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How To Get Rid Of Urine Spots In Lawn

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Myth : Brown Spots Occur When Dog Urine Is Alkaline

Lawn Care Tips : How to Rid Your Grass of Dog Urine Spots

The Truth: Although urine pH levels can have a bearing on lawn health, dog urine damages grass because of its high concentrations of nitrogen and salts not its pH level. Dogs are natural carnivores, and that helps to make their urine acidic usually at levels of 6.0 to 6.5. Turfgrass is negatively affected by either overly acidic or overly alkaline conditions. Although your lawn loves nitrogen just as much as the next blade of grass, the amount of nitrogen that a dog deposits in one small area is too much for the lawn to handle.

The urine spots are often ringed with lush green grass that grows faster than the surrounding lawn. This is because the outside circle receives a smaller boost of nitrogen that allows it to grow instead of burn.

Ali Harivandi Your dog will grow old and eventually you will have to say goodbye. Let them have a good time. You can replace and reseed a lawn. Remember that a damaged lawn is a lot easier to replace than a relationship with that beloved pet.

Ali Harivandi

Taking Your Pet Outside

Like people, most of the time an animal has certain behaviors or body language that tells you that they need to go.

Pay attention to these signals, and when the animal needs to go take them outside on a leash to the designated pee spot.

Stay in that spot and wait for them to go.

Make sure that you do not yell or scold the animal when they are doing their business, even if they miss the spot or do something wrong,

It is important to make peeing in that spot a positive experience for them.

Once they are done, give them a treat and let them know that they did a good job.

Make sure you are consistent.

At night, dont open the door and let them pee wherever they want to, this will send mixed messages to the animal.

Litterbox Training

If you have a cat, place the cat on their litterbox as soon as it is set up so they can explore and get used to its scent.

Right after a cat eats, or whenever they wake up from a nap, place the cat on the litterbox.

Give the cat treats or some other reward whenever you notice them using the litterbox.

Start Giving the Pet More Freedom

Once you think your pet has gotten used to peeing in one spot, start taking them outside without a leash, but stay close to make sure they pee in the correct area.

Do not yell or loose your temper if they do not pee in the right spot.

It might mean that you need to continue with the leash for a few more days or weeks until they can get more used to peeing in the right spot.

Petigreen Dog Urine Damage Prevention

About: PetiGreens Dog Urine Damage Prevention Solution combats pee damage by fortifying your lawns health with a natural, pet-friendly formula. Apply every six weeks for best results.

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  • Bottle attaches to the end of your hose for easy application
  • Every 16-ounce bottle covers up to 4500 square feet
  • Creates a healthier, greener lawn over time
  • Pee mark prevention seen after 4 to 6 months of use per the manufacturer


Ease of application wins a tail wag of approval since you can hook the bottle onto your hose to treat a large area quickly. It helps your grass grow stronger, too, which can help with other wear and tear effects of doggo life, like damage caused by daily squirrel chasing.


This can be pricey if you have a large area to treat. It also takes time to work, which isnt the best solution if you need a quick fix for an upcoming event.

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Repairing Dog Pee Spots On Your Lawn

Helping your grass recover from pet-created brown spots doesnt have to be difficultin fact, it can be rather easy! If you are willing to put in a little time and effort into the brown spots on your yard, they can turn back to green in no time. As with any lawn issue, best way to maintain a healthy lawn is a regimented mowing, irrigation and fertilization program.

Healthy lawns better combat the stresses caused by pet urination.

America loves its dogs that fact is indisputable. More than 90 million dogs live in households in the United States today. Thats a whopping 25 percent more than in the year 2000. And more dogs translate to more lawns with brown spots, as we are reminded of too frequently.

Dilute the Area with Water

Besides keeping dogs off your lawn, there is another proactive strategy to avoid the brown spots they create. That is to immediately soak the area with water once you see your dog has finished its business. This substantially dilutes the urine and its effects, minimizing potential damage. Of course, that approach assumes you are present when the dog urinates and you know exactly where to soak the lawn.

Be aware that big dogs and female dogs create the most obvious brown spots because they pee more in one place. Big dogs pee more because they eat and drink more. Female dogs are bigger brown spot creators because they empty their bladders at one time in one location, unlike their male counterparts.

Use Lawnifi Recover

The Deodorizing Power Of Baking Soda

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell on Grass

Baking soda is a powerful odor neutralizer. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda per quart of water and mix the solution in a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto areas of your lawn that smell of animal urine. Spray lightly and do not saturate the soil. Baking soda does not harm your turf grass. In fact, it performs a triple duty by helping burned and dead patches recover, in addition to keeping fungal pathogens and diseases from invading your lawn.

