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How To Repair Lawn Chairs

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Simple Tips On How To Repair Lawn Chairs

DIY Patio Chair Repair

May 12, 2022

Lawn chairs are the best investments you can make for your mental health and the general well-being of your family. Lawn chairs bring people together and make working from home fun. However, when the sling chair or the patio chair breaks, you need to have a general idea of how to repair lawn chairs without much hassle. We are here to show you just that using the methods below.


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  • Patio Chair Repair For Commercial Furniture

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    Country clubs, resorts, hotels, and condominiums have patio furniture that needs attention, too. The sun, weather, and cleaning chemicals eventually take their toll on even the finest quality outdoor furniture. Issues like sagging webbing, faded vinyl straps, dull paint finishes, or other types of blemishes can be eliminated by our highly experienced repair team.

    All of the services discussed above are available for commercial patio furniture as well: webbing and vinyl strap replacement, frame refinishing, sling replacement, and wrought iron furniture repair and refinishing.

    Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired

    When its time to get those patio sling chairs out again, theres nothing worse than realising the fabric slings are sagging loose and need replacing. What about that BBQ party you had planned this weekend?

    The slings on patio chairs can be repaired quite easily using a screwdriver, a razor knife and pliers. The best fabrics to use are Phifertex® and Sunbrella®, which are durable, water resistant, fade and mold resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean with soapy water.

    In this article well consider how to repair sling patio chairs in more detail, what fabrics to use and how to measure up your chair for the new fabric.

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    How Do You Replace Patio Chair Slings

    You may have engaged a local repairer, who can make and fit your new sling. Otherwise, the fitting stage is over to you. How do you fit your replacement sling?

    Youll need a flat head screwdriver, a razor knife, pliers and possibly a Philips screwdriver if the chair has cross head screws.

  • Remove the end caps from the side rails
  • Cut through the center of the old sling fabric, top to bottom
  • Coax the two pieces of fabric out from the rails
  • You may need to use pliers to get it out, so have a pair handy. Pull from the bottom
  • Remove the spreader bars
  • You now have an empty frame, all ready for your new sling. The new sling will come with a hem on each side and two insertable splines. First, feed the splines into the hems
  • Working from the top, insert the new sling into the top of one of the side rails
  • Keep pulling it through. Pliers and a second person will both help, especially as you get towards the bottom of the chair!
  • When its all the way through, tip the chair onto its side and remove the rail with the new sling
  • Put the chair back upright, and fit the sling into the other sides rail. The sling is now in both side rails
  • Reattach the first slide rail to the side of the chair
  • Pull the fabric gently as you tighten the side rail, to get tension in the sling
  • Replace the bars, trim any excess spline, and out the end caps back on
  • Sit down on your fabulous new chair, and have a cold beer or cup of fresh coffee to celebrate
  • Replacing/repairing Dryrotted Fabric On Outdoor Furniture

    How to Repair Aluminum Patio Chairs in 2020
    • Wendy Lundgren on May 03, 2020

      We have 4 swivel patio chairs and the fabric is getting pretty worn. Can they be redone with more fabric.?

  • Sandi on May 18, 2015I have almost identical patio chairs and we easily replaced the seat fabric when it got old and ripped. Take each metal side rail off – they just unscrew from underneath – and slide out the fabric. There’s a thick rubberish spline holding it in. Use the old torn seat to cut out new ones and hem the sides just as the old ones were . Note that there’s a distinct front and back in the fabric seat, this caused me problems initially because I didn’t notice until I tried to put new seats together. I found outdoor upholstery remnants at at very inexpensive prices. Make sure to leave the side hems open at the top and bottom so you can slip the spline back in. Then slide the new seats back onto the seat side rail. Truthfully this was the hardest part since the fabric wanted to bunch up but just persevere! Screw the rails back onto the chair and enjoy!
  • Hope Williams on May 18, 2015Hi Judith. Go to JoAnns on capital Circle and find a close out or discontinued outdoor fabric screen material. then just replace it. Get coupons off their website too. And wait till a sale is going on. This is key to saving the big bucks. PS. Just up the road from you in T’ville.
  • Ida Granny on May 18, 2015I replaced my chairs with yarn, ” like on the old lawn chairs” . Upholstery would be the easy way to go. Post when you get them done.
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    Replacing Patio Chair Spline

    Were going to replace the seat cord with new. But I am using a slightly larger cord this time around since the original cord clearly was able to pull right through the track. You can get this vinyl patio spline HERE.

    Use the old cord that you remove to get the right length for the replacement cord.

    Feed the new vinyl cord back into the opening for the patio chair seat.

    Next, feed the mesh seat back into the track for the patio chair frame.

