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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Lawn

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What Is A Colony Of Ants

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (4 Simple Steps)

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not to fear the result of a hundred battles.

This quote may be a little over-dramatic, but it does help to know a little about the pest you wish to remove.

A colony of ants sometimes referred to as an ant society, is made up of thousands upon thousands of individual ants under the leadership of one queen. Other than the queen, there are also workers, soldiers and drones. Most species of ant build massive underground nests. These structures are incredibly complex and contain nursery rooms, farming rooms, food storage areas and even tunnels to control the airflow inside the nest.

We usually only see a few entrance mounds and small piles of fine dirt. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers in Brazil unearthed an abandoned ant nest, which covered an area of 500 sq ft and was measured to a depth of 26 ft. While nests of this size are uncommon, it does illustrate the fact that ant nests are much larger than we may initially think.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Trees

Carpenter ants can be a nightmare when they decide to take up residence in your home. The good news is, there are some simple ways you can get rid of these pesky insects before they cause more damage than just an unsightly house and tree.

Carpenter ants are a type of ant that is found in trees. They can be very destructive and difficult to get rid of. Here are 4 simple tips on how to get rid of carpenter ants outside.

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Ants are little insects that normally move about on the ground unnoticed. Its tough for the normal person to look at them attentively since theyre so little.

If you look carefully, though, you will see that not all ants are the same. Some are more unique than others, and some even have wings! You can tell the difference between various types of ants by their size, color, and general form.

Ants, like other tiny insects, reside in colonies that are concealed from view. These colonies are normally developed under the earth, and colonization takes years.

Ants, on the other hand, need food and water to thrive, which is why they choose regions that are tough to get. You may observe a line of ants strolling through your yard, but as long as you dont disrupt them, they wont harm you.

Got An Ant Problem Give Us A Call

If funnel ants have killed off patches of grass, leaving it lumpy and uneven, you want a professional grade treatment that offers you a long-term solution. We can help by restoring the condition of your lawn and leaving you confident in knowing that youve protected it from further funnel ant activity for up to two years. If you have a problem with funnel ants in your yard, give us a call. Well come out, inspect your property, give the best advice and get rid of them permanently!

Give us a call to get the process started.

Protect your property from irreversible damage

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Lawn

It might seem easy to get rid of ants in your backyard, but be sure youre not also getting rid of your grass at the same time! A lot of ant-killing chemicals can destroy your grass, creating yet another lawn problem. Home remedies for ants can help remove the problem without removing your grass.

Here are 5 ways to get rid of ants in your lawn:

  • Rake ant mounds. It sounds too simple to work, but its the first and best step toward killing the ants in your lawn. Most ants prefer dry, sandy soil, and if an ant mound is left long enough, the mound can start to harden, protecting the nest and making it difficult to remove. By raking the mounds and spreading the dirt around, you can continually disturb the ants and their network of tunnels and entrances, making it less likely that they stay.
  • Spray soap and water. Choose an eco-friendly soap and spray in and around the mounds. Dont make the water too hot , but room temperature water is fine. By diluting the soap, youre lessening the chances of the soap interfering with your grass, and youre making it very difficult for ants to live.
  • Use chili pepper. This one is a big maybe. Some say it works to repel ants, and others call it a old wives tale. It definitely cant hurt, but its not proven.
  • How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

    8 Photos How To Get Rid Of Ants Under Carpet And Description

    As with all of the pest species that we deal with, ants are drawn to your home because of the abundance of food, water, and shelter. Even in the cleanest of kitchens, the industrious ant can find a meal. To kill ants in the kitchen, a few special considerations should be made.

    Remember above where we talked about the importance of following the ant trail? Now is where that becomes important! Baiting for ants actually brings more ants to the table . If you place a tray of bait on your kitchen counter, you will see more ants than before you treated, and that is never the point of pest control! If you are horrified by the ants marching across your kitchen counter, feed them the bait earlier in their march. By following the ant trail to a windowsill or door frame, you can intercept them and feed them the bait before they come to the kitchen. You will see an immediate reduction in the number of ants in your kitchen.

    Of special concern for ants in the kitchen is keeping the area ant-free. Clean up any spills quickly and thoroughly. Never leave uncovered food on the counter. Create a routine for regularly cleaning spills in cabinets and pantries and other hard-to-reach areas. Inspect and promptly fix any leaking faucets or plumbing pipes excess moisture invites pests of all kinds to your kitchen.