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Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass

Most people assume that urine kills grass because of its low pH level, but thats actually not the case. The truth is a little more complicated, and you have to examine the chemical makeup of dog urine to get the full story.

Looking at the main components of dog urine, youll find urea basically an ammonia-rich byproduct created when your dog metabolizes proteins.

Because dogs are carnivorous, their urea is full of nitrogen.

While nitrogen is important for a plants growth, too much nitrogen will harm the plant and eventually kill it. This causes the patches of brown you may notice on your lawn.

If you examine a brown patch, you may notice a bright green halo where the perimeter seems healthier than the rest of the lawn. This is because the grass absorbed some of the beneficial nitrogen but not enough to cause plant death.

Another common misconception is that only female dog pee kills grass, which also isnt true. This concept is due to the fact that females squat to do their business, causing a more concentrated deposit of urine in one area, therefore upping the risk of grass damage.

In other words, its the way your doggo unleashes a tinkle torrent that harms the grass it has nothing to do with the urine coming from a male or female dog. Plus, many males squat to relieve themselves too!

Certain types of grass are particularly sensitive to the components of dog urine.

Check out our article about the Five Best Grasses for Dogs to learn more!

How To Eliminate Yellow Dog Urine Spots In Lawn

When a puppy or adult dog urinates on a lawn, the grass spot often turns yellow and looks burned. Urban legends blame canine hormones, gender or acidic levels for the urine damage, but the true culprit is nitrogen. The yellow spot is caused because the dogs kidneys remove excess nitrogen from the body and excrete it as a waste product in the urine. The nitrogen concentrations in the urine dehydrate the grass and the grass turns yellow, according to Texas A& M University Extension.

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Why Does Dog Pee Kill Grass Tips For Repairing Your Lawn

Have you ever peered over the fence at your neighbour’s lawn and thought, “Hey, the grass actually is greener on the other side!” Don’t worry, you are not alone in this struggle.

Pet owners all want a beautiful, lush, green lawn for our dogs to frolic in, but the reality is that its more common to have large yellow patches of damaged grass and dirt because of dog pee-killing grass.

Lawn stains are unsightly, and those yellow patches can prove more difficult to correct than wed like. Before we can even start fixing our grass, as a dog owner, we first need to understand what causes this damage and what are some lifestyle factors that may be contributing to them, causing you to have a yard full of brown spots and dead grass.

So, what is a dog owner to do to prevent dog urine turning grass yellow?

How To Remove Dog Urine Spots

How to Rid Your Grass of Dog Urine Spots

There are a few occasions where your grass may be salvageable. If its not too burnt to the point where it has completely died, you can try these natural remedies first:

  • Epsom Salts: Sprinkle epsom salts over the affected area, and water regularly until your grass turns green again.
  • Baking Soda: Mix one gallon of water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Pour over each brown spot.

At the end of the day, I think natural remedies should be the first line of defense. A lot of the lawn repair systems out there have chemicals that arent safe for dogs, even if they claim to be. Better to have a few dead patches of grass than a sick pup!

If your grass has died completely you can try these solutions:

  • *Dog-Friendly* Limestone: Rake the affected areas to remove as much dead grass as possible. Add extra-fine ground limestone on top of your brown patches, and water until absorbed. Let it sit for 7 days, then top with top soil and add grass seeds. Water the area, making sure to not wash the grass seeds away. Continue watering until your new grass comes to life!
  • Sod: This one is the end-all-be-all. Lying down sod can be expensive, so I would try the above option first. If that doesnt work, youll probably have to replace it with a layer of sod. This is what I ended up doing with my lawn. My dogs usually just pee in one spot, though, so there wasnt a whole lot to replace.

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Fix Yellow Spots On Lawn Caused By Urine

Nothing is more beautiful than a lush, green lawn unspoiled by weeds, bare patches, or the telltale signs of dog spottingthose yellowish-brown areas where dogs return over and over again to relieve themselves. Dog urine contains rich amounts of nitrogen compounds and salts that, when concentrated in a small area, result in turf discoloration and death. Although grass does require some nitrogen to thrive, it cannot cope with the excessive nitrogen found in puddles of dog urine soaking into the same spot of lawn repeatedly and burning grass.

Fences Dont Work

Some people consider protecting their lawns from roaming dogs by erecting a fence around their lawns. Unfortunately, you would have to establish a very tall, deeply embedded fence to completely prevent dogs from urinating on your lawn. Not only are dogs great jumpers but they are also efficient diggers. If a dog wants to mark his territory by urinating on your lawn, he or she is going to find a way to do it, regardless of a little obstacle like a fence!

Changing a Dogs Diet?

