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When To Aerate Lawn In Ct

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What Would Happen If You Aerated A Warm

How to Aerate Your Lawn the Right Way-In the Yard with Gary Alan

In most cases, nothing bad. The roots of the turfgrass will probably not grow any faster. But there is still the benefit of helping to reduce compaction. When a lawn is aerated, a certain amount of soil is lifted from the lawn and left back on the lawn.

As these cores are broken apart by mowing or melt into the lawn through rain fall or irrigation, the soil will intermingle with the current thatch layer and start feeding on it to naturally break it down. The only concern would be if abnormally cold temperatures were to occur and the ground were to freeze. This may cause some roots to die that are close to the edge of the core holes.

Fall may be the best time to aerate a cool-season lawn, but in some cases, aeration in spring and fall may also be recommended. If the thatch layer has been built up above a half of an inch over a period of time, spring and fall aeration may be the best choice. Many people like to seed after aeration, but we dont recommend seeding a lawn in the spring, since we cannot apply a crabgrass preventer and the lawn will require more watering than it will in the fall.

The most important condition that can affect the quality of aerating a lawn is the amount of moisture that is in the soil. The lawn has to be moist for the tines to penetrate into the ground. Be sure to either wait until after a good rain fall or provide about a half inch of water to the lawn before trying to aerate it.

Why Do We Need To Aerate

Lawn aeration is a treatment used when the soil in your lawn is compacted. A lawn can become easily compacted if a lot of action goes on in your yard. Parking cars on your lawn, animals running around, and kids playing on the lawn are just some common ways soil can become compacted. Compacted soils make it so water and air do not reach the roots of the grass in your lawn, leaving your lawn lacking the nutrients it needs to be healthy. If you live in an area with clay soils, your soil is more likely to become compacted than areas with sandy soils. The bonds in the clay soil are much closer together, making it difficult for water and air to penetrate to the roots.

Cost To Aerate A Lawn

These estimates are for BASIC work performed in serviceable conditions by qualified trade professionals using MID GRADE materials. Work not mentioned on this page and/or work using master craftsman, premium materials and project supervision will result in HIGHER COSTS!

These estimates are NOT substitutes for written quotes from trade professionals. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for accurate assessments of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments.

The cost estimate includes:

  • Costs for local material / equipment delivery to and service provider transportation to and from the job site.
  • Costs to prepare the worksite for Lawn Aeration, including costs to protect existing structure, finishes, materials and components.
  • Labor setup time, mobilization time and minimum hourly charges that are commonly included for small Lawn Aeration jobs.

The cost estimate does NOT include:

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Choose A Lawn Aerator Rental

Because aeration is an annual project, a lawn aerator rental is ideal. Aerator rentals are great for moderate to small properties and can cover 23,000 square feet per hour, which means you can hammer this project out in a weekend.

Aerators are easy to use and operate with self-propelled and compact portability options that make maneuvering through gates and around landscaping a breeze. Before getting started, always read the Use and Care Manual. Once your aerator is on flat ground and in the desired location, push down on the lowering handle putting the tines into the turf. Pull back slowly on the control handles to start aerating.

If youre looking to aerate a larger property, consider a towable lawn aerator rental. A towable aerator can aerate up to 3 acres of land per hour. This version drives tines into the ground rather than extracting soil plugs, which is another efficient way to aerate the soil. Just attach this model to the tow hitch of your riding mower, fill it with water to weigh down the body and get started. Always be sure to review the operations manual prior to starting your project.

But before you get started, its essential to water the area that youll be aerating.

Quinebaug Lawn Aeration Cost

Lawn Care in Danbury

Just what are the costs for lawn aeration in Quinebaug, CT projects? Most homeowners will pay in the range of $37.94 to $105.17. Use this as a guideline when hiring a Quinebaug landscaping contractor, but keep in mind that the above estimate does not include certain costs. What it does include is: average costs of materials, averages of Quinebaug lawn aeration regional labor wages, taking into account labor productivity rates, as well as certain other costs detailed below.

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Why Are Yearly Aeration And Overseeding Important

The idea behind lawn aeration and overseeding is tostrengthen your entire lawn. By filling in empty or bare spots with new grass,you do more than make your lawn look beautiful you actually increase itsresistance to pests. With a thick, lush and uniform bed of grass, its harderfor weeds to take hold, which makes taking care of grass easier, too.

Aeration breaks up compacted soil so water and otherlife-giving lawn nutrients can reach roots easily. This has a huge effect ongrass health and growth. In fact, even if your lawn is gorgeous and green allover, you should still aerate in the growing season to keep things that way.

