pests, browning, ugly thin patches, and even lawn diseases.

Your grass can eventually die, as well. You dont want to end up in this situation, so make sure you learn about all the care your lawn needs and the steps you can take to make sure it gets it.

I have a lot of great resources for homeowners looking to make their grass green and healthy on this site, so I hope youll look around.

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Best Environmentally Friendly: Spring

Why We Chose It: Providing lawn care services for both commercial and residential communities, Spring-Green will create a personalized care plan for your home or facility.

  • Option to utilize organic-based fertilizer

  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee

  • Serves more than 14,000 local communities

  • Not available in every state

Spring-Green was founded in 1977 in Naperville, Illinois. Offering lawn care services for both homeowners and commercial facilities, the company has expanded throughout the U.S., serving more than 25 states.

As an active member of the NALP and committed to providing the best lawn care for your yard, Spring-Green offers lawn and tree care, plus lawn pest control services. There is an option to have the company use organic-based fertilizer on your lawn, which minimizes the treatment’s environmental impact while strengthening your lawn naturally.

The company offers a great selection of lawn care plans, which can be tailored to your propertys climate and specifications. These services range from fertilization and weed control to aeration and seeding. In addition, the lawn care experts on its staff can address any lawn pest infestation and will provide the safest treatments as needed.

Pricing is available upon request only. Contact your local office or fill out the contact form online for more information.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does Lawn Care Cost

How much does lawn care cost? That depends on what lawn care services you need. While mowing costs on average $29 to $65, yard cleanup prices range from $170.50 to $374.30, and overseeding will typically cost $336 to $1,010 depending on the size of your lawn.

The golden rule: The size of your yard and the services you require will have the most significant impact on how much you spend on lawn care.

Our pricing guide should help you estimate how much different lawn care services will cost you. Well review their prices, how the services can benefit your lawn, and what other factors can affect total cost.

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Average Cost Of Lawn Mowing Per Square Foot

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0.01 to $0.05 per sq.ft. for mowing. Mowing costs are sometimes calculated by the square foot, especially for smaller yards. Keep in mind that as the size of the area approaches a full acre, your costs may switch to acreage to make the estimates more accurate. Your professional may also choose to charge by square footage if your yard has large, landscaped areas.

Any Lawn Doctor Customers Out There

How Much Does The Lawn Doctor Cost / Combien coûte la tonte de la ...

We were foolish enough to go with a lawn service – Lawn Doctor of Nashoba Valley in Ayer MA – for the past couple of years. Until this year, we were generally pleased with the service. We paid for x-number of applications up-front. This year however, they’ve only stopped by twice. They are now several weeks/months overdue for the remaining scheduled applications. They do not respond to e-mail, phone calls get routed to a full voice mail box. Faxes go who-knows-where. Most likely they packed up shop and left town. Was wondering if anyone else has run into similar trouble with their local Lawn Doctor? Not a very neighborly way to run a business.

Lesson learned the hard way here .. just do it yourself! 🙂

  • southgardener

    13 years ago

    I made the mistake of hiring Lawn Doctor. After I prepaid, they stopped treating my lawn. I called to complain after they didn’t come to my house from February through August–but still took my money for those months. Ever since I hired Lawn Doctor, the number of Dallis grass weeds has multiplied greatly. When I contacted the Lawn Doctor main headquarters, they weren’t helpful. I contacted the Better Business Bureau to complain. Only then did Lawn Doctor agree to reimburse me for three treatments that they never did. So I accepted the offer and closed my complaint. But then Lawn Doctor reneged on their promise and never paid me what they promised. I would never use Lawn Doctor again nor recommend it to anyone.

  • Like | 2
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    Water Deeply But Not Too Often

    • Too much watering can lead to poor growing conditions and disease problems.
    • Water only when your lawn needs it, usually no more than once a week when there is no rainfall.
    • Apply at least 2.5 cm of water. Put a tuna or pet food can on your lawn to measure how much youve watered. Stop watering when its full.
    • Consider the soil type and surface features. Grass growing on compacted, fine soil or on slopes needs lighter, more frequent watering.

    Current Condition Of Lawn

    For some lawn care services, the healthier you keep your lawn, the less you may need to pay.

    For example, if youre not maintaining your lawn with the proper detaching, aeration, or watering regimen, then you may have to spend more money to fight off pests, disease, and heat stress. Or, if you havent had your lawn mowed in weeks, you may be charged a higher fee to cut the overgrown grass.

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    Franchisee Success Is #1 Priority

    Lawn Doctor is dedicated to franchisee success through innovative systems, proprietary equipment and a commitment to customer care. Being part of a strong, national organization means franchisees benefit from exceptional training, outstanding resources, and strong buying power.

    Ive never seen someone who wants you to succeed more-other than your spouse-as the people at Lawn Doctor Corporate.Joe DiMarino, Lawn Doctor of Frederick, MD

    Franchisees learn the business through two weeks of new franchisee training, as well as through ongoing training. Technical information about lawn care is covered along with operational systems for running the business. We also cover marketing and sales for growing your business.

    During the first two years, skilled field representatives pay frequent visits to each new franchisees location to offer support and help develop the annual business plan. Regional and national meetings and seminars offer supplemental training and professional development.

    A Leader in Many Categories

    Not only is Lawn Doctor a World Class Franchise, as determined by Fran Survey, but Success Magazine considers Lawn Doctor one of the countrys best. Entrepreneur Magazine has repeatedly recognized Lawn Doctor as tops in several franchise categories:

    • #1 Lawn Care Franchise
    • A top 25 Home-Based Franchise
    • A top 100 Franchise Opportunity

    ClickContact Meto have a Lawn Doctor franchise representative contact you about your interest in owning a Lawn Doctor Franchise.

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