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    Why Are There So Many Ants In My Yard

    An in your yard can be a nuisance. So, why does my yard have so many ants? Like many other insects, ants are in your yard because they are looking for water, food, and shelter. Since most yards in America have those things, ants are a common problem.

    Ants like to move their colonies in dry, sandy soil. Decaying or moist wood also attracts ants to your yard. So if there is honeydew in your yard, ants will know about it. After all, ants need to eat too.

    The following things may attract ants to your yard:

    • Water Ants in the yard get thirsty too. They require a steady supply of water to drink on the spot and to carry it back to the colony. Thats because ants store water inside the colony for later use. Thats why you should check your outdoor plumbing and water sources for ants. If you have ants in the yard, youll find them near water.
    • Trash Ants thrive on trash. And the more of it you leave outside, the more ants there will be in the yard. Clean up trash and debris quickly to keep ants out of your yard.
    • Food Yes, that means leftovers. Ants will eat anything and everything people eat. So, if you didnt do a good job cleaning up after a party in your yard, ants are ready to take over. Ants especially like leftover food with sugar like spilled soda, juices, coffee. But they dont shy away from cookies, fruit, candy, or even baked goods.

    Where Do I Find Them

    Carpenter ants stay true to their name and prefer to establish home in some form of rotting wood, but this can vary depending on the type of colony. There are two main types of carpenter ant nests:

    Parent colonies: these can be discovered outside in all varieties of rotting wood: trees, stumps, roots, boards and logs. Since moist and decaying wood can easily be found inside, carpenter ants wont hold back from infesting those areas as well. Investigate the wood around your windows and check behind sinks, showers, dishwashers and tile. They can also make cozy homes in your abandoned attic and under roofing or subfloors.

    Satellite colonies: these nests originate from the parent colonies and are inhabited by workers and mature larvae. You will discover them in more dry locations, including hollow doors and insulation. The workers are always on the move, traveling from the satellite colony to the parent colony.

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    How To Permanently Get Rid Of Ants

    There are over 12,000 known species of ants in the world. Ants are ecologically important as they are one of natures great decomposers. They have many unique capabilities, and their work ethic is applauded by all who take the time to observe them. However, they are not welcome in our homes and businesses. The same ant attributes that engages our curiosity, makes them a worthy opponent to a homeowner and pest control operator. Our ability to control ants is better now than any other time in history thanks to research and scientific advancements. Ant baits and sprays that transfer active ingredients to the nest on our behalf allows us finally gain control over ants when they become pests.

    Regular preventative pest control and a relationship with your technician can spare you endless hours of battling with ants. With regular attention and the trained eye of a pest management professional a small ant problem rarely becomes more than that. By having the ability to call your pest control company when you first notice an ant, you will never be on the losing end of an ant infestation.

    Once your Pest Management Professional has gathered as many facts as possible, he will apply your situation to his or her bank of knowledge of ant biology and behavior.

    How To Get Rid Of Small Black Ants

    How to get rid of (kill) Carpenter Ants. Home solution. ***You don’t need to see the nest!***

    When small black ants begin to march into your home, you need a plan and fast! Many ant species look similar to the untrained eye, most ants that invade homes and businesses are small and black. These small black ants that occasionally come into your house are in search of food and moisture. Most species of ants are looking for sweet liquids or carbohydrates. If you are dealing with occasional sightings of small black ants, here are a few basic tips to get rid of these pesky invaders for good.

    • Clean up food spills right away
    • Keep food contained to the kitchen and dining room
    • Store food in sealed containers
    • Promptly fix any water leaks or moisture issues inside and outside your home
    • Trim tree branches and shrubs so that they do not touch the structure
    • Seal all windows and doors and any entrances to your home
    • Follow the ant trails to find and treat the nest
    • Apply ant bait near the trails reapply as needed to supply a steady supply of fresh bait
    • Apply a non-repellent perimeter spray around the structure
    • Actively monitor the ant infestation

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    Why Am I Seeing Carpenter Ants In My Home

    Whenever pests enter your home, theres usually a reason for their arrival. Here are a few reasons carpenter ants could be marching through your home.

    Moisture Damage: Carpenter ants prefer wood that is damp or rotting. If you have a carpenter ant infestation, theres a good chance moisture damage is present.

    Foraging for Food: These ants may be in your home looking for food. Worker ants leave the nest to find food sources, which they then carry back to the nest to share with the colony.