How Does Core Aeration Work

A core aerator machine pulls out plugs of soil in your lawn to leave pockets for air and water to get through and leave room for root growth. It is important to use core aeration methods because using spikes to just poke holes in the ground could cause further compaction. The plugs of soil that were taken out by the aerator will break down and give more nutrients to your lawn. The cost of aerating your lawn depends on the size of your lawn. If you want to DIY or hire a lawn care company, there are other treatments you want to do with aeration.

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Naturally Green Is A Connecticut Lawn Care Company Founded In 1999

Our name says it all natural, environmentally conscious lawn care that promises to deliver a beautifully green and luscious lawn. Theres so much stress in life, and we want to make sure that your lawn care doesnt add any. We make sure we provide our clients with a positive, hassle free experience. Customer service is our number one priority and we guarantee that your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded, as we strive to give you the best lawn service youve ever had.

Our service-oriented attitude will ensure that well respond to your needs promptly and effectively. We use the most modern and efficient equipment, as well as the most technologically advanced applications to beautify your landscape. Let our lawn care professionals at Naturally Green help you achieve all your landscaping goals this season!

Using A Motorised Lawn Aerator

Aerating and Overseeding Your Lawn – Using an Aerovator

Always be very careful when using any automatic machinery and follow the manufacturers instructions. Ensure that the area that you are going to aerate is clear of any debris such as rocks, tree roots, stones, branches, toys.

Aerate the whole of the area that needs doing, being careful not to rip the lawn by turning the aerator machine during use.

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What Is The Best Type Of Aerator For Northeastern Lawns

Use a core aerator on your lawn. They work by removing plugs of soil from your lawn, honeycombing it and providing true aeration. Most hardware stores offer core aeration machines for rent.

  • Use a core aerator to get the true soil decompaction.
  • You can rent a core aerator from your local hardware store.
  • Avoid using spike aerators. They can do more harm than good.

A spike aerator is less effective than a core aerator because it drives holes into the soil, which actually compacts the soil around the hole.

When To Seed Your Lawn

The time just after aeration is ideal for seeding and overseeding. Take advantage of this time and seed sparse areas and make any repairs to your lawn. An overseeder rental can make this project quick, easy, and rewarding. Its also the perfect time to fertilize because nutrients have a direct line to the grass roots. Youll want to purchase seed that matches your current grass type, which is often determined by your geographic area. Certain seed types dont grow as well in different climates, so its important to choose the correct seed type for your lawn.

The combination of aeration and overseeding once a year will have your lawns looking lush in no time. Take advantage of the early fall season and get from doing to done with The Home Depot Rental.

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Looking To Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy And Lush

You can absolutely have the kind of lawn that that feels thick and sturdy beneath your bare feet, the kind that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and use. Youll no longer need to worry about your grass becoming sparse and unsightly due to weather, use or other external factors.

Wilton, CT is full of beautiful, lush lawns, but how can you get your lawn to look just as green and vibrant as your neighbors? Lawn aeration is a great solution if youre looking to improve the density and health of your grass. The process is simple. We use our specialized equipment to break up the compacted soil. This allows more of the essential nutrients, oxygen and moisture to reach the roots. From here, its easier for new seeds to take root and the germination process is faster than it would be in solid, compacted soil.

When To Overseed A Lawn In Connecticut

Lawn Aerations in West Hartford, CT

With expert help from the professionals at Jonathan Green, you can learn when to overseed your Connecticut lawn, how to prepare the turf and correct problems, and how to choose the best grass seed mixture for your environmental conditions.

The Jonathan Green name has represented genetically superior grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination, and a commitment to excellence since 1881. Today, six generations later, we remain committed to producing superior lawn and garden products.

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With Aeration The Roots Will Grow Deeper And You Will Have A Healthier Lusher Lawn

The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season when grass roots can fully take advantage of the extra air and water.

  • Aerate for cool-season grass in the early spring or fall
  • Aerate for warm-season grass in late spring.

It is best to aerate the soil just after it rains or when youve watered. Hard, dry soil is more difficult to aerate.

Optimal Overseeding Times In Portland Oregon

For optimal seed germination, it’s better to overseed in temperatures between 60° and 85° F. Outside of these temperatures grass seed are in a state of stress and will not put on new growth. Overseeding in the Portland, Oregon area does best between September – October and April – July. This can vary depending on fall and summer conditions. In other words, seed germination flourishes in temperate weather.

Interested in finding out more about lawn care services? Check out our Lawn Care Services.
Erica Mooney

Erica is an avid lover of the outdoors, and transformed that love into a partnership running Valley West with Ryan 2012.

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Spring Aeration And Seeding

If youre looking to aerate your landscape in the spring, the best time would be between March and May. While we recommend aerating your lawn in the fall, spring core aeration may be beneficial if your turf is so compacted it refuses to grow. If this is the case, our professionals will use our advanced technology to remove the thatch buildup, and then overseed your lawn to promote growth. If you aerate your yard in the spring, be warned that this may also promote weed growth and other moisture-related problems as the seed and spring showers create an environment for all types of growth.

