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How To Advertise Your Lawn Care Business

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Lawn Care Marketing | How to Consolidate your lawn Mowing Business customers for CHEAP!!

People want to know what they can do to have a healthier lawn. They seek advice from experts like you regularly. Marketing ideas for lawn care business professionals include regular content generation and distribution through blogs, articles, videos, photos, and social media posts.

The online presence that a lawn care business creates for themselves is an essential tool that increases visibility. By creating fresh content regularly, it helps the business stay at the forefront of their lawn clients minds. Whenever they need lawn care services, they know to call the company that they interacted with online.

What Should You Include In Your Ads

Whether you choose to advertise your lawn service business with a flyer, in a newspaper, or through social media posts, youll need to include these five major elements:

  • A catchy headline: This is a short and sweet copy that should grab your potential customers attention. The headline should be able to summarize your ad in as few words as possible. In most cases, the headline makes a promise to its readers.
  • An informative subheading: This is a line or two of text that goes directly below the headline. It should give more context to what you promise in your headline, drawing readers in by explaining why customers ought to care about your ad.
  • A list of benefits: Yes, its important to outline your landscape services to your lawn care clients. But its even more important to talk about how these services will benefit your customers.
  • Humans are visual creatures. Customers are more likely to notice an ad if it has photos, especially since photos can inform them of what to expect from your business.
  • A call-to-action: This is a sentence that appears at the end of your ad that is written as an invitation to take the next step. Whether that means visiting your website, sending a message to book an appointment, or visiting your office. Your call-to-action should include your contact information, address, and/or website URL or social media handles.

Aside from these, you should also include your:

Image credit: Erika Giraud via Unsplash

Place Retargeting Or Display Ads

Ads that follow you around online are annoying and intrusive. Ive tried these in the past and also have had clients place them. The cost is minuscule but the results are even less. Id focus your lawn care lead generation efforts on something you can get a better lead conversion rate instead of 0.010% like youll see with retargeting ads. FYI, Ive been on some of your websites and your ads are following me around. I dont even live in the same state! Thats some great targeting there…

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How To Get Lawn Care Leads Through Strategic Alliances

Another great way to get more landscaping leads is to partner up with other businesses in your area. That could be Lowes, Home Depot and others. Creating a partnership means theyll recommend you to their customers, display your business cards or other marketing materials, and provide a steady stream of landscaping and lawn care leads. So, get to networking!

Create A Killer Lawn Care Website

Lawn Care Flyer Design #8

Your website has two goals, 1) to attract prospective clients and 2) turn those website visitors into qualified leads for your sales team. Lawn care SEO is a widely misunderstood and oversimplified term. The core concept is that implementing certain online strategies both on and off of your lawn care website will allow it to appear higher in organic search results for hundreds of phrases consumers will enter into search engines.

Traffic is great, but you should also be converting anywhere from 1-3% of all website visitors into a qualified lead. If you are finding that isnt the case, it could point to fixing major flaws with the user experience, images, videos, and copywriting. If you do this right, organic website traffic and lawn care leads will increase over time to deliver results for years to come.

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Reach 79% Of Potential Landscaping Customers On Facebook

Facebook marketing is crazy popular, and with good reason.

  • 79% of online Americans are on Facebook
  • Thats 68% of ALL Americans
  • 75% of them go on the site everyday

In other words:

Its a huge opportunity for lawn maintenance advertising.


Many business pages organic reach have declined sharply. For some, its as low as 2 PERCENT.

That means you have to pay up for an ad, like this:

I recommend running Facebook ads at the same time youre mailing your landscape postcards.

In fact:

You can match your Facebook ads special offer and design with that of your direct mail campaign.

Like this:

So your prospects see ONE cohesive marketing message whether they receive your landscaping postcard in the mail OR see your ad on Facebook.

Plus, get this:

So if youre mailing your lawn services postcards to all the homeowners in Nashville, TN, you can then target those same exact people on Facebook in Nashville, too at the SAME time.

Amazing, right?

This coordination of mailing direct mail plus simultaneously showing matching Facebook ads gives your prospects the perception that your landscape marketing is almost everywhere.

Its called Everywhere Small Business. With it, your landscaping business can simultaneously target prospects with:

  • Direct mail
  • Google ads
  • AND Facebook ads.

And YOU dont have to do anything.

Essentially your landscaping marketing will be shown EVERYWHERE your prospects already spend their time, generating the following:

Email Marketing = Landscaping Marketing Too

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, and its stuck around for a good reason: it works. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, youll make a $40 return on your investment.

