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What Does Trugreen Spray On Lawns

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Does Cutting Grass Short Encourage Weeds

What does TruGreen do to your lawn?

Grass cut too short allows weed seeds to make their way to the soil more quickly and provides them with sunlight. The weeds eventually stop growing after repeated cutting, at which time you can allow the grass clippings to be scattered from the lawn mower, adding their nutrients back to the soil to feed the lawn.

Trugreen Pest Control Review

TruGreen isnt just an industry leader in nationwide lawn careit offers a wide range of high-quality pest control services, too. Keep reading to learn more.

If youre looking for the best pest control companies, its important to explore all of your options. TruGreen, a leading lawn care company, doesnt just offer fertilization and weed controlit offers a wide array of pest control services, ranging from comprehensive plans to targeted mosquito control. Not to mention, TruGreen has been in the business for decades and serves 2.3 million customers.

Customers looking for a pest control company can get a quote through TruGreens website. Because pest control providers can differ in cost and the services they offer, we also recommend getting quotes from Terminix, Orkin, and Aptive.

How Much Does Trugreen Actually Cost For A Half

A half acre lawn would be around 22,000 square feet in size and the TruGreen plan prices for this size of lawn care would be:

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan

The cost for the annual plan with no overseeding would be 1,000 dollars per year. With over seeding including, this will cost 1,200 dollars per year.

TruSignature Lawn Care Plan

The cost for the annual plan with no overseeding would be 1,300 dollars per year for a half acre sized lawn. With over seeding including, this will cost 1,500 dollars per year for a half acre sized lawn.

TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

This plan would cost you 730 dollars per year for a half acre sized lawn.

TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan

This plan would cost you 640 dollars per year for a half acre sized lawn.

TruNatural Lawn Care Plan

This environmentally friendly treatment would cost you 1,300 dollars per year for a half acre sized lawn.

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Lawn Care : What You Need To Know

The best way to keep your lawn in great shape is to maintain it between your TruGreen certified specialists scheduled visits. But knowing where to start and exactly what to do can be intimidating. Read our resources listed below to learn how to care for your lawn and what TruGreens services include.

Ease Of App And Ability To See Upcoming Is Great

Do It Yourself Organic Lawn Care Program

Im writing two parts to my review. Firstly, the app is well-designed and simple and to the point. If you want to add services it is easy to do so using the app. It also allows you to see when the last service was. The ability to see detailed invoices is there though I take advantage of prepayment discounts.Secondly, on the subject of pricing. While it is fairly easy to determine a set price for yards, I think that there should be wiggle room for returning customers who can make a great case for service like trees and shrubs as my landscape only contains approximately ten trees and shrubs in total though I am paying an amount that I would expect to be for 30 trees and shrubs. However, I am going to reassess once I see how it all looks. We have a new home with new plants so I want to give an appropriate amount of time to make the call on trees and shrubs. I could definitely tell a difference in the lawn within our first few months of using TruGreen after we moved in so as far as lawn service goes they are awesome!

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Is Trugreen Worth The Money

If you have a large yard, but you find gardening a total drag, then I feel that TruGreen is worth every cent. Sure, people may have experienced some minor issues with the company, but for the most part, customer satisfaction rates are through the roof.

Furthermore, compared with competing companies, such as BrightView and Lawn Doctor, TruGreens pricing is actually quite reasonable for the services they provide, so if youre looking for lawn care on a budget, theyre one of the better options out there.

However, and this isnt so much a criticism of TruGreen as it is of all lawn care companies, nobody is more invested in your yard than you are, which usually means youre the best person for the job.

As such, if you have guts, the gumption, the time, and the know-how to tend to your own lawn, youll likely get the best results.

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn

Actively growing lawns may require mowing more than once weekly. Plan to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade in one mowing. Its important to remember that certain grasses, such as bermuda grass, zoysia grass and centipede grass, require close mowing to stay healthy. for more on best mowing practices.

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C Trucomplete Lawn Care Plan

This is a more comprehensive plan that offers fertilization, aeration, pre-emergent and targeted weed control, organic soil amendments, healthy lawn analysis, and a healthy lawn guarantee.

However, in addition to the basic plan, it includes grub prevention and control, overseeding, and aeration.

You will receive eight lawn care visits for one year from TruGreen specialists and one extra visit for aeration and overseed.

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Grub Prevention & Control Services

TruGreen Fall Aeration, Fertilization and Weed Control

Grubs, or beetle larvae, can cause mass destruction to your lawn if left untreated by burrowing into your soil and feeding on grass roots. TruGreen offers a preventative application to keep grubs from causing damage.

A TruGreen specialist will monitor your lawn for adult beetles and apply an insect control product before egg-hatching season. Youll need to water the treatment to spread it through the root system. The control product will soak in and target any white grubs.

