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How To Repair Lawn Mower

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Easy Diy Lawn Mower Repairs

How to Repair a Lawn Mower

I love a freshly mowed lawn. The crispness of the neatly cut grass and the sense of order it brings to my mind is extremely satisfying. However, the lawn mower always seems to break down just when I need it most. When that happens, I count on my skills and Sears PartsDirects wealth of knowledge to do most repairs myself.

These easy-to-do lawn mower repairs can help you, too, return a sense of order to your life and stop the evil eyes from neighbors wondering why your grass is so tall.

Up for more of a challenge or just want more information about your walk-behind lawn mower? Head over to our complete lawn mower repair help page, for everything from troubleshooting tips and repair guides to common parts and frequently asked questions.

Loss Of Power While Mowing

When a lawnmower produces a set of splitting sounds while in use, then this is a signal that the engine is about to stop.

A dirty filter is one of the causes of power loss. Here you need to go through the manufacturers manual to find out where the filter is. Take out the filter and clean it. You can consider replacing the filter if it is too dirty. A filter is relatively cheap to replace.

If the filter is working correctly, weigh up the height of grass to the height cutting settings of the mower. If you realize that the grass is tall, then adjust the cutting height.

Cleaning the blade can help to fix power loss issues. Read the manufactures manual and follow the instructions that outline how cleaning of mowers blade should be done.

Check the spark plug if the problem persists. Most lawnmower owners can get their lawnmowers working by either cleaning or getting the spark plug replaced. Spark plugs are not quite expensive, and they can be obtained online or in any home improvement store.

A lawnmower with a blunted blade is the other problem you are going to face when mowing. A blunted blade makes the mower not to cut the grass properly. In such a case, the solution is to either sharpen the blade or replace the blunted with a sharpened one.

Why Would Lawnmowers Be On Sale In Fall

More often than not, if theres not an incentive to buy a mower in the Fall most consumers will not. Who wants to store a new mower all Winter? Why not spend the Winter months continuing to add to the mower budget and get a real high end model in the Spring? What if I need the money Id spend on a mower now for an emergency like a furnace repair?

These are all viable questions that homeowners have until a price drop makes it so they almost cannot afford not to buy the mower in the fall. Moving mowers in the Fall or Winter creates a win-win situation as the homeowner gets a deal on something they need, while distributors move product to create room to display more topical products .

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Preventative Maintenance To Keep Your Mower Running

While most of our showrooms are open 6 days a week for test drives and while our repair teams are ready to get to work preventing an emergency breakdown is better than reacting to it. Thats why we encourage homeowners and landscapers alike to get preventative maintenance performed by our factory trained technicians. Just like with your car, getting your mower serviced prevents problems, extends the lifespan, and ensures you get more on a trade-in when you go to upgrade.

Our winter maintenance service is popular as it allows you to get necessary maintenance done in the off-season. Plus, if something small is wrong, you can decide on what to do long before you need to use the mower. Finally, if something unexpected does go wrong with your piece during the upcoming year, you have priority service over all other clients.

Lawn Mower Repair and Replacement Handled Here

We hope this blog helped you decide whether you should repair or replace your lawn mower. However, if you still arent sure, we encourage you to talk to our team. Over decades in the business, we have seen countless mowers and can give advice to save you money.

Plus, whichever you decide, you can take the next step with our team. We have a full-service repair team that can handle everything and we have a huge inventory of elite quality equipment for sale.

The Lawnmower Starts Smoking

Toro Lawn Mower Repair

This is one of the most startling issues to encounter most people assume that the engine is about to die or blow up. However, this problem is usually not very serious. The engine often smokes when the chamber that holds oil is too full. Check the chamber to see if this is the issue. Another problem may be a leak in the oil chamber. If the mower leans to one side while mowing on a slope, the oil may leak out onto the muffler and cause the smoking. When the mowers engine is off and has cooled, inspect the oil chamber area for leaks. The issue may be that the cap is not on tight enough. If the part must be replaced, it may be easier to look for the part online than to search for it in stores.

In rarer cases, the smoke may be a sign of a serious issue. If the smoke is white or very light in color and the mower does not run continuously, it is time to have a professional repair company look at the mower.

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Adjusting The Lawn Mowers Attachment What To Strive For

Once the two-handed handle and backpack-style belt have been adjusted, the cutter of the lawn mower hanging on the harness should be parallel to the ground, without your hands touching the garden tool. The height, of course, can vary depending on the task being performed, 20-30 centimeters for mowing tall grass for forage, 5-10 centimeters for mowing lawn grass.