Three: Watering And Maintenance

Lawn Care Madison CT Core Aeration

Watering is one of the most important aspects of successful overseeding. You need to water the seeds into your lawn immediately after spreading, and continue to water daily until the seeds germinate, which can take up to two weeks. The first watering should be a heavy watering . After that, your watering can be lighter. Once the grass has germinated, be sure to water every few days giving the grass a good deep soaking. When the grass is fully established and the same height as the existing lawn, water it according to the instructions for that type of grass. While the new grass is getting established, try to limit activity on the lawn and avoid mowing as long as possible. Once the grass is the same height as the existing lawn, you can continue to mow as you normally would.

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Why Aerate Your Lawn

Over time your soil can become compacted. This squashes your lawns roots and starves them of water, air and nutrients. This in turn increases the likelihood of disease, insects, weeds and drought damage. Let your lawn breathe and drink more easily by aerating it.

  • Encourages growth of new roots
  • Improves the level of water intake
  • Improves the level of air intake
  • Increases the level of nutrient intake
  • Reduces levels of thatch
  • Healthier air for you, the kids and pets

Why Overseed Your Lawn

When grass is thin or areas have been damaged by too much sun, insects or disease, you should consider overseeding the lawn. This is essentially spreading grass seed over the existing lawn.Overseeding works best when done on an established lawn where the existing grass is thin, as opposed to bare ground or bald areas.

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The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn

For the best results when overseeding, our lawn aeration service advises you aerate before planting. The purpose of aeration is to break up the soil and allow it to breathe. That way new grass roots can penetrate deeper into the soil and have access to more nutrients. When should you aerate cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses?

The trick is to aerate right before overseeding. The best time to have lawn care services aerate your lawn in Midwest locations is usually around August or September. In warmer states, aerate in late spring or early summer.

When Is It Too Late To Aerate And Overseed

Aerate Lawn: How to Aerate Your Lawn

Knowing when it is too late to aerate and overseed your lawn depends upon the type of grass grown there.

  • For warm-season grasses it is too late to aerate once the growing season has passed in late summer into early fall.
  • For cool-season grasses, late fall into early winter is too late to aerate.

New grass needs about six weeks to take hold before winter hits. In either case, it is best to wait until the next growing season to aerate.

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Are You Ecstatic Our Work

Lawn Aeration Team concentrates on customer satisfaction to guarantee that you will be ultimately satisfied with our work. We will get to know your preferences and objectives of your undertaking, and we set out to accomplish the project to meet with your total approval. We recognize your concerns, and our company is ready to help you. If you call, we will answer all of your concerns, and we’ll even address the concerns and questions which you didn’t think to address. We’ve got the expertise and skills to help you come up with the most suitable decisions about your venture.

What Is Compacted Soil

Compacted soil is essentially a build-up of thatch, or layer of grass clippings and organic matter that form a barrier at the base of your turf. It reduces the rate of both water infiltration and drainage preventing nutrients and water from getting to and from your grassroots. This will cause your grass to become malnourished and dehydrated. Weakening, over time, it will die.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips For The Northeast

Spring can be dramatically unpredictable in the northeast, with late season blizzards that may bring fresh snow followed immediately by record-breaking warm days. Accumulated snow may freeze and thaw several times during spring, and rains can be sporadic. Fortunately, there are several ways homeowners can carefully work with northeastern springs to keep their lawn in peak condition no matter how crazy the season may be.

Spring may be a crazy season in the northeast, but you don’t need to go crazy with worry about your lawn if you know how best to care for it. With the right steps, your lawn can be strong, lush, and weed-free in spring.

Is Aeration Better In Spring Or Fall In The Northeast

Lawn Aerator Tutorial

In the northeast, you will get more benefits from fall aeration than spring aeration. This is because the bluegrass, rye, and fescue varieties planted in northeastern lawns experience a bigger growth spurt in fall than in spring. The grass will race to develop strong roots and fill in bare spots of your yard after aeration.

  • Fall is the best time to aerate a lawn in the northeast.
  • Cool-season grasses planted in the northeast have their biggest growth spurt in fall. This allows them to take advantage of the decompacted soil to form strong roots and recover bare spots in your lawn.
  • Northeast lawns aerated in spring may be slower to recover and fill in than following fall aeration.
  • Spring aeration of northeastern lawns may provide a chance for weeds to spread.
  • There are few fall weeds in most northeast states. Your grass will thrive after a fall aeration but weeds wont.

Not only does grass grow better in fall, but the northeast experiences fewer fall weeds than other regions. Fall aeration leads to uninterrupted grass growth that fills in your yard. If you aerate your northeastern lawn in spring, you may give weeds a chance to gain a foothold before the grass can return to optimal condition.

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