Giving your dog food that advertises reduction of alkaline levels in the urine wont prevent your lawn from suffering urine blight. Remember, its not the acidity of canine urine but the high concentration of nitrogen that kills grass. In fact, feeding your dog this kind of food may cause kidney and bone problems because it interferes with amino acid production.

Curing Dog Spots with Cleaning Products


Advantages of Irrigation Systems

What Causes Dog Urine Spots

There are a lot of myths about dog urine and its effect on turfgrass. Well get to debunking some of those myths in a little bit. But first, we need to talk about what causes those spots in the first place. Many people here lawn experts refer to dog urine burning grass and assume we are referring to pH. In fact, it is something much simpler.

Dog urine contains a lot of nitrogen. While nitrogen is usually a good thing for your lawnit is the main ingredient in most fertilizerstoo much of a good thing can be bad for your grass. Concentrated nitrogen can burn and kill your grass. However, this nitrogen overload also helps explain the distinct appearance of dog urine burn spots.

Urine spots often start as dark green patches. That deep green color is the result of heavily fertilized grass. Eventually, especially if your dog continues to pee in the same spot, you may end up with a dead patch of grass surrounded by a dark green ring. The dead patch is where the high concentration of nitrogen has killed the grass, and the dark ring is where the urine is less concentrated, and the grass is vigorously growing.

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Can You Repair Brown Grass Spots After The Fact

Jones says lawn soil can be restored by neutralizing salts from the dogs urine with gypsum-containing products such as NaturVet GrassSaver gypsum soil conditioner.

To do this, get a small bag of gypsum, add a few tablespoons to the soil and water in gently, then cover the spot to stop the dog from peeing there. After a few days, scratch up the soil and apply some good quality grass seed. Again, keep the dog away. Just repeat the process as necessary, he says.

Jones notes that you will need patience and must be vigilant about training your dog to keep away from the areas under restoration. Additional watering will also help revive the dead spots, says Henriksen.

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How Long Does It Take For Gypsum To Work Its Magic

8 Tipps um Pissstellen zu beheben#fashiontrends # ...

Your grass will green up again in a few weeks up to a few months. While youre waiting for the gypsum to work its magic, you can designate an area on your Rockland County yard for Fluffy to do his business.

For example, we at Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, design a space on your property thats dedicated to your dogs toilet area. We can add mulch or stones that wont wilt and go brown from Fluffys urine.

We can reseed the damaged areas so you can have a robust green lawn throughout your NJ/NY property.

Conversely, you may be a lucky homeowner whose dog produces greener grass instead of brown spots when it goes to the bathroom.

You may want to have a soil test for other parts of your property to see if these areas need more nitrogen since theyre not as green those areas where your pooch goes potty.

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How To Repair Urine Spots On Lawns

Despite our best efforts, your dog may still like to tinkle on the grass. And this means urine marks on your lawn can happen from time to time.

But dont worry!

With a bit of elbow grease and some common lawn-care supplies, its possible to salvage your grasss good looks.

Just follow these relatively easy steps:

  • Rake over the damaged area to remove as much of the dead grass and debris as possible.
  • Apply a thin layer of ground limestone over the affected area and water it thoroughly. This helps improve grass growing conditions.
  • Let this coating sit for a week, keeping your curious canine away while the lime does its magic.
  • Apply a thin layer of topsoil to the affected area.
  • Lay grass seed over the patch, using the existing grass type to achieve a seamless look
  • Water the area and repeat daily for one to three weeks, depending on the grass type and climate. If it rains, skip watering that day to avoid washing away the grass seed or over-watering.
  • During the growing process, keep your dog away from the area. New grass is delicate, and your doggo can destroy weeks of growth with a wayward paw.
  • Problem: Not Enough Nutrients

    The soil in your garden might not have the right balance of nutrients for the grass to thrive, causing nutrient deficiencies and poor growth. Nitrogen is one of the most important macro-nutrient, be it for a potted plant or your lawn grass. It is needed for growth and chlorophyll production which gives the plant its green color. A nitrogen-deficient plant is characterized by yellowing leaves first the old leaves turn yellow followed by younger leaves. Older leaves may also die and the grass takes on a yellowish tinge overall. Magnesium, Manganese, Sulfur and Iron are other nutrients which can cause your grass to turn yellow or even make it crinkle and die.

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    How To Get Rid Of Stuff

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    Dog lovers and destroyed lawns often go hand in hand. Playful dogs will have no problems doing a number on the plant arrangements of your lawn. The same goes with their highly acidic form of marking territory. Clearly, mans best friend, if not trained properly, can also be your lawns worst enemy.

    The rough behavior on plants can be reduced if your pooches are trained by a professional. As for your dogs urinating habits, several measures must be undertaken to preserve your lawn.

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