The mower must be balanced with the cutting tool installed: disc or line spool.

Failure Of The Lawnmower To Cut The Glass Accordingly

The functionality of the lawnmower can be hugely affected by wet and long grass. Mowing should be done during dry conditions. Keep in mind to raise the height of the deck above the standard settings when cutting grass thats too long. Mowing at a slow pace will help you to get cut, you intend. Also, remember to get rid of any debris which may have accumulated beneath the deck.

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How To Prevent Lawnmower Problems

Knowing how to repair a lawnmower at home saves time and money. The easiest way to avoid frequent problems is to maintain the mower. Follow these simple tips to keep the mower in good condition:

Always use the correct type of replacement lawnmower parts. Clean the blade regularly. Make sure to pull the plug so there is no chance that the blades can move while youre cleaning them. Oil any moving parts when needed according to the manufacturers instructions. Change the oil as recommended. Use the correct type of fuel. Recharge lawnmower batteries according to instructions but avoid overcharging them. Store the mower in a cool, dry and covered space when it is not in use. Have the mower serviced as recommended by the manufacturer or warranty.

How Often Do You Sharpen Lawnmower Blades

How to fix a lawn mower that won’t start – Ten Minute DIY Repair

Generally, you only need to sharpen the blades on your lawnmower once a season. You usually want to do this after you pull it out of storage or before putting it away for the year.

Running into rocks or soil that has gravel in it is an excellent way to dull your blades, which might force you to sharpen them more often.

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    Petrol Lawn Mower Repair

    Petrol lawn mowers are indeed a worthy investment if you have a large turf to maintain. If needed, they can even give you a striped finish that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. But just like any other landscaping machine, there are times that you might encounter a few issues such as clogging in the carburettor, a clogged air filter, or a damaged spark plug. Our lawn mower experts can help troubleshoot and solve any of your petrol lawn related dilemmas.

    Aside from finding petrol lawn mower repairs near you, you can also have your electric, cordless, or even ride-on mowers fixed through our platform. When posting your task, indicate what kind of lawn mower you have so we can connect you with suitable Taskers for the job.

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    How To Fix It Yourself Fast

    Regular lawn mower maintenance helps prevent problems, plus lengthens the life of your lawn equipment. But even with plenty of TLC, normal wear and tear from hours of mowing the lawn increases the chances of hitting a glitch from time to time.

    Warning:Always refer to the operator’s manual before starting any maintenance project on your equipment.

    The Lawnmower Will Not Start

    What to do if you tip over your lawn mower and then it won ...

    The first step in learning to repair lawn mower starting issues is to check the gas tank. An empty gas tank is the most common cause of a lawnmower not starting. Mower owners who are diligent about keeping their tanks full should still check the tank to see if there is a leak. If the tank is empty but should not be, inspect the outside of the tank for leaks. Replacement tanks can be found using an online lawnmower parts site.

    Remember, in order to keep your fuel fresh if youre going to be storing your lawnmower, use STA-BIL® Storage. It will keep your fuel fresh for 12 months and help protect the fuel tank from the effects of ethanol gas. Also, if there is a shut off valve for the gas lines, by all means, use it.

    If the gas tank is not the issue because the mower runs on a battery, check the battery for signs of damage. Lawnmower batteries may also lose their ability to hold a charge as they age. Look for replacement lawnmower batteries if the battery needs to be replaced. Lawnmower batteries vary in price depending on the brand and model of mower.

    Another important step in learning how to fix a lawnmower that will not start is checking the spark plugs. If they are dirty, clean them thoroughly. Reconnect them if they are loose. Old spark plugs should be replaced with new ones. If the fuel is not getting to the engine, knock on the carburetors side to help the gas flow again. If this does not fix lawn mower issues of this nature, look for a new fuel filter online.

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    Is The Lawnmower Repair Specialist Being Upfront

    Jones says he lists the prices of common services on his website and tries to be as open about costs as possible. Theres less confusion that way, he says.

    If a lawnmower repair specialist hasnt listed a menu of prices online or is dodging your questions about prices, its probably time to move on to someone else.

    While a lawnmower repair specialist might be upstanding, you still might be dealing with someone who lacks experience, and you might end up paying more simply because they are not sure of what is actually needed or of their ability to troubleshoot, and they cannot make the repair in a timely manner, says lawnmower repair specialist Ken Hinton, owner of Kens Mobile Services in Pflugerville, Texas.

    Before any repair work is done, be sure youre clear on what kind of work is being done , how long itll take and what itll cost.