Because most landscapers overlook the benefits of email marketing, its a great lawn care lead generation option for your landscaping business. For instance, businesses that stay in touch with their ideal customers via email will generate 50% more sales-ready landscaper leads and spend 33% less money on making sales.

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Take Advantage Of Word

Lawn care marketing relies heavily on word of mouth, and online reviews are a digital version of this free advertising. More than93% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are affected by online reviews.

To capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing, claim your Yelp Business Page. You can centralize your contact details, website link, and business info all in one place. You can also review and respond directly to customer reviews.

Positive reviews are an easy way to build confidence in new clients. Its especially important for any new businesses that are just starting on their lawn care marketing journey. Even when the most trustworthy member of your inner circle refers you to a great sushi restaurant, the first thing you tend to do is read the reviews for that local business. Its no different for landscaping businesses.

Develop An Effective Direct Mail Strategy

Lawn Care Business How To Advertise – Complete Marketing Strategy for 2022!!!

Sending postcards can be a great lawn care lead generation strategy. A carefully executed campaign should result in a 1.5 -3.5% return. This means if youre sending 10,000 lawn care postcards, you should be getting 150-350 new lawn care leads. If thats not happening, there is an issue with your list, timing, offer, design, or website landing page.

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Advertise Selectively And Showcase Your Lawn Care Business Value

Not all lawn care businesses offer the same quality and value.

Do a quick inventory of what your lawn care business does well. Choose your strengths to advertise. Then do a market survey.

A market survey for lawn care means counting up how many potential customers you have in your service territorybasically, how many lawns are in your area. Among those lawns, what is your best estimate of how many homeowners want lawn care instead of cutting their own grass?

Once you know your target market and your lawn care business strengths, decide how you will advertise to your market customers. Take demographics into consideration, too. If most of your target customers are retirement age, it’s unlikely they’ll be looking at Instagram for lawn care services.

Tie how you go about marketing your lawn care business to your target community and alter your efforts according to certain personas.

Dont Just Stick To Flyers And Postcards

Most lawn care professionals will have the same ideas for where they can advertise their services. You have to think outside of the box and consider alternative options for where you can post your ads. For example, you can partner with a country club or golf course client to place door knob hangers like these in restrooms and guest facilities.

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Tip 2: Build A Team Of Trustworthy People

As your business grows, there may come a time where you need to pull in some extra help. Regardless of the position, whether its a fully time field tech or a part time worker to help you manage your business, the individuals you decide to hire can have a major impact on your company. Before you hire someone, we recommend performing a background check there are numerous companies that can offer in-depth checks. You should also ask for references and follow up with them.

How To Advertise Lawn Care With Promotional Gifts

Lawn Care Flyer Template

Leave customers and prospects with high visibility gifts that will keep your name top of mind and your number within reach. We like magnetic calendars, magnetic note pads, promotional pens, and custom sticky notes, and planter kits. Consider these:

Design Wrap Monthly Magnetic Calendar: Great for direct mail and holiday giving, and a great way to deliver year-round brand visibility.

Magnetic Note Pad: Keep your name on the fridge and filing cabinet with this note pad that goes anywhere.

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Landscaping Lead Generation Sites

People visit lead generation sites like Angi and Thumbtack to find home service professionals for their projects. You can create a business profile on these sites to help potential clients find and book your services more easily.

Heres what your business could look like when it shows up in a list of search results on Thumbtack:

Searchers can select your business to learn more about you. When you build your profile, include useful information that will convince potential clients to like and trust you, such as:

  • Service area

Ask your clients if you can leave behind small lawn signs, too. These should have the same information as your sandwich boards.

Get Your Business On Listings

Make sure that your landscaping business is mentioned in some of the well-known listing sites. People come to these sites to search for the right services. So, your chances of getting hired are even higher on these sites.

The popular listing sites include Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, Houzz, Home Advisor, Angies List, and Porch. Get also listed in local consumer directories.

While listing on these sites, you should pay attention to profile as well. You should update it with new photos of your landscaping projects.

Additionally, ask the satisfied customers to review your work on the site. Also, make sure that after seeing your business on the listing sites, potential customers come to your website of the landscaping company. So, put a link of your website in your profile and listing.

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Advertise In The Newspaper/magazines

Local newspapers and magazines are another great offline marketing idea for your lawn care business. Lawncare ads in these publications are better for targeting older demographics. Thats why its so important to figure out who your target audience is in advance. A local newspaper ad could help you gain a foothold in parts of your city and audiences you wouldnt normally reach online.