    A Nest is Nearby: Unfortunately, carpenter ants could be in your home because their nest is somewhere nearby in your home or yard.

    How To Treat Carpenter Ants ^

    If you suspect you have a carpenter ant problem, try to determine the magnitude of the issue. Getting answers to the following questions will help in deciding where youll need to treat.

    If in the home, are the ants active in just one area or throughout the structure?

    Are they originating from a nest in or on the building or from a wooded lot alongside the structure?

    Does your regular pest control program include perimeter treatment of the ground and/or foundation of your buildings?

    With answers to these questions, you can take the next step and treat using either one or more of the following options. The general approach is to use a direct nest treatment when you know where nests might be located. But if you have no idea of nest sites, the use of bait and non repellent spray will be the best approach.

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    How Do You Prevent Carpenter Ants

    Preventing a pest problem is always easier than fighting an infestation. Check out a few things you can do to keep carpenter ants away.

    Eliminate Moisture: Carpenter ants need moisture to survive and build nests. Eliminating moisture build-up and water damaged wood is important. Check your home for leaky pipes, ensure gutters work properly, and use a dehumidifier in areas where moisture tends to accumulate.

    Trim Trees & Shrubs: Make sure plants and tree branches arent touching the side of your home. Carpenter ants use these as a bridge that allows them easy access to your home. Youll also want to keep firewood several feet from your home.

    Perimeter Treatment: Spraying the perimeter of your yard with a plant-based insecticide spray, like our Yard Bug Spray, can help prevent these ants. It has repellent properties that act as a barrier helping to deter ants from entering your yard.

    Kicking Ants Out Permanently

    7+ Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

    The secret of success in controlling an ant infestation is locating and destroying the ant colony, says the Penn State Extension.

    That includes killing the queen and her young.

    Bachman, who also hosts the award-winning Southern Gardening TV program, recommends a broadcast bait application applied at intervals throughout the year across the entire lawn.

    He uses holidays to mark application dates: Easter, Fourth of July and Labor Day. The application should keep the area clear of ants for about three months, he says.

    Bachman applies the ant bait insecticide across his entire lawn.

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    How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants Without Pesticides

    The Spruce / Madelyn Goodnight

    Most species of ants are little more than nuisances around the home. Most do not bite or sting except defensively or by accident, and they are not notable carriers of disease in the same way as houseflies and cockroaches. However, carpenter ants do not share the same harmless reputation, as these relatively large ants create nests by hollowing out decaying wood. If that wood happens to be found in the structural framing members of your home, the result can be a very serious weakening of your home’s walls.

    It’s important to note, though, that carpenter ants do not actually eat wood in the way that termites do. Carpenter ants simply remove wood that is already decaying in order to establish colonies. If the soft, rotting wood is removed and replaced, the ants will disappear almost instantly in search of new nesting areas.

    Effective Ways To Keep A Toddler Warm At Night While Camping

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    How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Lawn Naturally

    Despite all the species out there, its pretty easy to get rid of ants in your lawn regardless of the type youre dealing with. Theyre resilient and quick to proliferate, but theyre no match for some proven extermination strategies.

    Here are some of the best ways to get rid of ants in your yard naturally.

    Do You Have Carpenter Ants

    Ants in the lawn and how I got rid of them

    The first step of treating any pest problem is to identify what exactly youre up against. There are many good signs that you have carpenter ants.

    Because most carpenter ants are huge and black, they arent too hard to spot. If you see even a single carpenter ant in your home, you should be on alert. Multiple ants are a pretty good sign you have an infestation. If you see large winged males, its almost certain you have an infestation. These winged males emerge when colonies reproduce and are unlikely to live long enough to make it into your home from the outside.

    Signs of Carpenter Ant Damage

    Carpenter ant damage can be hard to spot because they tend to tunnel within wood rather than make a lot of damage on the surface. It is possible to spot the signs of damage, though.

    You may see piles of wood shavings or sawdust around baseboards, door jams, or windowsills. This is because the ants dont actually consume the wood, they just tunnel through it and toss the sawdust out an entrance. They may also toss bits of insulation and insect body parts out of their tunnels amongst the sawdust.

    You may be able to see these tunnels in your woodwork, but they are often hidden from the outside. Though you may not be able to see them, you can sometimes hear carpenter ants rustling around from within the woodwork.

    If you do see wood that has very smooth carvings in it, thats usually the work of carpenter ants. Termites are much less sophisticated.

    Looking for Carpenter Ant Nests

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