    Does Ace Hardware Do Lawn Mower Repair

    ACE HardwareMowerservicelawn mowerrepairslawn mower repairwillservice

    At Simons ACE Hardware, were able to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance on small engines including lawnmowers, snow blowers, lawn trimmers, chainsaws and more. Call us today or check out our seasonal packages below to find out more about our small engine services.

    Beside above, does Ace Hardware do tool rentals? The Rental Process Is Easy!Contact us to schedule a rental, and to make sure your tool or equipment is available for the time you need it. Call 406-234-4168 and ask for the Rental Place. Receive instructions on rental products and youre on your way. We offer delivery service on any rental for a small fee.

    Beside this, does Ace Hardware repair screens?

    We can repair your window frame and replace the glass. Were one of the only hardware stores that will re-screen your window or door. Just bring in the frame, and well do the rest. Most hardware stores no longer cut glass or plexiglass but Westlake does.

    Does Ace Hardware do engraving?

    Ace Hardware of Clarkston. A deeper look inside our new custom Laser Engraving program! We can personalize hundreds of different ways while you wait take a look!

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    Lawn Mower Is Backfiring Or Popping

    If your lawn mower backfires, it is an indication that your engine is firing at the incorrect time in the engine cycle. This could be due to incorrect ignition timing, perhaps the engine is running on, or you have an exhaust leak.

    Start by checking the easy things, like the exhaust manifold bolts and carburettor are correctly torqued. If they are okay, then move on to check that there are no leaks on the head gaskets and that the head bolts are tight.

    Next, check your ignition timing following the instructions in your service manual. This can be tricky so if this sounds beyond your abilities, its best to take it to a qualified repairer.

    If the backfiring is limited to when you shut off power to the lawn mower, then take a look at your throttle plate. If it is completely closed, then adjust the idle speed of the engine as per the engine manual. Backfiring can also occur due to rich or lean fuel mixtures. Close the choke slightly and listen to your engine. If it runs smoother, the carburettor may need to be cleaned. If it runs rough, then use your service manual to check the compression.

    Lawn Mower Blade Repair

    Craftsman Lawn Mower Repair – How to Replace the Blade

    One indication of a damaged blade is a sudden loss of power while mowing. Usually, it is resolved by cleaning the underside of the machine and getting rid of all grass clippings. But if the problem persists, then it might be due to a bent or loose blade. To resolve the issue, our mobile lawn repairer can sharpen them, or replace them with a newly sharpened blade as well.

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    How To Clean A Lawn Mower

    A couple of times a year, give the mower a good cleaning.

    • With the gas tank empty, turn the mower on its side.
    • Remove any debris that may be wrapped around the blade or caked up on the underside of the mower deck.
    • Spray the underside of the mower deck with a garden hose to loosen dirt and dried-on grass.
    • Scrub the deck with a soft brush and soapy water. Then rinse off with a hose.
    • Dry the mower thoroughly before storing.

    We Work As A Lawn Mower: Basic Rules

    The main requirements for working with a lawn mower directly depend on the rules for operating a gasoline 2-stroke engine. Such a motor runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil, which is prepared in a ratio of 1:50, that is, 1 gram of oil is added to 50 grams of gasoline. It should be said that when starting work with a new tool, it is recommended to add a little more oil. Let the lawnmower work at 50% of its capacity on one tank of such a mixture, then feel free to fill in the usual mixture. When preparing a fuel mixture for your lawn mower, remember that it is suitable for use for no more than two weeks, after which its properties change, which negatively affects the operation of the tool as a whole. Therefore, do not rush to prepare it in large quantities, and also drain the fuel from the tool during long breaks between mowing. There are also models with 4-stroke engines, in which oil is poured separately with gasoline, they are more economical and have a longer service life. But such lawn mowers have more weight and cost more.

    • Do not use tools without the protective shield that comes with every lawn mower
    • Wear glasses when working to prevent grass particles from getting into your eyes
    • The engine heats up during operation, therefore, when removing the tool between mowing, it is better to hold it by the bar or the handle.

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    Unusual And Excessive Vibration

    Avoid bending or damaging of blades. A lawnmower can get damaged when used over hard objects such as roots, rocks and can damage parts of the mower. Faulty parts should be replaced with new ones.

    A faulty drive belt can cause the lawnmower to produce unusual and excessive vibration. Every belt needs to be in good shape and properly installed. If the belt has been damaged or worn out, replace it with a new one.

    Many other factors can result in vibrations such as loose mounting bolts, running the engine below the recommended RPM, failure to adjust the cutting deck appropriately.

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