Effective Ways To Advertise Your Lawn Care Or Landscaping Business

FREE and INEXPENSIVE ways to advertise your lawn care business.

The following excerpt is from EntrepreneursStart Your Own Lawn Care or Landscaping Business. Buy it now from | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

Bloomberg | Getty Images

The types of advertising that are most effective for lawn service and landscaping companies include social networking, ads, business cards, fliers, door hangers, brochures, direct mail and word-of-mouth.

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Dead Simple Landscape Marketing Ideas To Increase New Lawn Care Customers And Sales

From lawn care flyers to social media landscape advertising, there are dozens of landscaping marketing strategies from simple to more complex that you can use to get landscaping customers.

And you could spend dozens of hours researching them!

But youre busy running your business, so wed like to save you the trouble by collecting the best lawn care marketing ideas here.

Here is a list of 25 proven landscape advertising ideas enjoy!

Content Marketing = Landscaping Marketing

Creating landscaping and lawn care content for your ideal customers is a great way to get more landscaper leads and lawn care jobs. Consider writing landscaping and lawn care-themed blog posts and articles that you can post on your website, and make sure to make it easy for your audience to share that content on social media.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring
  • This Years Most Popular Landscaping Trends
  • How to Make Your Lawn the Greenest in the Neighborhood
  • Why Regular Lawn Care Is a Must

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Up Your Phone Game To Track & Close More Leads

Do you know what happens when a prospect calls into your landscaping business?

When a prospect calls your business, you dont want to waste the call.

With prospects doing a lot of their purchase research online, when you have a prospect on the phone, you want to be on your A game.


When a prospect calls in, you can ask what lawn service advertising they saw.

Make it easy on whoever mans the phones by using a new caller sheet

An easy-to-use sheet that helps your receptionist to get ALL the necessary information from the prospect about what lawn maintenance advertising or landscaping flyers they received or saw.


You can also record incoming calls at your office so you can listen and actually hear how your receptionist or other staff handle prospective new customers.

Also called call tracking

We use this in our Everywhere Small Business program so that business owners can not only hear how their prospect calls are handled

But they can use this insight to train their staff to receive calls properly with the intention of getting appointments for sales purposes.

And your new caller sheet will also help you do one of the most important things you can do in your landscaping marketing plan, explained in #25 below!

Attract 75% More Of Your Potential Customers With Google Pay

lawn care services, lawn care ad business flyer, lawn and garden flyer ...

As I mentioned before in #5, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Unfortunately, only 75% of those people will scroll past the first page of results, according to HubSpot.

With Google pay-per-click advertising, your lawn care ads appear even above the organic listings when people search for your services.

Heres what Im talking about:

Whats great about PPC is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

Whats not so great is that its complicated, and you can easily waste money on unqualified clicks .

With PPC ads, you bid on keywords, like landscaping or lawn service. Google AdWords will suggest a bid for you, but you can actually bid however much you want.

Your cost per click is determined by many factors your bid being just one such as:

  • How relevant Google thinks your website is to your targeted keyword
  • Dwell time on your website
  • Your conversion rate

I know

Its complicated.

When youre first starting out with PPC, I recommend setting a budget and playing around with your ads to see what gets the best results.


The most clicks isnt necessarily the best result. You PAY for each click . You want to make sure those clicks are converting into leads!

Here are a couple of tips:


Managing a PPC campaign can feel like a full-time job but as a landscaping business owner, you already have one !

Its probably worth it to hire a PPC professional to do it for you.

You can use PostcardManias PPC management services here.

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How To Advertise A Lawn Care Business

It may be exciting to come up with tag-lines and flyers for your lawn service business. But the most important part of any campaign is having a great plan for how youll distribute those messages, and how that supports your overall objectives. This plan will serve as your roadmap for the kinds of messaging, platforms, and audiences youll need to pursue to really be effective.

Claim Your Corner Of The Web

While 92% of business owners say having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy, less than two-thirds of small businesses have one.

A lawn care website can work wonders to boost business. If you donât have a website, get one. Itâs an excellent way to display photos of gorgeous landscaping jobs youâve done.

You can list your services and pricing information and let your customers know youâre insured with a landscaping insurance policy. Plus, setting up a site is easier than you might think, thanks to templates that offer out-of-the-box web design. However, you could also hire a designer to create a unique layout.

If you already have a website, brainstorm ways to make it better. Check to make sure potential clients can easily find your hours, location, and phone number. Adding a contact form or scheduling option is a nice feature that lets customers request lawn care services that fit their schedule.

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