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Trugreen Cost Estimate For 5000 Square Feet

The below costings for a 5,000 square foot lawn care are as per an estimate that was given to the Consumers Affairs Blog in 2020 for a lawn in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They indicate an initial cost for the first treatment and then an annual cost.

First treatment USD 29.95 Yearly plan USD 485.65

TrueHealth Lawn Plan

First treatment USD 29.95 Yearly plan USD 568.60

TruComplete Lawn Plan

First treatment USD 29.95 Yearly plan USD 777.60

TruCare Mosquito Defense

First treatment USD 39.95 Yearly plan USD 464.70

Tree & Shrub Care

First treatment USD 49.95 Yearly plan USD 709.65

TruShield Tick and Flea Control

First treatment USD 80.95 Yearly plan USD 404.75

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App Needs A Lot Of Work Technician Good Customer Service Poor

My lawn looks great, but the scheduling stinks. I agree that a one day notification is not enough time. Also, after calling the corporate office, and getting a free service and a half, the local people had no record of the agreement. After a couple calls the first service was scheduled, done and when the second came around, they charged full price. Then to get it corrected they had to cancel my service and get me signed back up. Now I get credited for the full price, and charged for half as agreed to. But still had weeds , so called back and got another free service. All looked good. My main complaint is the local customer service, different answers to same question from different customer service reps and the app itself. I am continually scheduled for service, from 8 am to noon, then noon to 5 and finally they come at 6. I agree with another review about their dogs. When they are not supposed to be in the yard for 1-2 or up to 24 hours until the spray dries, you really need to know when they are going to show up. I am a master scheduler and have been for 25 + years and Id be fired if I couldnt get the scheduling done right. Its key to keeping customers. And also I have to laugh when I see the canned response to these reviews all looking like they were copied and pasted. My god, read the review and reply appropriately, dont patronize the reviewers with the same answers.

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Lawn Care Chemicals: How Toxic Are They

The benefits of using lawn care chemicals are easy to see, but the effects they may have on your family’s health and the environment are less obvious.

  • Yard & Garden
A lush, thick lawn is an ideal natural playground, as well as a practical ground cover for yards. Growing the ‘perfect’ lawn is something of a suburban quest, a neighborly challenge for some. For the rest of us it’s an obligation assigned the LPE to maintain a semblance of green lawn.

Either way, its all too easy to reach for a packaged solution lawn care chemicals which are quite effective at killing weeds and helping establish a beautiful lawn.

Some 100 million pounds of pesticides are used by homeowners in homes and gardens each year, and concern is growing about the potential hazards associated with their use. Studies show that these hazardous lawn chemicals are drifting into our homes where they contaminate indoor air and surfaces, exposing children at levels ten times higher than preapplication levels.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention , in a study of 9,282 people nationwide, found pesticides in 100% of the people who had both blood and urine tested. The average person carried 13 of 23 pesticides tested.

Preventing Lawn Disease And Fungus

Is Trugreen Lawn Care Safe

The best way to deal with lawn disease and fungus is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Often, issues arise due to the way homeowners care for their lawns. Even some well-intentioned habits can cause problems, and making changes can prevent disease or keep it from causing permanent or widespread damage.

Some of the best methods of lawn fungus control to keep disease away include:

  • Watering properly. Overwatering can cause mold, mildew and yard fungus to form. Once your grass is established, water deeply but less frequently. Your grass only needs about an inch of water per week. Water early in the day so grass will dry in the sun wet grass is more susceptible to fungus.
  • Mow regularly, but dont cut the blades too short. Grass that is too short is more hospitable to disease. Keep your blades sharp so they cut without damage.
  • Clean up debris from your yard. Leaving piles of leaves, branches and other debris creates the ideal breeding ground for fungus.
  • Improve drainage. If you have low-lying areas or spots that dont drain well, fix them so that water doesnt pool and cause problems.
  • Test the soil. Sometimes the problem is due to the nutrient balance in the soil, and changing or adjusting how you feed can solve it.
  • Prevent spread by cleaning tools. Clean all of your lawn tools, including mower blades, rakes and shovels with a mixture of water and bleach to kill any spores that could be hiding there, waiting to cause a problem.

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When To Choose Each Method

Even with their various advantages and disadvantages, each seeding method helps protect the soil from erosion. In fact, having a beautiful and healthy lawn not only looks great, but it can also be helpful to the environment, as well. If youre unsure which method you should use, consider these scenarios:

  • HydroseedingProfessional spray on grass seed is great for growing a lawn quickly, but you may not be able to enjoy it completely for a few months. You might choose hydroseeding if youre looking to fill in large patches of bare dirt. For smaller patches, you may have success using store-bought spray on lawn seed.
  • Grass seedThe most economical choice, dry seeding grass or overseeding an existing lawn are inexpensive, proven methods to develop a vibrant lawn. Choose dry seeding or an overseeding service if youre looking to save on landscaping and have the time for your grass to grow.
  • SodSod gives you an instant lawn that can be used almost right away. Sod may be a great choice if youre hosting a backyard wedding or planning to sell your house, so you want the lawn looking perfect quickly.