    The cord will sit on the inside of the opening while the mesh seat on the outside.

    Once you feed the entire mesh seat back into the track you can line up the seat with the chair frame.

    Considering your repaired patio chair seat should be nice and tight or taught, whichever you prefer this may take a little muscle to get the seat in place.

    Once in place, you can now resecure with the bolts that you removed earlier.

    Your once broken patio chair can now be used allowing you to spend your money on things like BBQing and enjoying time with loved ones instead of new outdoor furniture.

    How Do You Fix Old Lawn Chairs

    From everywhere, how do you fix the straps on a lawn chair?

    Basically, can you replace the fabric on patio chairs? Sling chairs are a popular choice for outdoor seating. … If your sling chairs are looking faded, saggy or ripped, replacing the fabric is an easy DIY project that will give your chairs new life.

    Other than that, how do you fix an outdoor lounge chair?

    How do you replace webbing on lawn chairs?

    20 Related Questions Answered

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    Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Repair

    Wrought iron outdoor furniture, such as the stunning vintage Molla collections, can also be restored to new life. The process includes careful sandblasting to remove every last speck of the old paint. Next, a powder primer is electrostatically applied, followed by the final powder coat. The furniture is then cured in a 400°F oven, resulting in a beautiful, durable finish that makes your wrought iron patio furniture look brand new again.

    Question: Recovering Deck Chairs

    Fix your Patio Chairs: Here is how!

    My deck chairs are cloth with a small rope type tubing inlaid on each side. They are coming apart, but the chairs are still solid. Does anyone know how to redo them?

    I do know how to avoid this when things are new. Some Fabric paint on the back side painted over the stitches makes the stitches hold up longer.

    The easiest way to have new covers for your deck chairs are : 1) Buy new ones, or 2) Take them to an upholstery or auto seat cover shop to have them re-do them. BUT. With patience and a few sewing skills, you can re-cover them yourself. Just take the cushions apart and use the old pieces for your pattern. Be sure to purchase âoutdoorâ fabric so that it will last the longest, and get new cushion insides if they need it. Just noticing the cushion construction as you dismantled them for patterns will give you the guide to assembling the new ones. Be fearless and patient with yourself, youâll do a fine job. And remember that practice makes perfectâ the second one will be even easier.

    If you know how to sew just make a pattern out of the covers including the piping, out of waterproof fabric, you can also add a zipper so you can take the covers on and off. Dianne

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    Important Steps Of Mesh Patio Chair Repair

    The Southern Companys process of mesh patio chair restoration includes several steps that ensure a long-lasting repair and beautiful results.

    Did you know The Southern Company provides on-site pickup and delivery to the mid-Atlantic region? Find out if your state is in our service area!

    First Steps

    Before restoring a chair, a careful and deliberate inspection is conducted in order to determine all the necessary repairs. This includes examining welds, bolts, rivets, the frame, and fabric in order to spot damages and wear. Once its time to begin the repair process, the furniture is disassembled by removing the sling and any damaged bolts and rivets.

    Frame Repair

    Once the initial steps are completed, the frame repair can begin.

    SandblastingIn order to strip the frame of its old finish, our technicians sandblast it to remove paint, oils, and debris, preparing the frame for a new finish. We have a variety of over 25 paint colors to choose from so youre bound to find the perfect one for your desired look.

    Apply the finish and powder coatAfter administering the new finish, we create a high-quality powder coat to apply. The coat contains resin and additives that are melted together and finely ground into a smooth powder. This coat is applied electrostatically and increases the durability of the piece and adds a gorgeous, like-new shine.

    Sling Repair

    After the frame repair and restoration, a new sling is created and installed.

    Check Out These Other Diy Camping Hacks

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    Monday 22nd of April 2019

    Hi Holly, We were camping over the long weekend and just got back. I will need to follow up on this tomorrow as to why the camping trip planners are not automatically being sent out. Thank you for making us aware of this issue. ~Eric & Diana

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    Remove The Old Straps From The Patio Chair

    Slide the straps out of the rail of the patio chair. Loosen the bolts without removing them from the ]patio chair frame. Pop up the spreader bars on the patio chair and remove the fabric completely. This might be a great time to repaint the patio chair frame without being covered by the fabric. If the frame of the patio chair is aluminum, it might be free of rust, but ensure you paint the patio chair for aesthetics.

    How Do You Replace Patio Chair Fabric

    How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair

    Learning how to replace fabric on patio chairs is a must if you want to refurbish your outdoor furniture.

    The frame itself is easy to paint, but the real challenge would be the fabric.

    Here is a short guide on how you can replace patio chair fabric and make them look brand new.

    1. Measure the Chair

    The first thing you need to do is to measure the chair.

    You need the right measurements because you will use them when cutting the fabric.

    Get your cloth measuring tape to help you get the correct dimensions of the chair.

    This type of measuring tape can mold the chairs curves, so it is the best choice if you want to change the chair fabric.

    Prepare your pen and paper and start writing down the measurements.

    With the chair standing up, here are the measurements that you should take:

    • Measure the top edge of the seat and do it from side to side.
    • Measure the bottom edge of the seat, and you should do it from side to side as well.
    • Measure the chair starting from the top edge until the bottom edge of the seat.

    After taking these measurements, the next step is to turn the chair upside down.

    Here are the things that you should do:

    • Check the screw holes that are holding the frame together and measure the distance between each hole.
    • Get your measuring tape and take the distance between the top edge of the chair to the first screw. Do the same thing with the second screw until you reach the last one.

    2. Disassemble the Chair Frame

    • Keep Small Parts in a Container
    • Label Parts
    • Capture Photos

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    How To Repair Patio Chairs

    The first thing you need to do to repair patio chairs is to lay your chair on the ground to find the bolt holding the seat in place.

    There should be one towards the front and one towards the rear of the chair. Using a socket wrench, remove both of the bolts.

    Place the bolts aside, do not misplace them! You will see that there is a cord inside each side of the mesh seat. This cord sits inside the track keeping the mesh patio chair seat in place. Or at least it should.

    Now that both bolts are removed you can easily remove the seat portion from the base frame.

    Remove the old cord.

    Resling Repaint And Restrap Outdoor Furniture In Naples Fl

    • Re-painting
    • Re- slinging:We customize replacement slings for your patio chairs. Mesh slings are designed to be durable and withstand the elements, but over time the mesh wears out, tears or stretches and eventually needs to be replaced. Instead of replacing the entire chair, the sling fabric can be replaced, rendering the chair useful once again. We make and install custom slings, install your factory direct slings, or make a custom sling based on your measurements In addition to sling fabrics, we also offer a wide array of outdoor patio furniture placement parts to replace used, missing, or cracked parts.
    • Re- strapping

    Posted by John McCrudden& filed under Blog.

    Is your patio furniture starting to show signs of wear and tear? Are you noticing that the fabric on your mesh sling chairs is looking faded and worn, and maybe the chair frame is chipped? You may start to think it would be easier and possibly even cheaper to buy new furniture than to repair your existing sling chair fabric and frame.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing! Trends come and go, and you may find yourself tired of the color or pattern of your sling chair fabric after so many years. Changing the fabric of your patio chairs to a fresh color choice or new pattern opens up many new possibilities for the look and feel of your deck, yard, or other outdoor space.

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    Can You Replace Outdoor Chair Fabric

    Your patio chair fabric can soon have stains, tears, and faded areas, but it doesnt mean you have to replace the whole furniture.

    If the frame is still sturdy, all you need to do is replace or repair the fabric.

    We understand, though, that its easier said than done.

    Although you can do it yourself through simple tutorials on the web, fabric repair and replacement will take a lot of time.

    If you have no idea how to do it, you might spend more than a day handling the patio chairs in your house.

    What Is Rattan Wood

    How to Replace Fabric on a Patio Sling Chair

    Rattan is a plant from Southeast Asia. It is closely related to the palm tree and grows like a tree. It is one of the strongest woods in the world, with close to 600 types in its family. Ranging from thin to thick, different varieties are used depending on the look of the piece. It is a natural and sustainable product.

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    How Do You Measure A Fabric Patio Sling Chair

    If youre buying your replacement sling online, its important to order the right size.

    Some websites will give the option of ordering by model, but most ask for the chair measurement. Whats the most reliable way of measuring your sling chair? Grab that tape measure, and heres what you need to know:

  • Unless your chair is already in pieces, always measure the sling while its still attached to the chair. This is because older slings can stretch and sag, but if you measure them when theyre on the chair, youll get the size you need
  • Most sling chairs have a rail on each side with an opening, which is where the sling slides in. Find the top bolt for both rails, and measure between these. This gives you the top width measurement
  • Repeat at the bottom of the chair, measuring again between the two slide rails. This gives you the bottom width measurement. Never assume that tip and bottom are the same
  • Next, measure the length of the chair by measuring from the top rail to the bottom rail, following the contours of the chair. This is the length measurement
  • If your chair has separate pieces for the back and the seat, measure each one in turn, as above. You should end up with six measurements in total
  • Its the same process for swivel chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans and loveseats
  • If you have an older style chair where the sling fits between rods at the top and bottom, you may need to contact the store to discuss
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