What To Expect From Trugreens Irrigation Services

  • Healthy Lawn Analysis® to determine the current state of your soil and its needs
  • Visits every 4-6 weeks, plus visit in between as needed to ensure your satisfaction
  • Service summary at the end of each visit
  • Advice for how to care for your lawn between visits

Once your system is installed, our TruGreen specialists can determine the best plan for sprinkler maintenance for the integrity of your soil. Our affordable Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Plan includes these services:

  • System renovations and updates

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Mosquito Control & Defense Treatment

TruGreen promises to tackle mosquitoes within just 24 hours with its mosquito control system. With targeted control, a TruGreen specialist will strategically deliver products to the areas mosquitoes like to hide, including ground cover, ornamental foliage, and potted plants. This creates a protective barrier that prevents mosquitoes from sheltering in the treated areas. For full plan customers, TruGreen will perform a free re-service any time you experience biting mosquitoes between treatments.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lawn Care Pesticide Poisoning

TruGreen Lawn Care Services

They are deceptively simple and similar to those of other illnesses. Pesticides attack the central nervous system and other vital body centers. Some symptoms include: sore nose, tongue, or throat, burning skin or ears, rash, excessive sweating or salivation, chest tightness, asthma-like attacks, coughing, muscle pain, seizures, headaches, eye pain, blurred or dim vision, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, tissue swelling, anxiety, suicidal depression, irritability, angry outbursts, disturbed sleep, learning disabilities, fatigue, dizziness, unexplained fever, irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, stroke, death.

Even without apparent symptoms, exposure may still be harmful. Long term problems may include: lower male fertility, miscarriage, birth defects, chemical sensitivity, immune suppression, cataracts, liver and kidney dysfunction, heart disturbances, and cancer.

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What Type Of Herbicide Does Trugreen Use

Arkitech said:Wondering what type of formula Trugreen uses to eliminate weeds. I’ve been using natural fertilizer for about the last year or so and I’m really satisfied with the results, however it’s a little too good as the weeds try to take over. Looking for something similar to what Trugreen uses. I really just want something that will kill all the weeds I don’t really need the fertilizer part as I have that covered.

Trugreen Lawn Care Review

TruGreen is among the most recognizable brands in the lawn care industry. It offers a wide variety of plans and a la carte services, and it has a broad national reach.

TruGreen is a national lawn care company offering a wide selection of services. As a major brand, it can be a great option for consumers seeking a lawn care provider with high-quality equipment and decades of experience.

The This Old Houses Reviews Team evaluated TruGreen to examine the plans it offers, the training of its technicians, the companys availability, and more. Keep reading to determine if TruGreen is the right company for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn needs the right nutrients in order to survive and thrive. Environmental conditions, insects, inconsistency in the amount of soil moisture and diseases can threaten the health of your lawn year-round. One of the best ways to protect your lawn is to provide it with the right nutrients.

Suburban soils typically dont have sufficient nutrients, meaning its rare to get a vibrant lawn without extra help. Thats where lawn fertilization comes in.

Fertilization provides those nutrients for lawn growth, so you can experience the following benefits

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What Does Trugreen Have To Offer

Is Trugreen A Good Company To Use? They Left A Card On My Door. : lawncare

TruGreens 5 packages are as follows

  • TruMaintenance
This comprehensive package includes all of the above, plus overseeding and soil aeration.
TruSignature This all-singing-all-dancing lawn care package includes fertilization, lime soil stabilization and aeration, weed and insect control, overseeding, tree and shrub maintenance, and a whopping 12 annual visits from their specialist green thumbs.
TruNatural This ones for the eco-warriors out there whod rather avoid the use of chemicals and anything other than organic fertilizer in their yards.

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Spray On Grass Seed For Your Lawn

As the lawn plays such an important role in the look of our homes, its easy to see why many of us spend so much time trying to achieve a green, lush lawn. The first step is planting and growing grass. In this guide, well explore spray on grass seed, also known as hydroseeding, as an option for growing a perfect lawn.

Youll learn how spray on grass seed works and what hydroseeding products are on the market for residential use, such as Hydro Mousse. Well help you determine whether hydroseeding, sod, or grass seed is the best fit for your home.

No matter what method you use to grow your lawn, its going to take a lot of time and effort to maintain a beautiful yard. We know that not everyone has the time to mow, water, and fertilize their lawns on the recommended schedule. If you dont have time for proper lawn maintenance, we recommend TruGreen for your lawn care needs. You can get a free quote from TruGreen by calling or filling out the online form.

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